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Easy to Show

My handsome realtor secures the property and a place in my heart.

I stood by my bed with the afternoon sunlight accenting the room. Slowly, I removed my pink, silk robe. I knew that Hong, my realtor, would be arriving shortly to secure the lockbox to the front door. I told him that the property was vacant, but I knew he would check each room just to make sure. I wanted to fuck him so badly and I did not want to miss this opportunity to feel his cock inside my wanting pussy.

As I lay naked on the bed, my fingers delicately circled my hard nipples. I could feel my arousal getting stronger as I thought about Hong and his calm, yet persuasive voice. I pictured his small, almond-shaped eyes that I loved looking into when we were together. It took little time before I was drowning in yet another daydream about him.

I smiled mischievously as I heard the front door open. “Realtor!” he shouted in the empty hallway. His voice echoing through the house, sending a tingling sensation right to my clit. My fingers answered the throbbing between my legs as my swollen lips sweetly clenched them. I tried desperately not to moan his name.

My senses were heightened as I heard him walk up the stairs. His footsteps drew closer until he stood at the doorway of my bedroom, watching me.

“I thought this place was vacant,” he smiled as he scanned my naked body with his eyes.

“Well, its not,” I replied seductively as my fingers worked my wet pussy.

“I was thinking of you, Hong,” I said as my right hand cupped my left breast.

“I see that,” he replied as I glanced at the growing bulge in his pants.

“I want it so bad,” I confessed to him.

“I know you do,” he said, making no attempt to hide the innuendo in his voice.

He placed the lockbox on my dresser drawer and unzipped his pants. I licked my lips as I looked at the tip of his hard cock and saw the glisten of the pre-cum. He stroked his cock as he slowly walked towards me. I sat up, and extended my hand to him. He moved closer to me and together we removed his clothing, revealing his body that I craved so much.

Hong sat on the bed and we embraced. My lips were magnetically drawn to his as we shared a deep, passionate kiss. I moaned in pleasure as his hands caressed my body. As I felt him near my pussy, I opened my legs for him and he slid his fingers inside me before rubbing my clit with my wetness.
“Oh, yes, that’s it!” I whispered as I reached down and stroked his cock. The joy and pleasure of our mutual masturbation was just starting. I wanted to please him every way I could.

It took little time before our moans of pleasure filled the room. I was trembling from his touch.

“You like that?” He asked as he finger fucked me.

“More than you know,” I said with a playful smile.

He circled my clit with his finger as I bit my lower lip. Leaning forward, he licked my nipples as I tightly gripped the bed sheet.

“You want me to eat your pussy?” He whispered.

“Yes, please,” I said in a voice, barely above a whisper.

He spread my legs apart and I opened my pussy lips. Tenderly, he kissed my inner thighs as my clit begged for attention. Slowly, he licked just outside my pussy lips, in a sensual, yet torturous tease.

“Please, Hong,” I whispered.

“Please, what?” he replied playfully.

“Lick my pussy, please, Hong!” I begged as all semblance of pride was fading.

Hong smiled mischievously. He knew he was in complete control of my pleasure.

“Close your eyes,” he said softly.

I did as he instructed. Instantly, I was rewarded as I felt the tip of his tongue gently caress my clit. I jolted in pleasure as the lower half of my body quivered from the sensation. Then, he did it again, a gentle caress with his tongue before slowly sucking on my throbbing nub.

“Oh my God, Oh my God!!” I screamed, not caring if anyone heard me. Hong continued his oral sexual mastery as I melted in the pleasure of his talents. I needed him in my pussy so badly! I needed to fuck him and I couldn’t be denied any longer.

As the pleasure was building and my climax approaching, I could not help but open my eyes. I watched as he pleasured me. Seeing him as he licked my pussy was all that I needed. Within seconds, I came on Hong’s face. He licked me a few more times before I begged him to stop.
“I need your cock,” I begged.

Hong and I switched positions. This time he was on his back. His cock, now semi-erect, still looked as hot as ever. I knelt to his side and gently took his dick in my hand. I circled the tip of his penis with my tongue as I cupped his balls with my other hand.

Eagerly, I took his cock in my mouth. In a slow, steady rhythm, I sucked it from tip to base. I listened to his moans as he watched me please him; he slowly moved my hair from my face to get a better view. I loved his sexual scent as I was pleasing him.

“Just like that,” Hong said, with a smile on his face.

“Mmm,” I moaned as I looked at him. His cock was now fully erect in my mouth as I sucked it and teased it with my tongue. The more I sucked it, the more I wanted- no needed it in my pussy.

“You like my cock, don’t you?” Hong asked. He knew the answer and I knew he wanted me to beg for it.

“I need you fuck me, please make me you whore,” I begged him.

“You already are!” He said as he sat up and pushed me down on the bed.

There was no resistance on my part as he spread my legs and plunged his cock deep inside me. He pounded me hard and fast and I loved every second of it.

“Is this what you wanted?” He asked as I watched him pump me even faster.

“No, its what I needed!” I confessed to him as my tits bounced from his thrusting.

I put my arms around him as he fucked me, holding him tighter to my body. His passion was incredible and his stamina was endless. I moaned his name as I looked into eyes, his body slamming against mine. I was his whore and I was damn proud of it.

He looked down at me as I glanced up at him; still fucking me, but at a slightly slower pace. I reached down and rubbed my clit and my entire body was engulfed in pleasure. I could see Hong breathing faster and deeper.

“Give me everything, honey!” I whispered to him. I wanted to feel his cum shoot inside me.

He closed his eyes tightly as I clenched my pussy lips tight around his cock. His body quivered and jolted forward before releasing his orgasm-coating my pussy with his cum.
He thrusted again a few more times, before laying down next to me in exhausted satisfaction.
I smiled sweetly as I caressed his chest. He looked so handsome. I couldn’t wait to have him again.

“Thank you for being you,” he said so kindly.

“Thank you for being perfect,” I responded as I rested my head on his shoulder.

“I was going to advertise this property as ‘easy to show’,” he said as he tried to switch to a more professional mode.

“Maybe you should advertise it as ‘easy to fuck in’,” I replied.

“I’ll consider it,” he said with a sweet smile.

He amazes me in such a good way!

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