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Elaina finds love with her student

Elaina and her student never expected to fall in love....
“Fuck yeah! Yes, yes , yes…” Robert moaned as semen squirted all over his wife, Elaina’s back. “Thanks babe, I needed that.” Robert said as he moved off the bed and headed into the shower.

Elaina felt the now cold liquid running down her back as she stood on her knees. She got off the bed and grabbed a few tissues from her beside stand. She walked over to the full length mirror and wiped the sticky substance off her back and buttocks with the tissues. “ That didn't’t even last five minutes! Not even enough time for me to even get off!” Elaina thought to herself. She went to the closet and found a silk robe to cover herself with.

She found herself back in bed. “And what the fuck was up with jerking himself off on my back?” Elaina thought. That must have been something new his 19 year old assistant taught him. She heard her husband turn on the shower in the bathroom. She had a good half hour until she had to get ready for work. She laid flat on her back and moved her hand down her smooth stomach then down to her shaved mound. She gently shoved two fingers into her semi wet opening and moved them in and out. “Mmmmmm….” She moaned. Elaina moved her fingers to her to her now swollen clit. She moved them in a circular motion. Within minutes she felt herself spasm. “God yes!” She whispered to herself as she had a delicious orgasm.

After cleaning herself up Elaina went about her routine to get ready for work. As she did, her thoughts moved towards her failing marriage. She thought about the time she caught her husband cheating. It was a few months ago but she remembers it like it was yesterday. All she wanted to do was surprise her husband on his birthday but taking him out to lunch. Elaina thought about how she walked up to his closed office door, about the noises she heard.

“Yeah, Rob, pound my tight pussy! Your gonna make me cum!” She heard his assistant moan. Slapping noises continued as Elaina put her ear to the door, her heart pounding.

She heard her husband murmur “ Fuck Tracy, you have one good cunt! So fucking good” Elaina backed away from the office door as she heard the two finish loudly. She turned and walked quickly out of the building. She received many sympathetic glances as she walked out.

Back in the present, Elaina was at work in her classroom. She was an English teacher at the local high school. She daydreamed the whole day away. She wondered why after 7 years of marriage her husband Robert would rather fuck his mousy, plain, stick thin, bearly there boobed assistant when he had a hot beautiful,loving wife like her. Elaina was in fact very beautiful. She stood at 5 foot 3, 130 pounds, A gorgeous dark tan. She had long beautiful shiny black hair, dark brown eyes, luscious plump lips, nice supple 40 DD breasts. She knew most of her male students compared her ass to Jennifer Lopez’s.

Elaina pretended not to hear all the young men make their dirty remarks about what they would love to do to her as she walked down the halls everyday. She pretended not to notice all the looks of desire in all of their eyes. She knew she could have anyone of them, but despite everything she had been through, Elaina was determined to stay true to her man. Even if he wasn’t doing the same to her. She thought about it. She didn't’t really know if she could bring herself to leave her husband.

The whole day went by very fast for Elaina. She was now sitting at her desk alone correcting the tests from earlier in the day. She felt very stifled and hot all of the sudden so she took off the thick sweatshirt she was wearing off. She sat in her thin white button up tank top. She finish correcting the last test, looked at her watch. It was nearly 5:30 pm. She decided to call up her husband to see when he would be home.

“Hey baby what’s up?” She heard Robert on the other end of the phone.

Elaina gathered her things while asking “ What time do you think you will be home tonight so I can start on dinner?”

She heard a long pause and a female voice in the background. Finally he said. “ Don’t worry about making dinner for me. I gotta go meet some clients for dinner. I will probably be home late. Maybe 11:30.” Then he quickly said goodbye and hung up

“What a fucking liar!” Elaina thought to herself as she walked out of her class room, shut the door and locked it. She began walking down the long, lonely hallway of the school. She heard a noise behind her and rapidly turned around frightened.

“Hey Mrs. Banks” Aaron said as walked up beside her. “Here late?” He asked. Aaron was one of Elaina’s students. He had two classes with her.

“Yep, correcting that test you all took earlier.” She said smiling. “ Good job by the way, you got a 98%. You must have studied.” She said. She noticed the handsome young man couldn't’t stop staring. That’s when she noticed she had forgotten to put her sweatshirt back on. She was wearing her very see through tank top, they showed off her boobs well. She looked at Aaron's face as they walked. He couldn't’t’ keep his eyes off of her cleavage. Elaina also noticed a good sized hard on Aaron was sporting in his pants.

“So do you have a ride home?” Elaina asked. “ I’m pretty sure all the busses have left by now.

“I had detention with Mr. Marks, and my mother is working late, so I’m walking.” Aaron said looking tired.

Elaina felt bad for her student. “I can give you a ride home, where do you live?” She asked as they walked out the door. Elaina shivered as the wind outside blew. She felt her nipples harden from the cold.

It was obvious Aaron noticed this because he could not stop staring as he said “ I live on Orchard lane, I’d love a ride if it’s not out of your way.”

“Orchard way is a couple streets away from Pine circle, which is where I live” Elaina stated as she unlocked the car. “ Hope in.” She told Aaron with a smile.

On the short way to Aaron's, he could not keep is eyes of Elaina’s sexy cleavage or her nipples which were still poking from her blouse. Elaina noticed this too and some how it made her horny. It made her hot to think that some young stud wanted her. Aaron wans’t bad looking for being only 17. He had sandy blond hair, bright blue eyes, a cute little farmers tan. He was also muscular. Elaina kept sneaking glances as she drove to her destination. She couldn't’t help thinking about how big Aaron's cock was.

Elaina’s place was on the way to Aaron's house. On the way she stopped by her home. It was in the middle of a cul de sac. “ This is where I live” She pointed to her house. She stopped in front of it but didn't’t park. “Would you like to come in? Just for coffee or something?” Elaina asked in a sexy voice

Aaron's eyes got big. “ Are you sure Mrs. Banks?”

Elaina shut off the car and turned to him “Aaron, please call me Elaina, we’re not in school anymore.’ She smiled and said “ Come on, just for a little bit.”

They both got out of the car and Elaina led the way to the front door. She unlocked it and they both headed inside. Once inside she led Aaron into the kitchen. “Would you like some water or anything?” she asked.

“ Uh, sure” Aaron said nervously. He knew it probably wasn’t right to be in a teachers home, but she invited him and she looked so sexy he couldn't’t turn her down.

“You can wait in the living room if you’d like.” She pointed the way. “Make yourself comfortable.” Elaina knew what she wanted. But she wasn’t sure how to go about it. She stood in the kitchen for a couple more minutes. Finally she unbuttoned her thin white blouse all the way down to the last button, she opened it and revealed a black lace bra.

Elaina walked into the living room where Aaron was waiting, on her couch. She stood directly in front of him and let her tank top slide down her arms. She watched Aaron's face as it lit up with desire. She then bent towards him to let him have a full view of her bountiful cleavage. Elaina wrapped her arms around his neck and her lips met his ear. She asked.” Do you want to fuck me Aaron?” She pulled away from him and turn her back walking away towards her bedroom she let her shirt slide down the rest of her arms and drop to the floor. She heard Aaron get up from the couch and follow her. She then reached her arms behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She let that fall to the floor too. Finally in the door way to her room she unbuttoned her pants slid then down her thighs and let them fall. Elaina stepped out of them.

She turned around to see Aaron had done the same as she did. He was naked except for his boxers. By the big bulge in his underwear she could tell that The answer to her question earlier was yes. Elaina slid her black lace panties down let them slid to the carpet. She then pulled Aaron by the hand to lead him to her bed. He had a smile on his face as he pulled her in for their first kiss. He placed one hand to her neck and the other found one of he breasts. He rubbed the nipple to make it hard. Elaina’s hand made it’s way down the Aaron's very hard cock. She measured it roughly to be around 7 inches, which was way bigger than her husbands dick.

Elaina then pulled away from the kiss and dropped down to her knees. She looked up at Aaron. “ You want me to suck your big cock baby?” She asked in a sexy voice.

Aaron looked down at Elaina’s beautiful face and pleaded “ Yes, please suck it, I need you to suck it!”

Without another word Elaina took Aaron’s throbbing member into her mouth. She took the whole 7 inches at once.

“Oh god….” Aaron groaned. Elaina kept deep throating his dick until he couldn't’t stand up by himself. He leaned against the foot board of the bed. Elaina knew he was trying really hard to not cum so early.

She took his cock out of her mouth looked up at him “You can come baby, it’s OK. Squirt it all in my mouth!” She crooned as she stuffed the hardness into her mouth again. She licked the tip down to the back in between sucking.

That was all Aaron could take. “Oh Elaina! Baby I’m cumming!” He moaned. His warm sperm hitting the back of Elaina’s throat.

Elaina stood up and looked at Aaron's face. He looked ashamed and embarrassed. “What’s wrong?” she asked sympathetically.

"I meant to last longer for you, I’m sorry.” He said quietly.

Elaina took his handsome face in her hands pulled his face to hers and met his lips. She pushed her tongue in his mouth found his tongue and massaged and sucked it. As they kissed Elaina found Aaron's hand and pushed it down to her moist pussy. He took the hint found her shaved mound. Felt for her opening and stuck a finger in. He did that once then inserted a second finger, then a third. It was obvious he had done this before.

Aaron led Elaina to the side of the bed lifted her up on the mattress laid her down gently. He knelt down on the floor and place her legs on top of his shoulders. He kissed the inside of her soft thighs. He found her nipple with a hand and inserted a finger in her wet pussy. Then Aaron bent his head down to her throbbing clit and gave it a long lick.

Elaina flinched, it had been a long time since anyone’s mouth had been down there. “Mmmm Aaron don’t tease me please!!” She pleaded.

Aaron took note in the tone of her voice and took her clit in his mouth a sucked it gently, pushing his finger in and out of her pussy. He stuck another finger in and continued sucking and licking Elaina’s delicious pussy. She tasted like pure sweet honey.

Elaina began to buck underneath him and he felt her body begin to tense up. He tweaked and pinched her nipple a little harder and licked her clit a little faster. Seconds after he did that Aaron felt her sexy body go into spasms.

“Oh Aaron yes, yes, YES!” Elaina screamed. He was amazing with his mouth! Her body calmed down a little.

“How was that baby?” Aaron said out of breath. He got up off his knees, bent down to her tummy started giving her little kisses all the way up to her chest. When he got to one of her big tits, he took the already protruding nipple in his mouth and sucked and nibbled on it.

“Mmmmmmm…” Was all Elaina could get out of her mouth.

Aaron let go of her nipple and got up on the bed and positioned himself on top of Elaina. He gave her a deep kiss. She could tasted her pussy juices on his lips.Elaina broke away from the kiss and pleaded “ Aaron please fuck me! I need you to fuck my wet pussy now.!”

Aaron didn't’t need to be asked twice. He grabbed his already hard cock and pushed it against Elaina’s soaking opening. He pushed until it was all the way deep inside her pussy. They both moaned out of pleasure. With each thrust Elaina moaned louder

"Oh yeah, fuck me just like that!” She would cry out. Then a few Minuit's later she would cry out
“Harder baby, please fuck me harder!”

Aaron barreled into Elaina’s cunt harder making them both moan out of pleasure. “You like that hard cock baby?” Aaron asked in a raspy voice.

“Fuck yeah baby! I love you cock! Promise me, your cock will only be mine!” Elaina moaned. Aaron didn't’t answer. He was too busy fucking the shit out of her pussy to hear her. “Aaron baby, promise I will be the only one you fuck! Please! I want to be the only one who pleasures your dick, promise me!” Elaina asked once more as she dug her fingernails into his back. She felt him tense up then relax as Aaron squirt his load deep inside her pussy.

“Oh god yes Elaina, my cock is completely yours!” Aaron screamed out as he came. He toppled beside Elaina looking at her sweaty body, then into her eyes. "I want to be yours, but you already belong to someone.” He told her. He knew she was married.

“Fuck my husband! He can keep his assistant all I want is you. I don’t think I can live without your cock..” She whispered into his ear. Aaron smiled. They both stood up and cleaned themselves up. They gathered their clothes and put them back on,

“I will leave him. I will go see a lawyer tomorrow for a divorce.” Elaina promised Aaron as they walked to her car to take him home.

“ OK, I trust you. My cock is yours and always will be, my heart is also yours.” Aaron promised in return.

Elaina parked in front of Aaron's home. But before Aaron opened the door he reached over and gave Elaina a deep kiss good night. “When can we see each other again? He asked.

“How about tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that? Will that be good enough?” She looked at him and grinned. “Good night my love, tonight I give my entire heart and love to you. Don’t break it or take my love for granted.” She said with a glint of hurt in her eyes.

“I won’t. Good bye.” Aaron said as he slipped out the door. As he walked up to his door he turned around smiled and gave a wave to Elaina.

After that night things were never the same for Elaina and her young lover. They continued seeing each other, after Elaina divorced her cheating husband. And when Aaron turned 18 him and Elaina were married and moved into together in the same town Aaron went to college. They continued having amazing sex and sharing an amazing love together.

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