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Elevator Hook-Up

Aruri continues his sexcapdes in an elevator.
The cabbie pulls up to my hotel and lets me out. I pay him with a fifty that I found and tell him to keep the change. He hesitates to take the money at first seeing as how I’m only wearing a towel, he must have been wondering where I pulled the money from. I very casually close the cab door and walk into the hotel, greeting all those staring at me.

I walk over to the front desk and ask if I have any messages. The clerk looks at me with a ‘not again’ expression before nodding no and suggesting that I proceed up to my room. I wink at the girl standing next to me, who’s staring at my chest, before walking over to the elevator. As I push the up button, a sexy brunette steps beside me.

We both board the elevator because she’s looking down at her phone, so she doesn’t realize she’s getting on an elevator with a completely naked guy. I get a quick first glimpse of her out of the corner of my eye, and I realize she is tall. I immediately conclude that she’s a model, or she needs to become one. By the time she does look up at me, the doors have closed and I already hit the button for my floor.

“What floor are you going to,” I ask her calmly.

She clears her throat and tries avoiding eye contact while answering, “Top floor.”

“Me too,” I awkwardly add, thinking my comment would help her relax. “I’m Aruri.”

She looks over at me strangely, “What kind of name is that?”

“It’s what everyone calls the animal I am.”

“Oh, okay. I’m Roxie.”

We continue standing there quietly for a few more seconds before I start catching her staring at me chest. I begin measuring the odds of leaving her alone or trying to get her out of her clothes. As I’m coming to a decision, I look down at her plump ass and realize she’s got one of those cute, little college girl asses.

“So is this your first time in an elevator with a naked black dude, Roxie?”

The question catches her off guard as she stutters, “Yes, yes! Awkward for me, not to say this isn’t awkward for you too, Aruri. It’s just…”

She shyly turns away and I grin at her.

“No, you’re right. Actually I'm used to moments like this.”

“Really, why’s that?” she asks while looking back at me.

I hesitate to answer the question at first because I’m too busy looking at her body, but eventually I get around to responding, “I’m kind of a weirdo like that. I get myself into a lot of after-sex predicaments. How about you, why is this awkward?”

“Wow, didn’t expect you to ask me that. Okay, maybe because there’s a strange naked guy in a towel, standing in a confined area with me, and he’s got a full-on raging…”

She nervously points down at my fully erect, throbbing member. I look down at the towel barely covering my needy dick and as I’m looking back up at her, I catch her staring intently at it.

“No worries, the Iron Rod of Mayhem won’t hurt you; unless you want it to.”

She shockingly laughs, “The Iron Rod of, what was it, Mayhem? Someone’s overcompensating.”

“Overcompensating?” I pull the towel from around my hips and turn towards her so she can get a full view of my throbbing member. “What could I possibly be overcompensating for?”

“Oh my god,” she softly giggles to herself while trying to swipe my dick away from her. “Get that thing away from me,” she continues laughing.

“No, apologize to it.”


I get closer to her and start poking her with my hard dick. As she continues laughing and trying to grab hold of my dong, I start making sex noises to match my thrusting. I finally stop as she pins herself to the wall while trying to escape me.

“How long is this elevator ride?” she screams out.

“I don’t know,” I look over at the buttons and realize I hit the emergency stop button. “Oops,” I say as I undo that and hit the top floor button.

The elevator starts moving upward and I wrap the towel back around my hips, this time completely covering my erection.

“First time touching a black dick?” I teasingly ask.

“I never touched you, you were touching me.”

“Well, is this your first time… By the way, anytime the elevator stops for other people, I’m going to pin you against the wall and pretend like we’re fucking. But like I was saying earlier-”

“Wait, what? You’re going to pretend-fuck me? For what?”

“I just don’t like riding with strange people-”

“You’re a strange person. You’re completely naked-”

The elevator dings and we’re not on our floor, so I quickly pin her against the wall and wrap her legs around me. As the door opens and an older couple starts to step in, I drop my towel and pretend to be hammering away as fast as possible. They see her ponytail bouncing around and my black ass slamming in between her legs. They step off before she has time to stop laughing and explain what’s really happening.

The doors close and I let her down as the elevator continues going up. I leave the towel on the floor and just let my dick hang as she covers her face in absolute embarrassment.

“What’s wrong with you?” I ask her.

She looks over at me like I’m supposed to know her answer.

“You are so fucking weird. Don’t even talk to me.”

“Come on, you’re acting like you didn’t enjoy that.”

“I didn’t.”

“Then why do you have the biggest smile on your face right now?”

“Because I am so embarrassed right now.”

“And horny, let’s not forget horny.”

“I am not-”

As she’s trying to explain herself, the elevator dings again and I repeat the process like before. This time a really old Asian woman steps onto the elevator and sees us. Roxie tries explaining what’s going on, but I start pounding into her faster and she actually lets out a small moan. The Asian smiles and leans in further just to pinch my ass before her husband pulls her off. Her actions make Roxie and me burst into laughter and I immediately put her down to stop myself my falling over. Suddenly, she stops laughing and hits the emergency stop button.

“Look, I am not horny-”

“Yeah, you are.”

“No I’m not. There are lots of guys I’d get horny for before you,” she states with a slight smile of her face.

“And all those guys have small dicks.”

She smacks me on the arm and starts laughing again.

“No they do not. My last boyfriend was not only hotter than you, but he was packing-”

“Some really small equipment. That’s not saying anything about him as a person. I’m just saying the sex was bad. It’s not your fault.”

“The sex was not bad,” she tries explaining all while still laughing.

“Right, it just wasn’t good. Was he scrawny and/or cute? Because neither one of those types of guys are good at fucking.”

“He was not scrawny, he’s thin and there’s nothing wrong with being cute.”

“Cute guys are use to getting everything they want because of their looks. Sex is a physical activity that they’re use to others doing for them. Now, guys like me…”

I turn my body completely towards her and show off how I look when I flexing. I can see her eyes staring at my bulging muscles and the warrior tattoos all over my body. Her eyes are especially drawn to the tattoo on my dick. It measures all nine inches of me in tribal rings from top to bottom. Her hands ball up in an attempt to stop them from reaching toward me.

“We’re designed to fuck the hell out of chicks. When women see us, they don’t scream like little junior high girls like they do for cute boys. They moan inside their pussies while imaging themselves riding our hard dicks.”

She puts her hands in front of my dick to block it from her view. I pick up the towel and wrap it back around my hips before pushing the button to continue traveling up. She shyly turns away from me and tries avoiding any eye contact. I take this time to finally admire her sexiness.

She’s wearing a black punk-rock band T-shirt with some loose fitting short shorts. The most obvious things about her are her long, tanned legs. I can’t really tell her bra size because her shirt is also loose fitting, but from my previous feels, she’s about a thirty-two B. And if I had to guess her figure, I’d say she’s a thirty-two – twenty-two – thirty-four. She’s the perfect example of a Victoria Secret model.

“Did you take some kind of super pill?” she rudely asks me as I was still staring at her body.

“What? No, this is natural for me. I stay hard all the time, unless there’s children around me,” I respond, looking down at my still bulging hard-on.

She starts to look over at me, but the elevator dings and I immediately drop my towel and repeat our pretend fucking joke.

Because of my intense pumping, she’s barely able to say, “This is our floor you idiot,” in between laughs.

“Oh.” I let her down and pick my towel back up before looking back over at her. “My bad.”

As she slowly stops laughing, she notices a small stain on her shorts.

“Did you cum on me?”

I look down at the stain and get a clever idea.

“I don’t know. Take your shorts off and let me see.”

I reach over and start pulling the top of her shorts down, but she grabs the back of my hands to stop me. She pushes my hands away and starts trying to wipe the stain away.

“You are such a weirdo. And a perverted one at that, who cums on random girls from just pretend fucking them. Not much stamina in guys like you, is there?”

That comment is a direct insult to my very being. I quickly turn towards her, making sure we are eye to eye and face to face.

“First of all, my stamina is on a level you could only dream of. And secondly, that’s not cum on her shorts. It’s just precum, not that you didn’t know that, considering how much you’re fantasizing about milking me dry.”

The elevator doors close with us still inside, and she crosses her arms while trying to stare me down.

“What the hell makes you think-”

“The way you are still, even at this moment, glancing at my dick.”

“The only reason I keep staring at it is because I think it’s on steroids and I’m afraid it could just pop, like a balloon, at any time.”

The very accusation of such a statement shocks me to my core. “The Iron Rod of Mayhem is no flimsy piece of rubber, juiced up by some artificial enhancement. How dare you?”

“Now keep that thing under your towel. The guards watching the cameras must be tired of seeing your junk.”

The mood in the elevator immediately lightens up as we chuckle at the thought of two dudes sitting in front of some monitors watching us. That’s when I notice the elevator is going down because we forgot to get off.

“Actually it’s not my towel. It’s some woman’s towel.”

“So you just stole her towel? Why didn’t you put your clothes back on?”

“I left my clothes at another girl’s house. But that wasn’t my fault, her mother came home and it turned into a three-way. Then the dad came home and I had to leave quickly.”

“How old was this girl who was living with her parents?”

“Eighteen! She’s a senior in high school. On a side note, my dick is throbbing out of control. Could you…,” I proposition her for some help.

She looks over at me removing the towel and aiming my dick in her direction.

“What am I supposed to do?” she asks nervously.

“Just stroke it a bit. Not a full handjob, but enough to relieve the pressure a little. At least until I get back up to my room so I can jack off.” Before she can answer, I reach over and stop the elevator. “Now no one can bother us.”

“I am not jacking you off. You’re not even my type.”

The pressure in my entire dick is killing me and do not have time for her shy girl games. I slowly step closer to her and get really close to her lips.

“Look, I know for a fact that both of us are horny out of our minds. My dick is dripping precum and I can smell you more than your perfume. And, going out on a limb here, I’m pretty damn sure your pussy is ultra tight. The way you keep staring at my dick proves you’ve never seen anything like it, so I can only imagine that you still feel like a virgin.”

“I’m not a virgin,” she murmurs while trying to fight the urge to kiss me. “And I’m still not sucking your dick.”

“I didn’t ask you to suck it. I asked-”

Before I can finish talking, I feel her hand wrapping around my throbbing shaft. She grins at me while biting her bottom lip and starts stroking me for precum. I step back a little to give her more room to move her arm, and she immediately uses the freed space to stroke harder. I feel a small stream of precum shoot out onto her wrist as she purposely pumps for more stains.

I lean over and kiss her softly as she reaches her other hand over to join her stroking hand. I put my hands on her hips and slide them under her shirt to remove it. She takes her hands off my shaft just long enough for me to pull her shirt over her head. And as I predicted, her B cup tits are revealed in a sky blue bra.

She quickly pulls her bra straps off her shoulders and I unhook it in the back before pulling it off. Her cute little tits have dark pink areolas with rock hard nipples firmly sitting on top of them. I watch them jiggle as she gets down on her knees in front of me. She pushes me back a little more, so that we’re not so close to the elevator wall.

She continues stroking me more until another glob of precum begins oozing out. She moves her mouth under to the glob and sucks it into her mouth while sliding her lips onto my member. Her mouth is burning hot compared to the cold in the elevator. I put my hands on the top of my head as she slowly moves her mouth back and forth on me.

I can feel more globs oozing out into her mouth and her smearing them onto my shaft with her tongue. And her tongue, she’s using it like it’s her magic wand. Despite the fact she’s sucking me so hard that I can feel the inside of her cheeks rubbing against my dick, she’s still somehow able to work her tongue around the twitching head of my cock. She starts sucking faster and rocking her head back and forth so hard that I nearly stumble backwards.

I reach down to grab onto some of her hair and start fucking her face just as fast as she’s sucking. Her mouth is making slurping sounds around my cock as a precum-saliva mixture begins foaming out the sides of her mouth. She pulls her mouth off my slimy cock and pushes the foam into her mouth to swallow as I watch.

She slowly strokes me while swallowing every drop of foam before putting her mouth back on my dick. She gives me one last hard suck before she gets to my head and sucks on it like it’s a straw. I can her suction all the way in the base of shaft and my balls tighten a little as though I’m about to cum in mouth. She pulls her mouth off my head just as I begin groaning harder.

“So, what level did you say your stamina was on?” she seductively asks while grinning up at me.

I pull her up to me, by her hair, and kiss her harder while letting go of her hair. She kisses me back while undoing her shorts as I pin her against the elevator walls. The moment her shorts open, I pull out of the kiss and kneel in front of her. I pull her shorts down and reveal her matching thong and the wet spot on the front of it.

I bury my face in that spot and listen to her moan softly as I bite at it. She puts her hands on the back of my head and pulls my face out of her pussy so that I can pull her thong down her long, gorgeous legs. She kicks off her shorts and thong, and I catch her leg on my shoulder and replant my face right back into her pussy.

“You love pussy…,” she softly moans. “Don’t you?”

I can’t even respond to her as her aroma has me captive. My tongue finds its way to her quivering clit and I slide my hands to her thighs to open her legs more. As she re-positions her legs, I suck her entire clit into my mouth and begin licking every part of it. She moans harder for a second as I reach parts of her clit no one’s ever reached before. Her leg on the floor begins trembling so she puts it on my other shoulder.

She leans against the wall more and open her legs wide enough to sit her thighs on the railing. She bends her knees and arches her back as bury my tongue inside her soaking pussy. She grabs onto the rails and groans deep in her throat as I lick back up to her clit and suck it back in my mouth. She puts one hand back on my head and rocks her pussy on my face as she begins cumming on my face. I hum into her pussy to vibrate her clit in my mouth while feeling her orgasm exploding.

She puts her feet on my shoulder and opens her legs wider while grinding her pussy into my face harder. I use my free hand to hold against the wall while I continue sucking and rubbing on her cumming pussy. I continue sucking her clit as I reach up with hand and rub the juice out of her with my index finger. The juice drips down my finger and to my hand, so I push my finger in her pussy. Before my finger gets far, her body shakes off the rail and she falls on top of me.

As she falls off the railing, her pussy smashes into my face even more. I quickly reach up and put my hands on her back to balance her as she sits on my shoulders. She continues softly moaning as I slide her down off my shoulders until she’s kneeling in front of me.

“You are so fucking strong,” she says out of breath.

“No, I’m so fucking horny. I can’t fuck a girl who’s unconscious. Well I could, but I’m not.”

We kiss again as she puts her arms around my neck and I slide my hands around to her tight, little ass. I lift her off the floor just enough that she’s able to wrap her legs around me while never breaking the kiss. I sit on the back of my legs for stability while positioning her over my pulsing member. She breaks the kiss and opens her legs as wide as possible, almost squatting on top of me.

We look down at ourselves as she pulls my cock in front of her pussy. She aims it at her dripping hole and I let her fall onto it as hard as she can. Her pussy is so tight that my cock doesn’t go in far before she’s clinching around my shaft like she’s cumming. She squeals as the first four inches slams into her honey spot, and her moans intensify as I start rocking her onto my cock more.

I feel her nails digging into skin and her hot breath on my neck as more of me is able to slide inside her. Her pussy is gripping me so hard that I can barely feel myself throbbing anymore. She has my dick held in place like a clamp, and it feels better than any other tight pussy I’ve ever felt. She lays her head down on my shoulder and sighs as she finally feels my stomach pressing against hers and her pussy full of hard man meat.

I slide my hands off her ass and to the bottom of her thighs and slowly start pumping into her. She moans with each thrust while her pussy gets wetter and wetter. Soon her juices are covering my entire length, and I’m able to really start fucking into her. Once I’m pumping in and out in a good rhythm, she leans her head up and looks down at her pounding pussy lips sucking on my slippery shaft.

Her moans get harder as she relaxes and lets the sensations wash over her. And I begin groaning from the sensations as she begins rocking into my thrusts. She leans her body away from mine and uses one hand to hold onto my neck as she begins swirling her body into my pumping. She starts lap dancing into my thrust and her pussy feels like multiple positions all at once with each of her hip swirls.

I lean my head down to feel the rush, and notice her little pink nipples bouncing erratically on her chest. Her swirling gets slower and her body tenses with each of my thrusts. I let go of her thighs and put my hands on her hips to really start pounding into her. She quickly goes from moaning to screaming as loud as she can.

“Oh fuck. Fucking shit! Shit!

I can feel her entire body shaking in my arms, and her legs shake wildly on either side of me. I pull her into me more and bury my cock as deep as I can without slowing my pace. I start to feel the deepest part of her pussy smashing against the tip of my dick. I look up at her for a kiss, but her head is laid completely back, her mouth is gaping, and her eyes are in the back of her head.

Soon her relaxed pussy tightens back up, like it was before, and chokes my dick into a complete stop. I feel my entire crotch, even my balls, throb one really hard time and hold the tension. Her gaping mouth lets out all the air she has until her pussy starts to let my dick go, in tiny little convulses.

“You seem like you enjoyed that,” I mockingly add.

She kisses me one time while trying to catch her breath. “No I didn’t,” she jokingly says while pushing me onto my back. “But this, I will!

I pull my legs out from under me and stretch them out until they hit wall behind her. She sits in my lap; my dick still buried inside her, and smiles down at me while biting her bottom lip. I lean up wanting a kiss, but she forces me back down. With her hands on my chest, she slowly lifts her pussy up my cock and slams it back down as hard as she can. She moans from her power bounce and begins repeating the act until she’s bucking wildly on top of me.

I reach up and grab her nipples to pull on them as she rides herself closer to ecstasy. Her rock hard nipples get harder under my pressure and her bucks get slowly, but don’t lose any force. I start pumping up into her fast, so that her hard drops are met with an array of thrusts. Her moans which were, at first, soft and slow are now hard and short. I groan deep in my throat as the back of her pussy crashes against my cock, squeezing me more and more with each crash.

My sack begins tingling and building a massive load. My groans give way to her sitting completely in my lap and rocking back and forth on my thrusting dick. Her pussy starts dripping onto my crotch and balls as she gets wetter from the building orgasm. I can feel her hands shaking on my chest and her legs shaking against mine. Our groans and moans start coinciding with one another until her moans become screams.

She leans down on my chest and wraps her hands around my neck as her orgasm washes over her. I feel her hard nipples digging into my chest, her nails scratching the back of neck, and her pussy convulsing around my thrusting dick. The juice from her cumming pussy makes her extra wet for a second, and I take advantage by fucking into her harder and faster than before. Her legs push against mine; and she screams until she locks up and her entire body freezes, stopping her from screaming. She moves her hands on my neck and chokes me softly as I slam into the depths of her pussy, making her cum harder and harder.

With her pussy relentlessly cumming, she builds up enough strength to launch herself off of me. Her pussy comes off my dick, squirting juice onto my stomach, and she lands on the floor next to me. I quickly roll on top of her and begin kissing her passionately. I slide my hand down to her pussy and continue her squirting orgasm by rubbing her clitoris hard and fast.

She takes very little time to recoup before she’s burying her tongue deep in my mouth. Her body convulses more and her back arches as orgasm subsides. I slide my hand off her pussy and position myself in between her legs. She wraps her legs around my torso and rubs her pussy on my stomach while burying her nails in my shoulders.

I get a sudden surge of energy and lift her off the floor while still in the position we’re in. I pin her against the wall of the elevator and continue kissing her. She moves her legs down my back until her pussy is grinding against my slimy cock. She breaks the kiss and licks her lips at me while aiming my cock at her pussy. As I start to push in, she stops and puts her feet on the floor.

“I have a better idea.”

“What could be better than fucking you like I was pretending to fuck you before?”

She turns her body around and wiggles her ass at me. She looks back at me with a devilish grin while pulling me closer to her.

“Actually, fucking me like you were when you were dick poking me.”

I moan on the back of her neck as I kiss from her neck, to her shoulder, to her lips. “That does sound better.” I put my hands on her hips and, without warning, slam my entire length into her wanting pussy. “A lot   better.”

She squeals from the sudden painful pleasure of having her tight pussy stretch to my size again without a warm-up pumping. It doesn’t take long for me to start pumping away at her at a good pace. She grabs onto the railing for support and rocks back into me. I push my body against hers more to feel her slim body pumping against mine. She swings her hair over her shoulder and looks back at me enjoying every moment of her body. She kisses me to get my attention and once she has it, she uses her pussy to keep it.

“How does this feel?”

She squeezes her already incredibly tight pussy around my cock even more and I nearly faint from the grip.

Shit! It feels like you’re giving me hard handjob, but with a soaking wet pussy.”

I try pushing more of my dick into her but her tightness is holding me firm. I start feeling my orgasm building more and decide to just say ‘fuck it’. I squeeze her hips firmly and force-fuck my way through her tightness. She immediately responds with moans and squeals as her pussy is removed from power and is taken to its limits.

Her pussy leaks juice onto the floor and quivers around my cock. Her legs wobble and she nearly falls, but I hold her up by her hips. I groan and moan in her back as I bite on her to add more sensation, and to control myself. My own legs begin weakening and my arms get softer as more of my orgasm tries to release.

I start pumping harder and faster until I’m ramming her so hard that the elevator is rocking. Her screams are getting louder and harder as her pussy tightens. I can feel the walls of her cunt spasming and twitching, trying to squirt out juice. She lets go of the railing and smacks her hands against the wall as I continue thrusting. I let her hips go and hold both of her hands above her head and go absolutely wild on her body.

I’m losing all control of my own orgasm but am buried so good inside her pussy that I don’t care. Her moans and screams are cut off by a massive wave of orgasmic pleasure as she cums on my pounding dick. She can’t stop me from intensifying her orgasm this time, so I continue terrorizing her pussy. Her voice is lost in a deep orgasmic silence and I’m freely ramming away at her juice dripping pussy.

I let her hands go and grab her hips again to thrust harder, this time using leverage. She puts her hands on the railing and squeezes her pussy so hard that it feels like she’s going to pull my dick off if I keep going. I try to pull my dick out, but she’s so tightly wrapped around me that I can only stay buried deep inside her cervix. With my dick trapped, I slam into her cervix as hard as possible over and over again until her pussy relax for just a second; and then I whip my dick out of her as fast as I can.

Her voice comes back in a hurricane howl of a scream as her pussy sprays a massive gush of juice out onto the wall and floor. I step back and watch as her pussy squirts for about five seconds straight of just one continuous stream of hot juice. She’s screaming the entire time her orgasm is squirting out of her in long, consistent streams. Her pussy is spraying like a fireman’s hose, and the only reason she’s still standing is because she’s holding on to the railing. I step behind her as her screams get softer and reach around to rub her still quivering pussy.

I help rub the rest of her squirt juice out as her sixty second orgasm finally ends. She collapses in my arms and whimpers from the remaining sensations rushing through her body. As I try to sit her down to let her rest, she pushes me away from her and turns toward me. She pins me up against the wall behind me and begins kissing me. I’m stunned that she’s still going, but quickly stop caring as she begins stroking my cum-loaded dick.

“Oh, I’m so glad I fucked you,” I’m barely able to say because of her horny kisses.

“You have no idea; yet,” she seductively adds in between kisses.

Her stroking hand gets faster and faster until she feels me groaning in her mouth as though I’m about to cum.

“Not yet.” She takes her hand off my cock and kneels down in front of me. “Now you can cum.”

She takes my length into her mouth and begins bobbing her head back and forth. Her mouth feels even better than before because of how swollen my dick has become. I look down at her pretty face bobbing on my cock and see all the veins in my shaft sliding in and out of her mouth. The loud slurping sounds start and her tongue begins playing with me.

I can feel my load shooting out of my balls like a rocket. I groan louder and brace myself with the railing. She takes her mouth off my cock and strokes my dick in her face until she feels it swelling her hands. She puts her mouth back on my cock and shoves it to back of her throat. I involuntarily hold off my orgasm to feel her throat squeezing around my cock like her pussy does.

My knees weaken and I hold onto the railing more as she throat fucks herself on my cock. She pulls my dick out of her throat and continues stroking. She uses her free to massage her juiced out pussy and brings some leftover juice up to my cock. She massages it into my shaft with both hands before competitively jacking me off.

“Didn’t you ask for a handjob earlier?” she asks like a naïve little teenager.

“Oh fuck. Just like that. Fuck!

I arch my back and squeeze the railing with all I’ve got as my load shoots up again. With both her hands stroking my cock like she’s churning butter, my dick explodes without warning. She screams as the first stream come barreling out and splashing across her face; nearly blinding her. Even though she can’t really see, she continues stroking until she feels more bursts hitting her face and going in her mouth. Stream after stream comes flying out, covering her face, until it looks like someone laid a net made of cum on her face.

Her mouth is slightly overflowing and the cum is dripping down onto her chest and stomach as she leans her head down to look directly at my cock. She finishes pumping any remaining cum out of my dick until I have to reach down and stop her.

“I don’t know which one is better.” I begin saying, completely out of breath. “Your pussy or your mouth?”

She looks up at me with the one eye that is least covered in cum and smiles, “Well in that case, I think we might need to do some more tests.”

She lets my dick drop in front of her face and simply licks at it. I stare down at her innocent looking, cum covered face while grinning at her. I can feel my dick hardening from her soft licks, and she sees it beginning to throb back to life. She bends her head down underneath the head of my dick and slides her mouth around me again. She slides her lips up to my base and leans back up to start bobbing her head back and forth.

As soon as I see her messy face sliding on my dick again, my soft member springs to life immediately. She squeals a muffled squeal as it lengthens to the back of her mouth and goes into her throat. Before I can place my hand on her head, she slides my cock back into her throat and strokes it with her neck muscles. The sensations from earlier return with force, and I’m barely able to keep my balance.

I reach over with both hands and pull her mouth off my shaft; but as her lips slide over my tip, she sucks on it like a straw one last time. The tense shock shoots straight to my balls and I feel like I’m about to explode for a second. She continues looking up at me with a devilish smile as she lies back onto her elbows.

I kneel down in between her legs and grab her knees to pull her closer to me. We’re so busy trying to fuck again that we don’t notice the elevator is moving again. The cum on her face has mostly dripped down to her chin and chest, but what remains on her face is now dripping down the sides her cheeks. She licks her lips at me and moans as I spank her swollen pussy with my fully pulsating cock.

“What are you looking at?” she asks out of a horny curiosity.

“You are so fucking hot plastered with cum.”

“With your cum or just anybody’s cum?”

“If I had to guess…,” I slide my cock over her clitoris before sliding all nine inches deep behind her cervix. “I’d say all cum makes you look hot, but it’s my cum makes you look fucking hot.”

She sighs as my tip pushes against her stomach and her pussy stretches around me. She slides her hands over her bulging stomach and down to her stuffed pussy as I slowly thrust into her. Her battered pussy feels looser but is still just as tight when she spasms. I lean down and kiss from her neck to her lips while massage-holding her hips. She moans in my mouth and arches her back a little to get my dick to hit her just right. With a few adjustments from both of us, I feel her pussy twitch hard as her G-spot finally starts feeling the hits.

“Mmm, it feels like we’re weightless and flying through the air.”

“I couldn’t agree more, but I don’t think that’s us,” I add.


She arches her back higher and lets out a loud moan as the elevator jerks and dings. We both realize what’s happening just as the doors open on the lobby floor. She turns her cum covered face away from the huge crowd standing around the door, expecting to see some stranded passengers. They all begin whispering and gasping as our graphic display continues in front of them without pause.

She may have turned her head away, but she continues using her tight pussy muscles on my pumping cock. I see several people taking pictures as I groan into her neck from the feeling of her tightening pussy. I lean up and start pounding into her harder and without me as I shield, she is completely exposed to the crowd. At first, she tries to fight the attention but her rising orgasm has another idea. The elevator doors start to close but someone holds them open so that everyone can continue watching.

I start feeling my earlier urges and lift her hips up off the floor while continuing to thrust. Her shy manner vanishes as her pussy begins spasming around my dick. She reaches up to her clit and rubs at it without mercy as her free hand pulls on one of her nipples. She turns her head towards me and the crowd gasps as they see all the cum sticking to her face.

Her moans get harder and louder as my groaning intensifies. I hold her hips in one place and simply ram as fast as I can until her legs start vibrating. Her back arches as far as it can, and I have to fuck her at an upward angle as her orgasm rushes over body. My balls tighten and my shaft throbs inside her clinching pussy walls.

This time her grip is lighter, so I continue ramming into her. She starts screaming and takes her hands off her body to let them shake violently through her orgasm. I get so caught up in fucking her in front of a crowd that I forget how strong her pussy can become if I push take it to that level. With the crowd cheering us on, I slam into her with all my force while not losing my pace.

Her voice goes out and her entire body tenses as she cums harder. Just as I push against her cervix, her pussy clamps down on my shaft and stops me in my tracks. The feeling of how tight she is this time makes me fall down on top of her. I lean down on my elbows and groan into her shoulder as she continues cumming underneath me. I can feel her juice squirting out in little drops, but I can’t do anything about it.

Our fans cheer louder as they think we’re cumming together, but I’m far from cumming and she’s nearly passed out. I lean back and furiously rub at her clit, not knowing what else I can do at this point. The juice trying to escape leaks down to my shaft and makes me slippery enough to move in and out. I pull my dick out but continue rubbing her until she regains her composure, and is groaning and curling her body around as she squirts all over me and my hand. It seems like she’s squirting a gallon as it covers my arms and lower abs and splashes all over her as well.

She continues squirting for another ten seconds until she finally stops cumming. She closes her legs on my hand to stop me from rubbing anymore. I lie down on top of her and kiss on her cum covered lips and taste some of her juice that splashed that far up her body. I look down at her body and see that her juice has even soaked into her ponytail. She comes back to life while I’m admiring the damage I caused and kisses me to get my attention. She pushes me up and opens her legs to me again.

Out of breath I say, “That was fucking beyond anything I’ve ever done in public. Your pussy definitely wins that round.”

“I couldn’t agree more. Don’t you think?” she yells at the crowd cheering for us.

The guy holding the elevator doors lets them go to clap, but can’t stop them in time before the close. She quickly scoots over and hits the button for our floor. As the elevator starts going up, I slide over to her and kiss her again. She pulls me in between her legs and rubs her pussy with one hand while stroking me with the other.

“I could really get use to fucking you every day,” she whispers in my ear.

“Well, that may not be out of the question.”

“How big is your room?”

I smile while pulling away from her to stand up. She slides over to me and sucks my dick into her mouth before I can stand all the way up. I pull her mouth off me and wipe some cum on her lips to let her suck on my finger.

“I think I’m gonna need help controlling you.”

“Yeah, but who’s help?”

I bend down and help her up, but her legs wobble and she can’t really stand on her own. I hold her in arms and lean her against the railing so that I can pick up our clothes. She continues grinning at me until I pull her back over to me. I stand her in front of me, facing the doors, and get comfortable behind her. She looks back at me while rubbing my dick against her pussy from behind. As the elevator reaches our floor, I slide my member as deep as I can into her.

She gasps and moans while biting her bottom lip as the doors open. Standing there is a dark brown Latina wearing nothing but a rope that is wide open. Roxie turns her head and kisses me while trying to arouse the exotic beauty in front of us.

“So this is where you’ve been?” the exotic beauty asks me.

“Venezia, this is Roxie. Roxie, this is Venezia. She’s the one who’s going to help me control you.”

Venezia pulls Roxie out of the elevator and wipes some of my cum off Roxie’s chest. The height difference between the two of them lets me know how tall Roxie is. She almost my height, so she kind of towers over Venezia. They look like two lingerie models brought together because of how sexy the height difference makes them look.

Venezia licks some of the cum off her fingers and makes Roxie suck the rest off while staring at me. I watch these two gorgeous girls taste my cum, making my dick throb harder. I reach down and softly stroke myself until both of them are looking at me. Venezia leans over and sucks some cum off Roxie nipple while watching my reaction. My dick throbs so hard that I have to let go of it.

“I know what that means,” Venezia says to Roxie.

Venezia reaches in and pulls me out of the elevator by my hard cock and leads Roxie and me to our luxury suite. I can see Roxie staring at Venezia’s perfectly bubble ass and can only wait to see what she does to it. As we get to our door, Roxie pins Venezia to the wall and rubs the length of Venezia’s entire pussy. The juice leaks out onto her hand and she tastes Venezia, so Venezia does the same to her.

My dick oozes precum onto Venezia’s hand as I watch them taste test each other. They both look at me completely absorbed by the view and decide to tease me even more. They slide their hands all over each other’s bodies, moaning and gasping as their hands trail over certain hot spots. They kiss each other passionately while pulling me into our hotel room, and once we’re all in I slam the door shut behind us.

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