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Ella and Eric | Part 2

I felt as if I was launched into the deepest of euphoria, never to return.
I started to moan to turn him on even more and he took the bait easily.

Every time he moaned I would moan as well. It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying this, because “fuck am I ever enjoying this” I thought. The way his muscles rippled as he moved my hips with a firm grip. He was using me to pleasure himself, and only himself. I knew that soon I would get my revenge. I felt that thought strike right down inside, in that delicious clenching sensation all women love.

Back, forward, back, forward…

I could feel our combined juices making it slippery and smooth. I was starting to get lost in the motion of us moving together, when all of a sudden my competitive side took over my entire body and the need to cum was the last thing on my mind. There was no way in hell he was winning this challenge.

His eyes were shut and I was staring at the way his face wrinkled when he would slide me up and go over his sensitive head. I could tell that he was trying to hold back pleasure when his eyes shot open and immediately found mine. They were tight and almost made him look angry. Shit, he was angry!

I saw the corner of his mouth quirk up and he let out a loud pant. The next thing I knew I was on my back. Fuck! Those goddamn eyes made me lose focus. The next feeling I had I will never forget. He rammed himself inside of me with the force of a bull. I felt our pubic bones smash together and the pain and pleasure made me scream. I’m not usually one to be loud in bed, but I couldn’t help myself.

He gave me no time to adjust to the monster cock inside of me and just started jamming himself into me. Needless to say I love it. Rough sex is great sex.

He had one hand on the black metal bedframe above my head; the other was on my hip. He was controlling everything and truth be told, for the first time in my life I liked not being in total control. I let myself go, and soak up all of the sensations I could. I didn’t realize that my eyes were closed until I heard him say

“Open. Your. Eyes.” In between grunts.

My eyes shot open and I took in the sight over me. He was glistening with a thin sheen of sweat, and he looked beautiful. I had never felt this feeling before, it was as if my body bowed to him. Like he was meant to be here tonight fucking the hell out of me. My senses were going wild and I could feel that familiar tightening growth in my tummy. I let out a very loud moan that I’m sure the neighbors heard. That’s what sent him flying over the edge.

“Uggghhhhhhhmmmmmhhhh.” He groaned so loud that it resonated in my heaving chest.

I started cumming just after him, feeling him pulse inside of me made me feel so complete and worthy. What blew me away the most out of this whole experience was the fact that he made eye contact with me as he shot his enormous load into me. Those eyes that once oozed kindness were now the reason that my orgasm was exceeding any level of passion I had ever experienced.

He collapsed on top of me and let his weight crush me into his ever-so-inviting mattress.

“That was…” He trailed off.

“Yeah.” I replied, with a Cheshire cat grin on my face.

I could hear him panting in my ear, his heart beating into my chest, and his softening penis slip out of me. We must have laid there for at least ten minutes before he rolled off of me and laid on his side, facing me.

It was then that I realized he had completely disregarded the deal, which pissed me off.

“I believe you broke our agreement.” I said as I drew circles into his forearm.

Our eyes locked instantly, and he smirked.

“And?” He said. I stopped touching his arm

He got up and out of his bed, then went into the bathroom. He then proceeded to turn on the tap and start a shower. ‘What the fuck?!’ I thought to myself. I am so going to get him for that!

I hatched a little plan and started to carry it out. I slipped out of bed and checked myself in his mirror, I tried my best to comb my hair with my fingers and wipe the sweat off of my forehead. When I thought that I looked decent I turned back towards the glass and was mesmerized with what I saw. His ever-so-toned body standing there as if posing as a nude model, while the water cascaded over him. His arms back in his dark chocolate brown hair, and his member now soft was bobbing up and down as he turned around to rinse his hair. I felt my pussy tingle and I knew I needed him now.

I then stalked into the bathroom and hopped into the shower behind him without him noticing. I reached around and grabbed his cock in my warm hand. I felt him jump but then relax as he realized that it was me. I started to stroke a bit and received a small moan from his soft lips. He then grunted a bit and swung himself around. The next thing I knew I was against the wall and he was trying to lift my legs up and around his waist. I resisted as much as I could because I was determined to get what we agreed on.

“What do you think you’re doing, huh?” I said looking him straight in the eyes. He looked back at me with confusion and disappointment.

“What do you mean?” He said.

“I mean, that you ruined our agreement, and I think that I should receive the reward.” I said with a smile.

“Do you now?” He said as he pressed his body against mine, squishing me between the wall and him. His cock was now fully hard again.

“Yes, I do. And so does your little friend.” I said, referring to his dick.

He laughed a little and then he surprised me, he gave in. He sat down on the bench and looked at me with a ‘whatever’ expression. I hopped on him and I wanted to make sure he knew what this was.

“So, I get to use you for my pleasure only. And you can’t cum until I say so.” I said as I shifted to get comfortable.

He just looked at me and rolled his eyes. I took that as a yes. I could feel the water flowing down my back and it was an amazing feeling to have this man all to myself in such a sexy way. I continued the grinding motion I had started before he broke our deal, because I wanted to see just how much pleasure he could stand before cracking. Testing his limits, I guess you could say.

As I slid forward and spread my wetness all over him, I felt a drop of pre-cum mix with mine, and it made me so turned on to feel that I was doing this to him. His eyes were still locked on mine and every once in a while I would bite my lip, or let my eyes close and head roll back with a moan. I know this was effecting him because when I opened my eyes his would be burning into mine, even more so then before.

I had enough with teasing and I wanted the real thing. My pussy was aching for him to fill me. I leaned forward and used his shoulders for support. I reached in between us and grabbed hold of him, all the while keeping eye contact to see how my touch affected him. As I grabbed and squeezed him a little bit, his eyes closed and he swallowed hard. I giggled.

“Enjoying yourself?” I said as I rubbed his sensitive spot with my thumb.

“If you keep teasing me, I’m going to be enjoying myself a lot more then you.” He said.

“Oh, is that so?” I said. I kept rubbed my clit with his tip to agitate him.

“Ye….agghhhh!” He stopped as I slammed myself down onto him as hard as I could.

“Holy fuck, Eric you are such a great size for me.” I said in pleasure as my head dropped down and rested on his shoulder.

I just took in the moment and tried to absorb all of the pleasure seeping out of me. I slowly started to move on him. He tried to grab my hips but I swatted his hands away.

I knew that he was becoming impatient because he was grunting like crazy. Every downward drop I would hear him try and hold it in but it would come out anyways. I Looked down and saw his abs tightly clenched. I was torturing this man, and I liked it.

“Shit, aggghhh, mmm, fuck yes uhhhhh.” I started to moan louder and louder as I was pounding myself against him. I was lifting my weight off of him with my hands on his shoulders and dropped all one hundred and ten pounds onto his waiting cock. It was so hot and slippery. I then realized that my orgasm was coming fast, really fast. I think that he noticed as well, because he angled his hips differently and was hitting my g-spot head on. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“OHH YEESSSS ERIC!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I felt my pussy contract on him many times and he was grunted so loud that I thought he was cumming. But I could feel that he wasn’t growing inside of me, so I knew he kept him promise. After the final wave hit me and I lifted my head from his neck I looked at him in all my post orgasmic bliss and smiled a satisfied smile.

“Cum for me, I want to feel it inside of me. All of it.” I whispered in his ear. He groaned and latched onto my hips with his hands. He lifted my whole body and slammed it back down on top of him. I squealed in surprise. He kept this going for another five, maybe ten thrusts and he stopped. I could feel him growing inside of me, ready to explode.

“Fill me up Eric!” I yelled and as if on cue he did.

He came so much, even more then the first time we fucked. Seven or eight spurts of hot cum into my cunt and he slumped down in complete relaxation. I lifted myself off of him and watched as all of his cum dripped from me, onto his semi-erect dick. I thought I was the only one, but when I looked up he was watching too.

We locked eyes and we both leaned into each other for a wonderful kiss. I felt as if I was launched into the deepest of euphoria, never to return.

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