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Ellie - Part Two

Ellie returned for another encounter
I received a few notes in the mail from Ellie over the next six months. She and Bob were in the middle of the divorce, it was nasty and she was paranoid that Bob was having her watched. She did not want me to call her, nor did she call me, concerned that such calls might leave some sort of “trail” that could be used against her in the divorce.

Some of her notes were about our evening together and what she liked; but for the most part the messages were just to let me know where things were with the divorce and how she was coping.

She had started counseling to help her deal with the divorce, and her counselor had asked her about her support group, and whether there were persons she trusted who she could talk with about the divorce and its affect on her.

Ellie certainly had several close friends, and she sought the approval of her divorce attorney to meet and talk with some of them about the divorce, the experience and how it was affecting her.

On a cold winter evening, the phone rang. It was Ellie.

“Can I come over?” she asked, with a little giggle in her voice.

“Sure!” I said.

This was a time when there were no digital cameras or video recorders; few women, and even less men had any sex toys; anal sex was but a small seed of an idea in a few minds: and, most women were not shaved.

Having a pretty good idea of why Ellie was coming over, I raced around the house gathering anything that I thought might be useful in our encounter. I collected one large feather, a blindfold, a silk-like scarf and a towel. I even had a plug in electric vibrator, although it looked far different than the vibrator toys we see today. Really, it was designed for massaging muscles.

In my bedroom, I laid out the towel and neatly arranged the items on the towel. Ellie could decide what she wanted to try.

Forty-five minutes later, Ellie was knocking on my front door.

I took her coat and hung it up, while she removed her knee high boots.

She had on jeans and a sweater with a white scarf tied around her neck, all of which definitely showed off her cute body.

I poured us a glass of wine, and we toasted her and her hopefully resolving the divorce to her benefit.

“I’m supposed to talk to you about the divorce and how I feel about all of it. You’re part of my support group.” she said.

“Go ahead. I’m listening.” I told her, settling back into the couch.

“I said I was supposed to. I didn’t say I was!” she said as she got off her chair, walked across the room and straddled me on the couch.

She was bold in her actions, but yet still nervous and a little shy.

“We both know why I’m here. I haven’t had any sex since I was with you six months ago and I want to use you tonight to fuck my brains out.”

She kissed me; a soft little kiss, followed by a longer, deeper kiss, until within a minute or two we were battling each other’s tongue.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

“Yes!” I said without any hesitation.

“Will you do the things to me that you did last time?” she asked.

“Do you mean the things you really liked?” I asked, emphasizing the word “really”.

“Yes.” she replied.

“You’ve thought about what you’d like me to do to you, haven’t you?”

“Yes. I’ve thought about it a lot. I think about it all the time.”

“You’ve fantasized about it?” I asked.

“Yes! Many, many times.”

We kissed some more and I ran my hands along Ellie’s bare back. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Together we removed her sweater, exposing her tits and hard nipples. She left the small white scarf around her neck

I knew she liked to have her nipples played with, and twisted so hard that it hurt. For now, though, I just licked and suck on each nipple, bringing Ellie slowly into our next encounter.

I played with her nipples and squeezed her tits for several minutes, while we kissed and she moaned.

“We need to decide on a safety word.” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“We need a word that you can say when you’ve had enough or want me to stop!”

“Why?” she asked, not really understanding.

“You want me to fuck your brains out; to fuck you until you can’t take anymore. Along the way, what if you need to stop, don’t want to do something or have had enough. We need a signal, a word that you can say that will tell me to stop.” I explained.

“Any word?” she asked.

“Any word at all.” I said. “You pick the word”.

“Divorce.” she said. “The safety word is divorce.”

I nodded my agreement and reached down and unsnapped her jeans.

Ellie stood up and slid off her jeans. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I could see that she was already wet, and that she had kept pussy closely trimmed.

I got out of the chair, took her hand and led her into the bedroom and the small display of toys I had set up on the towel. I stood next to her, with my hand on her bare ass, as she looked over the array.

“Choose anyone you like.” I suggested.

“Do I have to choose just one?” She inquired.

“No.” I said. “You can choose them all if you want.”

Ellie turned into me, and pressed her tits against chest and her pussy against my hard cock.

“I want them all.” she whispered, a little embarrassed, and looking into my eyes for my reaction.

“Good! I hoped that you would choose all of them.”

“Can I add something?” she asked with a big smile and a coy look.

“Sure. What have you got in mind?”

Ellie walked out of the room, her tits swaying and bobbing, and returned with a light blue, hard rubber dildo, waving it at me with a big grin on her face.

“I brought this.” She said.

The dildo was and shaped like a cock. It was about 7 or 8 inches long, and thick, and appeared well used.

“Have you used this before?” I inquired, sarcastically.

“Several hundred times!” was her response, equally sarcastic.

All of this time, in the back of my mind I had been thinking about what we would do and how we would do it. Ellie was in no rush, so we could take our time. It would just be a matter of which of us would be the first to collapse with exhaustion or if Ellie would use the safety word.

Again, I took her hand and led her out into the living room. I kissed her and then stepped back and undid my pants. I removed my socks, then my pants, and stood in front of Ellie in just a t-shirt and my boxer shorts. My erection was unmistakable.

“Mmmmmm.” Ellie said, looking at my erection and kneeling in front of me. She nibbled on my manhood through the boxer short material, kissing and softly biting, and sucking on the shaft through the fabric.

I removed the shorts and sat on the couch, my manhood standing straight up.

Ellie looked at my cock as if she was seeing a man’s cock for the first time; eager, hungry, wanting. She grasped it in both hands and slowly stroked it causing pre-cum to dribble out and down the shaft and over her fingers.

“I love your cock.” She said. “I’ve fantasized about playing with it.”

For the next ten minutes or so, Ellie licked and sucked on my cock, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but never stopping. She worked her way from sucking on the head and maybe a third of the shaft, to taking all of me down her throat.

While Ellie devoured my cock, she looked me right in the eye and moaned, not stopping, even to catch her breath. She played with my swollen cock head, teasing me, licking up and down the shaft, and licking my balls, tickling them with her tongue and fingernails. Saliva ran out of the corner of her mouth and down to her chin. Strands of my pre-cum and her saliva strung out between her lips and my cock.

I stopped her only because she was going to make me cum, and it was way too soon for that to happen.

“I love to suck your cock. Don’t make me stop!” she complained, moving her mouth back on the head of my cock and again taking all of me in her mouth.

After another minute of more sucking, I stopped her again.

“We’ve got all night. You don’t want to make me cum yet, do you?”

Ellie stopped and grinned.

“How many times have you cum in one night of sex?” she asked.

“Three times.” I said, even though at that time, that might have been a bit of an exaggeration.

“You’re going to cum more than three times tonight.” she boldly proclaimed.

“And so are you!” I whispered in her ear.

I switched places with Ellie and quickly went to my bedroom and retrieved the toys, placing them on the couch next to Ellie.

She spread her legs and bent them back, revealing her wet slit.

I kissed and nibbled at the inside of her thighs for several minutes, coming close to her pussy, but not touching it.

Then I picked up the feather.

I let Ellie see it and feel it, letting her appreciate that this feather was soon going to have her writhing in pleasure.

I ran the feather over her nipples and lightly over her tits. Ellie softly moaned as she watched the feather brush over her hard nipples.

Then I lightly ran the feather over the inside of her thighs, starting from her knees and going slowly down to her pussy lips. Ellie watched the feather and moaned as it got closer to her slit.

“Do you want me to use the feather on your pussy?” I asked, after waiting a few minutes.


“Do you want me to tickle your pussy with the feather?”

“Yes”, she said, this time with some impatience and anticipation.

She watched the feather as I continued to slide it close to her slit but not touching it.

Then I ran just the tip of the feather up her slit.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” Ellie cried out as she threw her head back against the couch and arched her back.

I continued to run the feather tip lightly up and down her pussy, as her slit ran with her juices. She arched her back and held her pussy lips open with her fingers, trying to get as much of the feather into her slit as possible.

The feather was getting soaked with pussy juice and soon would be of no further use.

While I still had the time, I ran the feather around and over her clit.

“O, God! Oh, God! Yes! Yes! She cried as her body shook.

“Do that again!” she pleaded, surprised that a feather brushing over her clit could feel so good.

I tickled Ellie’s clit with the feather, while she moaned with pleasure.

“God, that feels so fucking good!”

I flicked the feather over her clit faster and faster, until Ellie shuddered a few times, and yelled “Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I thought I had made her cum, but had stopped just before she climaxed.

Ellie settled back down on the couch, breathing heavy, and disappointed that I had not allowed her the release she thought she was going to experience.

The feather was now soaked, but I had one more place that could use its attention.

I had Ellie pull her legs back, exposing her asshole. That little feather, tickling around her hole, almost brought her to tears with pleasure. She moaned and groaned, swore, and spread her ass checks with her hands so I could tickle her hole with the feather.

I put the feather on the floor and licked Ellie from her asshole to her pussy and clit, over and over. She was moaning with pleasure, holding the back of my head, and shaking.

“Do you want me to lick your clit?

“I want you to fuck me!” was her impatient response.

“Do you want me to lick your clit? I asked again.

“Yes! Yes! She said, this time with a softer voice

“Are you getting ready to cum?”


“You do know that I’m not going to let you cum yet, don’t you?”

She did not answer, but let out a moan of disappointment.

I licked her pussy, slowly working my way up to her clit. I licked around it, and flicked my tongue over it, until I thought she was going to cum, then stopped.

“Do you want me to continue?”

“Fuck yes!” she said.

I licked her clit some more, as she pushed her pussy up into my face.

Ellie’s legs spread far apart, her hips rotated in an effort to push her clit into my mouth, and she was dripping pussy juice down to her asshole onto the couch.

When I thought she was about to cum, I stopped.

She let out a loud moan of disappointment and a few swear words.

Three or four more times I brought her to the edge, each time sucking her clit into my mouth and sucking on it with some force. And each time, when she was close to the edge, I would stop.

Ellie moaned with disappointment, and had a look on her face that said “please”.

There were beads of sweat forming on her face and chest, and her hair was wet and matted to her forehead. She played with her own nipples. And, she whispered that she wanted to cum; she needed to cum.

Ellie wanted to finger her own clit, while I was plugging the vibrator into the electric socket. I would not let her, pulling her hand away.

I reminded her that I could let her cum, or if she was not going to let me tease her, I might not let her cum at all.

She groaned again, this time showing her frustration, throwing her head back against the couch.

I showed her the vibrator and let her watch as I turned it on. It was made out of metal and plastic and had maybe a foot long handle with a large oval shaped, vibrating ball on top.

“Do you want me to use this on your pussy?” I asked as I ran the buzzing toy over her nipples.

“Yes!” she moaned.

I held the vibrator ball on her pussy lips and pushed it into her slit, as Ellie closed her eyes, laid her head back and moaned and moaned with pleasure.

I brought her to the edge again, and then once more.

“Fuck me!” she pleaded. “I need to be fucked! Please fuck me!”

I might have gone too far. She seemed more desperate, more impatient, and was getting upset and angry with me.

“I want to watch you cum.” I said.

“Yes! Good!”

“Can I watch you cum?”

“Yes! Yes!” she said impatiently.

“Do you want me to make you cum?”

“Fuck Yes! Yes!”

I moved the vibrator up to Ellie’s clit and ran it back and forth over her love bud as I watched her orgasm build.

Two things sent her over the edge.

I slid a finger into her wet asshole and moved the vibrator right on top of her clit and held it there.

Her mouth was open, but she made no sounds; her eyes were shut and her body shook and trembled.

Oh, God! Oh, God!” she suddenly yelled over and over. And then she exploded.

Ellie either squirted or pissed, although I don’t think I even knew what squirting was back then. A slightly thick fluid gushed out of her pussy, not once, but several times all over me, the couch and floor.

Ellie screamed “Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” as her body arched up and off the couch.

The flood became a stream and then just a steady drip.

She shook; her body contorted; her thighs were wet with her juices; her eyes were half closed; she gasped for breath; and, she had that wonderful painful look of pleasure on her face.

If there is something that is stronger than an orgasm, this was it.

She settled back on the couch, breathing heavily, sweating, red faced, and disoriented. Even with her sticky juices all over my stomach, cock and legs, I was more than turned on by what I had seen.

I dragged Ellie down onto the floor, and made her kneel in front of the couch with her chest and head on the couch seat. She was somewhat out of it, following my directions, but still well within that period of pleasure that follows an intense orgasm.

I slid my cock into her slit a few times letting the shaft get wet. Then I started to fuck her hard and fast.

At first, there was little response from Ellie. Just a few grunts and moans. Then she finally looked back at me, smiled, and said, “Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

The harder and faster I fucked her, the more Ellie become awake and aware.

She kept yelling, “Yes! Yes! Fuck me!”

She arched her back, lifting her head and chest off of the couch. I slammed away at her pussy and with both hands twisted her nipples between my thumb and fingers.

“Yes! Harder! Make it hurt!” She instructed.

There was no mercy shown. I rammed my cock into her pussy and twisted her nipples as hard as I could.

“Yes! Fuck! Make it hurt more! Fuck my cunt!” she cried.

I stopped torturing her nipples and slid my thumb into her asshole, and continued to show no mercy to her pussy.

“Don’t stop!” Ellie screamed as she looked back at me, making sure I understood.

“Don’t stop! Do it harder! Harder! Fuck my pussy and ass.” she screamed.

I was sliding my entire shaft into her dripping pussy as hard and as fast as I could. At the same time I was sliding my thumb hard into her asshole. Sweat was dripping off of my nose onto her back.

“I’m going to cum!” she screamed.

“I’m going to cum. Don’t stop! Don’t stop!”

There were noises that I had never heard; sounds of pleasure; sounds of pain.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

I briefly thought of stopping, teasing her again, but I was too close myself and was not going to last much longer.

“I’m cuming! I’m cuming!”

Once again, Ellie exploded with pleasure and wonderful noises and sounds.

I kept on going, pounding her pussy and burying my thumb in her asshole. She screamed and moaned with pleasure; I kept ramming my cock into her and slamming my thumb into her asshole, until I felt my own orgasm coming. And then it was too late.

I pulled my cock out of Ellie and turned her around with one hand, so that she was sitting on the floor, her back against the couch.

She was sweating; her nose was running down to her lips; her hair was wet and matted; drool had run from her mouth down to her chin; her eyes were half closed; and she tried to smile, as her lips trembled with each spasm of pleasure. Her body was still shaking and jerking, as ripples of pleasure continued through her body. Just the look on her face would have made me cum.

She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue.

My orgasm was overwhelming. The kind where your body is consumed with such pleasure, that for moments, maybe even minutes, you sense only the delight, joy, bliss and release surging through your body; for that time, there is nothing else but pleasure.

I shot long ribbons of cum at Ellie. The first hit her on the side of her forehead, settled on her shoulder, and then ran down her back. The second, I’m sorry to say, missed Ellie altogether, landing on the couch. The third stream hit her square on the forehead and ran down the side of her nose to her lips and chin. The rest she took on her tongue, swallowing it all.

I steadied myself as best I could, and put my cock in her mouth, letting Ellie suck out of me what cum was left.

I sat back on the floor, looking at Ellie, wet, limp, smiling and covered with cum.

I crawled over to her. Sitting on the floor, my back against the couch, I moved Ellie in between my legs and had her lean back against me, her head on my shoulder. I grabbed the towel and wiped off her face, shoulder and chest.

“Talk to me.” she whispered.

“What would you like to talk about? I asked, attempting to add some humor to the situation.

“Do you like fucking me?”

“Yes!” I answered.

“Am I a good fuck?”

“Much better than good.”

“What toys are left?”

I looked on the couch and saw the dildo, the blindfold and the silk-like scarf. I told Ellie.

“What’s the scarf for?” she inquired.

“It’s soft and feels good if I lightly drag it over your body. I could also use it on your nipples, if they’re not too sore already.”

“Give me my dildo. Do whatever you want with the scarf. And tell me why I’m such a good fuck and what you’d like to do to me.”

Ellie settled back, spread her legs, sucked on the dildo for a minute and then slid it into her slit. Slowly, she pushed it in and out, giving it a little twist each time.

I ran the scarf over her tits until she began to moan softly, either from the dildo or the scarf or both. Then I held the scarf material over her hard nipples while I played with each nipple. The material, while soft, still rubs against a nipple with more roughness than just fingers.

While Ellie moaned and squirmed a little with the new pleasure she was experiencing, I talked to her about why I enjoyed being with her.

After about ten minutes of whispering dirty things in Ellie’s ear, my roughly playing with her nipples, and her pumping her dildo into her slit, she was breathing heavy again and telling me how good it all felt. And, I was hard again.

“Let’s go to the bed.” I whispered.

At first, Ellie didn’t want to move, comfortable with the pleasure she was feeling as we sat.

“Come on. It’s time to fuck your brains out.” I whispered.

Ellie tossed the dildo on the floor. I helped her up and led her into the bedroom and onto the bed.

“Put this on.” I said, handing her the blindfold.

I had her lie on her stomach, and put two pillows under her hips.

It was a sight to see. Her ass and pussy were pushed up, waiting for me to take either one or both; the inside of her thighs were wet with her juices; her pussy dripped down onto the pillows; and her asshole was wet as well. Her chest was on the bed, with her head on another pillow.

This was Ellie’s first experience with a blindfold, so her anticipation and excitement were obvious. It was going to be interesting to see her reaction.

A blindfold not only takes away one of the senses, it also causes one to concentrate more on the feeling, the pleasure rippling through your body. You become more aware; more sensitive to touch and pleasure.

I slid my cock into her pussy until she had all of me, and then very slowly slid it almost all the way out. I teased her slowly like this for several minutes.

Ellie moaned and groaned, telling me that it felt really good.

I fucked her slowly, leaning down to whisper in her ear.

“It feels good, doesn’t it?”


“I’m going to fuck you hard. You like that, don’t you?”

“Mmmmmm. Yes!”

“I’m not going to stop. You can scream and yell all you want. I won’t stop.”

She did not reply.

I sped up a little, making Ellie moan a little louder.

Ellie wanted me to fuck her brains out, and that’s what I was going to do. Subject, of course, to my being able to control my own orgasm.

I braced myself with my hands on the bed on either side of her, and started to fuck her love hole fast and hard. The only sounds were from Ellie moan and talking and my balls slapping against her pussy.

Ellie clutched the sheets with her fingers.

“Yes! Yes!” she said over and over.

I reached for a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, still slamming my cock into her slit.

Ellie was grunting a groaning and was getting loud. I did not stop.

This was not a teasing experience. That’s not what she wanted. This was as hard and fast as I could go; no stopping, no mercy fucking.

Ellie’s moaning and groaning turned to yelling; some would say screaming.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t stop! Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Fuck my pussy!”

She had a handful of the sheets in each hand, pulling so hard on the sheet that it came loose from the mattress.

My balls slapped against her pussy with such force that it hurt.

“I’m going to cum! I’m going to cum!”

I slowed down. Not to tease Ellie, but to control my own urge to cum and to catch my breath before I continued.

Ellie’s screaming soon turned to sobbing and pleading.

“Please. Don’t stop! Please!”

I rested for just a few seconds and then started to pump by manhood into her slit with force.

“Do you like it like that?” I said.

“God, yes!”

I wet my thumb and ran it lightly over her asshole.

“Yes! Yes! Put your finger in my ass!” she pleaded.

I slid my thumb into Ellie’s ass.

Her orgasm was unmistakable. It started with a low groan, which got louder as she reached the point of no return and had her orgasm. Her back arched and she threw her head back. Then there was a long, gurgling scream that came from deep inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she yelled, her voice echoing off of the walls and ceiling.

I did not stop, determined to slam my cock into her until I shot my load.

“Oh God! I’m going to cum again!” she screamed, as her body shook and twitched.

I’m cuming! I’m cuming!”

“Fuck, yes! Yes!” she screamed at the ceiling, as her body jerked violently.

Her orgasm was intense and loud, and then she slumped down on the bed.

I had gone too far and could not hold back anymore. I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and just as I did, I spewed long, thick strands of cum all over the back of Ellie’s head, her back and ass, and some even on the back of her legs.

I held my self over her body, on my hands and knees, as cum oozed out of my manhood and dripped in long, thin strands down onto her ass. I was exhausted and sweating; my legs and arms were shaking; and, I couldn’t catch my breath.

I rolled over onto my back, next to Ellie, who was still on her stomach, bent over two pillows. I gasped for air as the aftermath of my orgasm spread through my body.

We lay there for several minutes. I could hear Ellie’s breathing and soft, low moaning.

“Are you alright?” I asked, rolling partially over to see how she was.

“Yes.” was her answer.

I grabbed a towel and began to wipe cum off of Ellie’s back.

“No!” she said. “Leave it!”

She reached behind her body and ran her hand over her cum covered ass, spreading cum around her cheeks.

I helped Ellie move off of the pillows over to the side of the bed. The top pillow was soaked with her juices; the bottom pillow, while not as wet, was still not usable. I tossed both onto the floor.

I tried to cover all the wet spot with towels and grabbed a top sheet, blanket and two pillows from my closet.

Ellie was still lying on her side, when I crawled back into bed. She pushed herself over next to me.

“Thank you,” was all she said.

I remember thinking how strange that sounded. Ellie had let me fuck her, allowing me to have an intense orgasm, and she was thanking me!

I asked her again if I could wipe off her back. Again she said no.

I think we were both asleep within minutes, if not seconds.

I woke about 9:00 a.m. Ellie was already stirring next to me.

“Hi”, I said. “How do you feel?”


“That I can understand,” I said, trying to be somewhat comforting.

“My nipples are sore; my ass is sore; my pussy is sore; my jaw is sore; my shoulders are sore….”

“I get it,” I said. “Sorry about that.”

“I shouldn’t have stayed over!” Ellie said, burying her face in the pillow, mad at herself.

“I was supposed to be talking to you about my divorce and getting consoled by you, not sleeping with you. Now someone may see me leave, or saw my car in the driveway, and tell Bob.”

Look,” I said, “tell people we talked about the divorce, you cried, I gave you a few glasses of wine, and you were too tipsy to drive home, and slept on the couch. That’s a reasonable, believable story.”

She was pissed at herself, and anything I had to say wasn’t making it any better.

Ellie got up and took a shower. I wasn’t invited to share it with her.

I got dressed and made some coffee.

Ellie finished her shower, got dressed, and on her way out apologized again for placing me in an uncomfortable position.

I told her that there was nothing to apologize for; that I didn’t feel I was in an uncomfortable position, and repeated what I thought she should use as an excuse, although I did not think that anyone would see her leave or notice her car. Anyway, wasn’t Bob living with another woman?

Ellie left still upset with herself. She thanked me; told me that she really enjoyed the night, except for the soreness, kissed me and left.

I didn’t see or hear from Ellie for over six months. A short note let me know that the divorce was still pending and that she had taken a job on Long Island with a friend who had just started a new business.

Then nothing.

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