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I lost my virginity. Now I want more
I was a good girl. Before I turned eighteen I had never been kissed, never had sex. I was a virgin.

Not long after my seventeenth birthday, I met a guy. His name was Ellis. He worked as a mechanic. He was amazing; he was tall, broad shouldered and had a great toned body. He had light brown hair and gorgeous big blue eyes. The two things that I liked most about him were his smile and his voice. Whenever he smiled, it sent chills down my spine and when he spoke to me, I melted.

After six months of dating, I decided I was ready to lose my virginity. He was slow and gentle with me. Since then, we had only had sex twice and not much foreplay because I wanted to make him wait until he thought he wasn't going to get any action.

Last week was my eighteenth birthday and I knew what I wanted. Ellis spoiled me with gifts and treats. That night, while he was sleeping, I leaned over his sexy body and let myself touch his chest. I shuddered at the sight of his muscles and strong arms resting behind him. I wanted him; just feeling his body was making me wet.

I wanted a release, so I lent in close to him and slid my hand down my knickers. I rubbed viciously, trying hard not to make a noise. I came so quickly, biting my hand to muffle the sound.

I smiled to myself; tomorrow I was going to fuck him so hard.

The next day I waited until the afternoon and decided to visit him at work. I put on my sexiest underwear, knowing this would please him.

When I arrived at his work, he looked so sexy. His over-all's were wrapped around his waist, his t-shirt and arms covered in oil and sweat. He saw me standing there and he smiled. That smile sent shivers down my spine. We talked for a bit and then we went into the office for a drink.

I lent over the sink and stuck my arse out, while peeking over my shoulder to make sure he was looking. He smiled. I tipped my water over my breasts and turned to face him. I watched his expression change into a small smile as he stared at my wet tits.

"Oops," I giggled.

Before I knew it he was hovering over me, his arms on either side of me. He planted a kiss on my lips. He tried to pull away but I kissed him harder. We passionately kissed until he pulled away, catching his breath. 

"Georgie...What are you doing?" he asked between breaths.

I wanted to tell him how horny I was, how much I wanted to feel him inside of me. I pushed my waist into his cock and felt him shiver.

"Guess what I did while you were sleeping," I said, slightly rubbing myself against his cock. I could feel his excitement. "I fingered myself over you," I whispered into his ear.

He gasped and pulled away from me and looked me in this eyes.

"Wow, Georgie," He was lost for words. "You dont have to have sex with me here, if you're not comfortable. Plus I'm dirty. I should shower first."

I moved closer to him, started rubbing against his dick. He looked down as he watched me rub against him. He slowly moved his hands from my back down to my ass where he pulled up my skirt. He squeezed me closer to him and I could feel his boner against me.

"I want you to fuck me here, on this counter," I whispered into his ear.

I started to rub my hand over his dick and could feel it getting even harder. His breath started to become short as I felt him shiver.

"We've not got long. My friends will be back soon," he breathed as he wrapped his arms around my waist and plunged his lips onto mine.

He kissed me so passionately that I became so horny. I started to moan his name, I knew he liked it when I did that. I wrapped one hand in his hair, pulling on it as he kissed me harder. I used the other hand to slide down his trousers and stroke his cock. 

"Ellis..Fuck me, please," I pleased in a whisper.

He pushed me backwards and pressed himself against me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. I could feel his hard dick rubbing against my clit behind his pants. This sent pleasure through me. I moaned louder. I wanted it, hard and fast. Ellis pulled down my knickers and began rubbing my clit softly.

"Mmm no Ellis, I want it harder. Treat me like a fucking whore."

"Oh fuck Georgie," He whispered as he plunged his fingers inside of me.

I groaned loudly and started thrusting my body to meet his fingering speed. I couldn't wait any longer, I needed his dick inside of me. I pushed his hand away and yanked on his belt while he kissed me all over. His hard dick popped out. His thick, long member was so hard it almost made me cum just looking at it. I grabbed hold of it and jerked him off. He started to moan and say my name.

That turned me on so much.

I spread my legs open for him and he plunged his dick inside me. I almost screamed with pleasure as he started to pound me harder and faster than he ever before; I was only used to his soft gentle touch and this felt amazing. I could hardly breath as I drew closer to climaxing. I could hear him panting as he thrust into me harder. I moaned for him to keep going.

Ellis kissed down my neck and started kissing my chest. I wrapped my arm around his head pushed him against my chest as I was about to climax.

"Baby, I'm gonna cum," I moaned as he continued to fuck me.

"Cum for me, Georgie," he whispered and fucked me so hard that I almost screamed.

He pulled me off of the counter because he knew I loved how strong he was. He fucked me while holding me in the air. He began moaning more and more and I could tell he was about to cum. I started to moan louder into his ear. Almost instantly, I felt his dick cum inside of me and he moaned with pleasure, holding me tightly into his sweaty chest. He held me for a moment to catch his breath before smiling at me.

Slowly, he began to thrust and moaned as felt my climax during closer. I panted his name as he got faster and faster, his over-all's covered with my pussy juice. I came in that moment, my body twitching uncontrollably. I was shouting his name throughout. He slowed down and started kissing me passionately. I almost bit his lip off. I was still twitching as he held me; we were both breathless. He gentle lowered me so I was standing on the floor again.

Ellis grinned as he watched me pull my skirt back up and pick up my knickers from the floor. I watched him pull his dirty over-all's back over himself. 

"You should come visit me at work more often," he smiled.

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