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Embrace the wild side

Embrace the wild side

Lily decides to embrace her wild side at work and throw caution to the wind...
The time on Lily’s phone showed 08:53 as she hurried down the long corridor that led to the female staff locker room. “Shit,” she murmured to herself, as she dashed over to her locker. She grabbed the bright red shirt and unflattering trousers, that she had to wear each day, and threw them down onto a nearby bench as she began undressing. Grabbing the hem of her vest top, she quickly pulled it up, over her head, exposing her tanned, slim body and a black, lacy bra. She wiggled her jeans down her hips and legs, revealing a matching set of black briefs.

As she paused, in her underwear, to sort through her work uniform, she looked up and spotted a girl nearby glancing over her body, her eyes lingering on the small tattoo that lay just above the waist of her panties. She had an attractive figure – short and slim, with defined hips and a great ass – and an eye-catching face with long brown hair, big eyes, and high cheekbones. Despite her good looks, she had rarely felt attractive, so she always found it surprising when she caught someone checking her out.

She blushed slightly as the other girl turned and left, and quickly covered up, hastily pulling on her work uniform, and pinning her name tag on the shirt. She glanced at her phone once more, 08:58 it now read, and with a small cry of panic, she dashed out of the changing room and over to a small office where she had signed in mere seconds before the clock turned to 09:00 .

It was a busy day at work and she was at her usual spot in the kitchen, when her supervisor Sam wandered through and casually told her it was time for her forty-five minute lunch break. She lifted a hand and wiped the sweat off her brow, feeling tired and eager to sit down and relax for a while. She smiled politely to the customers as she left the restaurant and headed toward the staff canteen.

She had decided to get a summer job at the amusement park to earn up some money. She didn’t mind the work, but the long hours left her with barely any time for herself at the end of the day.

She was hot from working by the ovens all day, and the sun beating down on her as she walked through the park made her sweat; dreams of getting home later and plunging herself into a deep bath filling her head. By the time she reached the staff area she was starving and desperate for a drink. She sped over to her locker where she had a packed-lunch stored, and then headed straight into the canteen to sit down and enjoy her lunch.

As she entered she was hit by a wave of noise and sighed a little as she surveyed the cramped, full tables in front of her. Wandering along the rows of tables, her eyes searched out a place to sit and suddenly glimpsed an empty seat at one of the tables.

Lily rushed over and dropped herself down on the hard plastic chair. She placed her food and drink in front of her and glanced along the table to see if there was anyone she recognised. To her right was a small group excitedly gossiping about who slept with whom and last weekend’s antics – not the sort of conversation she usually bothered herself with. To her left there was a good-looking boy who she had seen a few times around the park but had never talked to before. He sat a good head taller than her and sported short, golden-blond hair that looked to have been lightened by the past few weeks of sunshine. He had a strong jaw and bright green eyes that lit up when he turned to her and smiled.

“Hey! I’m Jacob,” he said her politely, laughter lines on his face creasing slightly as he spoke, “How’s your day going?”

“It’s going all right thanks, yours? I’m Lily,” she replied, her cheeks turning a soft pink with surprise as she felt a surge of attraction toward him.

“It’s going pretty well. I think it’s just taken a turn for the better now too! I’ve seen you a couple of times around the park but not dared introduce myself! I’d been hoping for an excuse to say hello to you if I’m honest!” Jacob admitted nervously.

Her face flushed darker red and suddenly she felt very conscious of herself; how did she look? What state was her hair in? Was she still sweating from the heat outside? “Oh?” she questioned.

He began to blush as well now, giving his features a boyish attractiveness. He cleared his throat looking slightly embarrassed. “Yeah, I had seen you and thought you looked amazing. I hope you don’t mind me saying, and I had thought to myself ‘I must meet her’ , so thank you for sitting down here!”

She smiled awkwardly in response, unsure of how to respond.

“I’m sorry!” he exclaimed, “I can go if you-“

“No don’t be sorry!” she blurted quickly, not wanting to miss a chance. “It’s really flattering! Come on then Jacob! You have me here, let’s chat!”

He beamed at her response, a wave of confidence surged through him, and began to ask her questions and talk as they ate their lunch. It turned out that they both went to the same university, and he had only started working at the amusement park a few weeks ago and therefore didn’t really know anyone. She found the conversation between them flowed freely as if they had known each other a lifetime, and soon it turned to the topic of sex and past relationships.

“I picture you as more of a relationship type of girl, rather than a crazy, one-night stand sort,” Jacob stated with a slight questioning tone.

“Yeah, I guess so,” she agreed, “I’ve never really been that wild to just go for it with a stranger. I think I need a more personal connection with someone beforehand,” she said, taken aback with how easy it was to discuss with him. “How about with you? I’d imagine a guy with your looks can get all the girls!”

He laughed aloud at this and, with a jolt, she realised it was the first time she had complimented his looks audibly. “I wish! Nah, I’ve only ever had sex with girls I’m seeing. Recently though I have been feeling the urge to just go with it and throw caution to the wind! It’s been a while you see!” he joked.

She sighed a little to herself. It had been quite some time for her as well and she wished that she could have the confidence to just be able to do who and what she desired, when she desired. She glanced up at him, their eyes meeting for a second. A thought popped into her head and she wondered for a moment whether he was sharing the same one as her, but she dismissed the idea as he smiled and turned away. ‘ Silly’! she thought.

They continued chatting until Lily glanced down at her phone and realised she had lost track of the time; she had been on break for over an hour! She gasped loudly and jumped to her feet, knocking his drink over in the process.

“I am so sorry. I’m running late! I really need to go. I’ll repay you for the drink, I promise! Sorry!” And with that turned and ran out of the canteen and through the park, back to the restaurant where her late return went unnoticed.

‘Damn it ,’ she thought, ‘ I shouldn’t have rushed out. I must have looked so silly. Ugh!’ She frowned at the meat cooking in front of her, wishing she could go back to the canteen to see him again, to apologise properly for spilling his drink, to spend a bit longer talking to him, and maybe to follow up that thought that popped into her head right at the end… She grinned at little at the rebelliousness of her own thoughts, daring ideas that would never come to fruition, but enjoyable nonetheless.

The rest of the day passed slowly, her head full of thoughts of Jacob, replaying the conversation that they had had, and teasing her mind with wild fantasies of running her hands through his golden hair, feeling his breath on her skin, and pressing her body in close to his.

When the time came for her to head home she dashed out of the restaurant, eager to wander through the park in the hope she would spot him. She walked slowly, looking all around, as she headed back to the changing rooms but was unsuccessful in spotting his golden hair or handsome face amongst the crowds.

By the time she arrived at her locker, she couldn’t help but giggle at herself, a crush! She hadn’t had a crush on anyone for quite a while, and was enjoying the feeling of it! Quickly, she changed out of her uniform, the cool air making her shiver and raising goose bumps on her soft skin as she removed her top. If only he were here to warm me up . She teased herself naughtily, enjoying the rush of adrenaline that came with such mischievous thoughts. She pulled her vest top on, and closed the locker door, leaving the room with more spring in her step than when she had entered earlier that morning.

Over the next few days she rushed to the canteen every lunch time, eager to see Jacob again, but each day she ate lunch with a bitter disappointment, sitting heavy in her stomach. After four days of nothing, she was feeling fed up and annoyed at herself. She had let herself fantasise and imagine sordid scenarios between them every night as she sat in the bath, but she had not dared let go and enjoy her thoughts physically and so was starting to feel the frustration build.

When she headed out on her lunch break on the fifth day then, she didn’t bother to stand on tiptoes and strain her neck to search him out as she had been. Instead, she wandered into the canteen with her packed lunch tucked under her arm and her head down, looking only for a seat and not Jacob’s attractive smile.

“Hey!” a voice called out from a table behind her. She spun on her heel, her heart thumping. She had walked straight past him! He was sat at the end of a table, looking up at her and grinning. “Where do you think you’re off to? I’ve been waiting to have lunch with you again for what seems like forever!” He pulled the chair next to him out and offered her the seat. Smiling and with blood pumping in her ears, she sat down in the welcoming chair. Five days of fantasising about seeing him again and now she couldn’t find a single word to say!

Nervous, she spread her lunch out on the table in front of her and began opening the bag of crisps. Her brain screamed to find something, anything to say. But she had no need to worry. He started telling her about an amusing customer he had served earlier and straight away her mind relaxed and she felt herself ease back into the easy-going conversation like before.

As he talked, she allowed herself to study him more closely. He had a new confidence and strength to his voice that she hadn’t noticed before, and she could feel his voice take control, comfortable with the moment, carrying her along with it. She watched his mouth moving, silently drawn in to his large lips that should have been too much for his face, but somehow fitted him perfectly. She wondered what it would be like to feel them on her skin. Her eyes drifted over his body, hidden by a red shirt identical to hers, and tried to imagine what lay beneath the fabric. She flicked her eyes up and caught his eyes wandering over her body in much the same way. Rosy-cheeked, she turned her face toward her food and grabbed a handful of crisps from the packet that lay open before her.

“I think you’re forgetting that there is something you owe me,” Jacob mused.

“Huh?” she stuttered, confused as to what he meant. “OH!” she exclaimed loudly, “Your drink! I promised to repay you for your drink! Yes, of course, what would you like? Coke? Fanta?”

“I would quite like you actually.” He shrugged casually, a daring twinkle in his eye.

She felt her heart pause for a moment as she tried to digest what she had heard. “What did you say?” she exclaimed.

“You heard me!” he laughed. “I think you should explore this wild -side you mentioned before and do something impulsive.” He winked and placed a hand on the back of her chair.

She could feel her hands start to sweat. A mix of fear and excitement was running through her whole body. Fear of the unknown and the shock of what she had just heard mingled deliciously with excitement of the prospect of what could happen and the devilishness and taboo of what she wanted to happen. She parted her red lips and began opening her mouth, unsure of what she was about to say, when suddenly Sam, her supervisor, appeared from out of nowhere and placed himself down on a seat opposite the two of them.

“Hey! How’s it going, man? I’m Sam.” Her supervisor said to Jacob. He gestured towards Lily with the plate of chips he was holding, ‘One of her bosses!’

“Nice to meet you! I’m Jacob,”d Jacob replied, moving his hand off the back of the chair and leant back, away from her.

Every inch of Lily’s being screamed murder at Sam as he sat, stuffing his face with chips. She had just been presented with the most excited opportunity of her life and he had squashed it flat when he sat down. Lily could feel the chance slipping out of her grasp as Sam began talking. All the anticipation and exhilaration of the moment began draining from her body, just as quickly as it arrived. When suddenly a new sensation occurred.

The feelings that had been draining out of her shot back, doubling, tripling infinitely. Her heart raced and adrenaline pumped hard through her veins. All her attention was focused on the pressure that now appeared on her leg, just above her knee. She let her eyes drop and stole a downward glance, gasping as she confirmed that Jacob’s hand was now resting on her leg.

Lightly he squeezed her knee, and she attempted to remain focused on both the suggestive hand and also on what her supervisor was saying to her. She felt a rush of endorphins as the situation became fully apparent to her. Jacob was slowly edging his hand higher up her leg making her heart race, Sam – her boss – was attempting to discuss work with her, and to top it all off, she was getting seriously turned on by the risk of all of it.

As Jacob’s hand curved to reach her inner thigh, Lily tried to close her legs; she couldn’t get felt up in public and definitely not in front of her superior. But Jacob hooked his foot around hers and pulled her legs wide apart underneath the table, making her slide suddenly in her chair. Sam paused.

“Are you okay?” he asked, looking questioningly.

Jacob turned to face her too, “Yeah, what’s wrong?” he said, an evil glint in his eye; taking the opportunity to shift his hand up further, now just a couple of inches away from her crotch.

Her legs were spread wide beneath the table as she stifled a gasp and managed to murmur, “Nothing, sorry. Just slipped.”

Sam paused for a second to look quizzically at her, before falling back into his dull speech that had now moved onto the issue of pay and work hours. Jacob moved his hand once more so that it now pressed lightly on her mound between her legs. She let out a quiet groan of satisfaction – a reaction that was not missed by Jacob, for her began to squeeze lightly, causing Lily to breath sharply. She could feel her panties getting wet, the excitement of the situation getting the better of her.

She was desperately trying to remain focused and serious with Sam, but she felt her body betraying her better judgement. She let a hand drop down to meet Jacob’s in order to push him away, but he took her hand and turned it, so that it was pressing against her just as his had been.

Beneath her palm, she knew lay her pussy, desperate to be played with, getting wetter each second, making it more and more hungry for that release that she had deprived it of. Resting on top of her hand lay Jacob’s, which held her in place. He began to move her hand, so her panties rubbed against her wetness, absorbing every drop of it, just as she felt herself absorbing every part of this moment. By now she had completely forgotten about where she was and who was sat talking to her. All she was aware of was Jacob’s skin on her skin, her wet panties rubbing against her, and the hunger deep in her loins that was pleading to be fed.

Sam coughed, and Lily’s mind was snapped back to the reality; she realised with horror that she had been sat with glazed eyes, softly biting her lip, and completely unaware of her surroundings, whilst Sam had been asking her a question.

She stammered, “I-I- uhmm, I have to go to the bathroom, sorry. Sorry. Excuse me.” She jumped up from her chair, feeling exposed and naked, her hands falling over her crotch as she turned and ran to the canteen doors and out.

“Wow,” Sam said in shock. “What was up with her? Did I say something wrong?”

Jacob laughed, “I have no idea. Maybe she’s ill; she was looking rather flushed!” He pushed his chair back and rose from his seat. “Anyway, that’s my lunch over. It was nice meeting you. I hope Lily is feeling better next time you see her.”

As he left the canteen, Sam couldn’t help but notice a rather prominent bulge at the front of his trousers. ‘Wonder what got him so worked up?’ he chuckled to himself.


After fleeing through the doors, Lily headed straight to the girl’s changing room where she sat down on the bench next to her locker. Adrenaline was gushing through her body as she tried to process what had just been happening. She smiled naughtily as she realised how bad she had just been and how much it had turned her on. ‘ What about Jacob?’ she suddenly thought. She had allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure and she was not about to let it slip through her fingers now.

She jumped up, intent on racing back to where they had been sat, grabbing hold of him, and taking him back somewhere private so that he could finish what he had started. But as she turned to the door, she gasped in surprise. He was stood there in the open doorway, facing her. She felt blood thumping in her ears as her heart began racing once again.

Jacob crossed over to her in two long strides, a hunger and confidence filling his every move. He drew in close to her, their bodies’ just inches away from each other. His head was bent down facing hers and she could feel his breath, warm on her face. An arm slinked around her waist and pulled her in tightly, trapping the air in her lungs. She let out a shaky breath as she stared deep into his eyes, catching her reflection in them. With one hand still wrapped firmly around her waist, the other found it’s way to the back of her neck and it pulled her in as he kissed her.

She felt his lips press strongly onto hers, the confidence and the passion in him showing. She heard him breathe in deeply and couldn’t help but join in, the feeling warming her but making her body yearn for more.

They stayed locked in their lusty embrace for what felt like eternity, not wanting the moment to go, until they both felt the other’s heat rising. Harder and faster now they began kissing, their mouths locked together. Their tongues searched each other out, exploring the other’s mouth.

She dared herself to let her tongue trace over his lips, satisfaction flooding through her as she heard him groan in pleasure and softly bite down on her lip. He pulled her in tighter still and his hand moved up her neck and onto her head, pulling off the red cap that she had to wear with the uniform, dropping it on the floor. She could feel a bulge in his trousers stir, so pressed her groin hard against his, the thought of his cock pushing against her, turning her on further. He pulled her head back and to the side, exposing her neck, the lightly tanned skin quivering with her racing pulse. He pressed his soft lips against the skin and lightly bit down, sucking at the same time. The sensations making her moan softly.

She knew her panties were dripping with her excitement now, and her hand groped at the front of his trousers to feel if he was as turned on as she was. Her fingers first found his balls, and she squeezed them sharply through the fabric of his trousers, making his breath catch in his throat.

She let her hand glide delicately up towards his navel, stroking the outline of his rock solid dick with her fingers. When she got to the waistband of his trousers, she wrenched his shirt out of the way and moved her hand over the elastic waist of his boxers, feeling the head of his cock through the thin material. The touch of her fingers drove him wild, and Jacob kissed her hard and pushed her back so they slammed into the lockers, their mouths passionately locked.

His hand dropped from her neck and she felt his palm pressing on her hip. He drew his fingers along the top of her trousers and when he got to the middle, he let his hand drop down, holding firmly between her legs. He rubbed the palm of his hand over her area, making her groan and thrust her hips forward into his hand. He knew what she wanted and he wanted it too. Badly.

Grabbing her by the thigh, he lifted her up, letting her wrap her legs tightly around his waist and her arms securely around his neck, keeping their mouths together. Lily opened her eyes and met Jacob’s, staring deep into her. Never before had she felt so intimately connected with someone, and the feeling of lust only intensified with it. With her body still wrapped around him, Jacob carried her effortlessly through the changing room, not caring if anyone saw them and kicked open the door to the shower room.

Lily had never been in here and had never seen anyone go in or out either. The room was large with a tiled floor and cream tiled walls. It contained three spacious shower cubicles, and it was into the one farthest from the door that Jacob carried her. He stood her up against the wall and let his hands run over her body. She still had her hands fastened around his neck, so let go and ran her fingers through his short hair. It was soft, just as she had imagined it to be, and she couldn’t help but grab it and pull his head back, just as he had done to her. She bit his neck hard, feeling more daring with each passing second. If she was going to embrace her wild side, she was going to do it properly.

She lifted her head and her mouth found his ear. She breathed into it heavily, as she felt his hands slip under her shirt, making contact with the soft skin on her waist.

Lightly she chewed the lobe of his ear, making him turn his head for more. His hands grabbed the sides of her uniform shirt and pulled it up and over her head in one swift movement, exposing her naked stomach and bra. She was wearing the same black one that she had been the first day she met him, and she saw his eyes ravenously roam over her flesh, devouring the sight of her body, eager to see what lay beneath that black lace.

She enjoyed the feeling of his eyes on him. It was different to when she caught others looking at her, this time it meant more and she wanted to give him more – much more. But first, she was desperate to rip his clothes from his body and see what lay beneath.

She placed her hands on his chest, enjoying the feeling of her pressure on him, and pushed him hard so he took a step back from her. As he stepped back, she gave him a look that could mean only one thing. He lifted his own shirt up and off himself, dropping it carelessly onto the tiled floor by his feet.

Lily’s eyes travelled down from his face, exploring every inch of his skin. His broad shoulders rippled with muscle and his stomach held lightly defined abs. As her eyes travelled downward, he unzipped his trousers, so that they hung loosely off his outlined hips. The top of his cock was clearly defined through the tight, white Calvin Klein boxer shorts that were now visible, and Lily grabbed him by his arm and spun them around so that he now stood with his back to the shower wall.

She was hungry to taste his skin and without hesitation began kissing from his neck down to his shoulders. She then let her tongue roll over his flesh, feeling his heart thump hard inside his chest. The smell of his aftershave clung to his skin, making him taste delicious as Lily let her mouth and tongue travel down to his stomach and hips.

She knelt down on the floor in front of him, and threw her hands up above her head and onto his chest. She let her fingers slide over his body with her nails grazing lightly as she brought them down, reaching the waistband of his boxer shorts and trousers. With a light tug, she pulled the trousers down to the floor, leaving him standing before her in only his boxer shorts, his cock throbbing with eagerness under the elastic material. The sight of such a fine specimen of a man before her made her bite her lip, her sex throbbing and dripping with delight. Lily wanted to tease and enjoy every part of him. She wanted him to want her body more than anything he had before.

Her hands began running up his thighs, brushing lightly over his bulging manhood, toying with him. She leaned forward and let her tongue trace over the shape of his dick through the material, making him moan in anticipation. Lily had never before teased someone in such a way and the power it gave her, thrilled her. She flicked her eyes up to look at him as she hooked her fingers under his Calvin’s and slowly slid them down. He member sprang out of the shorts as she released it, eager to be played with. She had only ever seen one other penis before in real life, and it had definitely not had the effect on her that Jacob’s did.

He was well trimmed and sported a gorgeous six inches with a throbbing pink head that was glazed in his pre-cum. She was filled with the urge to play with it, enjoy it, hungry for it to spit out it’s hot cum.

Keeping eye contact with him, she put her thumb and index finger into her mouth, covering them in her saliva. She pulled them out and pressed them down over the tip of his cock, her spit mixing with his pre-cum. He groaned and she felt his organ twitch and throb in excitement. Her hand then wrapped around his shaft, squeezing it lightly and enjoying the noises he made in response. Slowly she starting pumping her hand up and down, watching him moan and close his eyes, his teeth digging into his lip.

She moaned in union with him, watching him get off like this was really getting her wet and turned on; but she needed more. She wanted to make him weak at the knees, shaking in delight, and a slave to her touch.

She leaned forward and let her tongue trace over his crown. Loudly this time, he groaned in pleasure. She smiled at the positive reaction and slid her wet lips over his cock. Slowly she pushed her head further and further down on his long shaft until she could take no more and then she slid back up, her spit dripping off his cock. She could taste his pre-cum in her mouth and she enjoyed it. It made her feel naughty, and she was loving being naughty.

She pressed her head down again, picking up a rhythm and began gaining up speed, feeling his body tense and build up as he drew closer to climax. She could hear his breathing, rapid and intense, the sound of his pleasure making her pussy wetter with satisfaction. She drew a finger along his shaft, covering it with her wet spit, and then, bringing her hand between his legs, let her fingertip trace over his asshole. She felt him jump in surprise at this new sensation but he didn’t stop her, so she carried on, tracing over his hole. As she bobbed her head down his shaft once more, she pressed her fingertip lightly into his hole, enough to make him groan loudly. She could feel his cock swelling up in her mouth, his balls tensing, and the muscles in his hole tightening, and pulled back, not wanting him to finish just yet – just bring him close.

He opened his eyes and looked down at her, licking the spit and pre-cum greedily from her lips, a rebellious smile plastered on her face. He put out a hand for her and pulled her upwards, so that she was stood facing him once more. He kissed her, hard on the lips, letting his tongue meet hers, not caring where she had just been licking. He spun them both around just as she had and pushed her back against the wall where he had just stood.

With one hand, he found the clasp of her bra and pinched it open. She relaxed her arms, letting it drop to the floor, her breasts now exposed for him to see. He ran a hand over them, squeezing lightly, just as she had done with his cock. He lowered his head, kissing her neck softly. He moved down, planting kisses on her shoulders and upper breast, and then letting his lips rest just millimetres away from her nipples that were hard with excitement. She arched her back slightly, as he moved his mouth forward, letting her nipple slide between his lips.

Pleasure flooded her and a groan escaped her lips as she felt his tongue trace over and lightly flick her nipple. He brought a hand up to her other breast as he was doing this, and lightly squeezed a nipple between his fingers in rhythm to his sucking of the other one. She felt her breathing quicken and arched her back further, eager for more. He moved his head back a little, and let his tongue trace around her areola, sliding across her breast to the other nipple.

He began sliding down to his knees, planting kisses over every inch of her skin as he went, breathing her in deeply. When he reached her hips, she felt his tongue run over the defined shapes whilst his hands moved over to her pelvis. He kissed her abdomen lightly as he gently undid her trousers and pulled them down to the floor, leaving her standing before him wearing nothing but a pair of red lace knickers. She did not feel naked before him, only excited. His eyes rolled greedily over the small mound between her legs, focusing on the large wet patch that had formed, giving away her excitement, just as his pre-cum had his.

He moved his mouth over her pleasure soaked panties and breathed deeply, inhaling the flavour of her ecstasy, and leaving his hot breath on her, making her desperate for his touch. She moaned softly, whispering his name as he began moving his tongue up her thigh toward her wetness. One hand cupped and squeezed her panties whilst the other still held a breast, fingers pressed lightly on the nipple. He looked up at her as the hand that held her sex began slowly rubbing, making her spread her legs apart subconsciously – desperate for more. His fingers slid underneath the thin material and pulled them down, off her legs and to the floor in a pile with her trousers. She kicked them both away, letting them fall on top of Jacob’s shirt.

Her pussy was covered in her wetness, making it glisten under the lights, and Jacob quickly got to work with it. His fingers traced over her puffy lips, and his thumb moved over her clit. He let his fingers circle around her hole for a few seconds before pressing the tips of them in lightly. A long lost pleasure filled her senses as he did this, and was doubled when his thumb began to rub her clit gently. He pushed his fingers in deeper now, her wetness letting him slide in easily. She let out a slight ‘oh’ as he entered her, for it had been a while and she wasn’t used to the sensation, but her body was ready, so there was no pain, only pleasure.

Quicker now, he increased his speed, sliding his fingers in and out of her, his thumb rolling over her bud with each movement. She began to moan in time, not caring if anyone heard. She could feel an orgasm building up within her and so began thrusting her hips in sync with his movements, to urge the process on. Faster and faster he moved, as the feeling within her grew stronger and stronger. Her breathing was fast and shallow. Her body was on edge, desperate for what was about to come. His thumb shot back and forth over her clit and his fingers pulsed rapidly within her pussy. He curled his fingers inward slightly, rubbing against her G-spot, and she felt herself lose control of her muscles as she reached the point of no return. He hips and stomach began shaking; her breathing grew faster and her moans grew louder. “Yes, yes!” she groaned. ‘Harder!’

Jacob was more than happy to oblige, pushing up his speed even more, moaning with pleasure along with her. His cock was pointing straight up, pre-cum oozing out of it; just the sight of her about to cum was bringing him close to climax. She thrust her hips forward once more, pushing his thumb hard over her clit. His fingers slid deep, deep into her sex, and she threw her head back shouting in pleasure as she came, hard. Her cum squirted out of her in a way it had never done before, her juices spraying Jacob’s hand and body. Her whole body shook with pleasure, and she groaned deeply.

But he wasn’t finished with her yet. He grabbed her by the hips and took control of her still trembling body, spinning her around so she faced the wall. Still kneeling before her, he leaned her forward and pushed her legs apart, sliding himself between. Lily let herself surrender to his control. She had enjoyed being in charge when she was teasing him, but now that he was putting her where he wanted and making her feel so good, she was happy to do as she pleased.

Eyes closed, Lily felt his hands on her thighs and his head manoeuvre between her legs. She gasped loudly as she felt his tongue on her body for the first time. It travelled straight onto her pussy meeting her dripping lips, tasting her sweet cum. He let his tongue move over her whole mound, careful not to over stimulate her swollen clit, licking back to her entrance. Her juices were still trickling out of her and he took them on his tongue as he pushed it inside her. She gasped again with surprise. Never before had someone pleasured her in such a way, and she was loving the feeling of his tongue fucking her pussy.

As his tongue moved in and out, she could feel his soft lips press against her wetness, the feeling already building up a second orgasm in her. A moan of desire made its way up her throat and to her lips, as she felt his soft lips sucking and kissing her puffy pink labia and his warm wet tongue move inside her.

He drank her wetness with true pleasure as it poured from her, and brought a hand up to her sex, his tongue still exploring inside her. His fingers gently slid her hood back and forth over the still enlarged bud; shockwaves of ecstasy running through her like sparks of electricity. Lily could feel herself groaning in pleasure and began pushing backwards, letting her mound rub against Jacob’s face, forcing his tongue in deeper. She wanted this tongue deep in her core; she wanted it to make her body shake; she wanted to spill her cum all over it and Jacob.

He sensed the intensity of her pleasure growing within her, and began to increase his speed and pressure, building her up more and more, making her believe he was going to let her finish. She began moaning, rocking her hips back and forth – her pussy riding his mouth - and he took it as his moment to pull back. He moved his head away, a string of spit caught between his lips, shiny red with her wetness, and her pussy. Her breath caught in her throat as she realised he was simply teasing her just as she had done to him. His fingers ran back over her slit, tracing their way over her asshole, pressing lightly to make her gasp, and up the small of her back. As his hand got to her hips, he stood up and spun her around once more. Face to face once more, they embraced, their lips and tongues desperately seeking the other’s out.

His hand hooked under her thigh again, lifting her up and into his arms. She wrapped her legs around him, feeling his cock, soaked with pre-cum pressing against the wet tightness of her pussy. With her legs tied around his hips and her arms locked around his neck, she pulled him in close once more for another kiss. His hands held her hips and he pressed her back against the cool, tiled wall as he slowly thrust upwards and she felt his solid cock start to press into her pink hole.

“Oh god,” she moaned, as she felt her lips and hole spread open, eager to take him in. Her juices covered his cock as he pushed up, the warmth making him moan loudly and his manhood throb within her. With her legs wrapped around him, he was able to press deep into her, making her gasp with surprise, a primal urge welling up within her. She could feel every part of his pride as is entered her, the head pushing its way up, the veins rubbing along her tight hole. It felt good, like he belonged inside of her. He filled her space perfectly, her muscles squeezing this eagerly anticipated visitor.

Pulling his cock back, he let his shaft pull almost completely out of her, teasing her with his body. Her breathing deepened as she felt him sliding out. She held her breath as he paused in this position; the swollen head of his cock resting just inside her sex, throbbing with desire. She felt him holding onto the moment as long as possible, his own breath trapped in those seconds.


They groaned in union as he pressed back into her, her body welcoming his. He began picking up his rhythm, his fingers digging into her flesh. She had her forehead pressed on his, and looked down into his eyes, which stared back into her very soul. She saw pure desire and animal-like instinct in his eyes and felt her body responding, her most basic desires flooding her thoughts.

She dug her nails into his back as he thrust harder and harder into her. He responded with a slap against one of her ass cheeks. The sting of pain mingled with her passionate pleasure, heightening her senses. She could feel every inch of his dick as it moved deep with her core. Her hand found his short blond hair and pulled at it, making him experience the same sting of pleasure and pain. He began moving hard into her, building her moans louder and louder, till she was screaming in pleasure. With every slam of his pelvis into hers, she felt his cock swell and her pussy drench their organs in her hot juices.

Deep within her she could sense the pleasure mounting, growing, filling every inch of her with that pressure that demands more. Faster now his hips pumped, her whole body beginning to shake with the anticipation of what was to come. The pressure grew louder within her, screaming for more, as she was flooded with ever mounting pleasure. She began smashing her hips hard against his, matching his speed, pushing her body closer to the edge. Every muscle in her body tightened as she felt the ecstasy overflowing, exploding out of her as she screamed in delight, the orgasm engulfing her whole being. She felt her hot juices squirting out of her again, this time drenching both of their tightly woven bodies.

She realised that she had scratched hard across Jacob’s back and was digging her nails deep into his hot flesh, but her aggression merely spurred him on, thrusting harder as he drew near to orgasm.

Her body had barely begun recovering from the last climax, when she felt a new wave building. Their mouths joined and her tongue locked against his. She could taste his salvia in her mouth, and feel his breathing and his heart, thumping against her torso. She moved her hands to the side of his face, feeling his clenched jaw, powerful between her palms. Sweat clung to his brow, and he moved his head so his lips were pressed against her nipple. He sucked the nipple between his lips, letting his teeth press into it, in time to his thrusts. The combination of pleasure and pain roared loudly in her ears, and she felt her nails dig into his cheeks. She thrust her hips hard against him once more, wanting to make him cum in union with her.

He threw his lips against hers, pressing them hard on her as he began to moan loudly. She could feel his cock swelling up and his muscles tensing. His engorged cock rubbed against her equally swollen clit, making her body spasm and shake in pleasure with every drive. She felt the tidal wave of her orgasm straining against her mental dam, trying to hold it in place for just a second longer. With every thrust of his nearly exploding cock she could feel the pressure mounting until it was too much. She could not hold back her surge of climax any longer and she felt herself crumble as the wave of satisfaction washed over and through her. She threw open her eyes in time to meet his. Their eyes locked together as they came together, both feeling the others power. She felt his cock grow thick within her and flood her sex with his hot, white cum as she spilled her sweet cum all down his shaft. Spasms engulfed her body making her cling tightly onto his as she felt the warm orgasm seep into every part of her. Her clit making her pussy burn hot with pleasure, his deep cock, filling the rest of her body with pure gratification.

They stayed holding each other’s shaking bodies tightly for a few moments, and then drew their heads in close to share a passionate kiss. Their lips and tongues saying more than words ever could. He slid his still erect cock out from her soaked pussy, sending a final swell of pleasure through her body. Cum clung to the head of his cock, creating a lifeline between their organs, as they pulled apart. She could feel his sticky pleasure begin to drip out of her now satisfied pussy, the white mess spilling down onto the floor. A warm hand slid between her legs, exploring her now cum-filled hole, a finger sliding lightly in, feeling the warmth and wetness. His finger moved back out of her, letting the rest of their cum pour out with it. He lowered her to the floor, and she slid her hand over his shaft, rubbing it lightly, their fluids mixing on his now softening skin. Her thumb flicked over the head of his cock sending sensitive shivers through his body.

They slid their clothes out of the way and turned on the shower, letting the hot water pour over the both of them as they stood in an embrace. She could hear his heart in his chest, slowing now as calm washed over them. Their naked flesh pressed together, sharing the warmth.

He lowered his face and kissed her softly on her forehead the fiery passion that had gripped them only minutes before, transformed into a deeper emotion, bonding with the experience they had just shared.

“How about we call off sick the rest of the day?” he whispered into her ear, smiling.

“That sounds perfect to me!” she replied, unable to repress a giggle.

He looked fondly at her and pulled her in closely and the warm water ran down their bodies.

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