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Emmy's New Career

Money isn't everything
When I'd first moved to LA I thought it was going to be such a wonderful adventure! I was from a small town in the San Joaquin Valley south of Fresno called Visalia and was bored out of my mind as a kid. The chance to move to LA came up and I found myself living with a friend in Santa Clarita not far from Magic Mountain.

The first year kind of sucked with working as a temp and then working at a fast food place to make ends meet. It seemed I was working all the time and at the end of every month I was lucky to have beer money.

Then Mike came into the fast food place one night and ordered a hamburger. I felt the distinct sensation of being stared at and caught him looking at me several times. I thought he was really creepy. I turned around and went to clean up the shake machine and tried to put him out of my mind.

"You ought to be a model."

I turned to see him on the other side of the counter.

"Yeah, I hear that all the time. Nice pick up line."

He chuckled and then started digging into his pocket.

"I'm a photographer, for real..." he handed me his card, "...and I'd like to get you in for a shoot sometime."

I just kind of rolled my eyes.

"The pay starts at $50 per hour."

What did he say?

"I'm sorry, how much did you say?"

He laughed and then went into explaining the details and how it was all on the 'up and up' and in my excitement at the thought of having my bills caught up I agreed to do an eight hour shoot with him.

That Saturday I met him at his studio and there was a guy on lighting, a makeup girl who worked on me for a while, another girl handling the clothes and helping me change between sets, and Mike had an assistant helping him with the cameras. It was all very exciting and very impressive.

And I made $400 in one day.

The next Wednesday when he called and asked me to meet him that night I was really looking forward to making more money. Sure enough, he asked me if I was willing to take the next week off from my jobs to do a week of full-time work with him.

I couldn't say 'Yes!' fast enough.

I made the arrangements with my two jobs and they understood they really had no choice but to go along with me on this.

After all, I was going to make $2,000 in one week!!!

The week went by in a blur of locations, studios, backdrops, clothes, and makeup and I was exhausted by Friday night.

Saturday I was back in uniform and slinging hamburgers.

It was a whole month before I heard from Mike again and my bank account was getting low after paying off all my bills and catching up on rent I owed to my roomie.

"I have a different project for you and it'll pay $500 for the day, do you want it?"

Of course I did.

It wasn't the usual though. This shoot had me in lingerie and Mike spent the day taking me through taking piece after piece of my clothing off as we shot the sets. It was after lunch when he pulled me aside for a moment.

"Emmy, do you trust me?"

A lot of thoughts went through my mind and my better judgment told me it was time to leave. I was about to tell Mike I needed to go when he saw my hesitation.

"Emmy, what I'd like you to do will pay another $500 for the day."

And thus I started my first nude photo session.

I heard back from Mike in a week and he said I needed to come back in for some more shots. I made the arrangements with work and was there the next day after he called.

The new deal was $1,000 per day for posing nude and undressing and doing whatever Mike needed me to do. Mike explained that my previous pictures were posted on the internet and that I was a hit and the website where the pictures were posted was getting more subscriptions than ever. Mike promised me that I'd be guaranteed at least one day a week of work at $1,000 a day if agreed to sign a contract for exclusive rights.

I quit my day jobs that night as I reluctantly became a nude internet model.

For the next several months everything went along fine and I got my own apartment and even had enough money to buy a newer used car. I got used to my lifestyle and I guess that was the bad thing.

I came to the studio one day and there was this cute guy waiting in the studio in a robe and the makeup girl was working on him.

Mike came up to me.

"Emmy, there's been a little change of plans. The guys who own the website say there's a demand to see you with a guy and we brought Eric in to do some poses with you. I'll be the only one in the studio with you two as we do this so's to give you some privacy. You okay with this?"

I wasn't.

Then Mike explained that all of this was in my contract and if I wanted to keep the job I'd do it. Besides, my pay for doing the shoot with Eric would be $1,500 for the day. The extra $500 made me swallow my pride and I went ahead with the shoot. It wasn't so bad to be nude with Eric except when he started to get horny. It'd been a long time since my prom and prom night was the one and only time I'd had sex. No kidding! There'd been that one time and I'd been terrified of getting pregant afterwards. I didn't have the money then to get on the pill and even at this point in my life I felt the pill was just a luxury that would have to wait.

I giggled a bit when Eric would try to cuddle me and his cock poked around in the different poses. I tried to tell myself that the pictures were going to be romantic but I knew from the angles and all that it was all eant to be very suggestive.

We did two more shoots just like this and then that was it for the week.

And then Mike didn't return my calls the week after that.

Finally, I worked up my gusto and went to the studio to see what was the deal and Mike explained to me that the website guys wanted more explicit poses.

Mike said he didn't want to ask me to do that and said I could probably get my old jobs back.

We worked through a few details and I agreed that we could do more suggestive stuff but that there'd be no weird stuff or I'd leave. Mike agreed and we set up a date the following week to do a shoot.

All that week I sweated bullets as I wondered about what was going to happen and when the time came to do the shoot I was a nervous mess.

I was crying and it was all so bad that Mike called it a day and said we'd try again the next day. He told me to get to the studio an hour before everyone else to get ready and I agreed.

The next morning I showed up at seven and Mike let me in and we talked and had some coffee and after a bit he handed me a little pill.

"Emmy, this is just a little something to calm your nerves. You don't have to take it, but if you won't take it we'll be done here and I'm going to have to find someone to replace you if you can't do the job."

I took the pill and swallowed it down with some coffee.

I have no idea what it was Mike gave me but by the time my makeup was going on I felt numb and the world felt warm and surreal.

The set we were shooting on was a Victorian bedroom and I let myself feel romantic and sexy as Eric started working with me. We kissed for the first time and then he caressed me all over in ways that we hadn't tried before and I somehow even let him nuzzle me between my legs.

Eric was talking to me thought this and I just went with the flow of the conversation until he got to one point.

"Say, Emmy, you know we got the bareback scene to do today. Do you have a diaphragm or are you on the pill?"

Bareback? Diaphragm? Pill?

The pill I'd taken earlier had clouded my mind and in my confusion I sought some clarity and I remember deciding that the pill I'd taken earlier must be the pill Eric was talking about.

"Yeah, I took a pill today."

Mike was giving directions and soon Eric and I were naked on the bed together. At that point I was able to look around the studio and I noticed that the crew was all gone. It was just Mike and Eric and me.

Mike said something to Eric and then Eric had me kneel on the bed as he knelt behind me and cuddled up to me. It was kind of nice, really.

Then I felt Eric slip his cock between my legs and Mike started in for close-ups as Eric sawed back and forth. I must admit that the feel of Eric's cock between my legs was electrifying.

I wanted...more.

I didn't complain when Eric pushed me down to the bed and then pulled my hips up at him. He rubbed his cock into my pussy so smoothly and teasingly that I kind of wanted the real thing, but I also know that this was just a photo shoot and what was in my mind was just a fantasy.

"Emmy," Mike was asking, "I'd like to get Eric to do a little more than we've done before if you're up to it. What do you think?"

I had no damn clue what he was talking about but I was also too far gone from the sensations and the pill I'd taken to do much arguing.

"Yeah," I answered dreamily, "that'll be just fine. Sure."

Mike told Eric to wait a minute while he got a fresh chip in the camera. I heard Mike mess with his camera and then he came back.

"Okay, Eric, why don't we get some shots of you getting our girl ready?"

Ready? For what? I was thinking.

And then I felt Eric's tongue licking me in a place that had never been licked before and it was fabulous*. I let myself relax with my face down on the bed and my rear end raised up to meet Eric's attentions and it was just one wonderful sensation after another as the camera whirred and the flashes went off around me. I started to feel something wonderful starting when Eric stopped.

"Yeah, Mike, I think she's all set."

Mike walked up close and I felt a finger swipe between my pussy lips.

"Hey!" I was kind of indignant about that.

Mike came up and caressed my face.

"You'll be fine, Emmy." I looked at him as he turned to Eric.

"Okay, Eric...action."

Eric scooted up behind me and I felt him take me by the hip with one hand as he sawed away at me with his cock. He got it between my pussy lips a couple times and I pulled forward each time to get him out and then I felt him get the head of his cock just a little into me.

"Eric, what are you doing?"

Mike aimed the camera at me and snapped a few quick shots of my look of dismay. As messed up as I was I did the geometry in my head and realized the shots had Eric poking into my pussy with me looking back in dismay.

"Eric?" I said as a few more shots were clipped.

I tried to pull off of him and he just held me firm as Mike got his shots.

"Mike, I gotta do this man, how long you gonna make me wait?" It was Eric speaking.

"Okay. Do it. But slow so I can get the shots."

I looked back over my shoulder and saw Eric behind me with his eyes closed and biting his lower lip. His grip on my hips became really tight and I felt his hips move at me. With all of the sensations that had been washing over me I didn't make to connection between the pressure between my legs and the man behind my body seizing me and thrusting at me in time with the distantly familiar feeling in my body. It was a surprise to me when I felt a distinct discomfort >>deep<< inside of me as Eric drew in a breath. His grip on my hips relaxed as Mike took some shots and walked around the bed. I found myself contemplating the whole thing and became aware of a fullness in my body.

"Good. Pull out a little and let me get a couple shots there." I didn't really understand what Mike was talking about and then...

Eric withdrew from me and I suddenly realized as I felt the fullness subside that he was fucking me!

"Eric, what are you doing?"

Mike replied, "Eric's doing his job. You do yours and I'll do mine. Okay, I want to see some fucking."

I instantly arched my back and threw back my head as Eric did as he was told. I didn't have much chance to say anything after that as Eric pounded away at me from behind. And then there was a brief respite as Eric pulled himself out me and I felt a temporary emptiness and relief that was soon ended as Eric rolled me onto my back and lowered himself between my outstretched legs. He slipped into me easily and resumed fucking me with an animalistic passion. His body was tense and he was starting to sweat as he rammed me over and over again.

"Shit..." he grunted.

"Mike, I'm cumming, man. In or out?"


It took a second to register what the discussion was about.

"Eric, no...we can't..."

Eric leaned down and silenced my protest with a determined and passionate kiss. I felt him work himself up and then he seized me tightly. His cock plowed up into me as deep as it could go and I gasped from the deep penetration. And then I gasped again as I felt Eric release himself into my body. I wanted to hold him for comfort for just a moment but Eric wasn't about feelings. He was a professional.

The second time I'd ever had sex ended abruptly as Eric pulled out of me and held my legs apart so Mike could get some closeups. 'Creampie' closeups they're called.

It was a few hours before my senses had returned and a few showers had been taken to cleanse my body and soul.

With few words I took my money from Mike and left.


It was a few weeks later when I called Mike and told him that I was pregnant and that I needed to find Eric, the father.

'Eric', as it turns out, wasn't Eric's name. Mike said he would not saddle Eric with child support and would not tell me Eric's real name just the same as he would never give out my personal info to anyone.

Mike made me a few offers and I reluctantly accepted the worst one with the most money. I had a child on the way, after all. Since I was already pregnant Mike offered me $5,000 per week to let him film me being pregnant and having sex with Eric and then he offered me an addtional $25,000 if I would have the baby in the studio.

So now I'm four months into my film career and Mike is marketing the hell out of my impending birth which will be live on the internet.

To be honest, I right now miss answering phones and flipping hamburgers.
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