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EMS Encounters: Leah

I meet a new partner I already knew.
I got to work only a couple minutes early for my 8am shift. I'll be honest, after the previous day's 16 hour shift I was still pretty tired. I know I am not as young as I used to be. I have been a paramedic for going on 18 years now. There are some grey patches in my beard lately and some mornings the joints are pretty achy.

I was scheduled with a guy that was a real loudmouth braggart today. I wasn't really looking forward to it. Although today's shift was only supposed to be eight hours followed by two days off, I figured I would muddle through. When you're used to 24 hour shifts, eight hours goes by in the blink of an eye.

As I pulled into the lot, I noticed a strange vehicle that I hadn't seen before; a bright yellow X-terra with out-of-state plates. I also noticed that the white Grand Am that belonged to my partner that day was missing. I figured that maybe he had borrowed a neighbor's car when his finally gave out, or something like that. I pulled my yellow H3 in alongside the X-Terra and gathered up my laptop bag, sunglasses and the large pop I had been nursing in attempt to wake up more on my commute.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in the door was a pretty young woman sitting at the computer desk. I glanced around the station and saw that there was no one else there, even the truck bay was empty. The previous crew had not returned yet. I put my bag on the recliner, flipped my sunglasses up on top of my head, and plopped down in the chair beside the computer desk.

The woman looked up at me and simply said, "Hi".

I said, "hi, my name's Nate. Who might you be?"

"My name's Leah. I guess you're working with me today"

"Did they call you in?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess your other partner called off today"

I said, "I haven't seen you before, have you worked here long?"

She replied, "I just recently moved to the area and got hired here last week."

Since she didn't have any training level patches on her denim-collared navy sweatshirt/job shirt, I asked if she was an EMT or a Paramedic.

She said, "I'm an EMT. I had been working as a volunteer back home for the past 5 years."

I said, "cool", that was a relief to me. She had enough time in to know the job and the skills needed. I wouldn't have to worry about working with someone brand new. All I had to do was get her up to speed with how this company does things.

We spent the next few minutes getting to know each other a little before the previous crew finally returned to station. While we were waiting, I couldn't help but check her out some. She looked like she was maybe 18, but with the previous work experience history, the math would put her in her early to mid twenties. She was short, maybe five feet tall if that, and slender of build. She had hazel eyes that kept my attention. They reminded me of fire opals as a different color would come out depending on the angle of the light.

She had wavy dark brown hair that hung just below her shoulders, with the bangs pulled up over the top of her head to keep it out of her face. The overall effect was that she had spent a little time with the curling iron to get it to look like that, but the reality was that she probably hadn't. She had pale skin and a clear complexion, almost gothic-like. I really couldn't see too much of her body as the job-shirt was bulky and hid a lot, but she had on black cargos that weren't uniform-style EMS pants. They were close enough to pass, but hugged her curves and pulled across her hips in a most attractive way. She had chipped nail polish on her fingers in alternating colors. I could tell that I was going to have a good day, as long as she didn't catch me staring and get upset with me.

When the previous crew returned from their late call they were tired, cranky and in a hurry to get out of there. They gathered up their personal belongings from the truck, gave us a brief report on fuel and oxygen levels, then went into the station to finish up their paperwork. Leah and I set about going through the truck, making sure all of the equipment and supplies were there. She had climbed up into the back of the ambulance while I stood at the side doors going through the drug box. I noticed the scent of apples as she passed by me on her way into the truck. It must have been her body wash or maybe even shampoo. I couldn't be sure, but it sure did smell good! As she was going through the cupboards, I could see that even though it was a van-style or type 3 ambulance, she was short enough that she was able to stand upright in the back without slouching and her head not even close to touching the ceiling.

I told her that wasn't fair, because being as exceptionally tall as I am, I couldn't even come close to being able to do that.

She said that she fits in many tight places without any difficulty. Then she smiled and shot me a wink.

I just grinned and shook my head. This was going to be an interesting day for sure!

Before we finished checking the truck, the phone rang. It was dispatch giving us our first assignment of the day; a routine transfer of a regular dialysis patient from his home to the dialysis clinic. We had a few minutes before we had to hit the road, so we finished up the truck check. I opened the garage door to stand in front of the truck and have a smoke. She produced a pack of cigarettes from her backpack and lit one up to smoke with me. I felt another wave of relief, since she smoked as well, I didn't have to worry about trying to hide my bad habit.

She also seemed relieved a little and said she was glad I smoked, too. Maybe I could show her all the secret hiding spots to have a smoke, since most all of the hospitals are now completely non-smoking anywhere on their property.

I promised her I would show her ALL my secret spots, with a wicked little chuckle and evil grin.

She surprised me a little by returning my evil grin, saying, "sounds good to me!".

We gathered up our stuff, put it in the truck and hit the road for our first pick-up. I drove since I knew where the patient's house was. I showed her the GPS system and how we have certain locations saved in it without using any patient info so as to not violate privacy issues. I also showed her the camera system on the windshield and how it trips with excessive g-forces from starting, stopping or cornering too hard.

Since it was about 25 minutes to the patient's house, she had plenty of time to get comfy in the passenger seat. She put her feet up on the dash. Again I told her that wasn't fair, I could never dream of being able to do that, but she was so short, it was easy for her.

Secretly I was admiring the view that position afforded me of her hips, thighs and the way her cargos pulled tightly into her crotch. Thankfully my sunglasses kept her from being to tell that I was checking her out.

When we got to the house, we took the stretcher inside and lined it up alongside the patient's hospital-style bed. Leah surprised me again when we went to lift the patient over to our stretcher; he wasn't too fat or heavy, but wasn't exactly light, either. She was as strong as any guy I've worked with. We were able to quickly and easily move the patient, gently setting him down in the perfect position on the stretcher in one movement. Even the patient was impressed.

I told her, "you may be small, but you are mighty, aren't you?"

She answered simply, saying, "I grew up on the farm, I'm used to lifting".

We buckled the patient in, lifted the stretcher to walking height, and took him out to the ambulance. I took the head, since it was higher off the ground and she pulled at the foot of the cot as we wheeled down the long ramp outside the house. I was enjoying the view of her ass in those cargos walking along in front of me. I figured I was going to pick up the foot of the cot as we loaded it into the truck, but she was already there and already had it in the air, waiting for me to swing the wheels up. She locked the stretcher into the floor brackets and climbed up the step bumper into the back of the unit.

As she did so, I was afforded an incredible view of her ass in those tight cargos; she had bent forward to duck under the doorway and the job shirt had rode up a little in the back while the low-rise cargos had ridden down slightly. The way those trousers hugged her curves was incredible, and just above the waistband I could see the very top of her panties peeking out. They had little navy blue and white horizontal stripes with a slightly lace-like stretch waistband, plus a small expanse of pale-white skin at the small of her back, and as she was point blank next to me as she did this, the smell of apples hit me again like a freight train. My mouth actually started to water! In my mind I had an instant mental image of leaning forward and licking that spot of exposed skin but I controlled myself. I made sure she was clear of the doorway and shut the doors. I walked around to the driver's seat, all the while trying to clear my head of the inappropriate images it kept showing me.

We made the trip to the dialysis clinic and in the rear view mirror, I could see that she had a good bedside manner about her. Rather than sitting behind the patient in the captain's chair, she sat on the bench along side and chatted with him the whole way. I could tell she really seemed to love all parts of the job, not just the emergency side of it.

Once at Dialysis, she again had no trouble lifting the patient over to the treatment chair. We cleared the clinic and dispatch sent us to return for now.

We stopped at a convenience store on the way to grab snacks. I knew this store had a pop fountain that had different flavor shots you could add to the pop, so it was a favorite stop of mine. I filled my fountain mug with my usual blend of cherry and vanilla shots added to Diet Dr. Pepper. Leah asked me what was so special about this store, so I told her about the fountain and let her taste my drink. As she wrapped her lips around the straw, again my mind started flashing various inappropriate images. Her eyes got wide and she said, "Oh my god, that's really good!"

I told her that I was addicted to that blend and anytime we were near a store with that type of fountain, I would stop for a refill. She said she could see why, and she headed over to the fountain to get some of her own. We paid the cashier and went to stand in front of our truck to have a smoke.

We kept the portable radio on the dispatch channel to keep on ear out in case they called us, but I told Leah about the GPS tracking system in the truck and that dispatch could see where we were, anyways.

As we headed on back to our station, a neighboring station got a call for a patient that had fallen and we were sent to standby for them.

As we walked into their station I pointed out the security cameras to Leah, telling her where they were located and what all they could see and record. We went into the computer room and I showed her how to unlock the computers to do whatever she wanted to do on them.

The conversation was flowing very easily between us, when we got a call for a patient with difficulty breathing in place of the crew that we were on standby for. We jumped into the truck, called enroute and programmed the GPS for the address of the call.

Once on scene, Leah's previous experience became clear as she immediately jumped into her tasks, getting vitals while I interviewed the patient and the family about the current problem. We initiated treatment and loaded the patient into the truck to go to the local hospital. She had to use the GPS to find her way as she wasn't yet familiar with the area, but she did a good job driving us as smoothly and as quickly as the roads would allow. I could tell she knew what she was doing and would be an excellent partner. I could only hope I got to work with her more often!

We got to the hospital and transferred the patient into their care, then cleaned the stretcher and restocked. I showed Leah where this hospital kept the linen for the EMS crews, as well as where to get supplies replaced, and we got the truck back in order in short time. I noticed on the times sheet that we were really moving on this call; only on scene 11 minutes, and that was with initial assessment, treatment and extrication out of the house, across the yard and into the truck! Impressive to say the least.

We even had the truck back together quickly enough that we had a few minutes before dispatch would even think to wonder what was taking us so long, so I suggested we go grab a smoke in one of my "secret spots".

Leah readily agreed, saying, "Absolutely"

We walked up the ER driveway, just past the large emergency generators, and slipped into a little alcove that was maybe 10 feet square. Out of the sight of any security cameras. I pulled out a smoke and lit it up.

She pulled one out and asked for a light.

I held out my lighter to her and she wrapped both hands around mine, not taking the lighter from me, but bringing my hand along with it to her face. She lit the lighter, brought it to the tip of her cigarette and inhaled. As she was sucking on it she looked up at me and locked eyes with me, staring into them as she lit her smoke. Then she let go of my hand, pulled the cigarette from her lips, smiled with a wink and said, "Thanks".

The images were back with a vengeance! I bit my bottom lip, looked to the sky and let a little shiver escape and spread across my shoulders, the hair on the back of my neck standing up.

"What's the matter? Did I give you the chills?" She asked with a mischevious chuckle.

"Yeah, a little. That's alright, though. I enjoyed every minute of it!" I answered.

She had no idea, but at that moment my mind suddenly started reeling. I had read a story on Lush not too long ago involving a situation somewhat similar to this, at least as far as the secret smoke spot on hospital property and an EMT named Leah. I had chatted with the author, been friends with her and read all of her stories. The coincidences started piling up as the realization hit me like a truck.

Could this be her? If it IS her, what then? There were some slight differences, but many more similarities. So many that it was pretty obvious.

I saw that she was busy looking at something on her phone, and her brow was wrinkled in concentration. In a flash of inspiration, I dropped my voice a little and asked, "Why so serious?"

She said she was just checking her email but went on to say that she LOVED that movie, and pretty much ALL of the Batman movies. She even liked the original television series from the 60's.

I knew for sure right then that this must be LeahLidocaine from Lush! I truly couldn't believe my luck! I realized that she most likely had no clue who I was, that I was indeed Digger from Lush that she had chatted with before. Now that I knew it was her, I started to wonder how I could capitalize on this situation. I knew if it by some chance was NOT her, I would be taking a huge risk, but if it was indeed her...

We finished our smoke, climbed back into the truck and cleared the hospital. Dispatch sent us to a half-way standby point between two other stations. I drove us to a secret spot I knew at the end of a cul de sac with no houses nearby, put the truck in park and shut it down.

I leaned my seat back a little and got comfy, knowing we might be there for a little while. Leah was fidgety and couldn't seem to get comfortable; she kept changing positions. I was enjoying watching her move from behind my sunglasses as she finally settled into a position that didn't look too comfy, but she seemed happy with it. She had completely turned around backwards with her shoulders against the dash, her ass on the edge of the seat and her legs stretched up against the back of the seat. The view was incredible! With the snug fit of her cargos and the position she was in, I could see just about every swell and curve of her ass and crotch. My mouth started watering again and I couldn't help but stare.

Even though I had sunglasses on, she caught me looking.

"What are you staring at?" She asked with a slight smile on her lips.

I could feel my cheeks getting hot and knew I was busted. I slid the glasses down my nose to look over the top of them and answered, "You know, in that position there is actually room for me to fit if I were sitting in the seat normally".

She allowed her gaze to drop down my body, pausing at my crotch, while she replied, "Do you really think so? You're kinda big "

"Maybe, maybe not, but it sure would be fun to try!" But before we could even go any further, the radio crackled to life.

"Dispatch for Medic 3" came across loud and clear.

I keyed up the mic and replied, "Medic 3"

"Medic 3, you are released from standby, you are clear to return to station"

"10-4" I replied as Leah straightened herself out and put on her seatbelt.

I turned the key, warmed up the glow plugs and fired the engine.

The 10 minute drive back to our station had my mind, and my pulse racing. It was clear that Leah was interested in me, and I know I was interested in her. I kept wondering what was going to happen, and actually, what it was going to be like. She was so small and light compared to me that I would be able to carry her around like a rag doll, but I knew from her stories and lifting patients with her that she was no weakling, either. Whatever happened, it was going to be memorable for sure.

We got back to station and backed the rig into the bay and shut the door.

I asked Leah if anyone had shown her the cascade system we use in the back of the bay to refill the oxygen tanks yet.

She said that someone had shown her, but got interrupted and never finished.

I saidm, "I'll show you. You grab the portable tank and remove the regulator, I'll go grab the phone in case dispatch calls for us".

Then I turned and walked into the lounge to grab the cordless phone while Leah opened up the side doors of the unit to grab the tank.

When I came back out into the bay, Leah already had the regulator off and was standing next to the cascade rack waiting for me. I showed her how to attach the tank and refill it step by step without equalizing the pressure, then had her reattach the regulator and put the tank back into the truck.

We closed the side doors and both went to stand in front of the rig to have a quick smoke. Again she asked me for a light and again she kept my hand in hers, looking into my eyes as she lit her cigarette. Then she turned around and leaned over the brush guard with her elbows on the hood as she smoked her cigarette.

She had her feet slightly apart, knees locked out and her ass sticking out in a most attractive way in this position. She then turned her head to look at me over her shoulder with a mischevious look in her eyes and as I watched, her gaze dropped to my crotch.

Just admiring her body throughout the day had me semi-hard already, but this was too much. She was openly checking me out. I couldn't take it any more!

I flicked my cigarette away and came up behind her. I put my hands on her hips and leaned my head down until I had my face buried in her hair. My cock was straining against my pants by this point and was hitting her in the middle of her back. My hands were almost able to wrap completely around her waist as I ran them up under her job shirt, feeling her warm, soft skin under my fingers. She leaned her head back against my chest and a soft moan escaped her lips as she pressed her body back into mine.

I slid my hands up the front of her body, getting turned on even more by how small, smooth and tight her torso was. I moved up even further until I was cupping her firm breasts in my hands through what felt like a sports bra. Even through the top, I could feel something hard at her nipples and I realized that she did indeed have her nipples pierced just like her Lush profile suggested.

Leah then flicked her cigarette away, and turned around to face me. She pulled the job shirt over her head, tossing it onto the hood of the rig. What I thought was a sports bra turned out to be a black, cropped tank top with a yellow Bat symbol on the front. I was again amazed that someone so small could be so powerful!

I looked into her eyes as I ran my hand up her back and grabbed a handfull of her hair. I pulled back on her hair, causing her to arch her back. Then as I leaned down as if to kiss her. I slowed, then paused before touching her lips, which had already started to part in anticipation. I pulled back on her hair harder and dove straight for her neck, licking, sucking and biting as I heard her moan.

With my free hand I pulled up the front of her tank top, exposing her breasts. I leaned down further to lick, suck and bite on her nipples. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, with very pale, puffy aureoles and pert, pink nipples. On the right breast she had a Maltese-cross symbol held in place by the bar-type piercing and on the left was a similar piece of jewelery, a Star Of Life. As I gently nipped at them and flicked my tongue across them, Leah let out another moan and her entire body gave a little quiver.

Leah started unbuttoning my shirt, then pulled it un-tucked from my pants as I started undoing the button on the waistband of her cargos. I took my uniform shirt the rest of the way off and tossed it onto the hood with her shirt as she leaned first to one side then the other, drawing up her knees one at a time as she untied and then kicked her boots free. She unzipped her cargos and in a most seductive wriggle of her hips, slid them down her legs taking her panties with them and she added them to the growing pile of clothes on the hood.

I ran my hand up her leg to her completely hair-less pussy, feeling how hot and wet she already was. Her juices were running down her leg. With a quick movement I put my hands on either side of her chest and easily lifted her up until she was sitting on the top bar of the ambulance's brushguard. She leaned back across the hood and put her legs over my shoulders. I licked my way up her leg from her knee, tasting the juices that had been running down. I leaned in and licked her pussy, feeling the heat and wetness on my tongue as her labia spread open before me.

She tasted incredible! Her own juices were mixed with the tangy hint of the apples that I had been smelling all day. I started licking all around her pussy, occasionally flicking my tongue across her clit, and I was enjoying the sounds she was making as well as the taste of her cunt. I couldn't get enough of it! She was gasping and moaning every time I would flick just the right spot.

After a few minutes of this, she breathlessly moaned out, "Stop teasing me already!".

With this, I shoved two fingers inside her and curled them slightly to put pressure right on her G spot. I fastened my lips around her hard, swollen clit and started sucking on it. Immediately Leah started thrashing around on the hood, screaming out in pleasure. It didn't take much longer before I felt her entire body start to shake as she climaxed, screaming as she pumped out spurt after spurt of her girl cum. I swallowed some of it, the rest splashed over my chin and down over my chest.

As she lay there, occasionally shuddering with little after-shocks, I stood up straight, undid my belt and pulled my EMS pants down along with my boxer briefs, finally allowing my cock to get some air and room to move!

I told her, "We're not finished yet!" as I reached my arms under her bent knees and up along each side of her body, then picked her up off the hood and slid her down onto my cock.

She reached behind her and grabbed the brushguard with both hands for support while I grabbed onto her hips and moved her up and down on my cock. She was so wet and tight as hell.

Looking down as I would move her almost all the way off my cock before slamming her back down onto me, I marveled again at how tiny she was. The tip of my cock had to be past her belly button at least! Every time we would slam into each other, we would both grunt and moan.

She started rocking her hips in time with my thrusts, yelling for me to fuck her harder. I started pumping into her for all I was worth. Looking at her as she writhed and twisted against me with each thrust was becoming too much for me to bear. I started hyperventilating as I could feel my orgasm building. My head rolled back as the tingle in my balls traveled out through my cock.

She was screaming, "YES!" over and over as I felt like a volcano, erupting into her with spurt after spurt of hot cum. She joined me with her own climax at the same time, her pussy convulsing around my shaft and her cum splashing against my crotch and down my legs.

After letting the feeling wash over me for a few moments, I lifted Leah off my cock and set her on her feet on the ground. She surprised me by immediately spinning me around and pushing me up against the brushguard as she dropped to her knees in front of me.

She looked up at me and said, "Oh no, we're not done yet, either".

In one motion she completely engulfed my still-hard dick into her hot little mouth and started sucking on me. She had her left hand wrapped around my hip, her fingers clutching at my ass, and she brought her right hand up between my legs and started gently playing with my balls. She would cup them and pull on them as she flicked her tongue piercing across the underside of my foreskin, causing me to become weak in the knees and shudder a little each time she did it. She would alternate between licking, sucking and teasing the tip and deep throating me until her nose was buried in my short-trimmed pubic hair.

She would get me right to the brink of an orgasm, then change up and do something else. She did this back and forth and I had been riding the edge of climax for what felt like forever. Suddenly she just pulled her mouth off of me, dropped her hands and just stopped. I looked at her, pleading with my eyes as I was so close to cumming that I was sure the slightest touch would send me over the edge.

She smiled at me with an evil grin, and with a sultry voice she said, "Cum for me", then she leaned towards my cock and blew on the tip.

That was all it took! My orgasm dropped over the edge and hit me hard, I started shooting rope after rope of cum. She leaned back a little and opened her mouth, trying to catch some of it as I shot load after load. Some of it went into her hair, some splashed across her face and her chest. What didn't make it into her mouth, she gathered up with her fingers and then licked them clean.

While I was recovering from the most intense orgasm I'd ever had, she stood up and walked around to the passenger side of the ambulance. She opened the door and climbed part way inside to grab the hand towel off of the stretcher's pillow and started wiping herself off with it, both my cum and hers.

Since the radio was still silent and the phone hadn't rang, I was not about to let this opportunity go to waste! I pulled my pants up enough to walk and came around the side of the truck to join her.

The sight of her creamy white smooth skin as she stood on the running board toweling herself off had me licking my lips as well as causing my cock to stiffen up again. I came up behind her and started to lick her ass.

I told her, "I still don't think we're done yet".

I pushed her forward until she was bent over, still standing on the running board, with her hands pressing against the side of the captain's seat for support. I gave her ass a few more licks, just until her squeals of delight started to turn into moans of pleasure and her breathing started to get harder.

I stood up, let my pants drop again and started rubbing the tip of my cock against her ass. With me being so tall and her being so short, this unlikely position was actually not only possible, but it was perfectly lined up. As I was rubbing the head of my cock against her ass, she reached her hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. I slid my cock into her pussy and stroked a few times to get our combined juices coated all over me for some extra lubrication, then I pulled out of her and started to press the tip into her asshole. Her ass was smooth and very tight as I slowly worked my length into her. Her hand started rubbing faster between her legs and her moans started getting louder and deeper.

I really was enjoying the view of her pale white, heart-shaped ass devouring my cock, plus I could feel the movements of her fingers between her legs as they would brush against my balls. I grabbed onto her hips with both hands and started moving in and out of her, feeling her sphincter muscles tighten as I withdrew and then the sort of pop as I would push back in.

She started moaning, "Oh, yeah" as I started picking up speed.

I knew that since I had already cum twice, the third one was going to take a while. I just kept shoving my cock into her ass over and over again. Occasionally harder or faster, whichever seemed to bring about the best response from her. She was moving around, twisting her hips and pushing back to meet my thrusts. Her hand was a blur on her clit.

Soon she started bucking her hips hard and her breathing got faster. She started screaming and her ass clenched hard on my shaft. Again her girl-cum again sprayed forth, this time splashing against my balls and down both of our legs. I reached up with my left hand and grabbed a fist-full of hair and started pulling her head back, causing her back to arch. With my right hand, I started pulling back on her shoulder, jamming her onto me as I thrust into her.

Her knees started to buckle the more she came and her body threatened to collapse under her. I wrapped my arm under her hips and held her in the air, not stopping or missing a beat. She kept screaming and squirting over and over again for what seemed like several minutes as I kept plowing into her ass as hard as I could.

Pretty soon the sights and sounds of her cumming again and again pushed me over the edge and for the third time I came. This time filling her ass with what was left of my cum, feeling a little leak out around my cock and drip down my legs, along with the last few spurts of her own cum.

Her body was shaking and twitching all over. Mine wasn't exactly feeling the strongest right then, either. Rather than set her down, I lifted her off my cock and turned her around in the air to face me. I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her close and gave her a bear hug as she wrapped her arms and legs around me. We stood like that for a few moments, just enjoying the after glow of what we had done.

I finally set her back down on the floor and we gathered up our clothes and started getting dressed. The sound of a back-up alarm chirping just outside the bay door signaled that another ambulance had just pulled up, so we rushed to get decent as quickly as possible. I got my pants up and shirt buttoned, but not tucked in and she had managed to get her pants up, but not buttoned, and job shirt back on and was just slipping into her boots when the bay door started going up from the keypad out front. She ran into the lounge and I greeted the visitors.

They were from the next station over and had just stopped to top off their oxygen on our cascade system.

I pulled out a cigarette and lit it up, saying I had just come out to have a smoke when I heard them pull up. I was hoping the smoke would cover the scent of what Leah and I had just been up to.

We chatted and bullshitted as they were refilling their tank, then as they climbed back into their truck, I told them I'd see them on the big one and shut the bay door again. I walked back into the lounge to find Leah sitting at the table, trying to brush out her hair, her boots were already tied and she was fully redressed again.

I went into the bathroom to clean up and finish putting my uniform back together. When I came out, Leah asked me if I had a "permanent" partner at work.

I told her, "No, they usually just switch different people through, I never know who I'm going to be with more than a week in advance..."

"Would you mind if I requested to be your partner?" She asked.

I smiled at her and replied, "Not at all, by all means. Although we wont be able to have a repeat very often, I don't know if I could handle that every day!"

"Maybe, maybe not, but it sure would be fun to try," she said to me with a wink, using my own line against me.

I just chuckled then we went to the computer room to finish our tripsheets before the next crew came in.

I am still on my second day off as I'm writing this. I go back in at midnight. I have no idea if she followed through on her request, or who I will even be working with tonight. Whatever happens, I can't wait! By the way, I still didn't tell her that I know her from Lush, but once this story gets approved, I'm sure she will figure it out!

Well, Leah? Did you put in the request?

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