Encounter with an ex

By Willow91

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Getting more than she bargained for
It's lunch time and Sonia is thinking that she needs a break from her studying. Her phone vibrates on her thigh “good timing,” she wonders who it is.

12.05 One new message from Jay

Hey babes hope your well I’ve just moved into my new place and wondered if you wanted to pop over and see it.

Brilliant this is the perfect excuse for Sonia to get out the house and away from the books.

12.06 To Jay

Ok I’ll head over in 5

She quickly changes into something more decent. Not daring to leave the house in short shorts. She grabs a long blue summer dress and a tan coloured bra. Grabs her car keys and makes the 5 min drive to his.

Sonia sees that Jay has left the door open and lets herself in. Finding him sprawled out on the sofa with just boxer shorts on, reminds her of good times that they shared a few years ago long before she found her current boyfriend. Jay jumps up and gives Sonia a cuddle holding her tightly, then kisses her forehead as he lets her go.

“So you are going to show me around?” Whispers Sonia.

“Let’s start with my room shall we?” Jay says as he takes Sonia’s hand.

He shows her in and she sits on the single bed. Legs crossed looking up at him. Jay moves towards her and kisses her deeply; he holds the back of her head with both hands and she kisses him back with her hands resting on his behind.

Jay pulls away from her and slowly lifts off her dress, letting it drop to the floor. Then he unclips her bra letting it fall onto the bed. He pushes her back on to the bed, kissing her nipples. One at a time slowly kissing, licking then taking each one into his mouth. Sonia lets out a soft moan and feels his hard cock rub against her leg. Jay stops and slowly peels down her panties; he stands up and takes off his boxers revealing his beautiful hard cock. Jay leans back over her holding her hands above her head letting his cock rub slowly and softly over her clit, she bites her lip wanting him deep inside her.

“Tell me what you want,” Jay whispers in her ear. “I want you to say it.”

“You know what I want,” she whispers back. As he teases her clit with his cock.

“You won’t get anything unless you ask nicely,” he mutters as he stops his cock at her hole feeling her wet pussy wanting his cock.

“I. Want. You. To. Fuck. Me. Please. Jay.” Begs Sonia.

He eases his cock into her pussy so very slowly and holds it deep inside her.

“See all you have to do is ask baby,” whispers Jay.

She moans as he pulls his cock out slowly and quickly thrusts deep inside her again. Making her throw her head back and bite her lip trying not to moan. Sonia wraps her legs around him as he fucks her slow, biting her neck and making her moan softly feeling her pussy getting wetter with every thrust. She arches her back as he pushes deeply into her holding the headboard, making her moan louder, she feels so full and with one more thrust she has to let go and moans louder as she cums around his cock.

He doesn’t stop as she comes down and he goes slower to tease her some more.

“Let me fuck your ass Sonia,” Jay says.

“Only if you say please,” says Sonia giving him a wink.

He pulls out of her slowly and places her behind on a pillow, raising her off the bed slightly. He places 2 fingers in her pussy and moves his hand to her mouth letting her taste her sweet juices. Then he rubs her pussy juices over her ass sliding one finger in making it nice and wet. Sonia knows what’s coming next and as he penetrates her ass she gasps in pain. He holds ontoher hipsas he pushes deeper, filling her tight ass. He passes the painful part and she starts to grown remembering how hot it is to have her ass fucked. He picks up the pace and spreads her cheeks so that he can get deeper.

“Don’t stop Jay,” Sonia says through gritted teeth enjoying every thrust.

With that he places one finger on her clit and starts to circle it slowly. She feels her body responding and grinding against him wanting her pussy filled as deep as her ass is. He pulls out and holds her wrists down kissing her deeply; exploring her mouth with his tongue, as he pulls away she bites his lip softly.

“Your such a bad girl Sonia,” he whispers in her ear as he enters her pussy again.

Inch by inch going slow, and then he takes her by surprise and fucks her harder as she pulls he knees up letting him get deeper. She starts to grind her hips against him as he thrusts harder, faster, she matches his rhythm. Then he is hitting her G-spot and she can’t help but moan into his ear, grinding him harder wanting him deeper, she can’t hold on anymore and she digs her nails into his back as she cums once again. Letting herself go around his cock, and he stills just holding himself there as she comes down.

“Lay on your front baby,” says Jay.

Sonia does as she is asked and rolls over hugging the pillows, laying on her front.

“Like this Jay?” She asks sweetly.

He parts her legs slightly and kneels between them, his erection resting on her behind. He rubs his cock over her pussy then gently eases it in, and then he lies on her back holding her shoulders tightly. Kissing the back of her neck as he fucks her slow, teasing her so she wants more. She starts to move her body against him again moaning as they match rhythm. Just as she is about to let go he slides out and enters her ass, she groans in surprise.

He parts her cheeks again fucking her ass so deeply, deeper than before, she can’t help but moan as she grips the headboard. It’s such a filling feeling, and she feels herself shaking with pleasure as she cums once again.

“What have you done to me today? I never cum like this Jay,” Sonia whispers.

“I’ve still got it baby, have you missed this?” Asks Jay smugly.

“Can’t you tell Jay?” Sonia squeaks.

He pulls out as she comes down, kissing down her spine.

“On the floor baby, I want to take you on all fours,” Jay says.

Hell yeah Sonia’s favourite position and he knows this. She smiles as she gets herself in position for him and he spanks her ass, hard. Making her yelp in surprise and then he teases her pussy with his cock.

“Please Jay, I want you inside me,” Sonia whispers.

With one smooth stroke he pushes himself into her pussy, hitting her G-spot and she places her hands on the wall as she lets out a soft moan. She pushes herself against him as he grips onto her hips. Jay feels her body quiver and whispers

“Again? Already baby?”

She answers with a moan as he gets faster and faster, harder and harder.

“Oh. Fuck. Jay.” Sonia mutters as she lets go around him once more he moans with her and cums deep inside her pussy, wrapping his arms around her as they fall to the floor.