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Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 5

18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave
Gary Weil rang the doorbell the next day, promptly at 2pm. I opened the door and let him and two other people in.

The first one was Mark Radler, a teen I had seen around the neighborhood and recognized painting my fence early this summer. Mark was a tall kid with good looking features. His wavy black hair was always unkempt but his goatee was always nicely trimmed. He wasn't built but he did have muscles and a nice tan. He wore a 'MILF Hunter' tee-shirt with the sleeves ripped out exposing an 'eagle' tattoo on his right arm and a 'middle finger' tattoo on his left arm. His faded black jeans were torn at the knees.

The other was a girl. I did not recognize her. She was attractive with creamy light brown skin and straight brown hair. She was medium height and probably around 110 pounds. She was in skinny jeans which hugged her hips very nicely and a low cut JUICY tee shirt. She had a nice rack. From what I can see they looked like a B-cup.

"Mr. Sparrow, this is Mark and Zareen," Gary says as he sat on the couch. He looked around and doesn't see Erika.

"Yo," Mark said.

"Hi," Zareen said.

"The three of you did all the work?" I asked.

"Well it was mostly me and Mark, but Zareen filled in a few days. She mostly did runs to the store for paint and supplies," Gary said.

Interesting, I thought. I had no idea how Erika was going to give Zareen three blowjobs.

"Gary says he made a really good deal with you," Mark says.

"He did," was all I said.

After a few minutes of silence, Gary managed to ask if Erika was here.

"Why don't you call her?" I suggested.

Gary cleared his throat and in a deep voice said, "Erika."

Nothing happened.

He cleared his throat and tried again.

Erika slowly made her way into the living room. She knew Gary was coming by again with his friends but her facial expression was priceless when she saw it wasn't just guys, but a girl as well.

Mark whistled when he saw Erika, and Zareen managed a smile. Erika was in a dark blue polka dot bra and matching panties. Zareen and Erika eyed each other and Zareen blushed.

Gary gets up first and walks toward Erika. Erika, avoiding eye contact, meets Gary halfway. She gets down as Gary unzips and drops his pants. Mark hollers and whistles as Erika licks and sucks Gary while Zareen watches silently. Her eyes glued at Erika and her technique.

Gary empties his load pretty fast in Erika's mouth and steps back. Mark immediately gets up and runs over. He pushes Gary out of the way almost knocking him down. Mark smiles and drops his pants, exposing his erect penis. Erika smiles at Mark and happily takes his dick in her hands and starts rubbing it. She leans in and does her work. Mark, unlike Gary, probably has had blowjobs because he reaches forward and places his hands on the back of Erika's head and maneuvers it inwards. He gyrates his hips as Erika glides her mouth up and down. Soon enough, Mark releases his load. He yanks his dick out of her mouth fast and shoves it back in. After Erika cleans him off, Mark zips up and gets back on the couch. Erika is still on her knees looking at the floor.

"What do we do about Zareen?" Mark asks as he sits down.

We all look at Zareen who blushes and gives Mark a dirty look for putting her in the spotlight.

"I don't think Erika can give her a blowjob," I said.

"Can she eat her instead," Mark jokes.

"Eww gross," Zareen says and hits Mark in his arm.

I notice Erika looking up at the notion of her eating Zareen.

"Hey! Chill out," Mark says, "You're such a prude. You need to loosen up."

"Fuck you," Zareen says.

"No wonder all your boyfriends break up with you. You gotta go with the flow and learn to make your man happy. Look at her, to keep her man happy she's giving me and Gary BJs as payment," Mark says.

"You're an asshole," was all Zareen said.

"If she passes her payment can I get extra Bjs?"

"No," I said and I was getting tired of this. "If she passes than you deal with how she gets compensated. You and Gary agreed to the deal. Gary has one more left and you have two."

I got up as a sign that they needed to leave. I walk them to the door and Mark looks over at Erika and says, "See you later baby."

Before they left I told them to come by tomorrow around 2pm. Tomorrow was Sunday.

After they left I ordered Erika to clean up and make me lunch.


Joe came by two hours later at 5pm. Janet and the kids were coming back later tonight and Joe wanted some Erika time beforehand. Erika lets him and walks him to the couch. She hands him a beer, Joe slaps her ass and she walks away. Their usual routine. Joe was carrying a large box. After a few sips, he stands up and says he has a gift for Erika.

He opens the box and pulls out a 20 by 24 portrait and shows it to us. I almost fell out of my chair laughing and Erika muttered an 'oh my god'.

Joe was holding up a portrait of Erika from last night. He had transferred the image of Erika standing naked with her dog collar and leash and her hands handcuffed behind her from his iPhone and created a 20 by 24 portrait. In large scale, Erika looked incredible. Everything from her facial expression to her SLUT collar down to her clean shaven pussy looked so real. I was impressed Joe had it done in such a short time.

"What do you think?"

"I love it!" I said.

"Oh my god," was all Erika could say.

"I thought we should have a solid reminder of last night. You know aside from the video. Which, by the way, I want before I leave. I was thinking we can hang it up in the living room. Right next to the TV," Joe says.

"I think that's a great idea. Erika, what do you think?" I asked, still chuckling.

"It-it's nice," was all she said.

"Good then its settled. Take the picture from Joe and hang it up next to the TV."

Erika slowly moves toward Joe and takes the portrait. Her hands are shaking as she walks to the wall next to the TV. She removes the existing portrait and replaces it with hers.

"Doesn't that just brighten up the room?" Joe asks smiling.

"Incredible. Erika, you need to thank Joe for this gift."

Erika turns to Joe and says a weak thank you. But she knew that's not what I meant. She walks over to Joe and hugs him tightly. She kisses him on the mouth and Joe wraps his hands around Erika and picks her off the floor. He swings her around, and stands her up on the couch, and removes her panties. He leans in, and buries his face in her pussy and starts licking. Erika doesn't do anything at first, then her eyes land on the portrait and she begins to pant and moan a little. Joe continues to lick her deeper and she moans louder.

Without warning, Joe grabs her ankles and yanks them hard and Erika looses her balance and her ass comes crashing on the couch. Joe spreads her legs wide, gets down and buries his face in her pussy again. He starts licking and kissing and finger fucking her and she starts moaning louder and louder. Joe gets up, loosens his pants takes his dick and slides it inside her and starts his pumping. He orders Erika to hold her own ankles and keep that far apart. She obeys. With his hands free, He leans in grabs her hair with one hand and puts his other hand on her throat. He starts pumping fast. Joe moves between holes but his pumping doesn't slow down. Finally he yanks his dick out of her ass and sprays his load all over Erika's stomach. Some cum start oozing down to her pussy.

"You're welcome," was all Joe said and picked up his pants and buttons up.

Erika, puts her feet down and slowly gets up. She wipes the cum off her stomach and licks her fingers clean. She leaves the room to clean up and start dinner.

A few minutes later I ask Joe when Janet and the kids come back and he said in two hours he has to be at the airport.

"I'm gonna miss this," Joe says.

"Why? You can still come around."

"You nuts? It's one thing to fuck her when Janet is not around but its dangerous when she's here. I'm gonna go home and shower first before I go to the airport. She can probably smell her on me."

"You are paranoid man."

Just then Erika comes in and announces dinner was ready. An hour later, Joe left but hinted that he'd come around during the week to catch up with Erika.

Around 8 pm the doorbell rang. I was comfortable on the couch watching Jersey Shore so yelled Erika to open the door. A few seconds later Erika walks in followed by Zareen. She sees the portrait of Erika on the wall and says,"Oh my god."

Zareen looks at Erika who blushes and quickly moves away from her.

I sit up, close the TV and look at Zareen. She just sits on the couch and doesn't move or say anything for a minute or two. I motion Erika to get Zareen something to drink, who abides and returns with water. Zareen smiles at Erika, takes the water. She eyes the portrait again.

"That's a lovely picture, isn't it?" I said to start some dialogue.

"Yes. She's very beautiful," Zareen says and again looks at Erika.

"Zareen, right? What can I do for you?"

Zareen puts the water glass down and clears her throat, she fidgets a little before says, "About this afternoon... Mark is really an asshole, but he's...well, he's kind of right boyfriends breaking up with me..."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Your obviously very attractive so it can't be because of your looks."

"Thanks," Zareen says and smiles. She exhales and relaxes a bit.

"I'm still not sure why you are here."

Zareen looks at Erika and finally says,"I want to be more like her."

I was speechless. She and Erika exchange looks and smiles.

"You want to be more like her? How so?"

"She's so free and willing. I mean I know she's very sexy and I can see why men get turned on, but she's so open to things and willing. You know what I mean? Just look at that picture of her on the wall. I would never let someone take a picture of me naked, let alone in that getup and frame it on the wall that size. I saw how she was so open and free when she sucked Gary and Mark. I want to be like that."

"Interesting but still not clear why you're here," I said.

"I want to know how she got to be like this. At some point she became willing and free with her body."

"Short answer is, I ordered her to do these things and she has to obey. The long answer is, deep down you need to want to change. Take this for example, Erika go stand in the middle of the living room and take your panties off," I said.

Zareen watched Erika closely as Erika made her way to the center and slowly removed her panties. Erika tries to move her hands in front of her, but instead I tell her to spread her legs and put her hands behind her back. She complied. Zareen just watched.

"Now if I told the same to you, Zareen, would you do that? In fact, forget that. If I told you to get up, walk over to Erika and slowly glide your finger over her pussy, could you do that?"

Zareen didn't reply.

I got up, and walked over to Zareen and sat down next to her. I place my hands over her hands and squeezed it. She looked at me and smiled. Then we both looked at Erika.

"In order for you to be like her, you have to loosen up. So let's start slowly. Why don't you get up and walk over to Erika and just stand next to her."

Zareen slowly gets up and walks over to Erika.

"We'll take this slow. Why don't you tell me about yourself."

"OK. My name is Zareen and I'm seventeen. I'm single. I'm Pakistani, came here when I was thirteen."

"Good start. Now I'm gonna ask you some personal questions to get you a little comfortable OK?"


"Are you a virgin?"

Zareen blushes. She fidgets a little but then looks at Erika who is still maintaining her pose. Zareen gets a boost of energy seeing Erika like that and says,"No."

"When did you loose it?"

"I was sixteen. He was my first boyfriend."

"Why did that end?"

"He wanted to do... other things and I wasn't sure."

"Like what?"

Zareen fidgeted a little, but managed to say, "He wanted to do anal, he wanted to cum on my face."

"How many times have you had sex? How many boyfriends have you had?"

"Several times. I've had three boyfriends. We broke up for the same reasons. They all wanted me to do kinky things and I couldn't."

"What's your bra size?"

Zareen blushed again but smiled and proudly said, "32B". She then looks at Erika's bigger tits and her smile faded.

"Take off your shirt."

Zareen's eyes widens and she started stammering but couldn't find coherent words.

"C'mon, you can do it."

Zareen slowly grabs the edge of her tees-shirt and start pulling it upwards. She lifts the shirt over her head and throws it on the floor, exposing her black bra and smooth flat stomach.

"Good. Now, remove the pants."

Zareen, a little more relaxed, unbuttons her pants and slides out of them and kicks them aside, exposing her blue thong and smooth creamy legs.

"How tall are you?"


"How much do you weight?"

"110 pounds."

"You like giving blowjobs?"


"Swallow or spit?"


"Ever kissed another girl?"


"Turn around, let see that ass."

Zareen turns around. She had a really nice ass. I just wanted to go over and slap it, and pound my cock into it.

"Erika, remove her panties."

Zareen tried to turn around and protest but I told her not to move and relax. Erika places her hands on her hips, then glides her fingers onto her panty and pulls them down. Zareen's bare ass was smooth and round. I told Erika to glide her fingers from Zareen's butt crack and move them all the way up to her bra claps. As Erika does this Zareen exhales and she jumps a little as Erika traces her fingers from her ass up to her mid-back. I tell Zareen to turn around. Her pussy is nicely trimmed with a very thin landing strip.

I tell Erika to place her fingers on Zareen's lips and slowly slide them downwards to her pussy. Erika complies and Zareen just holds her breath, Erika's fingers move down Zareen's neck and her bra, down her flat stomach and slid down to her pussy. Zareen jumps a little when Erika's fingers touch her pussy lips. I tell Erika to slowly move her fingers away from her pussy and slide them down her inner thighs and down her legs. As Erika does this, Zareen is a little more relaxed and watches me as I give orders.

Erika's on her knees as her fingers touch Zareen's ankles.

"How did that feel?"

"Nice. Very, very nice," Zareen replied.

I command Erika to lean in and lightly kiss Zareen's from her stomach down to her inner thighs. The moment Erika's lips touch Zareen's stomach, Zareen exhales loudly. She quivered a little but kept her balance. Erika moves down to Zareen's pussy lips and lightly kisses it and Zareen moans. After Erika finished kissing Zareen, I had her stand up.

"Now Zareen, it's your turn."

"I-I don't know..." she started.

"Sure you can. Slowly, just like your doing now."

I order Zareen to face Erika and kiss her softly on the cheeks. She does this slowly and hesitantly. Than I command her to kiss Erika light on her lips. Zareen exhales and waits a few seconds, then moves in and kisses Erika on the lips. The kiss is light and soft and lasts a few seconds. I follow that order with having her kiss Erika's neck and move all the way down to Erika's pussy. She begins kisses slowly, by the time she gets to Erika's stomach the kisses become a little intense. Zareen automatically starts to slide her tongue down Erika's midriff and onto her pussy, where she switches to kissing.

Finally I have her stand up straight.

"How was that?"

"Awesome," Zareen says smiling and blushing a little.

"Remove the bra."

She does this without being coerced. She flings the bra on the floor. I get up and walk over to them.

I stand between Erika and Zareen, two of the hottest and sexiest teen girls I had ever known. I place one hand on Erika's pussy and slide my finger in, I take the other hand and lightly start tapping Zareen's pussy, then moved my fingers inside her.

"AAAhhhh," Zareen exhales. She looks at me and bites her lower lip. Erika is also moaning.

I slowly finger fuck them both, using one finger at first then moving to two fingers. Both of them moan softly then a little loudly. Both of them getting nice and wet. I then take my fingers out and put the fingers from Erika into Zareen's mouth, and the fingers from Zareen into Erika's. They both lick my fingers clean.

I step back and watch them both. Erika is panting and I know she is horny. Zareen also has a 'look'. Her eyes flutter a little and she pants. I had removed my fingers before either of them could reach climax.

I take them both by the hands and walk over to the couch. I ordered Zareen to unzip my pants and release me. She does so very willingly. Her shyness and blushing fading.

As I stand erect in front of them and Zareen's eyes widen and shows a huge smile. She reaches forward and touches me.

"Good. Embrace the slut inside you."

I sit down and order Zareen to get on her knees and ordered Erika to get on her back, directly under Zareen. I order Zareen to show me her BJ skills and order Erika to eat Zareen out until I tell her to stop.

Zareen looks at me but is more fixated on my penis. Erika takes her tongue and starts licking Zareen's wet pussy lips.

"MMMmmmmmmm," Zareen moans.

"Feels good right? Imagine how it feels as she does this and you start sucking me off."

Zareen nods and moves her mouth over my penis. She wraps her lips over my head and starts going down it as Erika continues licking her. By now Erika is holding onto Zareen by her hips and Zareen's hands are over my balls. She moves her mouth up and down and runs her tongue over my dick.

"AHHhhhh," I groan.

I hear Zareen slurping over my dick. A few motions later, I tell them to switch positions. Quickly, Zareen gets on her back and starts licking Erika and Erika's mouth is over my cock.

I soon start feeling pressure buildup and I get them both on their knees next to each other. I unload all my cum in Erika's mouth but order her to kiss Zareen and transfer all the cum into her mouth. Erika quickly grabs Zareen by the shoulder and plants a mouthful on her. Zareen fusses at first then calms down as Erika's tongue and my cum fill her mouth. When Erika pulls away, I sit down look at Zareen and order her to swallow.

Zareen looks at me, shakes her head no first but then swallows.

"How was that?"

"Not bad," Zareen said.

I lean back on the couch, and order Erika to get me a drink. She quickly gets up and runs into the kitchen.

"So Zareen, that was your first time being a free and willing. How did that feel?"

"It felt nice. I liked it."

Erika returns hands me a beer and gets back down on her knees.

"Just have to remember to loosen up. It's only sex."

"Teach me more."


"I want to be like Erika. Teach me more. I want to do what she does for you. Exactly as she does for you."

I laughed and said,"I don't think you know what you're saying. Erika is my sex slave. I own her. I've made her do some very humiliating and degrading things and I'm not finished with her."

"I don't care. Treat me like you treat her. Please?" Zareen begs.

"Erika, put the DVD on. Watch this and after this you tell me if you still want me to treat you like I treat her."

Zareen watches the first scene from last night when Joe is man-handling her. Zareen's eyes widen and is filled with excitement when she sees Erika get fucked like an animal. When Erika starts barking, Zareen laughs then quickly apologizes. Then she sees me slap Erika around and titty slap her as well. She watches as I throat fuck Erika and then pummel her in the ass. The final shot of Erika covered in my cum and Zareen looks at me says,"PLEASE train me like that. I'll do all that and more. I want to be free sexually. I am so horny and want to do so much but am scared."

I sip my beer and say, "Fine, but you do as I say and no complaints. You disobey and I punish you."

"Deal," Zareen says smiling. She and Erika exchange looks.

I now have two sex slaves. I drink my beer as both my sex slaves sit before me naked. When I finish, I get up, pick them both up and head for the bedroom. I'm gonna fuck Zareen like she has never been fucked.

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