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Erika the Sex Slave, Chapter 7

18 year old college student Erika becomes a sex slave
Mark Radler rang the doorbell the next evening around 7pm. Erika let him in and he followed her into the living room like a puppy. He sees Erika's portrait on the wall and smiles. He and Gary had seen it on Sunday when they came by for their 'payment'. It was Gary's last and Mark's second. The moment they saw the portrait they almost fell down. They went on and on about how they would love it if Erika got nude and sucked them off. And if I could give them a copy of that picture. I simply said 'no'.

Mark, once again, asks for a copy and once again I tell him no. Disappointed, he still manages to drop his pants for an eagerly waiting Erika. Erika dives right in. As she does her work Mark gazes at the portrait.

Mark soon unloads in Erika's mouth, who happily takes it all in. Erika gets up and moves away from Mark as he buttons up and sits on the couch.

"The payment's all done," I said.

"Yeah. Listen, man, I was thinking. What do I gotta do to keep this going?"

"I don't know. What can you offer?"

"Not much, really. I'm only seventeen. But I can fix cars and paint and run errands."

"I'm good for now."

Mark eyes Erika and then the portrait and tries to convince me again.

We go back and forth a few time and finally I say,"you want something to drink?"


"Zareen, beer!" I yelled.

"Zareen?" Mark repeats then sees Zareen walk into the living room, very slowly carrying a beer. His jaw drops open and eyes bug out. He can't keep his eyes off a nude Zareen wearing her collar walking up to him holding a beer.

Zareen avoids eye contact with Mark but her face becomes redder and redder. Her hands are shaking as she hands Mark a beer.

"Oh my god" Mark says staring at her.

"You wanted a be-beer," Zareen says slowly, still avoiding eye contact.

"What the fuck..." Mark starts but looses his train of thought.

I decided it might be nicer if Zareen told him the story. Zareen looks at me, pleading with her eyes. I just order her to do it.

"I wanted to, wanted to be, be like Erika. So I came back that night and, and I talked to Sir. He..." she started.

"He turned you into a whore?!?" Mark finishes. He grabs the beer, pops it open and drinks it. He stares Zareen up and down and licks his lips.

Zareen tries to move away from him but I told her to stay still.

"Damn Zareen, didn't know you had a body like that. Fucking tits looks good. That pussy looks realllll good," Mark says laughing loud, then looks at me and says, "Please tell me you fucked her."

"In the ass Saturday, in the ass all day Sunday and every hole last night," I said.

"Incredible," says Mark and takes another sip. He then looks at Zareen, smiles and adds,"you liked being fucked in the ass?"

"Y-yes," Zareen says weakly.

"I can't hear you," Mark says.

"Yes," Zareen repeats a little louder.

Mark takes another sip, and eyes Zareen again from top to bottom.

"Did these two eat each other out yet?"

"Ask her."

He asked Zareen, who nodded her head yes slowly.

"Oh man! Dude, she was such a prude. Can't believe you turned her into a whore in one weekend! You are my god," Mark says.

"She always had that whore in her, I just let it out."

"Nah, man. She dated a buddy of mine and he said she'd only do missionary and nothing else. Wait till I tell him Zareen likes it in her ass and likes eating other girls. He's never going to believe that. I don't believe that!"

I told Mark there was a video. He almost jumped out of his seat. He begged to see it, and after a few minutes I said,"Zareen, put the DVD on."

Zareen realizes that objecting was futile. She turns around and walks to the TV and Mark howls and comments on what a spankable ass she has. Then looks at Erika and says, "Don't worry baby, you ass is much finer."

Mark asks if Zareen could sit on his lap while we watch the DVD. I had no problem with that, so Zareen walked over and sat on his lap. Mark immediately placed his hands in her inner thighs and smiled. Zareen gave him a nasty look.

Just then the DVD started.

On the 55" flat screen LCD TV, we see Zareen handcuffed to the bed with her legs restrained and spread apart. Erika comes into view, and gets on top of Zareen. Erika kisses her lightly on the lips and starts kissing down her neck. She places her tongue and then her mouth over Zareen's tits and starts kissing and sucking. Erika licks her way from one boob to the other. Softly kissing and licking Zareen's nipple. Zareen makes a soft moaning sound, barely audible. Erika works the tits for a few minutes then starts licking her way down Zareen's stomach. when she gets near Zareen's pussy, Erika places her entire mouth on it and starts licking and sucking. Zareen starts moaning louder and louder and Erika works her tongue in and out, she spreads Zareen's legs wider and sticks her tongue in deeper. She switches her tongue with her finger and starts fingering Zareen. Zareen's moans get louder and louder.

My shadow comes into view as I walked up the bed and sat next to Zareen. I ordered Erika to stop. I then wait for a few minutes and watch Zareen breathe heavily, she turns her head towards me and tries to move but can't. I then order Erika to go 69 on Zareen. Erika removes her panties and places herself on top of Zareen. Erika pussy gets between Zareen who automatically starts licking it, and Erika goes right back and starts licking Zareen even more.

On the screen I get up, remove my shorts and start stroking my manhood. Then I walk to the edge of the bed, grab Erika's hair and lift her head up. I take my dick and shove it in Erika's mouth who starts sucking on it. I let Erika have some fun with my dick before I take it out of her mouth and glide in inside Zareen's incredibly wet cunt. I push myself all the way in and on the Bose speakers we hear Zareen moan out loud.

"AAAuuuu fuuucckkkk. Oh goood!!"

Erika sits up and Zareen continues to lap Erika's wet pussy. I order Erika off Zareen, who quickly jumps off her. I grab the leg restraints and fuck Zareen hard. She starts moaning and screaming. She moves her hands but the handcuffs keep her in place. I increase my speed and force and the bed starts shaking violently. As I continue fucking Zareen, I reach over and grab Erika and kiss her on the mouth hard and start fingering her. I order Erika on top of Zareen, pussy and ass facing my way.

When Erika is in position, I take turns plugging Erika's pussy, then Zareen's pussy, Erika's ass then back to Zareen's pussy. I keep this up for a few minutes all while Zareen and Erika' moan and scream. As the pressure builds I unload inside Erika's pussy.

The last shot is of me grabbing the camera and interviewing my slut and whore.

I point the camera at Zareen and ask what she felt, a very tired Zareen smiles into the camera and smiles and says she loved it.

I ask the same to Erika who kisses Zareen on the mouth and them blows a kiss into the camera.

The last scene is of me looking into the camera and saying,"Till next time..."

The screen goes black.

Mark slaps Zareen on her lap and laughs and says he that was the best movie he'd ever seen.

"I bet if I asked for a copy, you'd say no. Right?"


"Its OK. I'm just glad I saw this," Mark says and then looks at Erika and says,"Baby you look so good naked."

Erika smiles and mouths a thank you.

Mark then looks at Zareen and says,"you looks good naked too."

Zareen just ignores him.

"Good camera and shots. I would've tied her up face down and blind folded her. This way I can slap her ass as I fuck her ass and cunt."

"Hmmm, not a bad idea. What else would you do?"

"Well, for starters, I would publicly humiliate them. Take Zareen here, she's still embarrassed, so I'd have a few guys over and let them watch as Zareen masturbates and gets fucked. If the guys were guys that she knew it would be even better."

Zareen looks at him with an angry face. Mark just laughs it off and glides his hands up her inner thighs. Zareens twitches but doesn't move.

"I like your ideas. Tell you what I'll give you a shot. Take Zareen into the bedroom and videotape something for me to watch. If I like what I see, I'll make a new deal with you."

Mark's eyes lit up like a fat kid at a Hershey store.

"Can I keep the video?"

"If I like what I see, sure."

Mark jumps off the couch almost knocking Zareen on the floor. He grabs her wrist and grabs the camera still on the coffee table and asks where the bedroom was. I tell him to use Erika's downstairs. I tell him he had one hour.

Mark drags Zareen into the basement.
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