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Eva and Alex Finally Meet (Part II)

Tags: mf, oral, teasing
Will they ever make it to the hotel room??......

As they walked into the hotel Alex goes to the front desk to get the key to the room and Eva makes a quick call to her boss and lets him know she will not be in and will call him later.  Her boss seemed so upset but Eva had no room in her mind for anything else but Alex at the moment, to the point where she did not even realize that she hung up on him again.


Alex approached her and said, “Shall we go?” Eva flirtingly replied “sure!”  They enter the elevator alone and Alex kept looking at Eva with his piercing eyes and as he walked towards her and her heart began to race and then the elevator doors opened and a man came in to interrupt their playful games.  Eva just looked at Alex and smiled as he smirked back with his eyes as to say wait until we get in the room.  This made Eva bust out laughing as the doors opened once more and the man got out on his floor.  As the doors closed, Alex lunged at Eva and pinned her against the wall and started to kiss her passionately.  This startled Eva but she quickly composed herself and kissed him right back.  Alex was all over Eva.  Eva could feel Alex put his hands up her skirt and she started to moan as the elevator doors opened once more to reveal the floor they needed to get off on.  They stepped out still hugging and kissing each other throwing each other against various walls until they got to their hotel room door.  Alex opened the door and pulled Eva in and pushed her against the wall roughly they tossed back and forth towards each other as they closed the door loudly. 


Both Eva and Alex threw their stuff down on the ground and tugged at each other with such force that Alex ripped off Eva’s blouse and exposed her black lace bra.  Alex saw her breasts and lunged at her and Eva pushed him roughly onto the bed and said…. “Uh, Uh…” It’s my turn!  Eva broke from his embrace and kissed his lips softly, barely touching them over and over.  Then ran her tongue down his throat and was pleased to watch his flesh quiver at the touch of her tongue this made Eva hot.  She kissed and licked her way down to his chest, pausing to suck at his nipples and biting him rather roughly then softly then roughly again.  Alex held Eva’s arms firmly, urging her to go downward.  Eva looked up at him and touched the side of his face gently whispering “Patience baby, patience”.  He ran his fingers through Eva’s wavy black hair as Eva moved down to his stomach making circles with her tongue.  Eva watched as this sent Alex twisting and turning as he grabbed Eva’s head and looked at her with his eyes begging her to go further.  Eva‘s hands roamed his body freely as she made her way down.  Now as Eva came down to her knees she rubbed her hands over his thighs softly and gently, his hard cock right in front of her face.  Alex’s grip tightened on Eva’s hair as he urged her with gentle pressure wanting her to take him into her mouth.  Eva teased him with pleasure by licking the inside of his thighs, sliding her tongue around and around in circles, stopping just before she reached the place where his desire laid.


Alex moved his fingers wildly through Eva’s hair and then down to touch her breast.  Eva moaned gently as her own passion stirred as his hands cupped her breasts gently then roughly.  Eva looks up at his face and Alex’s eyes burned right through her.  He was giving her the same look he gave her in the elevator and this drove Eva crazy.  Eva controlled herself and moved Alex’s hand from her breasts and asked him to behave.


Alex’s breath quickened as Eva began to kiss and lick the sensitive area around his cock, the inside of his thigh, moving in to suck his balls one by one teasing them with soft long sensuous licks. Then holding them in her hands and massaging them as she finds the tip of his extremely erect penis. She examined every inch of it, observing his skin straining over its entirety.  She licked all around the large hood and then back to its tip, tonguing the hole again and again.  Her mouth moves down the underside of his swollen cock as her hot breath drives him wild.


She looked up to find him staring down at her watching her tease his cock.  His body shaking slightly as she slipped the entire head in her mouth and sucked away over and over and over.  He lunges forward wanting her to take him all the way but she does not allow that to happen.  She pulls off and licks up and down his shaft and pushes his hand away from her.  Alex begins to moan and enmeshes his hands in her hair, pulling lightly then roughly.  Eva knows that she is driving Alex over the edge as his hips begin to thrust and every muscle in his body becomes tight.


She slipped him back into her mouth and slowly moved down sucking him all the way into her throat, working the base with her hand.  Alex begins to thrust around now pulling at Eva’s hair and pushing her into him.  His heat makes Eva hotter then ever and she feels her own dripping wetness between her legs.  Eva sucked and sucked some more as though she was hungry for all he had to give her.  Her moans along with Alex’s moans fill the air as he thrust further deep inside her eager mouth.


Eva feels his cock stiffen and lunges back and forth.  Sweat is pouring from their bodies. She grabs his balls in her hand and increases the suction, at the same time flicking her tongue over his penis.  His body becomes completely tense and motionless, his penis so long and thick Eva almost choked as he gives one final thrust, shoving that cock as far in her as it will go.  It's as if time stood still as she swallowed his sweet juice, savoring every drop.

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