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Excitement Part 2

Tags: oral, cum
Long awaited continuation of first part
As soon as I closed your front door, I felt the force of your rugby body push me against the hard wood frame. You wasted no time and I felt your fingers tugging at my t shirt and bra straps. I was topless before I could even ask what you were doing. The combination of the pain that was making its way down my spine and the feel of your tongue sliding along my neck down to my already erect nipples made me wetter than I already was. Your touch just did that to me.

I caught myself as you pulled me towards the staircase. Suddenly I felt very exposed. Horny as hell but exposed all the same.

“What about your flatmate?”

“He’s not here” you said as you lifted me and wrapped my legs around your waist.

The feel of your semi erectness against my clitoris as you bounced me around when we climbed the stairs felt heavenly and all I could concentrate on was you. It had been so long since I felt a man press himself into the hot cavern between my legs. While thinking about the distant memory that was my last sexual encounter, the sudden feel of soft fabric surprised me as you playfully threw me on my back. I was so grateful that I was wearing underwear from Primark as you took no time in ripping my knickers clean from my skin. It was then you realised just how wet I was as you held the tattered remains to your nose. You were so nasty. As if sniffing them was not satisfying enough you proceeded to suck the wetness from them as if it was the sweetest juice from a cantaloupe. I had never seen a guy behave in this way. It made my engorged clitoris twitch in delight and I could not help but touch myself. My hand ran down my body until it found what it was searching for. I was putting on this show for you, to let you know just how much you were turning me on.

The sudden growth in your shorts told me that appreciated my sex act and wanted an encore viewing. Taking over you massaged my button while sucking my nipples like you’d never tasted anything so good in your life. My breathing heavied as you took two of your fingers and teased my pussy.

“I thought you didn’t want this. But you’re body tells me otherwise” you teased as you probed one finger and then two into my saturated pussy. All I could do was moan. The contrast of your skin on mine added to the adventure. If your fingers felt this good, your dick was going to feel even better. “Please stop teasing me”, I squeal as you withdraw your fingers and suck my juices clean off.

“Mmmm I thought you would taste sweet but not this sweet” you taunted as you kiss me before running your tongue down my collar bone to the rest of my already delicate body. You softly began to lick my clit like it was an ice cream cone on a hot day. I tried to control myself as I felt the tip of your tongue moving backward and forward over it but the waves of passion running through me were winning. It did not help when you took your finger and inserted it back into my hole beckoning my orgasm to come with your worship of my vagina. Where your finger had been your tongue followed as you pulled my lips apart and planted kisses all over my inner pussy. You began to fuck me with a vigour as you held me down so that I couldn’t escape the treatment that I was getting from you right then.

“Fuck I’m cumming”, I managed to whisper as I felt the dryness of my mouth. I had never had a man treat me like this and here you were making my hips buck over your face as it came closer and closer. This familiar feeling of orgasm washed over me with a greater intensity causing my legs to buckle and my stomach soar like it did when you were on your favourite rollercoaster. You looked up at me with your face covered in my bodily fluids and licked your lips. It was only then that I realised you had not even removed a stitch of clothing.

As if you read my mind, you leaned over me and kissed me. I had never tasted myself but you were right, it was sweeter than I had imagined. I later found out that drinking lemonade does that to a girl. You then raised your shirt and there was that body that I had so much wanted to see. I was amazed that I was here with you and I couldn’t stop looking at you. Your abdominal muscles tightened as I leaned forward and pushed my hand down your already constricted shorts. It was now my turn to make you moan the way you had made me.

Pulling your hard battering ram out of your pants, I once again gasped. It was beautiful. I had never seen anything so thick. The head of you glistened with your precum and motioned to me to have a taste. I didn’t waste any time in placing my lips on the top of your penis, sucking it dry. It tasted just as good as it looked and I wanted to feel you pump your seed down my throat. I hadn’t even put the whole head in my mouth and you were already moaning like it was the best feeling in the world. I began to pick up speed as I moved my mouth up and down your rock. I had done this like once or twice before but I’ve never had a reaction the way that sucking you did. You began to run your hands through my hair and praise God as I took more and more of you into my mouth until I had about 5 of your 7 inches in my mouth, flicking my tongue on the underside of your head.

You got a bit excited and began to pull my hair as you moved your hips up and down until I could feel you at the back of my throat. I had never had a guy that deep before but it felt so intense knowing that what I was doing drove you insane. Your balls were slapping me on my chin but I did not care. I was in heaven, this man was definitely not going to let me leave without cumming in any orifice he could. As your praise to God got louder, I knew that you must have been close and began to roll your swollen balls in one hand while playing with your perineum with the other.

I had heard about that in Cosmopolitan and had wanted to try it out to see if it truly did enhance the male orgasm. I can truly say it did because when you came it sure as hell didn’t seem like a teaspoon. It just kept erupting from you and I was covered in it. I had swallowed what I could but still had spunk all over my mouth. Lying on your back you gave a satisfied sigh as I stood and ran my fingers through my hair. You looked over at me as I was trying to find my t shirt so that I could freely stand in front of the window to get some air.

“Why are you putting your clothes back on?” you asked.

I shrugged my shoulders in retaliation.

“The night isn’t over” you said as you winked at me.

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