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Exotic Car

Part 1: A mountain drive in the sleek black sports car on a hot summer's day...
The wind whipped in the car's open window, rushing through her hair, billowing it. She was smiling, her eyes closed, face turned into the bright sun, enjoying the sensation of the cool breeze on the otherwise hot day. The scorched asphalt blurred, trees and bushes flew by melting into a paint brush wave of green and brown hues. Soft field fragrances wafted in on the wind; wild flowers, hay, earth and fresh cut grass. It was dizzying and she relaxed into the taught black leather of the sports car and soaked it in.

The sun was hot on her face and bare arms, tingling, and arousing. She wriggled in delight at the sounds, sights and smells, all painting a picture in her mind of speed, danger and excitement. The car roared as he changed gears, gaining speed around the twisting mountain road; rising ever higher above the cacophony of the town below. His strong hands gripped the steer wheel in a vice grip and he skillfully guided the car swiftly up the hill. Focused on the road ahead and the few passing vehicles, careful to plot a course through twisting turns, never approaching the edge or endangering their lives, yet moving very quickly. The car bucked and rolled under his control, cutting, scything and climbing; the muscles and tendons in his bare forearms tensing and relaxing with each maneuver.

Her hands moved to her thighs. The tingling of her arousal now overpowering her and she let it wash over her, feeling the tightening of her nipples and a stirring in her loins. She touched the bare skin, her nails scratching lightly and tracing a line toward her womanhood - the clothes now becoming an obstacle to the desire rising in her, just as the car climbed the hill. Faster he drove, slowing and speeding, twisting and turning. She was enveloped in her desire. Cupping her breast, she felt the nipple press hard against the flimsy fabric of her top. Giving it a pinch she immediately felt the ripple of the excitement flow through her chest directly to her center; the unmistakable pulse of arousal now taking a hold of her. She writhed in the chair, turning to look at him through her large, dark sunglasses and he was looking back at her, a knowing grin on his face. He had realized and she flushed slightly knowing that he had been watching her. He looked to her nipples pressing against the shirt, her hands teasing her thighs and nodded.

"Looks like someone is enjoying the drive", he said huskily, not quite joking. "Do you want me to stop somewhere?".

"No, not yet. I'm enjoying the car, the sun, the noise, the smells. Can you drive and watch without crashing?!", she smiled provocatively at her words. He didn't respond with words, just nodding agreement. She looked at the bulge in his pants and realized her arousal had smitten him.

She teased open the buttons on the front of her shirt, exposing the flesh beneath but not opening it wide for him to see. Just enough skin to tease. She lifted the soft fabric of the skirt higher on her thighs, showing a glimpse of the delicate pink lace of her underwear covering her now burning womanhood. Shifting in the chair, she lifted her hips and quickly shrugged off the panties, looking furtively around for onlookers. The country road had quietened considerably since they left the outskirts of the town, with only the occasional passing car. They were hurtling too fast for anyone in a car passing to be able to see anything but this beautiful blond woman with her hair billowing in the wind.

She spread her legs, covering her pussy with the fabric of the skirt but her hands quickly found their target. Gently and delicately she ran her nails through the pubic hair, an immediate tingle of electricity flowing into her abdomen. Her head rolled back as the wave passed over her and she was overtaken with the need to seek the climax. She rubbed the labia, lubricating them with the juices flowing from her, pressing her index finger against the clit now standing proud.

Her nails dug into her thigh and she rubbed her clit purposefully, the heat rising inside her, pulsing. Her pussy called out for attention, crying out for the stimulation. She inserted a finger, parting her labia and seeking the g-spot. Lost in the hotness of her core she did not care who was watching now but she knew that he would be glued to the scene in front of him. Instinctively she turned so he could see, pushing her legs wide, letting him watch as she rubbed herself toward climax. She rested one high heeled foot on the dashboard, not caring about this delicate but powerful machine. Inserting another finger she ground down on her hand, feeling the waves and ripples of the touch inside her wash over her abdomen. He touched her calf, running his fingers across and up the thigh toward her core. She opened her eyes to look at him and he was flicking his vision between the road ahead and the sight of her furiously rubbing her pussy. The road ahead had straightened as they levelled off and he was able to watch more than when on the twisting road below.

"Come for me while I watch and drive", he commanded, not raising his eyes from her hands. She nodded in agreement, ready now for the climax to wash over her. Her hips bucked in time with her fingers, the index finger finding the g-spot on each insertion. The heat within her was intense, rising, growing and building. Finally the wave reached climax as she rubbed her clit to push herself over the edge, tensing her body and her hips against her hands. The pulse within her echoing through her body, her pussy clasping at her hands as the climax gripped her. She came, calling out her release saying his name repeatedly, pounding her fingers into herself and willing it to continue.

Her climax subsiding, she turned to look at him. He was flush with excitement, obvious on his face and his expression. She leaned toward him...

"Did you like that?", she asked.

"Definitely.", he grinned in response.

"Keep driving", she requested and he nodded, looking straight ahead.

She leaned to his neck, brushing her lips against the sensitive skin there. He sighed. She took his earlobe in her mouth, nibbling, biting and teasing it. She breathed hotly into his ear,

"That was just foreplay. I want you in me...but...some fun first."

He bit his lip, sighing at his frustration, he shifted in his seat as his cock pushed uncomfortably against his pants. She ran a hand down his chest and down to his bulge, rubbing it lightly, teasing him while continue to breath hotly into his ear.

"I don't think I can do this for long", he complained.

"Tsk! Tsk!", she chided, "I think you can...just have some willpower. And drive straight!".

He shifted deeper in the seat, both hands on the steering wheel, rotating his hips to push the bulge out further. His cock aching for her hands, her lips, her caress. She cupped his balls, sending shivers through his abdomen and a sharp intake of breath. She kissed slowly, softly down his neck, and he took in the scent of her perfume, her hair and savored them with his arousal.

She reached for the zipper, slowly drawing it down and releasing his cock. He leaned back in the seat, aching for the release and for her hands to stroke it. She complied, gently at first, circling the bright red head with her index finger, drawing a sharp reaction when her finger idled on the top. She slid her finger down the shaft, her nail dragging purposefully along the length, the cock bulging with excitement. Gripping he shaft she slowly pumped it, biting his neck more deliberately now.

"You think you can keep driving while I lick it?", she asked. She was genuinely concerned.

"I think I can so long as you don't make me come", he answered. He looked calm and assured and it was enough to relax her concern.

She bent over him, sliding her head under the hand and arm that gripped the steering wheel and pointed the car ahead on the asphalt. Her tongue traced a line around the circumference of the head and she giggled when his cock jumped at the touch. A small trickle of pre-come oozed out and she licked it gently, his familiar taste sending a wave of excitement down her own body toward her pussy. She ached to have it insider her, feeling her labia gather him in and the comfort and security of the cock piercing her core as she wrapped herself about it. The head of his cock touching the perfect spot on each thrust and the sensation inside her of his shaft rising and falling in time with her hips.

Enveloping the head of his cock in her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the head, licking purposefully at the shaft. He rotated his hips to push it into her mouth, sighing at the sensations washing over him for her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, moving her lips along the hard veiny shaft, teasing the head and making his hips writhe. His hardness pressed on her tongue, insider her cheeks and she revelled in the power and control she had over him at that moment, knowing she could make it as fast or as long as she wanted. Knowing he would do anything she asked. Her pussy ached for him and she moved her hand to pacify it with her fingers. Feeling his cock in her mouth and her fingers insider her rubbing on her g-spot made her own sensations flow. Her pussy clasped her fingers and she gasped. An image of one cock in her mouth and one in her pussy flashed across her mind and she greedily bobbed on his cock. Wanting more. Needing more. She tasted him, felt his hips buck toward her, his cock pulsing in time with her thrusts. Her pussy sang and she rubbed it furiously...she felt a climax grow and wanted at this moment to come while sucking him. Hoping he wouldn't explode she continued, rubbing her clit with her thumb, tensing her hips and pleading with the climax to arrive. The hard shaft pressing into her throat, she slowed her movements so as not to send him over the edge, taking long looping passing along the length. She pushed two fingers deep into herself thrusting hard and reaching for the g-spot. Her climax arrived and she dove onto his cock, pushing it back in her throat as the waves rolled over her, torn over whether she wanted him to come or not. She wanted so badly to have the length deep insider her but her excitement was overwhelming and she ached for him to join her and send the hot stream into her mouth.

Her climax subsiding, she released his cock and realized she was happy that he had not come, even though in that instant she wanted it. Looking up at him she saw he was tensed.

"Good boy. I thought you would come there but you didn't", she smiled.

"I'm not sure how I didn't!", he laughed.

"You better pull over somewhere", she said, slipping back into the passenger seat and adjusting her clothes. He reached down and pushed his cock back into his pants and pulled up the zipper. Looking ahead on this deserted road, he looked for a quiet spot where a parked vehicle wouldn't be so obvious or draw attention. He steered the car at a large weeping willow that overlooked the bank by the river. Underneath it was dark and cool. The black car disappeared into the shadows as he parked next to the greying bark of the old tree. He looked at her and smiled.

"Ready?", he nodded.

She bit her lip, thinking about the situation briefly but her core burned hotly and she ached for his manhood inside her.

"Yes", she replied.

Stepping out of the sleek, low car, she closed the door and he was already at her side. Slipping an arm around her waist he pulled her to him, embracing and crushing her to him. He took in the feel of her skin, her body reacting to his, and the intoxicating smell of her sex mixed with perfume. Reaching under her skirt, he brushed her womanhood softly and she stepped her legs apart to allow him in further. His fingers slipped between her labia and felt the wetness and she sighed into his ear. He bit her neck and savored the taste of her skin, rubbing her and feeling her body press into his.

Kneeling in front of her he raised her skirt and exposed her womanhood. Admiringly it briefly, he stroked the pubic hair; it was so perfectly formed. She nodded approval and reached to take his hair and pull him toward her; encouraging him. Licking gently he parted her labia with his tongue, tasting the salty wetness there. She ground her hips into his face, urging his tongue deeper, leaning back against the sleek black sports car to aid her balance. The hot metal burned against her skin but she barely noticed now that she was deep into her ecstasy. He expertly tongued her, varying his speed, depth and touch, riding her hip movements and thumbing her clit to rise the climax within her.

Turning her away from him, he gently guided her to lean over the car's hood. Low and sleek, the hood rose only inches off the ground and her position displayed her beautiful rump high in the air. She spread her leg, giving him room to once again stroke her core. He took both cheeks in his strong hands, kneading gently and spreading them to allow his tongue access to her labia. He sucked and tongued it, feeling the excitement run through her legs, buckling slightly as he touched her clit, which was proud and on fire now.

"Deeper", she requested, looking back over her shoulder at him. Her hair tousled into her face and her face flushed with excitement.

"Please", she begged as he delayed his obedience.

His tongue reached past her labia and into the wetness and he pushed it deeper as she wanted. Inserting a finger he sought out and found her g-spot and immediately she tensed as the trigger was hit. Her legs shivered as the climax built, and he timed his tongue movements with her hips grinding onto his face.

She was lost in the waves building in her core, feeling his tongue lap greedily at her - knowing where to touch her for maximum impact. The finger inside her gently but purposefully stroking her g-spot. She gripped the edge of the car, using it to hold herself aloft, as she felt the moment of climax approach.

"Oh God, yes!", she gasped and then the flood gates opened and she came, wave after wave of sensations rolling through her body, emanating from her core through he legs and torso. She barely held herself aloft and he did not stop to let it roll over her, instead continuing his tonguing. The waves were barely over when she felt another close on its heels and immediately came again, this time collapsing onto the hood of the speedster and calling out her enjoyment in broken sentences.

She stood, turning into him, overtaken by strong emotions for him. They kissed, tongues swirling, her weight pressing against his chest. Turning her to one side he gripped the inside of one of her thighs and lifted the leg up in the air, almost to his shoulder height. His cock, freed quickly, was inches from her labia and they both watched as he rubbed it slowly against her clit. She threw her head back in ecstasy, her mouth forming a perfect 'o', one hand on the car to support herself. He put the head inside her and pulled it out. She gasped. He put the head in again and immediately pulled out.

She gasped again, "Oh come on don't tease!", she said pleadingly.

He gripped her hip with his off hand and plunged the beaming cock into her. Her straight leg buckled slightly and recovering her balance. He started a long slow thrusts, delighting at the sight of his cock parting her lips, her tits swaying gently in time with his thrusts and her face contorted in ecstasy. He rubbed his fingers on her clit while continuing the pumping, holding her steady, watching the expressions on her beautiful face.

"God you are beautiful", he said, looking deeply into her eyes. Passion and fire dancing there.

Removing his hand from her clit her put it in her mouth and she greedily licked and sucked at it. She shifted slightly so her straight leg was leaning up against the car, so she could let go and use her fingers on her clit. She rubbed furiously, sucking his fingers hard and fast. He took one nipple in his hand and kneaded it in time with his strokes. She was building quickly to orgasm again, whimpering quietly, her eyes hard in concentration.

"Oooh, yes! Oh your fucking cock feels so good.", she gasped.

She came, gripping the edge of the car, her knees buckling and thrashing, pushing her pussy down onto the cock that was piercing her core. Her nipples were at full erection and he pinched one, holding her in the midst of the orgasm, using the tingling from the pinch to encourage more convulsions in her pussy.

They collapsed into the soft grass beneath this ageless weeping willow, holding each other close, whispering tender secrets in one another's ear.

"You didn't come yet...even after all this stimulation", she noted, turning to look at him.

"Not yet, I want this to last forever", he replied.

She took his face in her hands, kissing him tenderly on the lips and pressing her body against his. He savored the feeling, the emotion, the taste of her and the feel of her touch - storing each for recall long into the future.

"Let's go for a swim", he said with a grin.

"Really? Here?", she asked, surprised; she looked around at the location.

Shaded by the tree and off the country road, the river wound gently through the hills above. The steep bank did not allow for building so the area was quite deserted, except possibly for fishermen. He looked up and down river, looking for people.

"Don't see anyone. I think this place is quiet enough...what do you think?", he was smiling broadly - almost a dare in his eyes. The question enough to cause her to set her jaw and nod in agreement.

They shrugged off their clothes and he marvelled at the tan and toned beauty stepping carefully through the river bank toward the water below - her cheeks a perfect peach shape as he followed her. His cock swayed with his movement, still filled from their previous fucking. Stepping into the water she immediately complained about the temperature,

"My god it's freezing!", she said.

"Oh it's a hot day, you'll get used to it quickly. Just get on it in there!", he replied.

Cautiously she stepped into the water, deeper and deeper until only her shoulders were exposed above the surface. He followed closely behind and they began a slow swim down river, egging each other on. Rounding the bend they saw a tall delicate waterfall flowing down the side of the hill. It came from a dizzying height but was not full, it was high summer and was quite weak. They swam toward it, both understanding what adventure lay ahead.

Climbing onto the rocks beneath the water she stood and took his arms.

"Hold me close. Press your body to mine. Kiss me here in this waterfall", she asked.

He complied, wrapping an arm around her waist, kissing her deeply, their tongues swirling. They enjoyed the sensation of the water rolling over them, their naked bodies glistening wet and pressing into one another. His cock was full and he pressed it into her, guiding it toward her hands and she obediently took the hint. Gripping the shaft she pumped it as they continued to kiss, his moans of enjoyment uttered into her mouth and against her tongue.

"Lay down here", she demanded, pointing to a flat rock.

She climbed on top, squating over him, positioning her pussy over his cock standing proud and erect. Bending her knees she split her pussy gently with his cock, tensing and shivering as she pushed down and enveloped it inside her. She bounced on it, pulsing the cock in and out of her, balancing there without touching him with anything other than her pussy.

"That is an amazing feeling", he moaned.

They continued for several minutes, his cock swelling as she thrust it into her but not quite enough for him to reach orgasm. Every part of his body sung in joy watching this beautiful woman ride his cock, a wonderful look of enjoyment and desire on her face. She began to pump harder and faster, her breathing was heavier and labored and he could feel her tense and build toward another orgasm. She sat upright, her thighs against his side, and reached behind her to run her fingers nails along his balls. Immediately they tightened. She smiled, sensing the change.

"Are you ready?", she asked.

"Oh hell yes", he replied.

He rubbed his thumb on her clit in time with her thrusts and she continued to stroke his balls with her fingernails, sending chills up his legs and into his loins. His orgasm built quickly and he fought it off, trying to withhold long enough to have an impressive and long eruption. Finally he could hold it back no longer and grabbing her hips he ground her onto him and thrust deeper inside her. The streams of come pumped into her and she came as soon as she felt it, heaving on him, thrashing her hair around and coming with him. He came into her several times, her pussy clasping his cock, milking it and convulsing. They ground their bodies together violently, relishing the orgasm washing over them, both lost for long seconds in their ecstacy.

To be continued...
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