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Extra Credit

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Chloe gets her A.
“Does anyone know the underlying causes of World War One?” Daniel asked, drumming his pencil on his palm. He looked across the classroom, spanning for someone to raise their hand. The glazed, hung over looks of his students settled on their faces. “Anyone read last night’s assignment?” He sighed. No one even rustled. “No wonder nobody passed the quiz. Class dismissed for the day, we’ll talk about this next week.” He watched as they packed up their book bags and filed out of the classroom. He turned and sat at his desk, exasperated.

Kids these days, he thought. They don’t care about where they came from or the history of the country. “Mr. Roberts?” A voice interrupted his thoughts.

He looked up; one of his students was standing in front of him, smiling sweetly. He couldn’t remember her name but he remembered a hot red skirt she wore on the second day of class. He fantasized about her that night, touching himself, thinking of his hands ripping the skirt from her hips.

“I-I’m Chloe,” she said, still smiling. “Can I talk to you about the quiz?” She was petite, tiny even, with long red hair that draped her shoulders, a soft pink sweater was pulled taut around her large breasts…

“Yes, Chloe, what can I help you with?” he asked, trying to tear his eyes away from her body.

She shifted her small frame, obviously nervous. “I didn’t do so well on it, as you know, and I was wondering if there was any sort of extra credit available.”

His eyes lit up. He didn’t know what she was offering, but he was definitely listening. His cock stiffened thinking of her “working out” the extra credit. “What did you have in mind?” he asked, hoping.

She smiled coyly. She was shy… new at this. She probably had never gotten an F before, and was looking for any way out of a failure. She blushed. “I don’t know…”

Daniel looked around the room; it was completely empty. He knew that nobody would be in the room for atleast another hour and a half, so he had some time…

“Tell me what you would like to do for extra credit,” Daniel said. His cock was hard now, pressing against his khakis. Luckily, he was hidden under the desk… for now.

Chloe smiled and turned toward the door. She walked confidently, turning the lock and dimming the light. She turned on her heel again, unbuttoning her soft sweater as she walked toward Daniel. She lifted herself onto his desk, crossing her legs. Her breasts were out now, round and ripe, aching to be sucked.

Daniel knew the repercussions of this act, but he hadn’t been laid in months. He wanted her- badly. He rolled his seat back and Chloe moved down the desk. She spread her legs and leaned toward him. He wrapped his hands around her waist, pulling her warm pussy toward him. He kissed her passionately, separating her lips with his tongue. Her hands pulled at his hair, kissing and sucking his tongue and lips.

She reached for his cock and fumbled with his zipper and belt buckle. She reached inside and his cock sprung into her hands, He was huge, meaty and thick, clean shaven and massive in her tiny hands. She looked at it with hungry eyes, enveloping it with her mouth so ravenously that her teeth grazed him. She blushed immediately, knowing her sexual faux pas.

He smiled down at her, enjoying his cock in her wet mouth. He guided her head down on him, slightly shoving himself deeper into her throat. She was still going at it, alternating her hands on him. He was getting close.

“I want you inside me,” she whispered, her mouth wet. He pulled his khakis all the way off and laid her down on his wooden desk. He reached under her skirt and looped his finger into her lace thong, pulling it off as she fumbled with the skirt’s zipper. He feasted his eyes upon her pussy; bald, musky, with a small strip of bright red hair, framing her slit. She was moist already, and he lowered his head to her, inhaling her and dragging his tongue into her. She writhed with his tongue, bucking his face. He continued to suck her clit, lapping up her sweet juices as she begged for more.

He felt guilty for not giving her as much oral as she would have liked but he had to feel her from the inside. He pulled her to the end of the desk and gently flipped her over, hearing her breasts press against the desk. He reached down and guided his cock into her, filling her and feeling her pussy tighten around him. She clenched, obviously not used to this large cock. He pulled out and thrust again, feeling her juices lube his dick, making it easier to slide in and out. She moaned with pleasure and he placed his hands on her hips, squeezing and guiding her plump ass back into him.

“You’re gonna work hard for your extra credit, aren’t you whore?” He said quietly but firmly.

“Oh yes Mr. Roberts, please, please, give me an A.” She screamed, her hands wrapped tightly around the edges of the desk.

Hearing her beg made him thrust harder, so close that he felt his balls tense. He knew he was going to come, and he so desperately wanted to come inside her. Fill her fertile belly with his hot, sticky, nasty cum. He pulled out at the last second and came all over her round ass, streams of cum pooling in the small of her back.

She turned over on the desk and smiled. “Well Mr. Roberts? Was that A work?”

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