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Extra Servies II

Finally, it’s Friday and I only have two big yards to do today. I know I'll be done before 2 o'clock and I'll get to go home to get my weekend started early. I was excited as I dressed and grabbed my paper work for the day. Getting to the first yard, I zipped through it like nothing. The second yard took a bit longer, because they wanted a little more detail then usual. Apparently they were having a huge get together this weekend, and needed it to have extra attention. So I did just like the owner told me, it was easy and nothing big. I was standing at the door waiting for him to sign the papers, when my cell rang.

“This is Jax.”

“Hey, I just got a call from a client saying that you messed up their yard and they are pissed. They want you to go over and fix it ASAP.” the boss’s daughter told me

“What? Who? DAMN IT!” Just as I said that the client opened his door to sign the papers. ”Hold up got a client in front of me.”

I handed the clipboard to him. “I'm so sorry you heard that.” I told Him, as he handed me the clipboard back. I ripped his copy off and told him again, I was sorry for my foul language.

As he closed the door I put the cell back to my ear. "Just give me the address and I'll fix it." I was a bit pissed off at this point, because I've nevr had a client complain about my service.

She told me the address and I scribbled it down fast, wanting to get to this place and see what the problem was. I was so pissed, that I didn't recognize the address, until I pulled up to the street. Then it hit me, it was Ms. H's house. You remember her, the horny house wife whose husband cheats on her. The one I gave a mind blowing orgasm to not three days ago. I was still pissed off as I got out of my truck, and headed to the door. I knocked on it a bit hard.

The door swung open, and there she was, standing in a silk robe, that went just past her womanhood. I noticed she must have just got out of the shower, her hair was wet and was making bits of the robe see through. I slowly looked her body up and down, my member started to get hard, as I made my way back up to her very sexy face. I stared into her eyes and smiled, she bit her bottom lip and walked up to me. Kissing me on the cheek.

“You did such an amazing job last time, I needed a little more work done.” she whispered into my ear.

I tensed up as she took my earlobe into her hot, wet, lips and sucked on it. I was hard as a rock now, and she could see it plain as day. I pulled my lobe from her mouth and kissed her passionately. I pulled her closer to me and could feel the heat coming from her body. She broke the kiss and grabbed my throbbing cock, pulling me into the house. I was staring at her ass sway, as she walked, pulling my cock like it was my leash. We were next to the kitchen. heading to her bedroom, I grabbed her wrist and pulled my cock free.

She whimpered, but was surprised as I grabbed her waist and spun her around to face me. We kiss and I wrapped my arms around her, grabbing each firm, tight cheek, I picked her up pulling her tight against me. She wrapped her legs around me and started to grind against my throbbing cock. I started to kiss along her jawbone to her right earlobe sucked it into my mouth. Then walked into the kitchen and placed her on the island.

I pulled away from her, but still had her legs wrapped around my waist. I looked at her face and saw she was biting her bottom lip as she purred. I pulled the tie for the robe and placed it around my neck I'll be needing it later, I thought. I slowly opened her robe staring at her firm, tight, tan body.

I whispered to her “Mmmmmmmm, baby I've missed your sexy body.”

She just giggled and unwrapped her legs from my waist. I licked my lips as I moved in to suck on her hard nipples. I take the right on into my hot, wet mouth as I run my tongue around the areola. Then gripping it with my teeth and flicking my tongue over the tip. She arched her back and let out a soft moan of pleasure. I kiss over to the left one doing the same, as she placed her hand on the back of my head and pressed me harder into her beast. I flick my tongue faster over her throbbing nipple and she moans louder.

I kiss down her stomach, running my tongue around her belly button, just around the edge, and then thrusting into it, letting her know what was coming up soon. I look up and stared into her lust filled eyes as she push my head further down. I know what she needs but I want to make her beg for it. So I slowly kiss the rest of the way down to her bare pubic area. I place a kiss on it as she spreads her legs as wide as she could. I smell her sweet musk from her hot, wet, needy pussy. I looked up at her and see she was staring at me as I stick my tongue out and lightly run it over her hot, wet, puffy lips. She takes a hard intake of air as I lick up her hot lips.

“Oh Fuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkk!” She moans out

I lightly lick over her hard little nub, then kissing her bare area again. I look up at her again, and see she's panting, wanting, needing, wishing, I would stop teasing her and take her. I smile as she places her other hand on the back of my head, and tries to push my face into her pussy. I wink at her, and a smile comes across her face, now that she knows what I wanted her to do.

“PLEASE stop teasing me. Take me, like the little slut I am.” she purrs out

That's all I wanted to hear, moving to her hot, wet, puffy lips again. I lick from her opening, to her hard throbbing clit. I flick my tongue across the nub, fast and hard. Her fingers wrapped up in my hair as she moans and arches her back. I taste her sweet juices as I lick down her lips again. She is so wet right now, I know it won't take long, before she has her first orgasm. So I move back up and suck on her nub harder. Then I slowly slide two fingers into her well lubricated pussy. Her body tenses up. I slowly start to thrust them in and out of her. She's moaning loud and thrusts her hips into my face and hand.

I feel her tunnel gripping my fingers hard, I thrust harder and pull her clit off of her pussy. She gasped as I let her clit go and let it snap back into place. I look up, and see her eyes are closed, and she’s pinching, pulling and twisting both of her nipples. I curve my finger deep into her wet pussy and find her sweet spot. She moans louder as I rub it with more pressure. I slowly start to run my tongue in a figure eight motion over her clit. She's moaning and grinding her hips against my face and hand. She’s starting to leak more juices, and I can tell she's right on the edge, but needs that final push.

I thrust my fingers faster, still pressing on her sweet spot harder. Her breathing is ragged and her body tenses up. I know any second she's going to explode. I stop and stand up. Her eyes snap open, and she starts to open her mouth as I place my hand over it. Grabbing a dish towel that's lying right next to her. I place it into her mouth to gag her. The look in her eyes is priceless, like a dear caught in headlights. I grab her arms and place them behind her back. then tied them up with the robe tie. Picking her up off the island, I stand her up and kiss her gagged mouth. She tries to say something but the gag is work perfectly.

I pull her naked, sweaty, hot, body over to the table and bend her over it. I spread her legs wide, kneeling behind her and lick from her clit to her tight little star. Running my tongue around the rim of her anus she moans. I start to get undressed as I look at her tight horny body. I drop my shorts, and boxers. My cock is throbbing, and leaking heavy amounts of precum. I grab my cock and rub it from her anus up her wet, hot lips. She looks over her shoulder, and moans trying to plead with me to fuck her like a little slut. I blow her a kiss, and pull away a bit. She starts to whimper because I'm just teasing her more.

I raise my right hand, and smack across her ass cheek. She yelps then moans in pleasure, she looks over her shoulder again with wet eyes. I raise my hand again and smack across her red, firm, ass cheek. She jumps with this hit, a tear starts to run down her cheek. I bend down and lick the red hand print on her cheek. It's hot and throbbing from my hand smacking it. I bite the red, hot, throbbing flesh, she moans softly.

I stand up and look into her eyes as I smack her other cheek, she exhales sharply but winks at me. I smack her cheek harder, she closes her eyes against the pain. I bend down and lick it, then bite the hot flesh, her pussy is leaking more juices then ever. I kneel down and lick from her mid thigh to her hot, wet, puffy lips. She's moaning and whimpering wanting me to pleasure her like never before.

I move my hand up her other thigh gathering her fluids as she watched me again with lust, passion and pure animalistic heat in her eyes. I untie the gag, just as she opens her mouth to beg me to fuck her hard. I slip my fingers into her mouth so she can taste her hot, wet, passion. Moaning lightly as she licks my fingers clean. I pull them from her mouth and quickly tie the gag, before she can enjoy her tasty treat to much.

My cock is throbbing and leaking more now, I grab her hips, and slowly thrust my cock towards her wet opening. Still not sliding into her. She looks over her shoulder, and gives me that same 'PLEASE fuck me' look, but I'm not done toying with her just yet. I rub my throbbing cock up and down her hot, wet, puffy lips. As I get to her throbbing clit I smack it with the head of my cock. She tense up and let out a moan.

I can tell she's trying to beg me to fuck her but I'm in control for the time being. I smack her clit again, and she tries to yell something at me. I grab her shoulder and pull her up, my cock nestled in between her thighs I kiss her cheek, then her top lip, she stares at me all this time still trying to beg for the final fuck she's been needing. I look into her eyes and smile, kissing to her ear. Then licking the lobe.

“Do you want me to fuck you like the little slut you are?” I look deep into her eyes “or do you want me to cut you free?”

I'm just toying with her knowing she can't answer. “Shake your head once for the FUCK! And twice for the cut free.”

She looks at me thinking of an answer, than I see her head move. She just shakes it once, I smile knowing she was going with that one anyway. I kiss her gagged mouth and slowly bend her over the table again. She opens her legs wider for me knowing I'm about to fuck her, like she's been needing for a very long time. I kneel down again and lick from her leaking pussy to her tight anus. Her breathing becomes ragged as I move slowly back down and suck her clit back into my mouth. I grip it with my teeth and flick my tongue across it fast. Her legs almost buckle as I do this. I hold onto her hips to support her.

I pop her throbbing clit from my mouth and slowly stand up behind her. Staring at her red ass cheeks, sweaty body, and needy pussy, my mind was racing at the possibilities. The thought of just tying her to her bed and leaving her there crossed my mind, but I needed a hard fuck just as bad as she did. I grab my throbbing cock and run it up and down her hot, wet, puffy lips. She whimpers as I did this still thrusting her hips towards my cock trying to slide my cock into her pussy herself. I raise my hand and smack her ass again. She gasps and looks over her shoulder at me.

“If you don't stop that you won't be getting this.” I say in a stern voice, but I know I'm just bullshitting

I rub the head of my cock over her opening, then using just light pressure I ease it into her wet hole. It slides in without resistance, she tenses up as the hot, purple, helmet slides into her. I slowly thrust a few more inches into her. She starts to circle her hips in short fast thrust. I lightly smack her sore ass again. She whimpers at this wanting me to fuck her now, not later. I thrust the final inches into her hot, wet, tight tunnel. Her muscles are gripping my throbbing cock as I just stand there. I feel her muscles gripping my shaft like a glove, trying to milk my thick, hot, creamy seed. She looks over her shoulder staring into my eyes and smiles at me like she has finally won the prize, she's been trying to get all this time.

I look at her red ass and raise my hand; she shakes her head 'NO' and starts to tear up. I just place it over her red ass and rub it. She looks at me, and smiles again. I slowly pull my hips back until only my head is in her, then thrust back in. The feeling makes my knees weak but I'm well supported.

I thrust harder as I hold her hips, moving faster, and faster, feeling her body relax, and accept my hard cock. I feel her pussy getting tighter as I thrust faster and faster. Since she's been a good little slut; I reach around and grab her clit. I start to rub it nice and steady. She arches her back as I thrust faster and rub harder. Her breathing becomes ragged and fast.

She's right on the edge and needs to explode, I thrust faster, and harder. Her tunnel tightens up around my shaft and she goes stiff. Her body starts to shake as I slow my thrust letting her regain her composure. She looks over her shoulder with a look of pure ecstasy. I bend over her, moving the hair that is clinging to her sweaty forehead and kiss it.

“Now it's my turn for pure ecstasy.” I whisper into her ear

I grab her hips firmer and start to thrust slow but steady. Her legs stiffen as my thrust gets harder, her pussy is hot and tight gripping my throbbing cock as I fuck harder. I grab her shoulders to pull her harder onto my cock. She is covered in sweat and moaning with every thrust. I'm almost thrusting her on top of the table, but I don't care I want to fuck her until she can't move. My hips are a blur as I fuck her harder and faster. My balls are slapping her hard throbbing clit with every thrust. She goes stiff, and looks over her shoulder with pure lust in her eyes. I blow her a kiss, and she winks back at me. I feel my balls tense up and I pull out of her.

I pull her up by her shoulders and spin her around. I point down to the ground and she quickly gets on her knees. She is so sexy covered in her sweat and waiting for my throbbing cock. I grab my throbbing shaft and start to stroke it with force. My hand is a bur as I point my cock towards her face. My toes curl up as I feel my huge, thick, creamy load run up my shaft and explode out my cock. The first spurt shoots across her face covering from her chin to her right eye. She moans as the hot liquid hits her face.

My second shot hits her chin and heaving right tit, my other two huge shots cover her left tit and cheek. I slow my stroking just milking the last few drops of my hot load. I reach over and grab my shorts, pulling out my phone and taking a couple of pictures and slowly move over to her. I bend down and untie her hands. She reaches over for the gag, I grab her hands shaking my head 'NO'. She looks into my eyes as I move closer to her ear.

“That's what you get for getting me in trouble at work.”

I stand up and started to put on my clothes, still watching her watch me. She grabbed her robe and wipe the cooling cum off of her face and tits. I walk over after I've got dressed and untie the gag. I kiss her lips and slowly turned to leave as I get to the door of the kitchen I heard her say “ If I get this kind of treatment, maybe I'll get you into trouble more often!”

I turned to look at her with stern eyes and gave her a wicked grin as I left the kitchen, chuckling. At the truck, I heard the front door open and looked over. She had the cum covered robe on with the tie in her hand. I smiled, the blew her a kiss. she bite her bottom lip and gave me a little wave good-bye.

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