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Fantasies fulfilled part 4

Several weeks went by and Matt and Janelle's lives went back to the normal grind of work and everyday things until one Friday afternoon. Janelle had been feeling particularly frisky since getting his text earlier in the day. It simply said, "Your ass looked great in that skirt this morning, babe," but she had been imagining him stealing a quick moment in his office to masturbate to the thought of her tight black pencil skirt and long lean legs in the conservative pumps she had chosen to wear.

She didn't usually dress so formally on a Friday, but she had a big meeting today and so she had worn a crisp, white button-up shirt which was neatly tucked into the skirt and only accentuated her full breasts and narrow waist. She wore a jacket for the meeting, which was now thrown over the back of her office chair. She heard her phone beep and took a look at the text from him, "running late. Sorry"

She was disappointed but wrote back, "see you when you get home," and grabbed her jacket as she headed for the door. She would beat him home for sure, maybe tonight was a good night to set her plan into action....

Matt tried to concentrate as he finalized the details with one of his colleagues. His mind kept wandering though. Janelle hadn't really responded to his text earlier which wasn't like her. She must be pretty preoccupied with that meeting, he thought. Hopefully she wasn't too tired; his thoughts turned back to the tight black skirt.

"Matt. Are we finishing this or putting it off until Monday?" his colleague broke his though.

"No, let's get this done," Matt replied, he hated leaving things unfinished.....

By the time Matt got home it was after eight. She was sitting at the kitchen island on a barstool, sipping a glass of red and reading her iPad. She stopped and turned slightly to give him a kiss. "Hey there, how was your meeting?" he asked and poured himself a glass.

"Good," she responded, getting off her stool to come closer. It was then he noticed that she was still in the skirt, blouse and scarf from this morning. She put both hands on his chest and leaned in for a longer kiss. His hands wrapped around her waist. "Mmmm," she moaned, "I've been waiting for you."

"I can see that." His eyes lingered on her body as he took note of what she was wearing. Janelle grabbed her glass and took a long sip, almost finishing her wine. Her eyes locked onto his seductively. Matt grabbed for his as well, figuring he may not get much chance to drink it if the way she was acting was any indication of just how excited she was to see him.

Janelle took Matt's hand and led him upstairs and to their bedroom. She asked him to sit on the end of the bed. Matt was usually pretty happy to take control, but something told him doing as he was asked would pay off tonight. She stood in front of him and ran her hands along her sides, over her hips and then up along her breasts and to her long, brown hair. She playfully leaned in to give him a kiss but found his cheek instead. Matt reached out to grab her waist and pull her on top of him but she stopped him and pulled away. "You can't touch me," she said somewhat sternly, then she smiled coyly.

"Oh, all right," Matt leaned back to enjoy the view, secretly biding his time.

Janelle unbuttoned each button on her white shirt slowly. Watching him and teasing him with her eyes. Once her shirt was unbuttoned, she slowly pulled off the scarf and let it drop on the bed beside him. She unbuckled her belt and tossed it on the floor. Then she turned around and unzipped the skirt, slowly inching it over her hips and ass. She leaned over giving him a great view of her black thong as she slid the skirt down her legs and stepped out of it. Her black tights held in place by the garter belt she had worn to the club weeks earlier.

"Mmmmm." Matt admired her ass as he reached out. "That reminds me of our trip," he said. But she pulled away before he could touch her. Standing further back now she reached for the shirt and slowly let it slip off her shoulders and onto the floor. The black bra completed the outfit and her lips parted slightly as she slid her hands down her body letting her thumbs slid under each side of the thong. She slid it over her legs and off each foot as she stepped closer to him until she was between his legs.

She reached out for his face now and leaned in to plant a kiss on his lips. "Now you can touch," she whispered playfully. She could see that his pants were bulging and she anticipated him devouring her but he just stood up with her, being careful not to touch her as he did.

He stood face to face with her now, inches fro her face, watching her intently. "Are you done teasing me?" He smiled. She could feel how wet she was now that her attention wasn't on toying with him. She wanted him to reach out and grab her. She needed to feel his skin pressed against hers. But he just stood there waiting.

Janelle leaned in to kiss him and reached for his shirt to unbutton it. He kissed her back but remained motionless otherwise, waiting for her to remove it herself. He knew it was driving her crazy and secretly loved the thought of turning her little game back on her. She opened her mouth, trying to urge something out of him. He pulled back and looked her over. "Fuck, baby, you look great, but you know I hate it when you tease me," he said.

She had to look at his face to make sure he wasn't being serious and she could tell he was playing, but she realized he intended to get her back now. Janelle leaned in with one more soft, playful kiss. "Sorry." She smiled coyly with a wink. But he didn't move. "Please touch me, baby." She pressed herself against his naked chest. He didn't move.

Janelle reached back and unbuttoned her bra letting it slip down her arms and onto the floor. She moved her hips enticingly. "Please," she said as her hand slid toward her now soaking wet pussy.

"Mmmm, yes," Matt responded, smiling now and stroking himself on the outside of his pants. "Lay down for me but don't touch yourself," he said. As Janelle laid down on the bed on her back, Matt looked for the belt on the floor, but noticed her scarf on the bed, even better, he though.

He climbed on top of her, still hardly letting any part of him touch her. He kissed her and her hands wandered all over his broad shoulders and hard chest. She tried to pull him closer but he resisted. He pulled away and took her right hand, stretching it over her head and holding it down with his left hand. He had the scarf in his right hand and he pulled her left arm up to meet to meet the other. He used the scarf to tie her hands together over her head.

Janelle could hardly contain herself. She wiggled and writhed in anticipation of his touch. Matt kissed her mouth lightly, then let his face graze her naked nipples without touching either. By the time his face reached her soaking wet pussy she ached for his touch. "I need you inside me," she moaned.

Matt smiled but continued. When his hands gently pushed her inner legs apart, Janelle let out a loud, "Ohhhhhh, yes Matt." He let his thumbs trace along her wet pussy. "Fuck, Matt, I want your cock inside me." But he watched her intently, with no intention of making it that easy. She was wriggling and grinding her hips into the bed.

He leaned in and let his lips and tongue part her pussy to find her clit while he watched the look on her face. Her back arched from the sudden pleasure and a little "ahh" escaped her lips as she closed her eyes and smiled. He reached up with both hands and his fingers found her nipples as his tongue flicked at her clit. The pure pleasure of his expert tongue was always enough to bring her over the edge but the sudden overwhelming sensation of his hands all over her after he wouldn't touch her left her silent and trembling as she hovered on the brink.

His fingers played until both of her nipples were hard and then he stopped. "I think you like being tied up," he teased.

She smiled and looked right at him now. "God, I want to feel your cock inside me. Matt, please," she begged.

He slid one finger into her pussy, kissing her lips and sliding his left hand up her arm to pin down her tied hands. Janelle licked and sucked his lips, tasting herself and licking her juices from his face. "Mmmm," she moaned.

Matt couldn't help himself. "You miss the taste of pussy don't you?" he teased. She nodded, still sucking on his tongue. "Will you go down on a woman with me at the club?" he asked. "So we can both taste her as she comes."

Janelle let out a loud moan, his finger still deep inside her. He pulled his finger out and let her taste His finger too. Then he slid two fingers inside her. "Maybe I'll tie you up at the club," he said.

She opened her eyes, breathing heavily and moaning, she looked at him hungrily. "Then I'll bring women over to tease you, and let them taste you while you suck my cock and get me hard and ready for your wet pussy." he continued.

"Oh my god, Matt, I'm so close," she screamed. But he pulled his fingers out of her and pulled off his boxer briefs quickly, positioning himself over her. He untied the scarf and reached down to guide his throbbing cock into her dripping pussy. She clutched onto his back. As he thrust in and out of her she thought she would cum for sure but then the sweet ecstasy of her orgasm hovering on the edge of bursting set in as he filled her with every thrust.

"Turn over," he said, close to cumming himself. She turned onto her stomach, lying flat with her legs closed, just the way she knew he loved it. He squeezed his cock between her tight legs as she arched giving him access to her tight pussy. He thrust harder, getting closer himself. Janelle reached down and rubbed her swollen clit against her hand, moaning loudly as she tried to look back to watch him.

The sudden clenching of her entire body, and pulsing of her pussy pushed him over the edge to and he came hard, making sure to stay deep inside her as she continued to cum and twitch in pleasure minutes after.

He collapsed beside her and pulled her in towards him.

To be continued...

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