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Fantasy in the rain

Woman gets fantasy fuflilled in a black cab


Cab Sex


It had been fine when she came out of the office, no need for an umbrella. And now a total down pour, she was drenched and she did not even have a coat on. Time to hail a cab, as the cab pulled up a city gent stepped forward and reached for the handle. Excuse me she said I believe this one is mine, cant we share he asked. For the first time she looked at his face, he had the most striking green eyes. Well why not she found her self-saying. 

In the back of the cab she took the seat with the back to the driver, her companion said I am going a fair distance and need to get there would it be ok for me to be dropped off first, and I will cover your fare as well. Ok she said sounds good to me. She realised her skirt had ridden up a little when she got into the cab, and her black lace stocking tops were showing. Apparently he had noticed judging by the bulge in his trousers he was trying to conceal al of a sudden she was so turned on it was unreal what had come over her.

She decided to really play up and slowly lifted her leg and started to rub his crotch with the heel of her black stiletto, and gently massaged what she presumed was the tip of the bulge. Then ever so softly she prodded his balls through his trousers. He gasped with pleasure and pain all at the same time.

She slipped her hand over her taught hard nipple standing so hard in the coldness of her blouse, and gently started to massage it, she was watching his eyes all the time and could see the surprise in them seeing her playing with her self as she was, she felt her self getting wetter all the time but this wetness was between her legs. Her pussy was nearly dripping and her lips were so swollen with pleasure

She decide to give him a real trill and gently lifted her back side off the seat so she could life her skirt up fully and expose the black silk thong she wore, he was nearly exploding now, the bulge in his trousers was so large. She decided to really give him and her self a thrill. She slipped the material to one side and slipped a finger into her wet swollen pussy, she withdrew it slowly and ever so sensually licked the juices off it. He was almost off the seat now.

She told him just sit and enjoy or it stops now! She unbuttoned her blouse and spr4ead it wide open so he could see her cleavage. Her front clasp bra was next to be opened and then she started to slowly massage both nipples ever so gently, she moaned ever so softly at the touch on her erect nipples. He loved every minute of it.   She moved her hand down between her legs once again and this time removed her thong, and spread her legs so he could get a proper view of her wet swollen pussy lips.

Then she started to massage her own swollen clit the moisture seeping down on to her skirt, and leaving a small wet patch of love juice he could smell her pussy and it was driving him insane. She continued massaging as she felt the climax beginning to build in her, then it was on her and she arched her back as she exploded on to her finger. She let out a slow long moan of ecstasy.

She looked deeply into eye and whispered why don’t you let him have some air, as he must be so uncomfortable in there. He did not need telling twice he unzipped his fly unbuttoned his trousers and pulled them down. His erect cock sprang upwards MM he doest wear boxers she thought. She threw her self forward and took the full length into her mouth an started to suck him so powerfully, all she knew was she needed to taste his spunk in her mouth, as she sucked she slowly massaged his balls gently squeezing as he moaned with pleasure.

She felt his balls tighten Just before she felt his spunk in her mouth she sucked greedily licking the end of his cock feeling him jerk with pleasure, she sucked and licked every last drop of him and then moved up and kissed him ever so passionately, well that was nice he managed to whisper between kisses.He then went on to kiss her again but there lips barely touching, the feeling was electric and she started to want him inside her so badly.

His hand was now on her breast slowly massaging the nipple bringing it to full hardness again, he moved his head downand took the other nipple between his lips and slowly sucked it she was on fire with passion and could feel her self getting wetter all the time. She needed some pussy action.

He must have sensed her wanting as he put his hand between her legs, and he started to massage her clit between two of his fingers, occasionally dropping a little further down and brushing against her swollen wanting pussy even slipping the finger tip in side her every now and again, just to heighten her pleasure and make her want his cock buried inside her so deeply even more.


He laid her on the seat of the cab and plunged his head between her legs and sucked deeply on her pussy, parting her swollen fanny lips with his tongue, thank god there is a courtesy panel and the driver could not see what was going on, then she noticed it was open partly and he could se what was going on. She pushed him off her and reached for her bag, she withdrew a £20.00 note and gave it to the cabbie, close the panel enough so you cant see, don’t mind you listening but you aren’t watching.


She laid back down and he continued to lick her swollen pussy tasting her juices all the time, and licking her with more urgency as he got more and more aroused by the taste of her sex on his tongue. The climax hit her before she even realise it was coming she was so turned on. But that didn’t stop him he kept on licking but started to suck on her swollen clit as well.


God this was heaven she had never felt this turned on in her life before. She felt the second climax as it started to build inn her stomach and slowly exploded into her pussy.He lifted his head up and started to suck on her breasts again slowly talking the nipple between his teeth and ever so gently nipping it and sucking it at the same time, she was in heaven but needed his stiff swollen cock inside her now as she was burning with desire. She pushed him off her and made his sit back in the seat.


She pulled her skirt up fully and slowly lowered her self on to his rampant cock she gasped as the tip parted her swollen lips and eased inside her. The pleasure of him inside her was immense. She started to ride him hard kissing him passionately at he same time there bodies moving as one.She felt his body start to tense as he neared climax, then she felt the hot spunk as it filled her waiting fanny, she climaxed seconds after he had so the pleasure was doubled for both of them.


 That was fantastic was all she could manage to gasp through the pleasure of the climax. MMMM was ok but I recon I can do better. He started to kiss her again and slowly massage her breasts. God he can’t keep going she thought not after what we have just done. And as she looked down she saw his cock was already stating to recover and was nearly ready for action again.


He gently lifted her off him and made her kneel on the seat, with her pussy pointing backwards towards him. He then started to massage her swollen pussy lips with the tip of his cock just parting them enough so she could feel the tip pushing against her clit but never entering her, pleased don’t tease she said just fuck me and fuck me now. Ah so it was ok for you to tease my cock but I cant tease you fanny he said. Doesn’t seem fair to me some how.He kept opening her slit just a little bit with the tip of his cock and gently massaging her swollen clit, as she moaned softly with ecstasy.


Then he sank his cock into her and she let out a moan of pure pleasure, s he started to thrust into her deeper and deeper with each thrust. She felt her self-coming again and this time she felt it all the way as her full body trembled with pleasure, but he had not come yet but his body was tensing as well and he was about to fill her full of come again.


He exploded inside her with a gasp of pleasure, he pulled out of her and moved underneath her and started to lick the juices as they ran from her satisfied pussy. God was there no satisfying this man, she could feel her self-coming again and sat on his mouth so he could lick her more deeply and bring her to full shattering climax one last time.They dressed in silence as they approached his destination, she was breathing so hard and wanted to do it all again, but this time in bed or somewhere more dangerous. He opened the cab door and got out, he held the door for her as any man would for his wife.


They walked away laughing a the poor cabbie only being able to hear but not see and how turned on he must have been. They were right he was turned on and could not wait for his shift to end so he could download the image from the C.C.T.V camera all cabs have now on to his laptop. One of the benefits, of being an owner-driver. You got to keep the security footage all to your self. And this would make an ideal addition to his Porn collection




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