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Fantasy lover

The moonlight shines through the window shining all its beauty. Caressing my skin, as he enters the bedroom. The cold air rushing in sends shivers down my body. His warm caress on my arm as he slides it down. Grabbing my hand kissing every knuckle. As he lays behind me nibbling my ear, and his breath on my neck giving my goosebumps. His hand grabbing my breasts twirling my nipple between his fingers.

I turn to face him capturing his lips with mine. His kiss hot and feverish. Pinning my hands by my head he trails his kisses down my body, slowly and torturing my senses. A smile comes across his lips as he blows air on my nether lips. Capturing them with his mouth sliding his tongue in and out twirling his tongue around my bud. Sending me into ecstasy. As the pressure builds an orgasm rushes through me

"Don't stop, please."

As I grab his hair pressing his face deeper into my pussy. 

"I love your taste," he says as he laps all my juices up.

As I see stars all around me as he brings his body up spreading my legs farther apart. Pinning my hands by my head capturing my lips he enters. He is so big he fills me completely. Feeling full an orgasm rushes through me again sending ripples through my body. I reach for his wrist and bite as he pulls away thrusting. He leans in and bites my neck whispering in my ear.
"Hold on to me."

I wrap my legs around his waist tightly and my arms around his neck as he sits up without leaving my body. His hands grip my ass diggings his fingers in. Moving me up and down, as I bite his neck clawing his neck as I move. 

"Don't stop, please don't stop. "

He stares into my eyes as a smile comes across his face. 

"Never. "

Faster and faster he thrusts. Sending ripples through me. 

"Lean back. I won't let go. "

Releasing my arms from around his neck I lean back. I feel him so different now deeper inside. As my orgasm builds I reach down. Rubbing my clit round and round. Applying pressure as he thrusts. 

"Oh god, don`'t stop... ahhh!"

His growls fill the room as my orgasm milks him. His balls tighten and his growling intensifies as his sweet release shoots inside me. My own orgasm bursts milking him. Laying back down he places me on top of him. Slowing my breathing down he still has not left my body. Still inside.

The smell of sex fills the air. I am not spent yet. Tasting his skin every supple inch. Twirling my tongue around his nipple as I bite my way down his body. His cock hardens as my mouth captures him. Tasting mine and his juices. Sweet heaven in my mouth. Going as far as I can with my mouth sucking and pulling. I love the sound of his growls. More animal than man. I look up staring at his face seeing pleasure written all over.

Quickly I impale myself with his cock. Riding him as I grab his pecs digging my nails in. Biting his neck . He pushes me up grabbing my breasts. Thrusting faster. Faster and faster my pressure building. He grabs my neck holding me against his chest his panting breaths in my ear as he cums.

This time I smile, capturing his lips biting. Laying across his chest totally spent I breathe in his scent. Holding me against him I fall asleep.

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