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Fantasy Lover

Was He Real Or Just A fantasy


Fantasy lover


A picnic what a lovely idea, she was thrilled, why had she not thought of it before. So she set off on her own to little wooded copse she remembered from her child hood. It was just as she remembered it, small and secluded. The sun shone down through the trees and it was alive with wild flowers just the place to spend an hour of peace.

She finished her meal and decided to sun bathe for a short while, as it was such a nice day. She stretches the blanket she had brought with her on the ground, and laid down on it. As she lay there she started to daydream about making love in the grass. Under the hot sun.

Her mind must have wandered further than she intended as she felt her fingers gently caressing her rapidly hardening nipple, her breath started to come in short anxious bursts. She was getting more and more aroused, and let her fingers wander down and gently cares her pubic mound. She was so wet it was unbelievable. She slid one finger between her moist swollen lips and slowly caressed he swollen clitoris. She was lost in the moment when a cough startled her into consciousness.  

A yard away was stood a tall swarthy looking farm hand, his shirt open to the waist his muscular chest was gleaming with sweat. He wiped his forehead with a red bandana, placed it in his pocket, and then smiled. She was shocked but even more aroused than before. Her dress had ridden up and displayed her tanned shapely legs and her white lace underwear. With a tell tale damp area in the middle. And it was obvious by the bulge in his jeans he had noticed and was interested.

A smile from her was all the come on he needed and as he removed his shirt, she realised just how good condition he was in. Every muscle on his toned body shone with sweat and what a body he had. He joined her on the blanket and kissed her but ever so softly, and with a gentleness that surprised her. His lips barely brushed hers but the touch was sensual and erotic. She was all ready aroused but this was something else entirely.

His hand engulfed her breast but the finger that brushed the nipple was as gentle as a feather. He gently massaged the nipple between his fingers; the bud grew even more with erotic excitement. He unbuttoned the top of her dress and slowly lifted her off the ground so he could expertly unhook her bra. He took the nipple in his mouth and sucked ever so slowly and tenderly. HE was gently nipping her nipple with his teeth, and she was getting more and more turned on.

She reached down and unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. His member was swollen and erect, she gasped as it was freed from the confines of his trousers, and the size of it became apparent. She wrapped her hand round the girth and slowly began to massage him. He moaned softly. He ran a hand ever so slowly up her inner thigh, until he reached her crotch. He lifted her off the ground slightly so he could remove her panties.

She let out an involuntary gasp as his finger parted her swollen moist lips, and gently massaged her she started to move her hand more urgently; she wanted to display her pleasure to him. He slid a finger into her just as she was about to climax, the finger entering was the final straw, and she climaxed with a low moan and arched back..His response was to kiss her neck slowly and trace a pattern with the tip of his tongue, all the way to her ear lobe and ever so softly suck on it. His hot breath coming in short bursts on her neck.  

He parted her legs more and positioned him self between them, she was aching to feel his throbbing member inside her and it was going to happen. But no he moved away and lowered his head. He started to lick on the outer edge a little way from the lips, brushing them with the edge of his tongue momentarily every now and again. Ever time he did she gasped with pleasure, as it was as if a small electric shock was passing through her.

Then he parted her lips with his tongue. And started to trace small circular patterns on her clitoris with the tip of his tongue. Then he inserted his tongue inside her. This was heaven, she could not believe it was this good. Then he used his finger at the same time his finger inside her and his tongue massaging her. When she climaxed she felt was never going to end.

He kissed her and she tasted her self on his lips it was such a turn on, she pushed him down and slowly ever so gently licked the tip of his enormous swollen member. She licked the head and tasted the salty musky taste on the end of her tongue. She fell on his swollen member and sucked greedily. He moaned softly as she sucked him in. And she felt the climax building in him, at that point he stopped her. Without a word he brought her head up and slowly kissed her softly and with a gentleness that hid the passion he was feeling.

He lifted her as easily as she may have lifted a child, and brought her sex into contact with his mouth. He greedily sucked licked her and penetrated her with his tongue all at he same time. She was writhing with ecstasy and passion. This was better than she had ever had before in her life. She felt her self-coming, just as he stopped and lifted her clear. She was disappointed until he smiled and placed her back again. He was purposely prolonging the agony. He started to lick again and as he felt her muscles start to tighten he pulled her down on to his eager lips harder, so he could please her more. She climaxed with a force she had never felt before..

Her climax had barely finished when he picked her up and bent her over the picnic table and took her from behind. His member was at least 9 inches long and so thick. But he entered her so gently it took her breath away the pleasure was so immense. His strokes became more urgent as he pushed into her further and further. She could feel every muscle inside her gripping him as he thrust into her. Every nerve inside her was on fire with passion. He placed his rough calloused hands on her breasts teasing the nipples to hardness she had never experienced before.

The pleasure was so immense at first she did not notice the climax building within her. It started in her stomach as a dull feeling. And grew in size into a massive pressure wave a crescendo of passion, she climaxed just as he exploded inside her with a moan of pleasure, she felt his juices mingling with her own. A perfect end to the act they had just enjoyed.

She was laid on the grass exhausted, a spent force. The juices of their love making warming her still swollen lips as they slowly seeped out of her. She woke to find the sun setting, and realised it all had been a fantastic dream, a wonderful day dream a fantasy to remember forever.

It was only when she stood up she noticed the red bandana!


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