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Fantasy sex

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Dream Lover
She wets her lips with her tongue at the thought of taking his huge hard cock into her mouth. 
Her pussy is pulsating with pleasure thinking about the pounding that she is going to get by his hard cock. In her mind she is already on her knees in front of him, looking at him, telling him with her face that she is going to give him the best oral sex of his life.

When he arrives at her home, after a few glasses of wine together, she makes her fantasy become a reality, as she takes his hard cock into her mouth and begins sucking it. She grabs it with one hand and moves her mouth up and down his long thick shaft.

When he is close to coming, she finishes him off, hard firm and fast with her hands, and begs him to come all over her small firm breasts. He does, and she takes the rest of his warm liquid in her mouth, sucking and licking every bit from his cock and enjoying all of it.

After taking a long nap and thinking it was all a dream, she wakes up to find his hard cock right next to her. Digging into her back. She gets up and moves over to her bedroom desk. She bends over for him to take her from behind.

She doesn't have to tell him how she likes to be fucked, he just knows and gives her the hard rough fucking she's been craving. He grabs her breasts and squeezes them so hard it hurts her with pleasure. The sensations of his touch sends shivers all over her body and down into her clitoris.

She can't hold back her frustration and lets out a loud moan and pants loudly with pleasure.
She pushes her bottom into him. He grabs her tighter and pushes his hard cock into her deeper and deeper, then rubs her clitoris with his manly hands. She loves it and begs him for more. She turns to face him and kisses him passionately. Throbbing from all the fucking she begs him to go down on her, and make her come. He spreads her legs wide open and begins licking her wet pussy. Long licks up and down slowly circling her clitoris with his tongue.

Next he pushes two fingers inside her wet hole. Then licks and kisses her slowly as he slide's he's fingers in and out of her. She moans with pleasure. No man has ever gone down on her before, and it feels so damn good. He licks her until she comes, she's sweating hot. 

The two embrace with a long loving kiss. She begins to wonder whether she's falling for him, in a way she has never felt before. He hugs her gently, and tells her he has to go to work.

She nods, and before she can say anything, he is gone without a goodbye. Her body falls onto the bed and she basks in the glory of what has just happened. Normally there would be feelings of guilt, but not today. She cherishes every moment with this man and couldn't care less about what he feels for her. 

She doesn't bother to think about the questions that she usually asks herself after sex. Two weeks on from the hot sex, her telephone rings, her intuition is right, its him. He asks if he can see her again. His tone is so cool and collected she can't say no.

The phone is dripping with soapy suds, as she has just come out of the shower, and is wearing nothing but a short silky dressing gown. Her nipples are visible. Should she change and put something more appropriate on? She thinks to herself for a moment. Then she smiles sweetly and doesn't bother.

She can't resist touching her smooth self at the thought of him leering at her chest. He has been on her mind all week. She's been longing for his hard long cock, and with that thought she begins rubbing herself and feeling how wet she is down below.

She is about to come, when he knocks at the door. She pulls her dressing gown around her shoulders to cover herself. She opens the door. He's there smiling at her. That cool smile.

His so calm, knowing exactly what his going to get. She lets the robe fall open and exposes herself to him. In full view of him she rubs her breasts and licks her lips. He just stares then walks in through the door. She rubs his cock through his pants, takes off her robe, and opens her legs for him. He fucks her right there and then, up against the wall. She loves it and can't get enough of him. She begs him to squeeze her breasts. He does so, then carries her to the bedroom.

After a rough fucking session he comes inside her. They vow never to tell.

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