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Fantasy Stripper

Sexy night in a strip club with a hot stripper!
Fantasy Stripper

I’m sitting here in the foggy haze; there is a loud steady beat banging in my head. As I look around I start to see shapes and movement. The loud banging is starting to become more of a rhythm, it's music! It's loud thumping music, I could hear it blaring through some speakers. I can start to see the faint shapes of other people sitting around tables. This place is so foggy and dark, where could I be?

I was quickly brought back to my senses as a beautiful and sexy woman approached me. She set a drink down on the table and asked if I needed anything else. She smiled as she turned to walk away, and I couldn’t help to notice her beautiful ass. Black thong stretched up between two perfectly rounded firm cheeks, black garters framing the sides and attaching to her stockings. Black boots with high heels, her perfect ass swaying as she walked back into the haze.

I could hear the music changing and then bright lights lit up a stage. I could see you, slowly making your way to the front of the stage. You were looking so mysterious, wearing a long trench coat and a gangster style hat. You kept your head tilted down; your hair was pulled up into the hat. Your hands were in the pockets and all I could see of you was the bottom part of your face and your high heels. As you reached the front of the stage you stopped, the anticipation was filling the room. No one was moving and no one was making a sound.

I could see your body moving slowly under the trench coat, your hips swaying from side to side with the music. Slowly you started to move about the stage, so sexy and seductive. You danced to the beat of the music and slowly, you untied the trench coat. As you danced and strutted about the stage, your trench coat would come open, giving everyone a peek at what you were wearing underneath. You moved so sexually around the stage as you reached the shiny brass pole in the middle. You grabbed the pole with your right hand and then you wrapped you right leg around the pole. As you slid up and down the pole, I watched as more of your stocking covered leg became exposed.

I watched as your left hand reached out and started to slide up your right leg. Starting down by your black high heel and slowly running up your calf, then across your inner thigh and into the split of the trench coat. You rocked your hips as it you were riding that big shiny brass pole, grinding your hot mound against the cold steel. Up and down I watched your body slide, your head tilted back. You moved around the pole dancing and gyrating up hips, your moves were so sexy and smooth.

You moved to the front of the stage, and I watched as you slowly peeled the trench coat down your body. As the trench coat fell to the floor, more and more of your amazing body came into view. You had a beautiful body, very firm and fit. You looked to be around 5’8” in your 5” heels, black lacy bra, black lacy string panty, a matching black garter belt and black stockings. You looked to have every firm and large breast, probably at least a d-cup. You raised you hand and took off your hat. Your beautiful wavy hair fell down around your shoulders. Your eyes were dark and mysterious, so sexy, so deep; your lips were full and painted red. Your body had great curves, and your muscles were firm and toned. You were the sexiest woman I had ever seen.

You started to gyrate around on stage and I thought I could see you looking right at me through the thick haze. You couldn’t be though, why would you be looking at me? Just then you threw your hat through the crowd. Right at me your hat came; I caught it and laid it on my table. I watched as you danced around in your lingerie, your body was flawless. You undid your bra and I watched as it fell to the floor, your tits were perfect. Nice and firm, beautiful colored areolas, and hard little nipples. You sank to your knees as you rubbed and pinched your own nipples. Your nipples hardened even more and it looked like you were getting very turned on. You slid your hand down your body and rubbed the mound of flesh between your legs.

My cock twitched in my pants and I could feel it starting to swell as I watched you touch yourself. You crawled around the stage collecting money from all the people sitting there. I sat back and watched you dancing for them, I could see your eyes and watched as you kept looking over at me, see if I was watching or not. I could see all the guys trying to touch you or rub you as they placed the bills in your garter or the waist of your panties. I wanted to run over to the stage, but knew I should play it cool. I sat there and kept watching you watch me, waiting on me to make my move. You continued to dance around, I loved watching you, you danced sexier then I have ever seen anyone move.

As your last song ended I watched you walk back into the haze and you disappeared into the back of the stage. I continued to watch the other dancers dance and the guys feeding them money. The waitress kept most of my attention walking around shaking her beautiful ass. I sat watching the waitress walk away again when I saw you coming through the crowd. You had to make your stops at tables along the way, not hanging out too long. You walked up and ask if you could join me, I said sure and you proceeded to sit with me.

You were wearing the same thing as you had on before on stage minus the hat, I still had that. We talked a bit and as the next song came on you got up and started to dance in front of me. You had the trench coat undone and I could watch your body has it moved before me. You straddled my legs and started to give me a great lap dance. You grabbed my hands placed them on your hips, and I looked up at you with a cautious eyes.

“Don’t worry babe, this trench coat will keep anyone from seeing anything”

I smiled and started to touch and feel your body, I could feel the heat radiating from your skin and the smell of your perfume. I started to run my hands up and over the firm flesh of your breast. They were so firm and so soft at the same time. I could feel your nipples swelling under the thin fabric of the bra. You pulled my head to your chest and I kissed and licked my way around each of your magnificent breast. I pulled your bra down and sucked on your nipples, feeling them harden in my warm mouth. You pressed your body closer to me and I could feel the heat of your pussy as you ground your mound into the bulge in my pants.

You pulled you body away from mine and continued to dance on my lap. You stood up and leaned over me and told me to slide down in my chair. As I did this you crawled up on me, one knee on each side, pushing your breast into my face. I wasted no time in licking and sucking on your hardened nipples again. You started to slide down my body, letting your hair drag across my skin. You slid down to the floor beneath me. Your hands were rubbing my thighs, getting closer to the growing bulge at me crotch. As your hands ran across my swelling cock, you looked up at me and slowly licked your lips. Your hands skillfully undid my pants, and you looked up at me as you pulled my zipper down. Your hands slid into my pants and pulled out my semi erect cock. I raised my hips a little and you pulled my pants down far enough to expose all my cock. You wrapped your hand around my swelling member, pre cum started to coat the head and you stroked your fist up and down. You moved your head over me and I felt your warm breath on me. I felt the warm wetness of your tongue as you licked the tip; I could feel your lips sliding over the shaft and knew I was in your mouth.

Your head bobbed up and down as you worked my growing shaft deeper into your throat. I could feel your wet tongue sliding around the head of my cock. I felt the head of my cock pushing against the back of your throat; I could feel your throat gagging around my shaft. I felt you pull up a little and then push back down, forcing my cock into your throat. What a great feeling, I could not believe I was sitting here with this sexy woman sucking my cock in the back of a club. I looked over to my right and saw the sexy waitress from earlier; she was leaning against the end of a counter. She was watching us, she had one hand inside her panties rubbing her pussy while she squeezed and pinched her nipples with the other hand.

My cock started to twitch in your throat, knowing we were being watched was too much. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I grabbed your head and pushed your mouth down even further. My hips pushed up and I felt my cock explode in your mouth, spurt after spurt of hot stocky cum was shooting down your throat. You throat squeezing more and more cum from my balls each time you swallowed. I could feel my cum and your saliva running down around my cock. As my cock stopped filling your belly with it cum, you raised you head and started to suck and lick the remaining cum from my cock and balls. You put my cock back in your mouth and gave it a few good sucks to make sure it stayed hard.

You raised your body up and straddled my legs, I watched as you moved the crotch of your panties aside and placed your hot pussy right over my hard cock. You moved your pussy back and forth across my cock, working it into your swollen lips. As your pussy opened up, you lowered your body down, pressing my cock up into your warm wet pussy. I could feel the walls of your tight pussy gripping at the shaft of my cock as it pushed further and deeper into you. I watched as you bit your lip, trying to silence the pleasure that you could feel building inside you. As your pussy finally stopped pushing down, my cock buried deep in your belly. You sat still for a minute, your eyes glazed over with lust, you pussy pulsing around my thick cock.

Slowly you started to grind your hips around, moving my cock around inside your wet pussy. Rocking back and forth, I could feel my cock pressing against your deepest parts. You were gasping each time you rocked, feeling my cock pressed against your inner walls. You reached up and pulled your bra down, exposing you hard nipples. Anyone looking back at us would just think I was getting a lap dance with you trench coat covering us. I reached up and started to pinch and twist your nipples, I pulled you to me as I took each one into my warm mouth. I could feel the sweat building up on your skin, and I could feel the moistness of your pussy running down my shaft. You were going to cum; I was going to make you cum right there in front of everyone.

I started to raise my hips, pushing my cock deeper in to you each time you rocked forward. You closed your eyes and started to rock back and forth faster and faster, grinding you hot pussy down on my cock. Closer and closer we were getting, I could feel my cock swelling up even more inside you. I put my hands on your hips and started to pull you down on me even more, keeping us glued together. Your hips rocking and my cock thrusting in and out, this was amazing. I watched as your beautiful body started to shake, your tight little pussy was starting to spasm. I couldn’t take anymore, my cock swelled one last time and then a huge blast of hot cum shot up deep inside of your hungry pussy. The feeling of my cum shooting against the back of your pussy set you off on a huge climax. Your pussy was squeezing and milking my cock of all the cum I could give you. Blast after blast of hot cum filled your pussy, I could feel our mixed juices running back out of you around my shaft.

I didn’t think I would ever stop cumming, every blast of hot cum seemed to send you deeper into your own climax. Our bodies were heaving and we were panting, it was the most amazing feeling ever. As we both stopped cumming, you slowly stood up over me. Adjusting your bra and panties back to cover yourself, you turned and without a word you walked back into haze of smoke and fog. I could hear the music beating load again. Could this have been real?

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