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Farm Girl 2...........(20 Year Class Reunion)

My high school prom date and I light the fire again at our 20 year reunion.
Following the summer of  '83 Eddie went away to college and I remained home on the farm and attended a local college taking up business. Throughout Eddie's four years of college we remained in contact and went out together on various holidays when he came home and also during the summer months. Regardless of what the future held, Eddie and I were glued for life. 

During those years I also met Tom and though we were not under any commitment to each other we went out together a lot and became extremely good friends. Kind of a funny thing I guess. We had the relationship that two best friend girls would have. We shared with each other our thoughts, hurts, joys, concerns .... Well?...everything.  Tom and I learned a deep friendship before we realized that we had fallen in love with each other.  It is a quality that has always kept us strong.

So, in 1987 Tom and I married and in 1989 Eddie and Jill married. I was happy for Eddie to have Jill. They went on to have two children while Tom and I remained childless. Tom and Eddie became good friends and remain that way to this very day.

It has been no secret to Tom or Jill that Eddie and I both jokingly and seriously considered each other as "first loves". It was just simply a fact and we all knew it.

When mine and Eddie's twenty year reunion rolled around in 2003 it was Tom who suggested that the four of us go to it together. We had never gone to any of them. I never really had any desire to. (Tom and Jill were not members of our class). So we registered to attend.

The four of us loved dancing. I always knew that who ever I married better love dancing or be willing to watch other men throw me around fast and hold me tight slow. But Tom became the perfect dance partner for me as did Jill for Eddie. As the date approached I told Jill, "Jill, I'm on a mission. You and I and our guys are going to be the talk of the dance. The uniform of the night will be the sexiest skirt you've got." Jill seemed fine with the plan.

So...the date arrived and the four of us attended the banquet and then went on to the dance. It is interesting what you learn at reunions. Who did or didn't become successful, who married who, who looks different, etc. It was amusing how several guys called me 'Farm Girl' and I heard girls calling Eddie 'Nerdie'. There was no sarcasm but rather a tone indicating, 'Hey sorry about the name calling in high school'.

We had a BLAST during the dance! We didn't need our table and chairs. We were on the floor all evening swinging and dancing. I felt so good and Tom didn't mind when a classmate (who in school would have little to do with me especially when their girlfriend was around) would ask me for a dance. Their wives watched us very closely.

During a band break the chairman of the reunion committee made some announcements. One was to let it be known that the reunion account was $300 in the red and that they were going to sell some 50/50 tickets to raise some funds. Jill and I were looking around and couldn't find Tom or Eddie. Then we noticed that it was just women in the dance hall.......all the guys disappeared. I told Jill, "There is either a fight in the parking lot or there's a snake in the woodpile."

One of the other women made a comment that the men's room was packed and guys standing outside waiting to get in. Ten minutes after the music had started up again Tom and Eddie made their way back to us. "Well", I said to them, "I've heard of crowds gathering at the ladies room but never that much commotion at the men's room! What was that all about?"

Tom and Eddie were laughing uncontrollably. Tom was holding a fist full of money in front of my face and said, "Eddie and I came up with a plan to offset the $300 shortage that the reunion committee is fretting about." Waving the money in front of my face Tom continued, "My dear Sue, tonight at 11PM sharp some very lucky winner will be receiving a lap dance from none other then.......YOU!"

"WHAT?!" I screamed as Jill joined in laughing with the guys.

"That's right my love", Tom continued, "At 10:30 sharp the winning number will be posted on the wall in the men's room and the winner will have from 11:00 until 11:15 to claim his prize.  The sign that we hung in the men's room says, 'Help defray the reunion a lap dance from Farm Girl..$20.00' "

For some insane reason I was beginning to get amused about this crazy plan. "Okay, but how much did I make for this great cause?" I asked.

Eddie responded, "At $20.00 a ticket we pulled in $940. Tom we should go turn in the money to the chairman." So that is what they did.

As the evening went on more and more of the wives found out what was going on and didn't let their husbands more then two feet from them. At 10:30 Tom and Eddie went into the men's room and had someone pull a ticket from the bucket. Tom wrote the winning number on a paper towel and taped it on the sign. Men began sneaking in to check their number and as they came out their wives were waiting on them.

Then the magic hour of 11PM arrived and guess what ...... No one claimed the prize! But let it be known that the reunion fund got out of the red and now has a $640 jump on the next reunion!

Following the dance the four of us went out to a late spot to catch something to eat and just hang out for an hour or so. Then we all went home and I was really tired but Tom wouldn't give me any peace until ....... well, you know ...... I gave him a piece!

The next day I offered Tom to come with me over to the farm to visit Daddy and Mama and to go out for a horse ride. Tom wanted to get a few things done so he told me to go on ahead myself.

I went out for about a two hour ride and returned to the barn where I unsaddled 'Renegade' and began brushing him down. Startled by a noise I stood up and turned around and with my heart pounding found myself standing face to face with Eddie. "NERDY !" I yelled. "You nearly scared the crap out of me!" But at the same time I was so glad to see him.

"What's up?" I asked.

From his left pocket he pulled out a ticket and said, "Since no one claimed last nights prize I thought that you should be required to keep your part of the arrangement."

Teasing him I said, "You bought a ticket for me to give you a lap dance? How would we know if a second ticket had been drawn that you would have won?"

"Well, if this was not the winning ticket then maybe one of these would have been", he said pulling two more tickets from his right pocket.

"Nerdy !! You bought three $20 tickets?" I asked amused.

"No", he answered, "I bought this one, Tom bought this one, and Jill bought this one and they gave them to me so that I would have three chances to win and I am now declaring myself the winner." Damn!!! Talk about instant wet panties!!!

I took Eddie by the hand and led him, yep you guessed it, up the steps to the hay loft and laid out some saddle blankets. Then I turned around slowly where he stood waiting directly in front of me.

Eddie took me firmly into his arms. Wrapping them tightly around me the way he knew I liked to be held. Giving me no chance to escape .... me having no desire to escape .... holding and pressing the side of my head against his chest .... his rapid heartbeat telling me what I already had known .... had things been different .... had other things not transpired ....had timing been different .... had circumstances been different .... it would have been Eddie and I today.

Don't get me wrong! Tom is my man and I love him so much and he returns his love to me abundantly. Tom is probably one of very few men who could tolerate me long term. I can't even imagine my life without Tom.

Jill and Eddie? Same thing .... they love each other, they are so compatible together, and they love life together so much.

The four of us have remained close for many years. We go out together, party together, share each others family occasions , etc.

But never! Had Eddie and I the opportunity to get together like this since we all had gotten married. And to think that it was arranged by my husband and Eddie's wife!

While holding each other our body heat collided and our hearts were racing. I felt his hardness pressing against me. His cock wanting to escape it's confinement. Oh Baby! There's no getting around it. I'm going to get laid!

"Oh Eddie!" I said almost crying, "If only you knew how often I remember our 'after prom' dance, the next day when we came up here in the loft and that first night of many that we spent up on the hill at the fire pit."

"So do I Sue", Eddie responded, "How often I remember how you broke me free from my timid life and how you became the first real excitement for me to experience."

I slid down to my knees and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers releasing his gorgeous shaft. There it was preserved in time so handsome and groomed. Looking up deeply into his eyes said, "Oh Baby! Baby! flashback 1983!" Good ole' lucky Jill must be taking real good care of this thing. Shaved shaft and balls and the rest neatly clipper trimmed. Mmmmm Yummy!

Cupping his balls in my hands I took the head of his cock into my mouth ever so gently trying to barely touch it with my mouth and tongue. While doing this Eddie removes his shirt .... Mmmmm yeah Baby! There he is totally naked and I still have everything on. Then at the same time I tighten my mouth grip on him and tease his ass opening with my index finger causing him to jerk forward feeding his shaft deep into my throat. Pumping him wildly with my mouth and sucking him strongly and pulling his balls he gasps ever so loudly and places his hands on both sides of my head guiding me with each stroke of my head on his rod wanting me to suck the juice right out of him.

I removed my mouth and stood up in front of him while I kept one hand wrapped around his throbbing shaft. Eddie unbuttoned my shirt and let it drop as he then unhooked my bra. He passionately kissed my neck and worked his way down to my breasts and feasted on me as I handled his cock.

When we seperated I pushed on him to sit down on the blanket and to lay back. Pushing his legs apart I knelt between them and with both hands played with his toy while locking deep eye contact with him for several seconds. I lowered myself down to take him into my mouth again glancing up at him frequently locking eyes.

Eddie props himself up onto his elbows watching me intently, gritting his teeth, gasping for any air he can suck into his lungs as I perform more and more aggresively. With my hand I am touching myself through my shorts and while savoring his meat in my mouth slide my other hand up his chest and on to his mouth where he begins sucking and raking his teeth on my fingers. I can take it no longer and begin to cum in my shorts feeling so hot and flushed and causing me to jerk so wildly that I almost bit the very thing that had sent me into another demension.

Standing up again I removed my shorts and panties teasingly as I could. Eddie and I remained focused on each other with eyes locked. Mmmmm the feel of the air and Eddie's stare almost make me cum again.

Stepping on each side of Eddie's hips he brings his legs together as I lower myself down on my knees. Lowering myself down but instead of allowing him to enter me I sit on him with his shaft in front of me pressing against my tummy. A quick expression of disappointment appears on his face. He was anticipating a soothing entry into me but good ole' Eddie must realize that I am far from finished with him.

I wrapped my right hand around his shaft and leaned slightly forward with my other hand on his chest. Beginning an up and down motion of my body fucking him with my hand. Sssssss Mmmmmm Baby, the throbbing kick and heavy pulse of his monster in my hand, feeling the moistness the excitement is producing in him. Looking deep into his face I sense the control that I have over him. My hand that was resting on his chest I bring back touching myself and bringing myself to forcefully cumming again. Mmmmm Baby! How hot Eddie makes me. My mind races with thoughts of all the ways I want to have him! Knowing that I was cumming again Eddie blurts out in broken gasps, "Oh Sue! You tease me so good!" Trying to catch my breath I can't respond. My flushed face and deep breathing and sighing will have to do to express to him what he is doing to me.

Leaving go of him I walk my knees up both sides of his chest. He slips his arms under my thighs so that I can clear his shoulders and looking straight into his eyes present his face with my hot steaming pussy begging for his attention. Placing his hands on my lower back he pulls me tighter towards his stretching tongue. Twitching his tongue frantically and deeply inside of me I grind myself against his face while the same time reaching my hand behind me pulling on his unattended cock.

"Mmmmmmm Baby", I yelled, "This isn't going to last long! Oh Eddie you animal! Eddie I'm going to cum! Oouuuu Baby! I'm cumming!" Eddie lapped and lapped his face against me taking all of me that he could get. (Damn! I'm getting so hot just typing this and remembering!)

Working my knees back down the sides of his body I lean forward to place my chest in his face. "Kiss my tits Eddie! Kiss them Baby", and he does so ever so gently and perfectly. My nipples harden and I use my hands to place them in his face alternately. This was feeling so good but no longer could I resist his cock that was throbbing and swaying and becoming more and more impatient.

Looking Eddie in the eyes again I slid further down and raised up my body so that my hot, dripping, hungry pussy was positioned directly above the winning lap dance ticket holder.

"Oh Eddie Baby it's time for me to give you your winning dance! Mmmmm Baby I want you so bad!" Slowly I lowered myself down to feel the head of his love muscle slit the lips of my eager opening. Taking him down slowly and watching him watch me melt in his presence. Both of us sharing the same thoughts of ecstacy and escalating passion. Not able to stand it any longer I began riding his cock hard and fast but trying to fight bringing him to climax yet.

Everytime I feel him swelling to cum I slow my stroke causing him to push and grind himself towards me desperately. "I know Baby! I want to and I'm ready too! I just want to hold as long as we can! Oh Eddie Doll, you feel so wonderful to me!" I lean forward to reach my lips to his as we kiss each other. His breath steaming hot with mine as we wrestle our tongues together.

"Okay Baby!" I said, "This is it Eddie! Here we go!" Riding him full strokes as I raise and lower myself. Watching him gaze at my tits swaying above his face. Riding faster and harder, "Mmmmmmmm Baby! .... Eddie here we go! Oh Eddie! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh Baby!!!" We both start cumming violently. When Eddie's cock exploded it felt like a fist punching me. "Mmmmmmm Baby! .... Give me all of it Doll! Mmmmmmmm YEAH!" I screamed as I squeezed my body around his cock milking every last drop of him.

Exhausted I lean forward on his chest not letting him pull out of me yet. "Hold me Eddie! Hold me tight! Mmmmm Luv, this was so good!"

Lifting my face directly in front of his I said, "Eddie, I will always have a love for you!" and in response Eddie replied, "My Sue! I will always love you too!"

Reluctantly I raised myself allowing him to drop out of me. We dressed and straightened up the loft and went downstairs to exit the barn. As we did the horses gave us a strange look!

That evening the four of us went out for dinner and then over to the bar side of the resturaunt to hang out together at a table and talk. On the surface we all acted as if nothing had happened, yet all knowing that something had happened. Tom raised his glass and said, "To those wonderful happy days". We all raised our glasses to toast. Tom leaned over and kissed me as Jill kissed Eddie. Eddie threw me a glance as I did to him in return. Our brief eye contact acknowledged the mutual thought that we both had fullfilled a desire.... a long awaited moment of passion but also knowing that most probably would never happen again.

WHAT? "never happen again?!!!! "Who said that? Hey! This is my story! Who says it will never happen again? Where did that come from?

As we sat there thoughts went through my head thinking that sometimes I wish I could be more of a normal woman. To just have a normal sex drive. Right when I thought that I felt Tom's hand under the table sliding up my thigh in my skirt. Mmmmmm! What's Tommy Baby got on his mind tonight? Okay, forget that comment I said about wanting to be a normal woman. I take it back!!

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