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An intriguing and mysterious open-ended short story of desire, obsession, love and condemnation.
Fawn was a lovely Asian girl aged twenty. She was named after a the same animal her mother once saw in her past travels in the West, and perhaps the mother, naming the serious-eyed girl so, had a premonition of how her daughter’s stillness and her slim beauty would develop through her teenage years. She indeed grew to look like a fawn, and possessed doe eyes and a small, exquisitely molded face along with long limbs. 

Fawn was restless for life to begin and was choked by the daily grind of schools, and classes, pettiness and overall weariness of dealing with the lecturers, officials and bureaucrats. She even hated the college grounds, though they were set in lavish scale in the middle of the city. Perhaps she just felt dead in her senses due to the constant onslaught of modern city life that made her want to escape. 

Fawn yearned to break free, and so decided to go on an extended trip alone to commune with nature before she began the last semester of college. She lived in a Southeast Asian country that was shaped as a mango, and it was blessed with many, many islands boasting white sandy beaches that were constantly flocked by foreigner tourists. She knew she would never be able to have any time to herself after she graduated school and began her career. Anyway, it was the perfect time. It was summer, and the east coast oceans were especially beautiful at this time. 

Her parents were worried yet they trusted her decision, and let her go with full promise that she would come back before the year ended. She was a good girl and had never caused them worry. So it was an April morning when, with her huge luggage of needful things, she traveled across the country to the East coast. 

After many days of dusty rides in bumpy noisy buses endured far into the early hours of the morning, Fawn stopped in a sleepy little town that served as a ferry to the island in a state next door. She bought a ticket, and waited for the ferry to come by and take her away to her new living place. 

She stepped off her ferry to the little East coast island in the early cooling morning at 6am, and at the first few minutes of walking she completely fell in love all over again. She had once visited the little island before, and knew the entire place by heart. Fawn was a simple girl who loved natural beauty, and so she slowly felt herself coming alive. 

She could breathe as deeply as she wanted, and was rewarded with the thin, pristine clean air of the island. The sun did not come up yet, and all was dark, cool and afresh with dewy droplets and overall wet lushness about the entire island.  

The island was simple and was more like a fisherman’s village and less like a tourist spot. In reality it was crawling with foreigners, but the island charmingly managed to sidestep the garishness and consumer-friendly ugliness that usually dogged such areas. Indeed, the island was not affected by the onslaught of beach chalets and huts, rather the tourism scene was absorbed into the simplicity of beach living and everything became rusticated instead as if by force of nature. 

There was no gaudiness of color and structure but a washed-up, beached look in everywhere Fawn looked. The colors of the plants, flowers, sand and sky, however, stood out glaringly in their intensity of color in contrast to the faded wood. 

The air was salty and clung to the wood houses and chalets that dotted the sandy slope-y landscape. There was a charm to the rows and rows of simple and sweet local flowers that Fawn knew and used to love as a child, and these little buds lined the roughly made concrete walkway that snaked throughout the islands. All vehicles were banned except for motorcycles (also called mopeds by the foreigners), to Fawn’s ineffable joy. 

The local people were of her very own, and they were the typical easy-going, god-fearing kind who adhered strictly to faith, yet let others outside their belief do as they wished and yet be treated with kindness and respect at all times. 

Thus some of the marauding young travelers and their drunken debaucheries which happened from time to time through the night disturbed the peace, but were politely ignored and taken no offense of by the islanders, though in their hearts they thought such corrupt activities as immoral and ungodly. 

So with the island’s possibilities before her, a happy Fawn sought for work at once. She needed some regularity in her life to be able to properly enjoy herself. At the very first chalet she saw, she came up to the proprietor and asked to be given a job, any job. 

The young man observed her serious, still expression and gave her the position of housekeeping. He was not even aware she was a local girl until she spoke in their native language a little later after, whereby the man gave a start and looked at her more closely. Her skin was brown enough, but her large doe eyes and skimpy dress did not adhere to what was accustomed to expect of his fellow kinswomen. 

Fawn had enough money of her own to keep her in simple means for more than a year. She was quite free to stay wherever she liked but in the end, she sought to live in the simplest and cheapest she saw. She had idly walked a little through the entire cove until she reached the very end of the parts of the island. 

Fawn came across an idyllic little hut at that very last corner, where the wooden windows opened up to a teeming jungle with weird, random sounds of the rainforest. Before, she had never lived remotely close with nature. In her new life, she lived right next to it. In the mornings, she imaged with a happy heart that she would sniff the salty air and the fresh green scent of the teeming forest beside her hut to greet her. 

She saw dark slumbering beetles lining the wooden, splintery balcony and she decided this would be her living spot. After a conversation with the operator at the front desk (bamboo stilts holding up a smooth plywood plank), she got her keys and an arrangement of a 2 month stay in her little hut.  

Fawn was a lover of sleeping in the nude. She decided that it was quite private and all right to be as she liked in the chalet of this sleepy little island, and did so. So every night, she opened all her windows and took off all her clothes before bed. A boy she had once met and fallen in love with taught her the pleasure in feeling your own skin touching the bedclothes.  
Fawn would have never had the idea that during those cooling nights at bed in the chalet, she would be watched almost every night by a group of boys, men and even an elderly religious chief or two. The island was in reality a haven for peeping toms, and the villagers have been spying on almost all of their transient foreigner neighbors for decades, or even centuries. 

It was the local men’s sporting activity and since they sincerely believed they did not hurt their victims of their voyeuristic escapades, they thought themselves innocent and blameless bystanders. Boys would be caught peeping alongside the men, and they would not be chastised. 

The boys and men had first saw the slim, serious-eyed girl walking around the beach on her very first day, and after a few inquiries and observations in characteristically nosy fashion of village folks, they came to know where she lived, and soon enough they would all be intimately acquainted with her nightly routines.

During the day, the men and boy spies were always pleasant with her. They were gentle and asked many questions, sometimes kidding her with harmless jokes just to see her serious expression break apart into a lovely smile. The island people had their share of foreigner weirdos and cuckoos that stayed in the beach huts and provided endless nocturnal material for fun and laughs, but Fawn was novelty to them because she was a local girl of the country, and so thus was the reason their curiosities sharpened like never before.  

At first, her short dresses, simple tops and cotton shorts repelled them. It offended their sense of propriety and they did not approve. But soon enough they came to know her simple good manners and quiet ways, and did not mind so much. 

Fawn would always enjoy the beach naturally with her favorite white swimsuit, which was far more modest than what many of the other Western tourists wore but was still deemed a scandalous outrage to the local islanders at first. But, by the end of the first week of her stay they did not find it so dirty and even accepted her foreigner ways with parent-like indulgence. 

It was how she was raised, they said to themselves. She was not a loose girl. She was just a city girl. It was just the way she was raised to dress. She did not even have the courtesy to put on a T-shirt on top of her swimsuit, but she was not to blame. The men and boys would continue to watch her for days and weeks on end. 

In the beginning, the few men and boys who had initially began watching her during her first few days would be delightfully shocked when she would unceremoniously take off her pajamas and ease into the bed completely in the nude. She did so in an entirely natural fashion and did not seem uncomfortable at all to be fully naked in her little hut. 

But because her movements and actions were somewhat innocent and graceful, she was forgiven for her loose-like bedside manners. She was a beauty, and rather than condemning her foreigner-like ways as they were wont to do, the boys and men became further obsessed with her and her paradoxical nature of remaining pure yet very free with her own body when left to her own devices.  

And so it was that a few nights a week or perhaps even every day of the week, boys and men of the island would peep on her. The number varied day by day, but there was always more than a few who liked to watch her. Going to see Fawn in her little hut was a chore because one could not access a vantage view into her room without swimming into the ocean for a few minutes to the reach other side of the island, and crawl into the jungle next to her chalet. 

Elderly religious men were even compelled to perform this watery activity in the bracing winds of the night due to the driving need to see what Fawn was like in her privacy. Even these grizzly men of the faith would not deny themselves the chance to see the girl in her natural state. From young to old age, all the men folk were trained since they were children that it was all right and acceptable to do so. So peep they did, with a vague sense of order and duty bred into them by generations of misguided men who were themselves taught to do so by their own fathers.  

So, with these voyeuristic men and young boys drenched wet with the ocean water cooling their backs, they would sit hunched in the forest and watch Fawn, night after night. She became their drug, and in a perverse fashion they did not think themselves as dirty-minded though they were spying a girl who was unknowingly the main source of entertainment. 

They knew with satisfaction and a sense of misplaced pride that she never brought a man back into her little chalet, and she slept every night in it since the day she came and never in another person‘s bed. This they held comfortingly to their chests, and their obsession grew.  

Their need to see her consumed their souls, and though they walked about at daytime conducting their activities at leisure and at ease, as dawn fell they would start to feel anxious and needy enough to take the arduous swim to see Fawn in her little hut.  

The many foreigner women dotting the island, who they peeped at night after night, were abandoned for this new exotic specimen, a girl who was their own but who held none of their cultural mannerisms. They would watch Fawn as she lounged on her bed completely naked. She kept all the lights in her room open, in her foolishness. 

She would sit on the bed, reading a book, or fiddling with a pen and paper and write for hours on end. Each and every one of the men had seared into their brains the vision of Fawn, with her very slim arms and legs and tapering waist bundled among pillows and thin blanket. 

They knew that her neck and torso was long, and that her bottom and breasts were full and round, but proportionate to her slim, almost thin body. Her nipples were a moist pink and an erotic contrast to her brown skin. Her movements, even in private, were graceful and a pleasure to watch for the island boys and men who were never before acquainted with such a beautiful and delightful female. 

They even came to know her underwear which were small and triangular in shape, though they did not see those long enough because she would methodically toss them to the floor every night.  

As the men watched, she would sometimes idly play with her nipples, yawn with her mouth wide open or bend over to scratch her back, and the boy’s and men’s eyes would be riveted to her, their cocks growing long and hard while they watched the simple everyday action of this girl of theirs. 

All the men knew that she kept her women's parts completely bald, in the strange fashion that they knew foreign women practiced, too. They loved seeing her private center exposed whenever her legs were splayed apart. If the boys and men were far enough away from others, each would rub themselves to pleasure as they watched her. 

Occasionally the peeping toms would be rewarded with the display of her playing with herself. During certain nights, Fawn would seem to them restless, impatient and angry. She would fling books around the room and proceed to frantically rub her body against the bedclothes in a suggestive fashion. The boys and men would watch as she stretched her legs apart and opened the fold of her sex with her fingers to expose her little reddish pink bud. 

She would gently rub herself with her single middle finger and her hips would occasionally lift and gyrate in rhythm to her actions. As she stretched her back and came to climax, those who watched her jerks and spasms would hold their breath and when she came to her passion the men closest to her window would hear her sharp breathing turn to a cry and these men would also come, shooting their seed onto palm leaves and blades of grass that grew in the forest. 

Those who were too far off to hear her after she came would still be rewarded with the sight of Fawn roughly making love to herself with two, then three fingers deep between her legs, and as her wet fingers flashed in and out they imaged their own cocks giving her the pleasure she wanted, and they too would orgasm.  

Fawn was blithely unaware of all of this. By day, the guilty men and boys treated her the same as always, and were friendly and cordial. But as she stayed longer in the island, her stillness began to slowly drift away as she began to enjoy her new-found freedom. She did not find a single person who touched her and whom she could be close with, but she made do with pleasant conversations and idle talk with her new neighbors. She always preferred her solitude, anyway, and sought it out everyday in the beach. 

But, from dawn to the afternoon, Fawn would come by the little backpacker chalets next door and work as a maid. She swept up the day’s sand from the wooden board floors and gave the toilet a sprucing. Changing linen was hardly done, for many of the young, restless crowds of foreigners that came to stay in the island were basic in their needs and did not require any kind of five star treatment. A clean bathroom and floor were pretty much what the foreigners were more than happy with.

She found a lot of pleasure in her work, and began to shake off her city slumber. Her skin, which was the color of latte before she came upon her island, was now a nut brown. Her shoulder shined, and she loved to dress in white to contrast with her newly dark skin. Even her teeth were whiter than ever before against her swarthy tanned face, and her black hair faded to an ashy brown due to the hot sun. 

It was a cool early morning when Fawn came to the chalet one day. She took her sweep and bucket of toilet supplies and knocked on the first door as customary. She received a little start when, for the first time, she heard a sleepy call reply back. 

Fawn knew the room very well, and she knew it was a man who had used it for the past 2 weeks. From her daily rounds and pleasant observations about the room as she worked, she gathered that the man was fresh from another island close by and was on a long stop-over in her particular beach. He was a foreigner. The man loved blue shirts. But that was the extent of her knowledge until that morning.  

The foreign man was sleeping and when Fawn quietly knocked the door, he awoke from his sleep and slowly sat up, calling her in. The man was tall and very big, and his haircut had outgrown to a light brown shaggy mop. His beard was trimmed, though it undeniably ran to the scruffy kind. He was wearing army shorts in bed. His torso was long like hers, too, and it was lean and tanned. 

Fawn felt shy and disconcerted, because as a general rule she stayed away from the white people of the island. He looked at her and asked her name. Fawn told him so in perfect English and when he asked about how she came about to possess an extraordinarily Western name, she told him the story of her mother’s fawn in the distant land she visited. 

He took out a cigarette, lighted it and watched her animated young face as she told him her story. He then told her with a humorous grin that he had already known she was not one of the islanders, and that she was a fellow traveler much like he was. 

His eyes were a very light blue and to Fawn, who was not accustomed to seeing such bright-colored eyes up close, it was a disconcerting sight. The glitter of his light colored eyes seemed as if would penetrate her thoughts and inner feelings. 

But the man’s movements were also gentle and harmless, and he got up and went out of the room to give her the space she needed to clean up the room. Fawn felt easier with him gone and continued to do her chores. 

Before she left the little hut, the man called her name. Fawn was then asked by the foreign man whether she would like to spend the day with him after she was done with her work for the day. With a sheepish expression the man told her he knew her entire schedule by observation through the past weeks.  

Fawn was startled by the invitation and looked into the man’s eyes. He was of middle age, past forty and did not look dangerous, though she really knew nothing of the ways of foreign men. His smile was honest and friendly. She agreed, and they planned to meet up in the afternoon at the beach. 

The islanders took notice when they saw Fawn later, who was sunbathing alone at her usual spot. To their utmost surprise she was joined a little later by a foreign man and they noted with distaste that she welcomed him to sit beside her. They talked and laughed, and at one point the man left her to fetch some beers. 

The men, boys and womenfolk observers of the island were shocked and scandalized within an inch of their lives. They had never before seen their Fawn touch a drop of alcohol before, and now with disbelief they saw her pouring the filth down her throat as if she were entirely accustomed to it. 

The men and women of the island glanced at each other uneasily and watched as she laughed out loud, which was a real spectacle. She was a quiet creature and they had never heard her laugh so loudly before. 

After an hour or two, both Fawn and the men shed their clothes, her to reveal the usual white swimsuit she favored and him the army shorts he had slept in. They walked towards the shoreline of the beach. Fawn was entirely aware that her actions were watched by the islanders, but she did not read more into it. In her innocence she amusedly thought them merely surprised that she had made a new friend. 

But with jealous, covetous eyes, everyone furtively watched Fawn swim in smooth leaps and strokes alongside the man deep into the far end of the waters. This too, was a revelation. They knew her fondness for splashing about by the shoreline for hours, but they had never known she was an expert swimmer and a natural in the ocean waters. 

With anger in many of the men’s and boys’ hearts they watched their beloved Fawn cling to the back of the white man as he made porpoise-like movements in and out of the water, with her laughing hard and with a fierce joy alien to what the islanders knew of her. It seemed within those few hours that they realized they had never known her before. 

The man and the young girl ran off from the beach back to their sitting spot, and dried off by simply resting under the sun. Fawn told the man stories of her family and her restless spirit in needing to live away and far from all that she knew, at least for a few months. The man in turn told her that his name was Tom, and that he lived in a small town called Appleton tucked far away in the foreign country of America. He ran a photo studio there. 

The man told her of his restless spirit as well, and how he felt compelled to close shop for a few months to travel around the world. So far, he told her with a laugh and a thoughtful gaze into her black doe eyes, this particular island was the most special he visited so far. 

She began to overcome her fear of his strangeness and foreignness, and grew to like his scruffiness, his weather beaten face and trust his warm, honest smile. He was at the age where she could still see him as a type of father figure, and gradually she relaxed. 

Fawn bloomed like a flower under the older man’s attentions, and their many common interests led to another conversation, and yet to another. The men and boys of the island noted that both were forgetful of mealtimes, yet continued to chat and laugh while they drank beers the whole day through. They also noted with anger that, unbeknownst to Fawn, the man was stealing long glances at her face and body while she was not looking.  

Both the girl and the man spoke of intimate things, of lovers and partners long past and the loneliness of being single travelers. After much prodding Fawn shyly admitted that she had not slept with anyone for a long time, and the man laughed and told her the same. 

By dusk, the entire island heaved a collective sigh of relief as they watched the couple part. The man did give Fawn a kiss on the cheek, but that was all. The perverse men and boys of the island watched their girl walk slowly to her little hut and the man trail behind her to enter his own room, and decided without any discussion that tonight, all will keep vigil to keep her safe. 

Nighttime came and Fawn was alone in her room though she was accompanied by the usual many-prying eyes. She had a long shower and washed her hair, and the men and boys watched her dry her hair with a towel, apply her face cream and slather on her body lotion. She took off her pajamas as was usual, and slid into bed with a book. 

The peeping toms continued to watch, hoping and longing that she would be consumed with the urge to masturbate that sometimes overcame her. Their cocks grew long in their hands as they quietly played with themselves and watched her lovely face and exposed breasts. 

After a while Fawn fell asleep and many of the men, losing interest, started to climb down from the forest to swim to the other side and call it a night. Four men, though, remained and continued to watch and marvel with perverse fascination. 

After a few hours, Fawn and the rest of the voyeurs were shaken to a start when her hut door was quietly knocked. They watched Fawn get up, disoriented, and put on a pajama top and walk towards the door. She opened it and saw that it was Tom who was her night visitor. 

The men were deeply angered as they watched Tom’s expression of love, which they chose to read as lust, clearly betrayed in his eyes as he talked to her for very long minutes. They saw his arms going around her waist, and with shock they saw her going on tiptoe to wrap her own arms around his neck as he continued to speak, with the man bending a little to accommodate because of their marked difference in height and size. He was so tall, and she so tiny. They kissed. 

The foreigner was now urgently unbuttoning the pajama top she has hastily put on just minutes ago, and his hands snaked around her body as he dropped the clothes to the floor. His lips were kissing her face and neck and she was arching her back, and those closest to her windows heard her softly speak in a voice of lust and need as deep as they saw in the man’s eyes. 

The peeping toms watched with horror and inescapable fascination as the man lifted her and eased her on the bed, and moved his own impossibly huge foreigner body above her slim, tiny form to pin her down. He was kissing her breasts, greedily grabbing her and sucking her nipples as she lay below him, and her hands caressed his back in an inviting, coaxing manner. 

The man then got up from her, and kissed her flat stomach and belly button as he moved down to the floor to kneel by the bed. Taking both her thighs to rest on his shoulder, the man pressed his mouth between her legs and made love to her while his fingers pried her sex apart and his eyes watched her face. 

After very long minutes passed Fawn’s legs tightened around the man’s head and she gave a sudden movement. Everyone heard her sharp cries as she released her passion into the man‘s mouth, and her limbs fell slack.  

The man’s eyes never left her face as he pulled himself up and crept back into the bed, his huge hands caressing her body. He was still dressed. Suddenly, the four voyeurs present were well aware with a dawning horror that she would want herself entered and filled after her orgasm. 

She frantically grabbed at his shorts and pulled herself to sit up in the process, kissing his face and mouth deeply as both of them took off the rest of his clothes. The peeping toms watched with rapidly increasing fascinating and terrible dread at the filthy foreign man’s exposed cock which was enormous and very thick.  

Fawn kissed the man’s chest and navel, and was now kissing the white man’s pink cock without shame or awkwardness. In fact she seemed entirely familiar in the act of making love to a man and the voyeurs were appalled. The white man, and the rest of the voyeurs all collectively stared at her mouth wrapping around the thick engorged head. She sucked him and licked him as her hands clenched at the cock’s base and moved to pump him up and down. 

The man gave a sudden start and roughly pushed Fawn’s hands away, and again pinned her to the bed with his great body. He was mounting her, and Fawn gave no resistance yet welcomed him by wrapping her legs around his slim waist and begged the man with a pleading words. 

The men, clinging to the forests, went dry-mouthed as they watched their own Fawn being violated by the dirty foreign man. The contrast of their intimate skin pressed together, hers brown and his a warm pink, burnt into their minds and their brains alongside feverish anger and lust mixed into a terrible combination. 

The four men’s cocks did not become hard as was usual, but were slack and limp. All the men could not feel arousal or passion as was before, but could only feel betrayed, lied to and cheated on. And yet they continued to watch. 

The man was thrusting himself deeply and rhythmically into Fawn, and she arched her back and cried out. She was lovely even as she was unashamed. 

The man then covered her body with his and held her tight against him as his cock drove into her in short and fast strokes. Their cries were loud enough for even the farthest peeping tom to hear. With a vague mix of disgust and desire the voyeurs watched Fawn’s long brown legs hold tight against the man’s body and after a sudden both of them went slack and stopped, heaving and breathing fast. 

The men and boys could not take their eyes off the couple as the man rolled Fawn’s body against him to let her rest atop him. She lifted her face, and was kissing the man deeply. The man held her gently and kissed her face and mouth, whispering to her and making her smile through her deep dragging breaths. After a few more kisses and gentle caresses, both quieted down, relaxed and drifted off to light sleep in each other's arms.  

The next day at dawn, Fawn did not appear at her usual job. Her young employer was puzzled, but not worried. But, after more than a few hours he became curious and walked over to her little hut at the end of the beach to knock on her door. It was just before noon. 

No one answered, and he found that the door was unlocked. Slowly he opened the door, and looked inside while calling her name. What he saw gave him the shock of his life. 
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