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Feel My Heat

The heat of need and passion
The sun was setting on the winter day, creating a hue of pink to orange on the horizon and the sky was beginning to turn to the dark blue of the winter night; clear, crisp and cold. But it was anything but cold inside the home.

Walking into the home, she grabbed him by his coat pulling him towards her. She kissed him with the lust and passion that only lovers show each other. The house was warm from the wood stove burning all day, but it was the heat from her intensity that he felt first more than the temperature of the room.

Releasing her grasp on him long enough for him to remove his coat, he was able to see what she had on. A short black negligee, stockings and stilettos, his favorite turn-on of her wardrobe, but than anything she wore turned him on. He knew immediately what she had in mind.

Wasting no time, she pulled his shirt over his head and began to run her hands over his torso. Placing her lips on his, barely touching them, and only using her tongue to trace his lips and his mustache, she slowly parted his lips pushing her tongue into his mouth to explore. She was aggressive but gentle, taking her time to explore him. Not that she hadn’t known his body before, but she wanted every time they had sex to be new and different. This was part of her game.

His cock was getting hard in his pants and she could feel it against her leg. Running her one hand down his body to find the treasure of his hard cock, she rubbed it through his pants which only excited him more.

Pulling up the sides of her negligee, he felt the garter belt that she was wearing and that instantly made his cock throb even harder in his pants, begging to be released from inside its confinement. He ran his hands across her ass and up her lower back, pulling her closer to his body so she could feel the degree of hardness in his cock though his pants.

Reaching down she unzipped his pants, her lips never leaving his, as she became more assertive with her mouth on his. Letting her tongue explore deeper and as he stuck his tongue into her mouth she slowly sucked it into hers letting her lips slide over it ever so gently. Creating such a level of sensation that ran through his body.

Once his cock was free of its enclosure, she stroked it gently with her one hand while still embracing him with her other, letting her hand move across his body with ease and intention. To feel every hair on his body wanting to feel his skin move under her touch as she just ran her fingertips across his torso, chest and up his back.

Feeling her hand wrapped around his cock he became the aggressor and pushed her up against the wall, still embracing her as she stroked his cock. Kissing each other feverishly with want, he pressed his body into hers letting her know the desire he held for her.

With his pants down around his knees and his shoes still on, his ability to move was limited. She pushed him back away from her and he staggered backwards some. Bending over to untie his shoes and removing his pants, his body was now free to move into her, but she had another idea.

Running her fingertips up his the inside of his legs, letting her hands lead the way up to immense hard-on, her fingertips crisscrossed across his legs making every hair on his body stand up. This exhilarated her doing this to him. Knowing it drove him crazy, but she felt the electricity of desire come from him as she did this tease of her hands on his body.

Than she began to kiss the inside of his thighs letting her lips and tongue trace them and moved ever so slowly up to his cock that was throbbing in the air. Grasping it with her hand to only stick it in her warm mouth, she slowly licked it which made his cock throb harder. Teasing him with her lips and tongue as she kissed and licked it, she enjoyed this act of toying with him and raising the level of senses throughout his body.

Knowing he couldn’t have enough of her lips and tongue running the shaft and balls of his cock, she slowly immersed it into the warmth of her mouth, letting her lips smack against the shaft and the head as she would move her head back and forth over it. He let his hands move through her hair and watched as she performed on his cock. It disappearing into her orifice of her warm wet mouth and he could only think of her wet pussy.

Licking his cock excited her and she could tell her pussy was getting wet with each stroke of his cock in her mouth as she sucked and licked it. Feeling the hardness in her mouth, she couldn’t get enough of it and thought of how it would feel inside her. Reaching down between her legs she began to massage her swollen lips that probe her pussy with her fingers.

He watched every move of her mouth on his cock and knew she was beginning to fondle her own wet pussy, he couldn’t take much more. He was so aroused that his cock felt like it was going to burst. The warmth of her mouth, the feeling of her tongue and lips made is cock ache for the depth of her pussy.

She read him so well; she stopped sucking on his cock and moved her lips slowly and with intention up his torso to his chest licking his body. Reaching his nipples and began to flick the hardness of them with the tip of her tongue. With her mouth on one, she pinched the other so lightly, knowing the sensitivity that he felt.

Still running his fingers through her long dark hair, he became immersed in the sensations of her lips and tongue on his body. Taking in every movement of her body against his, he became lost in her body. His hands running down her back feeling the smoothness of her skin and the silkiness of the garment only electrified his senses, increasing the level of sexual desire for her.

Finally reaching his lips with hers, he kissed her with the depth of desire he felt for her. Not being able to take much more of her physical teasing, he led her to the bedroom so he could have his way with her.

Once in the bedroom, he reached down grabbing the negligee, he pulled it up over her head discarding it so he could feel her breasts and touch her skin. Running his fingertips down her neck and to the tips of her nipples, he teased her with his touch. Letting the tips of his fingers move across her breasts her nipples were hard and pink as he lightly ran his hands over them.

She reached down and began stroking his cock again. It throbbed in her hand as continued to fondle her breasts and nipples. Elevating the sexual energy in her, she didn’t think she could take much more. Knowing her pussy was wet and waiting for his hard cock, she wanted him to stop and than she didn’t want him to, but this was the game they played with each other.

Pushing her across the bed, he spread her legs to taste her sweetness. Her lips were pink and her clit was already swollen from her fondling herself, letting his tongue lead him to wetness. He too wanted to tease her like she did him.

Using the tip of his tongue he lightly touched her clit, giving her a sensation like a live wire through her body and she immediately arched her back to great his touch. He pushed his finger into her wetness, feeling how warm her pussy was and pulling it back out to suck his finger and taste her.

Licking the lips of her pussy, letting his tongue move over clit and pressing his finger into her wetness excited the two of them. His cock was throbbing and her breathing became deep and rapid. Letting the heels of her feet run down his back and using her feet to touch all of him as her fingers ran through his hair. Feeling his mustache run across her pussy lips which were so sensitive to touch she knew she would climax before he even penetrated her with his cock.

He could tell by her body’s reaction to his finger and tongue, she was getting ready to orgasm, and moved his finger faster into her wetness raising her to heightened state of arousal. She came with force as she moved her hips to greet his finger fucking her, but he wasn’t finished yet and wasn’t ready to put his throbbing cock into that wetness.

Moving his body so she could suck on his cock, she grabbed it with her hand and stroked it as her mouth swallowed the head of his cock. Licking, sucking and stroking it with feverish motions, she took all of him into her mouth. The warmth and wetness of her mouth was equal to her pussy as he continued to lick and probe her with his tongue and finger.

Not wanting to let go of his cock, her pussy couldn’t take much more teasing of his mouth, but she continued to suck on him. She enjoyed perform sixty-nine with him, his favorite sexual position, and she couldn’t get enough of his hard cock whether it be in her mouth or her pussy.

Pressing two fingers into her pussy, one from each hand, he was just about to explode, but he held back saving his load for her pussy. Pulling his cock away from her mouth, he continued to probe her pussy with his fingers, until both were so wet from her cum. He pulled his mouth away from her clit, leaving his fingers to penetrate her. She was almost to the point of another orgasm, and he knew it by her body movement and breathing.

Taking the fingers from her wetness he pushed one into her mouth to taste herself and the other into his. Watching her suck on his finger and licking her own essence off of it, aroused him to a new level. He loved watching her suck his finger especially after he was just finger fucking her. His cock continued to throb and wanted inside that cavern of heat and wet that was so inviting.

Pressing the head of his cock into her lips, he thrust himself into her with one quick movement, giving her an instant orgasm. He knew exactly what to do to her. Pulling his cock out and letting the head of his member rub the outer part of her pussy, rubbing it against her lips before pushing it past them and penetrating her once again. Her hips met his thrust and she grabbed hold of his body, pulling him down onto her. Holding his arms with her hands and looking into his eyes, expressing her complete desire for him through non-verbal gestures.

Laying his body on touch of her so she could wrap run her feet up his legs and wrap her legs around him, which drove him crazy feeling her do this to him. He wrapped his arms under her body holding onto her as he continued to thrust his cock deep into her. Wanting to feel every inch of her body against his as he held her, he wanted to envelope her into him. Their lips met and the passion that they exchanged between one another was felt through every inch of their bodies, sealed by their lips.

Releasing her lips from his, she whispered to him, “Your cock feels so good inside me Ethan. I can’t get enough of it and you.”

Letting his lips run down her neck, he felt her breath on his face as her breathing became rapid and deep. He could tell she was getting close to another orgasm as he slowed the pace of his cock moving into her. Her pussy began to tighten on his cock and he felt it the moment was close, and he lied there with his cock throbbing inside her and she came with force and she tightened her legs around him.

“I’m cumming!” she said to him and she vocalized all her deep pleasure through the sounds she made to him and her body.

A switch went off in her and she became ferocious with him, not that she never this before, but it was almost the animalistic need of him was brought to the surface. She groped and pulled on him, grabbing his ass and moving her legs back and forth over him. His cock was engulfed in her wet pussy and he moved with force to bring her to the next orgasm.

“Fuck me! That’s it, fuck me!” she said to him, and he did.

Forcefully and also gently, he moved his cock in and out of her wet pussy that was flooding with cum and he too was close to the point of cumming.

Feeling his head getting larger inside of her, she was getting ready to explode and he could tell. Though her pussy had gripped his cock with the last orgasm, this time it tighten on him and he couldn’t take much more of the heat and wetness that exuded from her.

With a final thrust of his cock, he came and she too exclaimed to him, “I’m cumming!” Gripping each other in the throws of passion and want as they came together as they always did, it was never dull. Thrusting his cock deep into her as he exploded with a release of sexual tension that had started the moment she put her lips on his when he arrived home.

Letting his cock continue to move in and out her, she slowly began to loosen the grip on his body, but still didn’t let go. Wanting to have this moment last as she always enjoyed the last seconds of feeling his cock expel inside her.

Collapsing as if he had just run a marathon, he let his body press into her and kissed her with the same amount of desire that they shared from the beginning. Slowly they began to release the grip they held onto each other, and moving his body off of her. Savoring the moment of complete ecstasy that they just shared knowing they would probably do it again in a couple of hours.

She ran her fingertips up his torso and across his chest and the hairs of his body stood on end. Realizing they could never get enough of each others sexual heat.

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