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Ferry Girl 2

Phil and Helene become lovers

This is the continuation of how Phil & Helene met and the start of their sexual journey together. It starts by repeating the first few lines of the first part of the story.

I then heard her footsteps returning and as I stood up and turned towards the door I said, “I like your taste in m...”

I stopped mid sentence as she entered the room. The yellow heels were still there but apart from that, all she wore was a matching (of course) yellow g-string oh and the gold necklace. My mouth stayed open but no sound came out.

She walked towards me, the heels now silent on the carpet, and stopped arm's length away.

“Phil,” she started, “well my surprise seems to have worked, but before we go any further I would like to say something. Most men I have gone out with have just wanted to get inside my knickers right from the start but you have been a perfect gentleman. You have never asked me for anything other than to go for a drink and after that first evening, you walked me home you never invited yourself in or even asked for a kiss. Tonight despite teasing you, you have remained a gentleman and didn't seem to expect anything in return, and you shared your jacket with me on the way home. You have shown me great respect and I really appreciate that.”

I think I may have nodded at this point but I was still mesmerized by her beauty. She continued, “I know you have been staring at my nipples all night, and that's fine, but now you can see all of me and you can have all of me!”

She took half a step nearer.

“Now,” she said as she raised her right hand. “Shut your mouth,” her fingers raised my lower jaw to meet my upper jaw, “and kiss me please.”

She lifted her head towards mine and I lowered mine to meet hers. There was no mad rush. Finally, our lips touched, gently at first. Her lips were so soft. Within seconds her tongue forced its way, without much resistance, past my lips and found mine.

She tasted divine as our tongues fought, first in my mouth and then in hers as I became bolder. Her eyes were closed as she savoured me and I closed mine to maximise the touch.

I then felt her arms around my neck, trying to pull our mouths even closer together. My hands found their way to her slender hips and she moaned into my mouth. The smell of her perfume, though I had noticed it while we were out, now invaded my nostrils.  We kissed like this for what seemed like ages but probably wasn't.

It was Helene who finally broke away and whispered, “Let's take this to the bedroom.”

“I'd love to,” I replied finally getting my voice back.

Helene took my hand and lead me out of the lounge. I looked down at her small but perfectly rounded bum framed by the thin material of her g-string hanging off her hips. Half way along this piece of “string” a second piece of material joined and this disappeared quickly into those perfect bum cheeks. The click of her heels added to the sexual atmosphere. Although I had never been to a brothel, it struck me that this is what it must be like when you choose a woman at a brothel and then she leads you to a room to play.

As we entered the bedroom she turned to me and smiled and lead the way to the bed. The lighting was subdued and there was some sort of incense burning but I didn't notice much else about the room.

Reaching the bed Helene turned and sat down.

“You have me at a disadvantage, Phil. You are still fully dressed.”

“Well you better do something about it then,” I said.

She looked up at me and her hands reached up to my shirt buttons. She started undoing them from the top as I looked down between her arms at her nipples which were fully erect and probably a centimetre long. I couldn't believe this was happening and it was more than I could ever have imagined.

With the last button undone Helene put her hands under the shirt, sliding them up my chest until the shirt was pushed off my shoulders.

She then stroked my chest again.

“Mmmmmmmm. I love your hairy chest,” she purred.

She then lowered her hands to my trousers. But she didn't do what I expected. Her hands slid down my trouser legs until she reached my feet. She undid my laces.

“ Lift your foot,” she said.

I did so and she removed my shoe and sock, and then she did the same with my other foot, placing both shoes with socks tucked in carefully at the side. She then raised her hands to my belt carefully undoing it followed by the button and zip. She looked at me again and smiled, before lowering my trousers. Without being asked I raised each foot in turn as she removed my trousers before folding them and placing them on the floor with my shoes.

I was left in just my boxers which had a large bulge at the front. Helene gave my bulge a gentle stroke.

“Mmmmmmm. That's a nice package, Phil.”

“Thank you.”

“So just one more thing to remove then?” Helene said.

“Yes. Feel free to remove them whenever you like,” I replied.

“I'd like to do it now,” she said with a sparkle in her eye.

With that, her thumbs tucked inside the elasticated waist band and she gradually lowered my boxers. It didn’t take long for the head of my cock to appear.

“Wonderful,” she said.

She carefully lowered my boxers further until my cock was free, and it popped forward, although not far as I had the hardest erection I have ever had. Helene leaned forward and gave the head a quick kiss before lowering my boxers further to free my balls as well. As she lowered my boxers to my feet she spoke again.

“You have a beautiful cock Phil and it's wonderful to see you are shaved. I love it.”

It was my last girlfriend who first persuaded me to shave down below and I loved it immediately and I have kept myself shaved ever since, but I wasn't going to say this at this moment.

Helene cupped my balls gently with her hands, softly stroking them.

“God that feels good,” I moaned.

“Yes, it does.”

“Trouble is,” I say “ I can't quite see if you are fully shaved as you are now wearing more than me!”

“You will have to do something about that then won't you?”

“Stand up,” I said.

As Helene stood, I sank to my knees. Then I hooked my fingers under the yellow material of her g-string and slowly pulled down. I eased the material from her bum cheeks but had to pull harder to release it from her labia as it was buried inside her as she was clearly very wet. I lowered her g-string further and she lifted her left foot and I slipped the thong over her shoe, followed by the other foot.

“That's better I said,” and then I went on, “Mmmm a beautiful shaved pussy. I thought the French kept their body hair?”

“Not these days.”

 “Sit down again Helene.”

She sat down and opened her legs slightly.  Her labia lips were pouting and glistening with her juices.

“What beautiful lips you have Helene.”

“Thank you, Phil. You know what lips are for?” and without waiting for me to answer she went on, “kissing.”

I nodded and moved closer. I am always amazed at how different women’s pussy lips (or fuck flaps as I call them privately) are from each other. My last girlfriend had a smooth mound and no prominent lips but Helene’s lips protruded more than I had ever seen before, and I was dying to kiss them.

I leaned forward and gently kissed her lips, twice, and she moaned. I then licked along her slit from top to bottom and back again.

“Mon dieu.” These were the first French words that Helene had spoken to me since we met.

“Do that again please Phil,” she went on. I wasn't going to argue and licked her slit again before my tongue plunged as deep as I could inside her incredibly wet pussy.

“Oh yes, yes,” she moaned.

The taste of her juices was exquisite and there was so much of it to drink, I lapped it up. I didn't lick for too long though as there was so much more I wanted to get from Helene and give to her.

When I sat back up, Helene had a happy but glazed look on her face. I sat up higher and moved closer to her and kissed her on the lips (upper lips) so she got to taste her own juices.

We both moaned.

I spoke first, “You taste wonderful Helene.”

“I do, don't I?” she smiled.

Helene got off the bed, telling me to sit in her place, and she then knelt in front of me.

She took my cock in her hand and as she leaned closer she pulled my cock down till it was in line with her mouth. At first, she just kissed the head again, before opening her mouth and taking me as far in her mouth as she could.

“Ahhhhhh,” I moaned.

Helene moved her mouth back and forth and twisted my cock in her hand which increased the sensations in my body. I wasn't sure how long I would last if she carried on.

She must have sensed this as she stopped and my cock popped out of her mouth.

“Wow,” she said, “such a wonderful cock.”

“And you suck it very well Helene.”

“Phil, I love what we are doing but I need you inside me now. I have been wet since you picked me up at 8 and I can't wait any longer.”

“Just let me get a condom from my jacket.”

“No need Phil. I am on the pill and I can trust you if you can trust me that I am clean and I need to feel your cock inside me bare.”

“Anything to please the lady!” I replied.

Helene got up off the floor and climbed onto the bed and laid down still with her heels on. I got above her and moved up so that my cock was in line with her pussy. She reached down and took hold of my cock, holding it in place and I moved further up the bed and I slid easily into her very wet pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she moaned. “yes that's it Phil push all the way in.” She was so wet I was able to get deep quickly and I soon bottomed out and I could feel my balls against her arse.

“Now fuck me, Phil.” I hadn't expected her to use the “f” word, I don't mind but lots of women don't like it, but with her French accent, it sounded sexy, not rude.

So I pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into her with a grunt.

“Yes,” she shouted. Then “Yes, yes,” as I continued to pound her. Her shouts mixed with “awws" and grunts proved I must be doing okay and the look on her face was pure lust. I pounded away at her for a few minutes, till she somehow managed to whisper, “Roll over.”

We did and I managed to stay inside her. She brushed her hair away from her face and said, “That’s better. I am in control now and you can play with my nipples.”

“My pleasure,” I said and raised both hands and began to rub, pinch and pull her huge nipples, which took her pleasure to a new level, and she began writhing on my cock whilst still managing to raise and lower herself.

She threw her head back and shouted, “Yes, yes, yes. Mon dieu, mon dieu,” and with that she came violently. I could feel her juices pouring down my cock and out on to my balls and her arse. After a few seconds of letting her orgasm take over, she continued to fuck my cock. Faster and faster she raised and lowered herself onto the biggest erection I have ever had, slamming herself down on to my balls.

 “Cum for me Phil. Fill me with your spunk, please.”

“I'm nearly there, just a little more,” I grunted out. Then not even a minute later I was there.

“I'm cumming Helene, I'm cumming.”

With that my cock spurted the first jet of cum into Helene’s wonderful body, followed by three more jets.

“Yes, I can feel it,” she smiled at me. “Give it all to me Phil." She continued to ride me to  milk my cock of all my spunk.

I was breathing heavily, coming down from my orgasm, but I smiled up at Helene.

“Awww Phil you are wonderful, that was wonderful.” She bent down and kissed me.

“You are fantastic Helene, amazing.”

“I haven't finished yet.” Helene slowly raised herself off my cock. I could see my spunk dribbling from her juicy cunt. She backed off and then lowered her head and took my cock covered in both our juices into her mouth, which made me moan.

Helene gently cleaned my cock with her tongue, first by taking me deep in her mouth and then by licking my cock along it's shrinking shaft. Having done that she went down to my balls and licked them clean, it was all done very lovingly and she clearly savoured it.

When she had finished she smiled at me again as she crept up my body before planting sticky kisses on my lips. No woman had done that to me before and the taste of our mixed juices was not unpleasant, and if Helene liked it why shouldn’t I.

“Hold me tight Phil.” In fact, we held each tight for quite a while. I could feel her juices dribbling onto my cock again, and occasionally as more came out she would wiggle her body to spread the juices over my cock and balls.

Then she let out a big sigh.

“What’s that for?” I asked.

“I just don't want this to end.”

“It doesn't have to,” I responded.

“Does that mean you will stay the night?”

“I would love to, so as you're asking, yes I will.”

Helene raised her head and kissed me again.

“I wasn't going to leave yet anyway,” I said.

“Pardon,” she said as she looked at me quizzically.

“Well you invited me in for coffee and I still haven't had one yet!” I cheekily said.

Helene slapped me on the chest.

“Sorry,” I said, “I couldn’t resist it.”

She smiled. “You are right though. I did actually switch the kettle on ages ago before I got “changed”. So I will go and get one now. Sex does make you thirsty.”

“Yes, it does.”

With that Helene slipped off the bed, still wearing her yellow high heels, and she walked towards the door to the hall with a deliberately accentuated wiggle of her arse. I laid in bed waiting for her return still not believing what had just happened. I guess I had hoped for sex that night, hence the condom in my jacket pocket, but if you had asked me before I knocked on her door how far I hoped it would go, I would have been happy with French kissing and some fondling and full on bare back sex was not thought about.

A few minutes later Helene returned with two cups on a small tray.

“I have never had coffee brought to me by a naked waitress before,” I said. “but I think I would like it again!”

“I am sure that can be arranged,” was the reply.

We drank our coffee whilst exchanging occasional kisses, which became longer kisses as our cups were returned to the tray.

“Now you've had your coffee, you are still staying aren't you?”

“Yes, of course, my lover.”

“Mmm, “lover” sounds good.”

“Yes it does and I hope we will be lovers for a long time.”

“Me too Phil.” We kissed again, a romantic kiss.

Helene went on, “Before we go to sleep can we make love, please? Not fuck, make love.”

“That would be a wonderful way to end the day,” I replied and continued “But I would suggest you remove your shoes first.”

“I think shoes are so sexy, but yes you are right.”

Helene slipped her shoes off and we snuggled up, gently stroking and kissing each other, before she mounted me again. She rode me slowly and while I did lick and suck her nipples it wasn't as rough as earlier. After a long time making love like this Helene finally spoke. “Finger my clit, please. I want to cum once more.”

Like her labia her clit was quite prominent so it wasn't difficult to find with my fingers and I rubbed her clit furiously and after only a minute she covered my cock with her cum again.

Helene was exhausted but clearly satisfied as she slipped off me and we cuddled up and fell asleep.

I woke about 5 am and went to the bathroom. When I returned Helene quietly said, “Are you okay?”

“Never better,” I said.


Helene then started kissing my chest till she found my nipple and she pinched it with her teeth. It hurt but in a nice way and I moaned and she continued for a few minutes before she kissed further down my torso to my belly button which she attacked with her tongue.

Then she moved lower with the kisses until she got to my cock. She looked at it with lust in her eyes before looking at me as she took it in her mouth. She took most of my length before concentrating on the head and held the base which she proceeded to stroke and once again she twisted her hand as she wanked me. Occasionally she would caress my balls making me moan. I knew I wouldn't last long and after only a few minutes I could feel myself ready to burst.

“I'm nearly there my lover.”

With that, she speeded up seemingly desperate for me to unload in her mouth and she didn't have to wait long.

“Oh yes my love, here it cums,” and with that, I shot my first load in her mouth followed by the second and third and few little squirts, and she took it all.

Once I had finished she quickly released my cock and to my surprise, she rose up my body with her mouth tightly shut. She smiled before kissing me and with her tongue pushed some of my spunk into my own mouth. It was warm, salty and sticky.

“Swallow it my lover,” Helene said. I did and it felt wonderfully erotic to do so. “Open your mouth, Phil.”

I opened wide to prove it had gone.

“Well done my lover. Isn't it wonderful?”

“Yes, it is. I hope you got some yourself?”

“Yes I did, thank you. I can never get enough of it.”

“You're a very naughty young lady Helene.”

“I know I am. Do you mind?”

“Not at all my darling.”

We snuggled up again and went back to sleep.

We were both woken at 9 by a phone ringing. It wasn't mine.

Helene jumped out of bed and went to her handbag and pulled out her phone.

“It's my friend Lisa,” she said to me and then pressed the button to answer. Obviously, I could only hear 1 side of the conversation but have pieced it together from what Helen told me later.

“Hi, Lisa.”

“Hi, Helene. You sound tired did I wake you?”


“Are you sure your okay?”

“Er. Yes, I'm fine, thank you.”

“You don't sound it, you sound... Wait a minute, I think you’ve got a man there.”

“No, I haven't”

“Don't tell fibs, Helene you have, haven't you?”

“Okay yes, I have. Obviously, I can’t fool you.”

“Ha ha, no you can't. I’m coming round to see if I approve. I’ll be there in ten minutes.” The call ended abruptly.

“Oh dear,” Helene said.

“What's the matter?”

“Lisa guessed I had a man here and she is coming round.”

“I better get dressed and go then?”

“No, no it's okay I want you to stay, but I need to talk to you before she gets here.”

“Oh dear, this sounds serious.”

“Maybe, but maybe not.”

“You better go on Helene.”

“Well after last night I hope we can call ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend,” I nodded. “Good, but, and I would have told you this soon but not quite this soon, I am bisexual and Lisa is my girlfriend, and no matter what me and you do, Lisa will, remain my girlfriend. I hope you can accept that?"

“Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. You really are full of surprises aren't you?”

“Sorry, Phil.”

“That's okay and I can accept Lisa as your girlfriend. It's okay.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am. I won't lose you over this.”

“Thank you, Phil.” Helene hugged me. “I would just add that Lisa isn't bi, she is Lesbian, so she won't be interested in you!”

I smiled “I hadn't really thought about that. Anyway, I better get dressed before Lisa arrives.”

“No need Phil. Just put your boxers on, she won't mind, and I don't mind either.”

So I slipped on my boxers and Helene put my shirt on that was discarded some hours ago, although she didn't do the buttons up.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. I stayed in the lounge while Helene went to the door. I heard the voices.

“Hi, Lisa.” I then heard them kiss.

“Hi, Helene. You look gorgeous,” then another kiss. “Nice shirt,” Lisa added.

I heard footsteps approaching.

Helene spoke as she entered the lounge followed by Lisa.

“Phil, this is Lisa. Lisa this is Phil.”

“Hi, Phil. Nice to meet you.”

“You too Lisa.”

Lisa was a very attractive young lady. A little shorter than Helene, darker hair, that was shorter, not reaching her shoulders, in what I think you women call a Bob, for some reason. Her eyes were dark as were her brows and she had lovely long lashes. Her face was rounded and like Helene, she had a great smile. I could tell that she had much bigger boobs than Helene, probably C cup. She was wearing ripped jeans and a white top.

Helene went off to make coffees.

“So how long have you two been dating?” asked Lisa.

“Since Wednesday,” I replied.

“So why didn't I know about this Helene?” Lisa asked.

There was a pause as Helene came from the kitchen.

“As you know Lisa, most men I have dated I only see once, so  I didn't mention it in case this was a one off date too.”

“So do you now think it might last longer?” Lisa went on.

Helene smiled. “I hope so,” she said and I smiled back.

“Good for you,” said Lisa.

Helene went back to the kitchen to finish making the drinks.

“She is a wonderful girl,” Lisa said to me.

“Yes, she is.”

“So what did you do last night, and I don't mean the sex?” Lisa asked.

I laughed, and so did Helene. “We went to the Italian in the High Street and had a lovely meal.”

“It's great there I hear.”

“Yes, it is.”

Helene then came in with the coffees.

“I have told Phil about us, Lisa.”


“He is okay with it.”

“Wow, good man Phil. I won't give up Helene.”

“She has said the same about you. I don't want to give up Helene either, so I am happy to share her.”

“Good man.”

“So Helene,” Lisa continues “you kept your date secret Thursday evening.”

“Sorry, Lisa,” Helene said. “We only met for a drink Wednesday evening, and I didn't know that Friday night would end up this way.”

“That’s okay, I understand." said Lisa.

Lisa then turned to me and said, “Be careful Phil she is a very naughty girl!”

I laughed, “I think I am beginning to discover that already Lisa.”

“As you may have worked out Phil, Lisa and I were together Thursday evening that’s why I couldn’t meet you then."

“That's okay I don't mind, we got together last night, so that’s fine.”

“Thursday tends to be our evening doesn't it Lisa?”

“Yes, it does.”

“Well, I won’t disturb that routine,” I stated.

The rest of the conversation over our drinks was mostly non-relationship stuff apart from Lisa asking how we met and I told her about Wednesday morning on the ferry and our evening chat.

After finishing our drinks Lisa got up to leave.

“Right,”  she said “I have things to do, and I'm sure you guys do too. Any chance I can see you tomorrow night Helene?”

“Yes, that would be nice.”

“Good, pop round about 8 my lover.” Lisa then turned to me holding out a hand. “Nice to meet you, Phil. Be nice to Helene otherwise you will have me to deal with!”

“Nice to meet you too Lisa and yes I will look after her.”

Helene stood and stepped towards Lisa. They leaned in to kiss each other and as they did so Lisa slipped her hand inside the shirt Helene was wearing, caressed her tit and pulled on her nipple. Helene moaned and the kiss became deeper turning me on as I watched. It appeared that they had a job to break away but they did eventually, and they walked to the door. I heard it open and another kiss and some words I didn't quite hear.

Helene appeared back in the lounge a few moments later.

“Sorry about that Phil. I honestly would have told you soon but wasn't expecting to hear from her this morning, so sorry it had to come out so rushed.”

“It's not a problem Helene, honest. Lisa seems really nice.”

“I'm glad you like her, she is very special to me, and she likes you too she told me as she left.”

“Oh good. I haven't been in a relationship like this before so I just need to get my head around it but it will be fine.”

Helene came over and we kissed.

“Lisa is right as well,” I carried on, “I have things to do and I'm sure you do too, so we ought to get dressed.”

“Yes you're right, but will you come back about 7 tonight and I will cook a meal for us?”

“That would be wonderful,” I said.

“ You can stay the night again if you would like to before I go and see Lisa later on Sunday.”


“Okay, let's go and take a shower.”

“Together?” I ask.

“Yes, I would love to wash your body and have you wash me.”

“Sounds good to me.”

“It will be better than good,” Helene said as she took my hand and lead me first to the bedroom where completed undressing and then to the bathroom.

The shower wasn't huge, just one of those over a bath but we managed. First Helene washed my body all over using her hands rather than a sponge or cloth, which was very erotic especially when she washed my cock, balls, and arse, and she spent a lot of time doing those bits. She then rinsed me off before it was my turn to wash her. I also used my hands, spending time on her tits and then moving lower. I deliberately missed out her private area going down to wash her feet and wonderful long slender legs first.

Getting to the top of her legs I then proceeded to soap her pussy and her arse. She bent over to give me a better view and access to her perfect arse before standing so I could finish by giving her pussy another wash. I rubbed my fingers hard over her slit which she loved so much that she had to hold on to the shower so she didn't collapse. When I rinsed her off I spent some time spraying the jets of water onto her pussy and again she was in ecstasy, moaning very loudly.

It was the longest shower I had ever taken but the most pleasurable.

When we stepped out we dried each other off tenderly and many kisses were exchanged at the same time. Returning to the bedroom I dressed in last nights clothes. Helene did the buttons up on my shirt for me. She remained naked.

“I must go my lover, but I can't wait to see you later when we can fuck again.”

“I can't wait either Phil, and I will cook something nice first.”

Parting was very hard but after a few more kisses and hugs I finally managed to slip out the door and return to my flat.

I think I smiled all the way back to mine. When I arrived I wanted to relax but I knew I had to get stuff done. So I stuck the washing in and dashed off to the supermarket, and when I got back, I was able to put the washing in the dryer and then I tided up before I did take time to relax.

I got back to Helene’s place a few minutes before 7.

She welcomed me with a big hug and deep kisses.

“I’ve really missed you, Phil.”

“I've missed you too.” Considering we only parted just over seven hours ago, I couldn't believe how much I had missed her either after only our second date.

We went through to the lounge, and I must say there was a lovely smell coming from the kitchen.

“You look fabulous Helene,” I said, and she did. Considering we were not going out she looked fantastic.

Today her top was red, very low at the back and with a deep V at the front and ties on the shoulders. She wore a very short black skirt, even shorter than the one she wore Wednesday on the ferry when I first saw her, and of course, she wore matching red high heels.

“It looks like you are dressed to go out,” I said to her after taking it all in.

“I wanted to impress you,” she replied.

“Well you certainly did that. You look good enough to eat,” I replied.

“That comes later,” she said and smiled.


“Let me go and finish in the kitchen.”

Looking around Helene had made a very romantic setting for us. There were candles on the dining table and the main lights had been dimmed. Again there was a lovely smell in the room and there was also some romantic music playing quietly away.

A few minutes later she came back into the room carrying two wine glasses and handed one to me.

“Phil,” and she raised her glass towards me, “to us, may we have a very long, very romantic, very sexy and very rewarding relationship.”

We clinked our glasses together.

“Cheers to that,” I said, although that reply didn’t seem adequate in reply to her toast. Had any of my previous dates, including my ex who I was with for three years, said that to me on a third date, I would have thought they were acting way OTT but had to say it didn't this time and reflected what I thought myself, even at this very early stage.

We kissed before Helene put her glass on the table and returned to the kitchen.

“Nearly ready,” she said from the kitchen.

“Good. I Hope it tastes as good as it smells,” I replied.

“Me too,” she replied and I could hear her giggle at her own reply.

Shortly, she appeared with two plates of food, and we both sat at the table opposite each other.

“Well, it looks good as well as smells good,” I said.

On the plate, in front, of me was a large piece of chicken with a thick creamy French sauce, roasties, green beans, carrots, and cauliflower.

I took a mouthful.

“It tastes good as well. Lovely Helene.”

“Thank you. I don't often cook like this but I know you English like a meal like this.”

“Yes we do, so thank you.”

As we ate we talked about bits and bobs and then I asked her more about Lisa. They had met a year ago. Helene had gone to a gay bar as she had heard the music was great, having no intention of being picked up by anyone, gay or otherwise, and Lisa seduced her and they ended up back at Lisa’s flat making love. Helene had been with a  couple of girls before, back in her school days so it wasn’t totally new to her. Since meeting Lisa she hadn't had a boyfriend but knew she didn't want to give up men totally.

Helene then asked me about my past relationships. I told her I had had many dates but there was only four I would call relationships, the first when was twenty-one and moved in with a girl for six months or so and the last that ended just before last Christmas when I split from my girlfriend of three years after she had a fling with another man.

As we finished our food I asked, “Do you ever wear a bra?”

“No. No need to with these little things,” she said.

“I think they are lovely. In fact, many of my past girlfriends have been small. Anyway, you make up for it with fantastic nipples.”

“Yes, they are rather large aren’t they, and very sensitive as you found out last night.”

“They are delicious Helene.”

We were both very open and comfortable talking about sex and past experiences. Helene asked me if I had had sex outdoors, which I had to admit I hadn't.

“We will have to sort that out sometime then Phil.” She said.

She told me that her favourite position was on top, which I had guessed from last night and  I had to agree it was my favourite too.

Although this was comfortable conversation it did appear that maybe there were things she wanted to ask me and I knew I wanted to ask her more but I am sure we will discover more as time goes by.

This intimate part of the conversation ended with me saying. “Is there anything you won't do?”

“Not that I have found so far,” was her teasing reply.

We continued to sit at the dining table drinking our wine when slowly a foot slid up my leg and ended up in my lap with her toes massaging my cock.

“Phil. I want your cock again tonight.”

“I was hoping you would and I must say I want my cock buried deep inside your cunt again.”

“Good,” said Helene. Then she went on. “When I am here alone, or with Lisa, I spend most of my time naked around the flat. Is that ok with you?”

“Sounds good to me.”

“Undress me then, right here.” said Helene standing up.

I stood up and walked around the table. I stopped in front of her and kissed her. I then undid the ties on her shoulders and the front of her top fell down revealing her gorgeous small tits. Her nipples were already erect. I lifted the top over her head. I then reached round to find the hook and zip in her skirt, and in seconds it was undone, and it dropped to the floor. She still had her heels on but I wasn't worried about those. She stepped out of her skirt. Tonight she wasn't wearing any underwear at all.

“No g-string tonight then? Trying to save time are we?”

“Yes. I knew it would be coming off so why bother with it.” She certainly was a naughty girl as Lisa said.

“Now it's my turn to undress you, Phil.”

I wanted her to rip my clothes off but she didn’t. She took her time undoing my shirt and she slipped it carefully off my shoulders. She then caressed my hairy chest and bent down and kissed my nipples. As she kissed them her hands fell to my belt which she unbuckled without looking, before unzipping me and undoing the button. My trousers fell to the floor. Helene squatted to take my shoes, socks, and trousers off leaving me with just my boxers. Helene knelt up so that her face was in line with my midriff and after visibly licking her lips she pulled my boxers down, freeing my rigid cock. She placed a hand on it and stood then turning she lead me to the bedroom still holding my cock.

Again we started with Helene seated on the bed sucking me, but she soon wanted me inside her, so we fucked with her on top with my hands on her arse lifting and lowering her body on my erection.

For the first time, I decided to take the lead.

“I love how your arse feels but I haven't as yet had a good look at it. So get on your hands and knees.” Helene smiled and climbed off, turned around and stuck her arse in the air. Her arse was small but delightful. I looked at it for a while before placing a hand on each cheek and softly caressed her and she moaned.

“You have such a beautiful arse, Helene.”

“I’m glad you like it, Phil.”

I continued to caress her and in doing so spread her cheeks which in turn helped to reveal more of her gorgeous crack. She moaned again. I leaned forward for a closer look, she was perfect.

Then I did something I had never done with a woman before. I leaned further forward and kissed her arse hole. Helene moaned. I kissed it again, and then stuck my tongue out and licked her.

“Oh yes,” Helene moaned.

So I licked her more and her moans got louder. Her sphincter seemed to wink at me as it loosened under my attention. I continued licking and as her sphincter loosened more I poked it with my tongue.

“Oh mon dieu,” Helene cried. “More please Phil.”

So I continued probing her gorgeous hole. The taste was not that appealing but I was happy that what I was doing was giving such pleasure to Helene. As her sphincter opened I got more of my tongue a little further inside.

“Put your finger in Phil,” Helene demanded.

I took a finger and first slid it along her pussy to get it wet, and Helene was certainly very wet. I then inserted this finger slowly into her arse.

“Urgggghhhh.” She cried in delight.

I then pulled the finger out and plunged it back in, again and again.

“Two fingers please Phil.” I duly obliged and her moans got louder. After a few thrusts with two fingers, she spoke again.

“Get... your... cock. ... in... my... arse,” she said between thrusts of my fingers.

I had never had anal sex before, as none of my girlfriends had asked for it or wanted it if we did discuss it but had always wanted to try it.

As Helene was so wet I spread her juices around her hole and rubbed my cock over her cunt to lube that as well. I then positioned myself and put the head of my cock to her open sphincter and I began to push. There was some resistance but my cock eased into her delightful body.

“Oh yes, yes,” Helene cried out, “Deeper, deeper.”

My cock pushed deeper, as far as it would go and then I rested a while.  Helene’s breathing was heavy as she got used to my cock deep in her arse. I then pulled almost all the way out before pushing back in, still fairly slowly. The next thrust was harder and when she didn't protest the third one even more so. The sensations on my cock were amazing and I knew I wouldn't last long. I didn't know at this stage but Helene had got her fingers on her clit and was furiously rubbing as I pounded her harder and harder.

“I want you to cum in my arse Phil,” she moaned. Her breathing was getting heavier and I knew she wasn’t far away from her own orgasm.

“I will my darling,” I replied, “this feels so good.”

After a couple more thrusts I was about to explode.

“Get ready my lover here it comes,” I said.

“Yes give it to me.”

My cock then blasted spunk deep in her arse. As the second rope of cum blasted from me Helene came.

“Mon dieu, mon dieu,” she cried out and followed it with words that should have scared me. “Je t’aime, je t’aime, I love you, Phil."

But they didn't scare me as much as my own reply, “I love you too Helene.”

After that, we came down from our highs slowly until I said. “I'm coming out Helene so I can hold you close.”

“Mm huh,” she moaned, and I slowly withdrew from her arse. As my cock came out I could see deep inside her hole and clearly saw my spunk lining her passage. Her sphincter remained open after I came out. I leaned forward and gently kissed her hole, tasting my spunk. It felt so wonderfully dirty. I couldn’t believe where this woman had taken me in such a short space of time.

I laid next to her and hugged her. She remained on her knees, although she had slumped more into the bed. After a few minutes, she was able to stretch her legs out and she stretched her arms out to hug me. We lay in that position for quite a few minutes, just soaking in the glorious feelings. Then Helene lifted her head slightly to kiss me.

Her eyes were glazed in a post orgasmic haze, but she looked deep into my eyes and said.

“I mean it, Phil, I love you.”

“Helene I can't believe all that has happened in just three dates and you have given me everything I could have dreamed of. I think I love you too.”

Helene hugged me tightly. “Yes we have come a long way but there is much more we can still learn together.”

“I think it will be more a case of me learning and you teaching me, Helene.”

“I may have done more than you sexually in the past and I will teach you, but I am sure there is much more we can discover together.”

“That sounds fun.”

“Yes, it will be.”

We fell silent and soon drifted off to sleep. Sunday morning as we woke we made slow passionate love. After that, we took a bath together. With me being tall there wasn't much room in the bath but it was fun to relax and wash each other tenderly.

After drying each other we stayed naked but had a light breakfast. I suppose it was about midday when I finally left to go back to my flat. We both had things to do to get ready for the coming week and of course, Helene had a date with Lisa that evening.

We did speak on the phone before Helene went to Lisa’s and we had both found it hard to be apart that afternoon. The “L” word was used several more times by both of us, and it did give me a warm feeling.

I felt very alone that evening. Helene was with Lisa, which I was fine with, but for me, I was left alone with my thoughts, oh and my ironing!

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