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Field of Desire
Tiepinkraider & wonderway

Field of Desire

Contributing Authors: wonderway 
Woman and Man consumate burning lust in the grassy field
Copyright 2014 Tiepinkraider & Wonderway All rights reserved

We can smell the grass and the flowers on the breeze as we lie in the warm, soft, green field at the top of the vast valley, the distant snow-capped mountains visible with no one for miles. It is serene and quiet, peaceful in the dappled shade shielded from the burning sun. Only the birds flying high overhead can see us.

It was just a few weeks ago that I saw her at that party. Every time I made an approach she was having a great time with some guy, so I said “Forget it.” Then, I couldn’t believe it; there she was, all alone the next morning in the coffee shop. Even I couldn’t let that chance slip by, so I asked her to go to the concert with me. A couple of nights later we went for a walk and that is when I kissed her. Rather, she kissed me; she held onto me and kissed me with such passion I got weak in the knees. Now, here we are, together on a picnic.

I remember that night at the party so vividly. He was across the room, talking with a beautiful woman. As I watched them, I felt a little burn of jealousy toward her, although I’d never even spoken to him. He was so handsome, all the things I found physically attractive in a man. I wondered if he was as wonderful as he was attractive. At the time, it didn’t seem to matter since he never appeared to be alone. Then, when he surprised me with his approach in the coffee shop, I thought I was dreaming. I even pinched myself. He was such a gentleman on our dates, but his kiss was so given and raw. I felt I had to get to know, to have, more of this man. He had something that seemed to fit just right with me. Now, here we are, together on a picnic.

She is at my side on her back in a thin sundress, cut in a low vee at her chest exposing the swell of her large breasts. It barely reaches down to her crotch. Her smooth, white thighs are fully exposed to my admiring sight. I watch her breasts rise and fall with each breath and am stirred by her beauty and sexuality. I glance down at the slight roundness of her pubic mound barely hidden by her dress. Somehow, I deny the urge to roll on top of her, as strong as it is. Instead, she rolls over to me and sits on my legs, straddling me. She feels warm, soft, and stirs the lust I have had for her, simmering, since we met.

I can feel him begin to harden, growing. He has barely kissed me. I am hoping this will drive him over the edge, urge him to take me, claim me. Rolling my hips forward gently, I feel the rise of his hard-on against my tender lips. The contrast of the roughness between my legs and the tenderness I see in his eyes heighten my want, my throbbing. I place my hands on his chest, to steady myself in this sitting position. Dropping my head back, I continue to rock my hips savoring the amazing sensation building between my legs. My chin high, my neck exposed for him, my hair falling down my back, I close my eyes, my lips parting with joy. Oh, why has he not taken it farther? Is it that he does not want me? On that thought, I lean forward onto his chest, my breasts falling over his face, my nipples begging for his warm moist mouth. Am I being obvious enough, can he not tell how much I want him deep inside me?

Happily, the spaghetti straps of her dress seem to have a will of their own, slipping off her shoulders, exposing the full round volume of her breasts. Those pale delicious tits are so close to my face, nearly touching, just a breath away. I study her nipples, pink and erect, as well as her aureoles, bumpy and ripe for my tongue. I kiss her nipple and she lets out a little whimper of delight. She lifts herself and wiggles out of her skimpy panties, pressing her pussy into my groin, making my pants suddenly much too tight. Her center must be on fire, if the heat I am feeling is any indication. Her warmth, her softness brings my simmering lust to a near boil. How can a woman be so sweet and delicate and so hot and sexual at the same time? God, I want her in the worst way.

I can feel the heat of her breasts, her body, and the sweet scent of her reaching my nose. She is flushed all the way to her neck and sweating just a little. She's making those purring sounds that wrench at my balls and suck me into her presence. She keeps brushing my face softly with her luscious breasts, and I can envision latching my lips onto her voluptuous flesh, kissing, sucking.

I press my face between her breasts almost choking off my air. Instead, their warmth, their fullness and the delicate aroma of her body fill my lungs with new life. The sense of being in the right place with the right woman washes the lifelong fear of being unloved from my bones. I want this woman, to merge with her body and soul, to be inside of her.

My cock is being crushed in my pants and I don't know what to do? Do I tell her? God, I am so torn between the embarrassment at being so aroused and the powerful urge to open my pants and give it to her. What will she think? Will she get up and run away? Or, will she take my hard-on and use it for her pleasure, our pleasure? We barely know each other. It's so hard to read the signals of a woman. Her shortness of breath, sweating, and the way she has nestled her pussy onto my crotch signals she wants me to be close, inside of her. We have only exchanged a kiss or two, though she has an aggressive way of attacking my mouth with her tongue that says she wants me to take her, make her mine.

I feel the perspiration on my lip. I feel like I am starving for air. My heart is pounding. I shift my breasts against his chest, now placing my face just above his. Licking my lips, I bring them to his gently, tilting slightly to the side. Taking his breath as mine, we breathe as one. I roll my hips, pushing hard against him. I need relief, need more. I crush my lips to his, sliding my tongue between his lips, searching for his tongue. I move my hands up to his face cupping his cheeks. I can feel his hands move from my hips up along my back, becoming urgent. I begin to feel him suddenly coming alive under me.

I am aflame. My clit, I know, is swollen, begging for attention. His face to my breasts, his lips on my flush skin, I feel as if I will explode. I am sure that if I rise a wet mark will be on his zipper, a telltale sign of my desperate need. I arch my back, pushing my breasts forward, my ass up.

I trace the form of her curves as my hands roam over her smooth back, feeling each vertebra as I slowly explore. Now back to the width and round of her hips and ass. My heart is pounding in my chest, my breathing hard. We are now face to face with our pelvises pressed together. I feel the softness of her belly snug against my hard cock. We are perfect counter images.

My fingertips glide under the hem of her dress like feeding butterflies, sliding effortlessly up her smooth luscious legs, onward and upward, to her pussy. Her damp hair, smelling like orange blossoms is now draped around my face. I cup the round globes of her ass and squeeze as she shudders with pleasure.

The soft paleness of her neck, sinews and hollows are too sublime to resist. The tiny droplets of perspiration on her upper lip are like pearls of burning hot gold. Her tongue in my mouth, swollen, red, wet, probing, makes me harder. The rhythmic rocking of her soft mound against my now crystal hardness is taunting and painful. I wonder of her other tongue, also red, swollen and ready for the onslaught of my licentious mouth, licking, sucking, eating her most private cream. But I will wait, no, must wait for a sign on her part before I take her. I know she wants me but await the tiny gesture that she is ready, ripe for my taking.

She reaches down without the slightest hesitation, unzips me and flings my pants aside. I reach up and place my fingers on her pussy, fingers sliding in the slippery honey into her most sacred space. I am gentle to extreme intensifying my own exquisite pleasure, and careful to barely touch her inner tongue, her organ of pleasure, as she lets out a moan from her unguarded core. She is so sweet it makes me weak.

We both are highly aware of the danger and promise of these moments of ecstasy, savoring every move, every gesture. We dare to allow ourselves to feel fully, kissing the other’s neck, nuzzling the other’s ear, the other’s eyes and hair.

I can’t wait any longer, I have to have her. I roll her over and ease her onto her back. I kiss her knees; my lips beginning to move up her inner tender thighs.

I can sense this is it, what I have wanted since I first saw him. I raise my chin, my back arching, mouth open, smiling to the world. I can feel his intensity, his hand pushing, insistent, on my inner thigh as his kisses move up toward my core. I feel moisture, my moisture. I allow myself to open to him. In my nakedness, glistening with want, need, I let out a cry, begging.

He kisses my engorged red outer lips. I reach out and grip the earth, overwhelmed. He opens my petals and sucks my lush nectar. I feel his tongue part my lips, delving, flicking. My breath coming in short, sharp gasps now, I am throbbing, pulsing. I push my moist plump vulva down into his face, his mustache brushes my sensitivity. I can feel his tongue darting into me. Urgently. I am tightening, needing, my clit engorged and on fire.

He licks his tongue upward, finding my clit, and flicks his tongue across it, as I roll my hips forward and back. I cry out. I feel his lips seize on to it, as he begins sucking, gently at first, and then becoming more urgent, harder, faster, painful. I hear him slurping up my wetness. I feel my muscles tighten.

I am gasping for air. As if having a mind of its own, my body tightens, my stomach tenses, my shoulders pull up. Shuddering, my body releases a gush of sweet juice into his mouth.

His lips are crushing into my nether ones. Almost tasting my own sweetness, the orgasmic wave washes over me again. I can feel his face driving into me, parting my lips. My tightness resisting him, but not to be denied, he pushes harder. I never want him to stop devouring me.

He rises up on his knees over me with his powerful, stridently erect cock pointing the way. He moves to my luxuriantly spread and glistening lips and puts the tip right in me.

We both move simultaneously toward each other as his cock enters her. Our need over powering. Our desires, like flames of a wild fire.

I pull my knees up, wrapping my legs around his waist, squeezing like a wrestler and breathe in his ear, “Please, now.” He buries himself into me deeply, quickly, roughly.

I instantly feel my pussy start to milk him, pulling at him, devouring him. Throwing my arms around him, clutching at him, I spasm, shuddering, calling his name. Over the crest. Feeling him thickening, reaching deeper into me, hitting my wall.

As our bodies jerk and gyrate to penetrate and combine, I cannot hold back. I am exploding. Now! I fill her again and again with jets of my warm thick cum until it pours out of her. I let out a grunt of primal release. I completely let go and gave her everything I have.

As our bodies begin to return to earth and muscles relax, we hold each other tightly, smiling. We start to giggle and laugh simultaneous, causing the laughter to intensify, our breath still coming in gasps.

He thinks to himself, "I need to figure out how to be with her again?"

She says, “Can you do me a big favor?”


“Could you come over to my place on Sunday and help me move some heavy stuff around? I just moved in." She pauses. "Please? I’ll make you dinner.”

Smiling, he thinks to himself, "I must thank the Genie." Out loud, “What time?”
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