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so, this is what's to cum

It's a new year, 2158 has now become a note of the past. 2169 now brings to the present. Wife, two daughters, one son, dog and cat. A mortgage, two car payments, the regular 9 to 5. Life hasn't changed much. The same old grind. The Government has allowed me three wonderful children and a wonderful wife. The dog and cat both have learned the proper tab on the floor to step on that allows them into the backyard. A similar tab near the door on the outside acts the same way to allow them back in. DNA casting when we first acquired them allows them and them only to let themselves in and out of the house with no threat of intruders.

Intruders are a thing of the past. Sensors in the doorways, window frames, and any other access point will not allow anyone, or for that matter, anything into your home without your approval. Three master panels in certain areas of the house can set or override the sentry panels, and all other systems of the house. So were the comforts of home.

As with most businessmen today, we worked from our houses. As we entered our 'workspace', yet another sensor reported to 'The Company' and recorded the time we spent in productive work. Our wages were calculated and automatically deposited into our savings and 'debit' accounts on a daily basis. No more checks, no more money orders. All products were ordered from your personal communication device. Clothes were sized weekly by an electronic scan as you showered, making sure everything you wore correctly fit. All your personal favorite colors were programed, so you'd never get anything to wear that you didn't like.

Thank GOD they didn't screw up with a man's sex life. In fact it was considered sacrosanct. Untouchable, except for...

It was determined that no family should have more than three children. With over 6 billion people worldwide it had to be. Everyone had to do their part. Years ago it was decided that a man should be allowed 20,000 orgasms in his life. That would be more than enough to sow his wild oats, enjoy life, procreate his family, and in essence enjoy life. At birth all male children were implanted with a DNA receptor that would control the number of orgasms he had. At his 20,000th, he would then become totally impotent. He could still please his partner orally, and manually, but his penis would no longer become erect or function sexually.

It was impressed at a young age to all males that, to have a healthy sex life was fine, but they had to keep track of the number of orgasms in their lives. This was thought hard to do at first, but a simple hand scanner settled things nicely. Similar to an ultraviolet light, a man would put his hand under the light. At his 19,000th orgasm his fingernails would begin to turn a pale yellow under the light. Invisible by any other means, so as not to embarrass anyone, it would bring to each man's attention that his 'Finality' was soon upon him.

Once a man hit 19,500 orgasms, his fingernail on his pinky finger would begin to turn green. At this time he would make an appointment with the 'STATE FINALITY DEPARTMENT'. It was considered an honor for a woman to be selected to be a man's final orgasm. It was considered pride of country, pride of government, pride of humanity, to be a man's last. At 19-5 (as men called it) the state would be informed of whom the man would desire to be his last. They would in turn contact the woman and make all the appropriate considerations. Movie star, political figure, next door neighbor, all women were fair game.

It became a boastful thing that a woman could brag about the number of men she helped bring to their 'Finality'.

Well here's where my story begins. A few months ago my left pinky had begun to turn green. I first told my wife, then made the call to my doctor. I arrived at his office and went through the paperwork. Finally I came to the part of who I was to choose. All I could think of was the Korean gal down the street. At 22 Kim Li Yun always made my mouth water when I saw her. We were friends with her parents and had swum in their pool many a time. Kim Li's slender figure always brought pleasant times in my bedroom when my wife and I returned home. My wife, not the jealous type, would tease me as I would blast into her, asking if I was fucking her or Kim Li?

I returned home and Merry, my wife, asked me if Kim was my selection. I took her upstairs, pulled her dress from her body and wasted no time in having her, bent over the foot of the bed, driving myself deep within her. Merry understood and accepted that my last orgasm was my choice and wasn't sorry I'd selected Kim. She told me had I selected anyone one else I would have surprised her.

The following week there was a sound at our door. It was Kim. We allowed her in and the three of us sat at the kitchen table for the now understood chat. We spoke of the where and when that would come about. Then Kim, out of the blue, stood and dropped her dress. She stood nude before my wife and me, small breasts pointing proudly up and out. Their darkened hard nipples a sight to behold. Not shaven, but thin wispy hairs poked from her Mons. A bit on the longish part, I asked Kim if not shaving, would she at least to trim it shorter. Kim told me she would happily do so. I also asked if she would bathe, but use no bath oils, as I wanted to enjoy the scent of her, naked and ready for me. Again she agreed.

Never before had I realized having the woman of my dreams would be so easy. As we chatted I noticed her pussy was becoming moist. Her inner labia began to protrude somewhat. She was becoming excited at the prospect of fucking me. Old enough to be her dad, but at the same time, doing her duty, to honor a man who desired her.

I asked her how many men she'd had before me. "None," was her simple reply, bending her head in embarrassment.

DAMN! I almost wanted to fuck her right then and there. I could feel my cock rising and stiffening in my pants, wanting to break free and show Kim. To show her my desire for her. I held back though. Thinking this would not please my wife, I kept my distance. My hands literally shook wanting to touch her breasts, tweak her nipples, draw my fingers through her pussy lips, yet I held back. Kim then dressed and we signed all the paperwork, and she left.

I took Merry by the hand and raced upstairs to our bedroom. Stripping quickly I fed my hardened cock into my wife's mouth. I must've bruised the back of her throat as I fucked in and out of her face. As I felt my orgasm building, and knowing they were now numbered, I withdrew from her mouth and fiercely entered her vagina. It only took only about 10-15 thrusts when I filled her pussy full of my spunk. Thankfully Merry had become as excited as I, watching me admire Kim, that she came with me. Her pussy milking the juices from deep within my shaft.

Two weeks later I realized on checking that my pinky was almost entirely green. That meant it was time. I called the number given to me by my doctor and the state office made reservations at one of the swankiest hotels for me and Kim Li. The Following Friday I was to check into the hotel, Kim would arrived the next day, ready, prepared, and willing to be my last.

I didn't have to spend a dime. Everything, the food, the drink were supplied by the state. They would even, at my request, tape the entire interaction so I would be able to re-live it at a future date. I arrived around noon, having spent the morning giving Merry my 19,999th cum. I'd left our home with her lying on the bed, full of my sperm, yet satisfied like I hadn't satisfied her in ages. She knew from this time on, the only one cumming would be her, by my tongue and fingers. My cock would no longer work when I returned home.

That night as I laid alone in the giant bed in my hotel room I wondered how I would make this last, make this enjoyable for the both of us. Porn movies were nearby, as were publications. The nearby computer had all sorts of porn chat rooms and anything sexual at my convenience. I choose not to risk masturbating to these devices and going too far, thus ruining my 20,000th.

That night was a fitful sleep. I kept remembering in my mind what Kim looked like naked. her copper skin, smooth like silk, those breasts, those nipples. I wondered if I could hold my cum back long enough to experience her mouth, her pussy, and of course that exquisite ass! I finally dozed knowing Kim would be there in the morning to wake me.

Eight am, Kim arrived. She slipped into the room with me sound asleep, unknowing. She quietly removed all her clothes, and padded silently to the bed. Knowing she wanted to lick me to hardness, awakening me to her arrival. But, alas, it wasn't to be. It wasn't her hands, or her velvet tongue that awoke me, but her scream! She pulled back the covers, exposing my cock to her view. The cock that would take her hymen, make her a woman. It laid against my thigh along my inner leg, relaxed. Relaxed forever. No longer to get hard or ever feel the touch of the insides of a woman's sex.

For you see, I dream heavily. And that night I dreamt of Kim and me in the deepest passion. I dreamt of Kim sucking me, stroking me, and finally fucking me. I dreamed of sliding into her sex. Feeling her moist, tight inner being massaging my shaft, milking me. Milking the last essence that would ever come from my insides. When I awoke to Kim Li's scream I discovered I had had the hardest wet dream I'd ever experienced. Sperm lay in a puddle between my legs, dripping from my head, drying on my skin. My last orgasm of my life had become but a wet dream.
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