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FInally he met me
Murat was one of my first loves. We met online in college. He was the photo I slept with for a year. He was the guy in Turkey that wrote me love letters and sent me music and jewelry and post cards of couples kissing. He was the first person who ever awakened my sexuality. I spent hours thinking about him when I was 21. I never got to see him, the emails stopped. I could not remember if his parents had told him to stay away from me or if he had just tired of me. I went on to marry someone else as did he.

I found him 10 years ago online, he was in the states he talked to me for a minute when I called him. His number was easy to find. I was braver then maybe. I let him be and then I found him again six months ago.

He complained of his boring marriage as did I. He didn't want me he said but he did say hi a few times and I sent him sexy photos of his first American love. I did not like to be ignored so I kept sending emails saying Hi and how are you..I was really hurt to be honest.

Then one day out of the blue he emailed me and asked could he call me. I was very scared that he would yell at me because I had been so pesty in emails.

"Margo, I left my wife." He told me. I drank in the words and his Turkish accent. I had not heard his voice in ten years. His voice was the first voice I ever heard outside of America. I smiled and I tried to think of what to say.

"I am sorry Murat." I told him and I took a deep breath.

"It was coming for a long time. Would you like to have coffee with me today?" He asked. There was a pause and I wondered if he was nervous or what.It was a Sunday morning. My husband was at the gym. I would lie, I would do anything to see Murat.

"Yes, where?" I asked him.

"I can come pick you up email me your address." He told me. Murat had moved to Vegas too he was only an hour from me. Fate had been both kind and cruel.

I emailed him my address and sent my husband a text. I showered and dressed in a black long maxi dress. I couldn't believe this was finally happening.

I told my husband I was going to the mall and that I would meet some friends for lunch he looked at me as if I was a doorknob. "Okay." He said and I rolled my eyes.

When Murat picked me up I was so nervous. I didn't want to met him in a car after 20 years. I had no choice and I opened the car door and got in his car.

"Hi." He said and he was playing Turkish pop music. He smiled at me because He told me a while back he now hated Turkish Pop and I knew he was playing it for me. I took his hand by instinct. He didn't pull back.

"I am sorry I didn't contact you for so long Margo.I didn't want to complicate things with my wife." He smiled and I realized we were driving farther away. "Would you like to go to my apartment and spend the day with me?" He asked.

"Okay." I say because I can't pass that chance up. We pull into an apartment complex that is not like the mansion I saw online a few months ago and I figure she got the big house. I follow Murat to the front door of the building and he opens the door for me. We stand side by side in the elevator.

When we get to the fifth floor he opens the door and I go inside to a neatly decorated apartment there are some boxes in the hallway.

"I got here a month ago." He says. He takes off his jacket and I give him mine and hangs them in the closet.

He comes to stand near me he is about 1 inch taller. He had always looked so much taller in the few photographs I had from him. We hug then and it is a long moment. I can not think when he kisses me.

The kiss is warm, it is long overdue and it is tender. It reaches down inside of me, every vein. I am floating towards the ceiling and falling down to the pits of time.

He kisses me and his tongue searches my mouth with a hunger. I touch his hands and he pulls away for a moment.

"Everytime you emailed me I thought to myself why does she care about me?" He says and smiles again.

"I do, I always did Murat." I assure him and this time I kiss him. I kiss him in a way he will know that for 20 years he needed me more than the wife that didn't deserve him. I needed him as much as one soul could need another.

He leads me to the bedroom and he smiles at me. "Margo, you don't have to do..." His voice trails off as I drop my dress to the floor.

He takes my breasts in his hands and begins to fondle them. "You are so sexy." He says leaning his head down to suck on my nipples.

My hands are in his dark hair and we fall on the bed. He is on top of me looking down with light brown eyes that for so long I only saw in a photograph or in his Facebook page.

"I didn't care about anything Margo, I was dead inside. I want you." He tells me as his kisses cover my body he is sucking at my breasts then kissing my belly and down, down. I moan when his tongue finds my pussy because I have waited most of my life for Murat's tongue to be there, his mouth. I moan as he fingers me and speaks Turkish to me just like I always wanted and dreamed of.

We are not 20 and 21 and he is not some younger internet guy I can toy with. He is one of my first loves and now he is moving inside me.

I am so hot and wet and as he thrusts inside me I grab his well toned ass. He smiles at me and tears roll down my face because I have had to wait so very long for this man.

He urges me on my knees and takes me from behind grabbing me by the breasts and pumping into me with eager thrusts we both come together and we lay down laughing. I stare into his eyes and he smiles.

"Finally, you met me." I say and I touch his face.

"Yes, finally Margo, and I am very happy to meet you." He takes me into his arms and I am happy to be held by the boy who stole my heart 20 years ago, now a man but still ....

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