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One night with a MILF I had lusted after for years
I had known Brandy for years. While I was still married, her son was a frequent visitor to our home. We have moved to the area in the late 1990s, and our sons became good friends from second grade on. Since our two sons were best friends, we did bump into each other a lot in town and at school functions. Brandy was a divorced mother of three. She was a dyed blonde, curvy, and had very alluring, bedroom eyes. We would often have little chats by the door when one of our kids was being picked up. My then-wife was not very polite to her.

My wife at the time was a very educated woman, while Brandy was a high school graduate who had gotten pregnant early on in life and never really had time to go back to school. I, too, was educated, but did not have the propensity for being a snob like my ex-wife did. I had no problem talking with her, almost always about the kids or the weather. I did, however, have the hots for her in a major way. She was the type of woman I had been attracted to before I got married: curvy, sexy eyes, loved to laugh and smile, and who seemed to be hiding the wicked ways of her nature. Brandy had been in a long-term relationship with a truck driver for several years, so all of the harmless flirting and banter was just that, harmless.

Well, after living up in the area for a few years, and going through a relatively sexless marriage for much of that time, I decided it was time to separate from my wife and start over. It was tough on the kids, but we worked out an agreement for custody that included my oldest son living with me full-time and the other children living with their mom. I moved out of our house in a decent part of town, and ended up finding an apartment in a complex that Brandy and her children also lived in. Now before you go there and say that it was intentional, I will explain that it was one of the nicer complexes in our town and I did move there because several of my son's friends also resided there. Seeing Brandy more frequently was just an added bonus.

I ended up getting a new job, as well, and had begun dating one of my co-workers. She was a nice enough woman, older than myself, but definitely loved sex more than my ex-wife ever had. We had been seeing each other for a few months and were having a great time. However, during these time, Brandy had broken up with her longtime boyfriend and was single again. I would occasionally see her out in the clubs dancing with her friends when my girlfriend and I would go out.

Well, Christmastime was upon us and I was planning on taking my kids to see the annual parade with my girlfriend, Debbie. My oldest son asked if his friend, Brandy's son, could come along with us. I stopped by her apartment on our way to the parade to make sure if was okay with her. She actually said that she was going there herself with her other kids, so she did not mind if our sons rode there together. We met up along the parade route, and our kids were playing together. I was huddled up with Debbie drinking hot chocolate, while Brandy stood there and cheered on the parade and watched over her kids. I could somehow sense that she was looking at Debbie and I throughout the night, but would always avert her eyes when I happened to see her looking my way.

That night, I dropped the kids at their mom's house, and then took Debbie to my place to have some serious sex. Debbie knew how to suck cock, and she swallowed a very sizable load. Later on, we had a long session involving many positions. Normally, she would stay the weekend, but she needed to leave Saturday afternoon because she had a family function to attend to down state. I thanked her for the great evening, and wished her luck on her trip.

Later that night, my oldest came back home to attend a party with Brandy's son. She drove them to the party, and then brought them back to my place that evening. When she came back, I invited her and her kids inside for a little bit. The children headed upstairs, and I invited her to have a seat and offered her some tea. We talked about the party and how things went. She then commented on Debbie, saying she did not realize I was dating her. Then had worked together a few years back, and she had some positive words to say about her. I told her that we had been dating for a few months, and it was nice to be able to be seeing someone so soon after my divorce.

She then surprised me and asked why I never thought to go out with her. I must have looked stunned, because it took me a few seconds to organize the words that I wanted to speak. I politely told her that I would have asked her out, but that she was still seeing her longtime boyfriend.

"Well," she said, "I am not seeing him now."

Her eyes were now staring straight into mine and I could feel myself getting slightly warmer, and not from the tea! I looked at her and said that she was a very attractive woman, but that I was dating Debbie now. She looked saddened by my response.

Looking back now, I know exactly why Brandy did what she did. But being a recently single man after being out of the dating world for several years, I was ignorant, either sincerely or intentionally. She reached out and grabbed my hand and told me that she had been very lonely since she and her boyfriend, Tom, had broke up. She said that she found me attractive while I was still married, and while she knew our flirting had been harmless, there was some lust from her towards me. She said she just wanted to feel like a woman again, but understood if I was going to be loyal to my girlfriend. I was speechless again. I looked at her for a few seconds and said that I had ALWAYS found her attractive, and oftentimes wondered what it would be like to be with her.

I knew what I was about to do was wrong, but I could not help myself in this moment of weakness. I leaned over and kissed her. I could feel her lips press firmly against mine, part slightly, and then felt her tongue enter my mouth, albeit very briefly. Our arms embraced each other in this passionate moment, only to snap back to reality when we heard the kids come downstairs. We both must have been flushed red as the boys came over to ask us a favor. I tried to listen carefully to their request, but because my head was still spinning, I asked them to repeat it. I looked at Brandy and checked for her approval, and told them to go ahead.

Once the boys were gone, we locked our gazes on each other once more. I asked her what she wanted of me. She said that her boys go to sleep at 10 PM, and that I could come by then and we could discuss what we wanted to happen. She offered to have my son stay over at her place, which was a larger apartment than mine. I told her I would think about it for a little bit. She called her boys down, thanked me for the tea, kissed me on the cheek, and headed back to her place.

I asked my son if he wanted to go over to her place to spend the night, and he excitedly said yes. I told him to get his stuff ready and that we would go over after dinner. I then began getting myself ready for a night that I had been hoping would come for several years.

We headed over around 8:30 PM. He brought some video games and books, and I brought over a couple of movies for Brandy and I to watch. When we got there, I could tell that she had spent some time freshening herself up. I could smell the perfume she had recently put on, and saw that she had touched up her makeup and added some lipstick. I escorted my son in, and he immediately headed upstairs to play with the boys. I showed her some movies for us to watch, if she was interested, while the boys were still awake. I then helped her clean up from dinner and do the dishes.

By 9:00 PM, we sat on the couch watching a suspenseful movie while hearing the sounds of the boys playing upstairs. About a half-hour later, she went upstairs and told them that it was time to start winding down for the evening and to start putting their toys up. I watched her shapely ass walk towards the stairs and noticed how her hips moved when she walked.

When she turned, I noticed the tightness of her sweater as it conformed to the shape of her torso. I had always noticed her breasts, but in this current light, and with the impending situation, I noticed how perfectly curved they were. She was at least a C-cup, perhaps even bordering on a D, and her breasts bounced ever so slightly when she walked back towards me. When she sat back on the couch, she cuddled up next to me and wrapped herself in my arms, leaning her back into my chest. I felt my cock begin to stir as my arms lightly brushed up against her breasts and received a strong whiff of her perfume.

We were both watching the clock, not focusing on the movie much at all. She whispered to me that we would have to wait until she knew the kids were asleep, and I agreed. I went upstairs and told my son goodnight, and that I would be leaving once we finished watching our movie. I told him to give me a call in the morning when he was ready to come home, and also told Brandy's kids to have a good night's sleep. She came upstairs after me, and tucked in her two youngest. She came into her oldest son's room, told the boys goodnight, and kissed her son on the forehead. I turned off the light switch and closed the door. I stopped off in the bathroom as she headed downstairs. I could hear the boys whispering in the room as I headed downstairs.

When I returned to the living room, she had opened up two beers and was waiting for me on the couch. She turned the volume on the television down so she could hear the kids upstairs. I picked up my beer and took a sip before putting it down on the table. I sat back down next to her and placed my arms around her and pulled her in for a kiss. It was as passionate of a kiss as I could remember in my thirty-plus years of life. Our hands began to roam each other's clothed bodies. My hands found her breasts, and I cupped them in my palms. I felt her shiver and heard her sigh as I continued to caress and fondle them.

She untucked my shirt from my pants and began running her hands under my shirt and over my chest. She lightly pulled at my chest hair and rubbed her palms and fingers over my nipples. I lifted her sweater slightly to feel the bare skin of her stomach. I felt her bra above my hands, and reached behind to undo it. I moved my hands back to the front and reached for a bare breast. Here I was, sitting on her couch, feeling her tits, and kissing this hot woman I had long lusted after. Though I knew I was cheating on Debbie, I could not resist.

After about twenty minutes of heavy petting and making out, she left to go upstairs and check on the boys. I sat there in anticipation, with a very hard cock stuck in my jeans and lipstick all over my face. She gently walked down the stairs and approached the living room. She looked at me, hit the light switch, and began taking off her sweater. I took off my shirt and tee as I saw the outline of her breasts in the light of the television. Her breasts shined in the light, and I could see her perky nipples standing firm and erect. She leaned in to kiss me and my hands immediately reached up to her tits. I squeezed them together and fondled them in my hands before lowering my lips to her nipples and sucking them gently.

She unzipped her pants and lowered them while I continued working her breasts. She then lowered her panties, and I could smell the wetness that our petting and kissing had brought about. She stood before me naked, and I leaned back to take in her all of her beautiful body. Her skin was very smooth and milky white. I could see the outline of her curves in the blue-white light of the screen. I then noticed her pubic area and saw a little landing strip of black hair about her entrance.

I stood up to remove my pants. She brought her fingers to my chest and began fingering through my chest hair. I undid my belt buckle and the top button of my pants, and began to lower my zipper. The sound of the zipper opening caught her attention, and she put her hand on mine and helped me lower it down. She then took my pants and boxers and lowered them slowly to the ground, with her head following the path of the pants down to the floor.

My hard cock was finally free and was celebrating by bouncing in the television's light. I consider my cock an average-sized one of about six-plus inches, but this night, it appeared I had grown an inch. I was so turned on by what was going to happen that it was nearly impossible to contain the excitement I was feeling.

She looked up at my cock and smiled. She kneeled down in front of me and began stroking my already rock-hard cock. She giggled as she continued working me with her hand. She asked me, "Do you want me to suck your cock, Dan? Is that what you want?" Unable to speak, I nodded and simply replied, "Mm-hmm." She pushed me back and told me to sit on the couch. Once I was seated, she lowered her hot mouth onto my cock. I almost exploded right then and there.

Now my girlfriend, Debbie, was a great cock sucker, far better than my ex-wife had been. What Brandy was doing with her mouth as she worked my shaft rivaled that of a porn star. Her mouth and lips formed a perfect seal around my cock as she worked her head up and down. It was effortless for her, as she took more and more of my inches into her mouth, finally swallowing my whole shaft.

Now I have been deep-throated before, but how Brandy worked my cock in her throat was incredible. She would raise her head up to the tip and dive-bomb straight down, without hesitation, as she took my enlarged member towards her tonsils. I told her to slow down because I was about to cum. She pulled her mouth off and saw drops of pre-cum at the tip of my dick. She licked them off, smiled, and said, "Well, we can't have you cumming so soon yet, can we?"

She stood up and positioned her legs around mine. I pulled out a condom, placed it on my cock, and watched as she lowered her hips towards my raging boner. We both sighed as my cock entered her steaming wet pussy. She just sat there taking the sensation in for a few seconds before she began humping up and down on my cock. I took her breasts in my hands and squeezed them tight as she continued pumping up and down. She was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. She was going so hard and fast that the sound of my balls slapping against the bottom of her ass was louder than the volume on the television. She was getting close to cumming, so I reached down and began massaging her clit with my thumb. This sent her over the edge and she let out a muffled moan, but continued to riding my cock at break-neck speed. Her orgasm brought me to my climax, as I shot what must have been a huge load into her pussy. I felt my cock spurt several shots of cum as she continued to pump up and down.

She began picking up her pace once more and could tell she was approaching another orgasm. She moaned more loudly. She was visibly sweating all over her body, and her panting made it seem like she was hyperventilating. Meanwhile, my spent cock was still rock hard from her pussy continuously thrusting up and down on it. I reached down and again rubbed her clit, releasing a loud cry and a gasp from her. She began to shiver and shudder all over as she finally stopped riding me and came to a complete halt. She sighed and collapsed to my chest, breathing liked she had just run a marathon.

With my cock still in her, I rolled her on to the couch and kissed her tenderly. I said, "Wow, that was something else."

She said, "Honey, that was nothing. I work much better on a bed," smiled, and winked at me.

She was still waiting for her breathing to slow down. Goosebumps were all over her upper body, as her sweat glistened in the light. I realized that I was still inside her, and still hard. I slowly began to remove my cock, but she protested. She was impressed that my cock was still so hard after cumming, and I agreed. I could not remember that ever happening before. I told her I needed to remove it before any cum leaked out of the condom.

She said, "Do you have another one?" Always being prepared, I nodded. She said, "Put it on now."

I slid my throbbing cock out and removed the cum-filled condom. She sat up and, without a warning, slid her mouth over my cock, licking the leftover cum still on my shaft. She picked up her sucking, and was again sliding my whole cock into her mouth. I unwrapped the condom, pulled my cock out of her mouth, and put on the new rubber. I laid on her back and poised my cock right outside of her pussy.

I said, "Do you want to do this again?"

She nodded yes, reached down, and guided my cock into her sopping wet pussy.

I thrust into her like a man on a mission. I had not lost my previous erection and was fucking her again. We worked out our rhythm to where she was grinding her pussy up to meet each of my thrusts perfectly. She leaned forward and took my nipple in her mouth, sucking it and lightly biting. She put her hands on my ass to push me deeper into her. An earthquake could have happened and we would not have noticed it. I felt that familiar sensation of my cock getting ready to cum. I whispered that I was almost there. She braced herself and told me to cum inside her. I gave one final thrust and shot another load. The sensation was almost too much to bear. My cock was already sensitive, and here it was convulsing from another load of cum shooting inside this beautiful woman. I could feel each shot of cum erupting from my cock and each one made me shiver. When I finally stopped, she began slowly grinding her pussy on my still erect shaft. Within a matter of a minute, she brought herself to another orgasm before my cock finally shrunk down from this night of fantastic sex.

We both lay exhausted and spent on the couch, covered in sweat, smelling of sex, and with wicked-ass grins on our faces. I kissed her and thanked her for an incredible night. I told her had I known this was part of the package, I definitely would have asked her out sooner.

Laughing, she said, "Ditto."

We dozed off on the couch, wrapped in a quilt, until I woke up at 2 AM. I kissed her, and told her she should probably get to bed. I didn't want to risk one of the kids finding us like this. We both sat up, yawned, and began getting dressed. Watching her put her clothing back on was almost as exciting as watching her take them off. Finally back to normal, she walked me to the door, hugged me, and kissed me goodnight.

It was a slow walk back to my apartment, and not just because of my sore cock. I was thinking about what I had just done. Yes, I had gone ahead and fulfilled a fantasy of fucking this gorgeous woman. But I had also cheated on someone for the first time, and that is what made my heart heavy. I was not sure what would come next. I never told Debbie about this night with Brandy. We ended up breaking up two months later. There was never another time with Brandy. She ended up getting back together with her boyfriend, Tom, although it wasn't the same as it had been. She ended up moving away to another state within two years.

We did have one more slightly intimate time together before she moved away. I took her someplace because her car was in the shop. While waiting outside, we got back to reminiscing about that night and we laughed about how crazy we behaved. I asked why we never got back together, and she said the timing was never right. We hugged once, and I kissed her on the forehead. It was the best one-night stand I have ever had, and will remember it forever.

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