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Finally Alone

After a threesome with a stranger, we agreed we needed time alone...
Patrick and I continued to email and then text after our threesome. In fact, the next day when he realized I’d spent the night alone after the threesome he was pretty bummed he didn’t know because he said he would have loved to spend time with me alone. Within eight hours we both began hatching plans to see each other again. We were in contact a lot the next few days and arranged to meet in under a week of our first meeting.

I like a lot about Patrick. Besides the fact that he kisses like a dream, his dick is perfect and he eats pussy like a professional, he is just a nice guy. That sounds odd and it has really made me question some of my perceptions about people.

Let me try to explain. I think even though I was a willing participant in a threesome with a stranger, I had a preconceived idea of what people were like that had threesomes with strangers. Does that make sense? I suppose my southern girl upbringing somehow associated sexually free people as not the nicest people.

Now that I’ve questioned that belief, I see how ridiculous it is, but it is interesting how we see things, without real evidence. I guess there are nice people and asses in every demographic, including swingers. I digress.

Patrick is a nice guy. He’s hot as hell and sends me messages that are quite possibly the perfect balance between sweet and sexy. Its not too much, not over the top, but he makes me feel great and I know he wants me. He’s also very confident. He knows he’s hot as hell and he knows what he wants, so there’s no game playing.

In the five or six days between when we first met and immediately had sex and when we met again alone, we had really connected. I found out a lot about him, like he’s a workaholic and single probably because of that. He owns a house not far from where I go to school. We like some of the same things and we really turn each other on. We both decided we needed to meet alone and see where this goes. So I did.

He was the perfect gentleman. He got a room, met me on time and immediately said he’d missed me and covered me in kisses. It was so nice to hear that sexy voice whispering in my ear again, telling me how much he wanted me, how good it was going to be to have me all to himself.

He undressed me slowly as if enjoying every stitch. He took the time to suck each of my hard nipples. I moaned and squirmed, wanting him so much it ached. He was slow and purposeful with every move, so different that the frantic eager fucking we’d had in the threesome. It was as if he was savoring every second and actually making love to me. I was in paradise.

He sat me on the edge of the bed and pushed me back, kneeling in front of me on the floor. He was just as patient in spreading my legs, running his hand up and down my pussy lips and then spreading them apart. He took in a deep breath, moaned out the most delicious “mmmmm,” and then took his first lick.

He licked and sucked and kissed, inside and out. He stuck his tongue deep inside me while teasing my clit with his fingers. He brought me right to the edge and then balanced me there with gently kisses on the very inside of my thighs. I ached to cum but it was as if he was pacing me, making me build.

He was studying me, making mental notes of what brought gasps and what brought moans. He was paying attention to every detail. He knew that I knew and seemed to enjoy that fact. He seemed to really savor my taste and my reactions to him.

I was in awe of the difference. He was an incredibly passionate lover in the threesome the week before. Even in the midst of being with two men at once, we had connected beyond the physical, which is what led to us even being in touch. That was just so urgent and desperate. This was focused and deliberate. This was a dance with no ending time. I felt he was willing to stay there, consuming me for days if I’d let him.

When he finally allowed it, I came in waves, unaware of time and space. It was the kind of orgasm you dream of and long for, that not just anyone can give you and you certainly can’t give yourself. It was amazing.

He was rock hard already. I love that. I love that eating my pussy turned him on. I love that he wanted me as much as I wanted him, but it only seemed fair that I return the favor.

He laid back on the bed and took his spot on the floor. I admittedly love dick. I think they’re beautiful and sexy. I love them soft and hard and big and small. Patrick’s dick is perfect, if there is such a thing. I began by licking and sucking gently on his balls before hungrily sucking on his big dick. I paused from time to time to make eye contact with him, the same eye contact that had rocked my world in the threesome.

I don’t know why some women don’t like to suck cock. I love it. It gives me a rush of power, knowing I can turn someone on that much. I love the feel of it in my mouth. I love the sensation of sucking. I just love cock and it totally turns me on.

I moved my way up his body and hovered over him, kissing him, tasting myself. I love that so much. I grinded a bit on his thigh and pushed my tits in his face. At some point I positioned my hot pussy over his cock and teased. He was eager at that point. He could feel my wetness and how very hot I was. I leaned over to his ear, the same way he had done me the week before.

I said, “You are so fucking sexy. Can I have that cock now?”

I didn’t wait for an answer. I moved my hips and found the right spot, leaned forward for the angle and slid down onto him. I did so slowly, taking in every inch. He felt so good in me – full and complete. I started moving, ever so slowly at first wanting to take it all in, head to base.

It wasn’t long though before the need in me took over and I started moving my hips up and down with more purpose, harder and faster. The angel on top is perfect and almost always makes me cum. On this big cock it was a given. I kept moving through it, feeling me soak his big dick under me. At the end of it, I fell forward on him, exhaused from the ride and the explosion.

He was so good to me, tender even. He ran his fingers over my hips and up my back. He kissed my neck and whispered the sweetest things in my ear. I rolled off of him and onto the bed, tingling head to toe.

Patrick wasn’t done though. He was just getting started. He moved over me, spreading my legs, moaning a bit at the sight of my already stretched pussy and the glistening of my cum.

On his knees he pulled me to him and entered me again. He had full view of my body and he was taking it all in. We settled into a slow rhythm, my hips meeting his thrusts. His fingers found my so sensitive clit and very quickly brought me to orgasm again.

He smiled and said he felt it. I’m sure he did. My pussy was contracting and pulsing inside and out. This man does the most amazing things to me.

I don’t know how long he fucked me like that but it seemed like hours. He moved my legs, changed his thrusts, and eventually covered me with his body. He kissed me deeply and with such passion I’m sure that’s what made me cum again. I can only assume my pussy tightening around his big cock again is what pushed him over the edge. He came forcefully and loudly, and then wrapped himself around me.

This continued for the rest of the afternoon. We spent four or five hours together. I don’t know how many times we fucked or how many orgasms I had. We talked between about life and fantasies. I feel completely comfortable opening up to him and he obviously feels the same. I’m hooked on this man. I have to have more.

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