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Finding Charlie

Surprising a cyber lover by suddenly showing up and merging realities

After sixteen hours on the bus, I arrived in Tulsa, Oklahoma just before noon on a hot July day determined to find Charlie, actually Charlotte, but that’s not what I called her. I flew into Chicago and then took the long bus ride to Tulsa, wanting to experience Route 66. After almost two years of meeting Charlie, my cyber lover, I wanted to surprise her, just show up, a daring act in itself as fear of what a disaster this might be swept over me. What would she think when she realized who I was? Would she be disappointed? Disillusioned? Alarmed? Would I? For some reason, surprising how this sounds, we had never exchanged photos. Would she be what I fantasized after months of visualizing her without a photo? Would she believe it was me, someone she had never seen.

I found out that there were no buses from Tulsa to Jarvis, where she lived, so I decided to hitch a ride rather than rent a car. I stood out on the highway for about ten minutes, my small back pack on my shoulder and within ten minutes got a ride with an old geezer in a rusted old Dodge truck, wearing a cowboy hat, white stubble on his chin.

When I told him I just came from Maine and was heading for Jarvis, he looked at me, “Why that dinky town?”

“Don’t laugh,” I said, “but I’m looking for a woman I met on the internet.”

“No shit,” he said, looking at me. “She must pretty damn hot for you to come all this way,” he said. “And I bet she’s a lot younger than you, ain’t she?” he laughed.

“Yes, but so what? Age is just a number,” I added, knowing that was trite but didn’t know what else to say.

“Guess so,” he said, glancing at me, “but I hope your pecker holds up,” he laughed.

We drove for quite awhile talking about this and that and then I must have dozed off. When I woke up and looked around I saw the road sign that said Jarvis five miles.

“Won’t be long,” the old guy said, smiling at me. “Hope you find her.”

“Me, too,” I answered.

I saw the sign, “Entering Jarvis.” We drove past a gas station convenience store and into the middle of town.

“You can drop me off here in front of the hardware store,” I said, pointing to it.

He pulled over to the curb and I grabbed my backpack and hopped out.

“Thanks for the lift,” I said.

“No problem,” he responded, saluting me with his hand at the edge of his cowboy hat. “Good luck with your lady,” he said and smiled, then shook his head. “You’re gonna need it,” he laughed.

When I got out of the truck, he took off and I looked around. I stood on the sidewalk in the glaring hot sun, not sure which way to go to find the Jarvis Community Center where I knew she worked. I didn’t even know if she would be there and whether I would recognize her. What would I do if she wasn’t there since I didn’t have her phone number and had no idea where she lived? I took a chance, but then, what is life if you don’t take chances.

While standing there, uncertain which way to go, I saw two men sitting on a bench outside the hardware store, unshaven, smoking and looking out at the pick-up trucks and dusty cars driving by. One wore a cowboy hat, the other a green baseball cap pulled low over his eyes.

“Excuse me, can you tell me where the Community Center is?” I asked walking closer to the bench.

The man with the cowboy hat looked up, the cigarette dangling from his lip, and pointed down the street with his thumb, “Two blocks down, other side of the street, Can’t miss it.”

The other man glanced up at me then took a drag on his cigarette, looked away and sent a wad of spit to the curb.

“Thanks,” I said, nodding and headed in that direction. I passed a drug store, a small coffee shop, the post office and then saw the sign of the community center on the other side. I crossed the street and stood in front of the red brick building, looking at the door and suddenly felt my throat tighten. I saw a black pick up truck with oversized tires parked nearby and wondered if that was Charlie’s. I remembered her telling me that’s she drove a truck with big tires.

I gripped my backpack tighter as I stared at the door, feeling self-conscious. “Would she think I look like an old man?” I muttered to myself. I was twenty-some years older than Charlie, though inside I felt youthful. Online, age didn’t seem to matter, but now she would see my graying hair and beard, my wrinkled brow, the smile lines around my eyes. This was a reality, not cyber space.

I took a deep breath, put my hand on the knob, hesitating before entering. I glanced at myself in the glass of the door and saw my reflection.

“What am I doing here?” I thought before opening the door, “Well, here goes, what ever will be, will be.”

I had a mental picture of Charlie, remembering how she described herself. I knew she had brownish blond hair, a pony tail, blue eyes, dimples when she smiled. I knew she always wore jeans and a t-shirt, remnants of her tom-boy days on the farm where she grew up. In my imagination, she was beautiful with smooth fair skin, long legs, tight jeans, slender, her tits, “a good hand full,” she said. I know in bed, she wore a white satin nightie that came halfway down her thighs, that’s where we spent most of our cyber time if we weren’t on her couch.

When I entered, closing the door behind me, I stood in a large entrance way and looked around, hoping I would see someone that I thought resembled the Charlie in my imagination. I noticed a gym with a stage at one end, several small offices on the other side and a conference room with a large table and chairs around it.

And then I saw a young woman with a blonde pony tail, jeans and a red t shirt coming out of an office with several folders in her hand, I wondered if that was Charlie. She looked exactly as I pictured her.

“I bet that’s her,” I said to myself, watching her walking, my heart leaping and then I wondered again if I was insane to come all this way unannounced and uninvited to surprise her. Here was the “moment of decision and revision which a moment could reverse” I thought, as a line from T.S. Eliot went through my mind.

In our over two years of almost daily meetings on the internet, I felt I knew Charlie and knew she valued the time I took to know her, asking probing questions, letting her know that though we agreed initially to be on line “fuck buddies,” I cared about her and miraculously, our relationship gradually grew and evolved to a deeper level. We became on-line lovers who actually loved each other, at least to the degree that you can in a cyber relationship. Both of us accepted the limitations, the sense of it being real and unreal at the same time and we came to treasure our time together.

But now, we were about to enter a new dimension, the face to face reality. I swallowed and shook my head in disbelief that this meeting was actually going to happen. I watched the young woman I thought was Charlie walk towards another office clutching the folders. She glanced over at me near the door then turned away. I was not surprised that she didn’t continue looking at me, a stranger, because I knew how shy she was. I knew she kept herself protected and private, quiet, reserved, preventing people from getting to know her. However, in the safety of the internet, she allowed her passionate sexuality to be unleashed in quick fucking sessions that were basically anonymous one night stands. She liked it rough and wild and that’s what happened when we first met on line, but for some reason, we began meeting frequently. Our relationship evolved and became deeper, more loving. Over the two years, our relationship grew into what made me impulsively perhaps foolishly want to find her in real life.

I was uncertain how to approach her and gradually have her realize who I was. It was going to be a challenge, but I was eager to enter into this game of revealing myself, surprising her and hopefully, as she came to realize it was me, seducing her at the same time, though the possibility remained, she would be angry and turned off by my uninvited presence.

“Excuse me, miss,” I said, walking over to her. “I just arrived in town and wondered if there was a motel around here.”

“A motel?” she repeated and stiffened. I could feel how tense she was as she looked at me. “Well, there’s a motel just outside of town about five miles from here.”

That was the first time I heard her voice since we had never spoken on the phone. She was too shy for that. Her Oklahoma twang made me chuckle as the difference in this reality and the reality of reading her words on-line sunk in. She didn’t write with a twang.

“Five miles, really, that far,” I said, pausing a moment. “Well, I just came here on the bus from Maine.”

“Maine!” she repeated, “Wow! I know someone in Maine.”

I had hoped mentioning Maine would trigger this response.

“You do!” I responded. “Do you know where in Maine?” I asked.

“I’m not sure but I know it’s on the coast. He lives in a cabin in the woods and off the grid.”

She seemed excited to talk about someone she knew in Maine. As soon as she said that, she took a deep breath and looked away and became tense again. She looked down at her feet and clutched the folders to her chest like armor.

“Wow, you know someone who lives in Maine and in the woods off the grid. That’s really a coincidence cause that’s how I live. I live in the woods and off the grid.”

“Really, wow! That is a coincidence,” she said, looking up. “That’s so amazing.”

“You have beautiful blue eyes,” I said which stunned her and caused her to blush.

“Oh really, thank you,” she said and looked away then down at the floor, the folders still held tightly to her chest.

“But why are you blushing,” I asked, remembering her telling me she blushed easily.

She didn’t answer but looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know,” she finally said and shrugged her shoulders again.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you,” I quickly said. “I couldn’t help it. I just noticed how blue your eyes are and wanted to tell you.”

“Thank you,” she said again, smiled and looked away.

“And you have dimples when you smile,” I added. “I like that.”

She blushed again. Her face turned pink and she touched her face. “Oh yes, my dimples,” she said, holding her fingers just below her flushed cheek.

After a brief silence, I shifted my backpack from one hand to the other and cleared my throat. “Can I use a phone to call the motel?” I asked.

“Sure,” she answered. “You can use the phone in my office, well it’s not my office, but I’m using it,” she said, seeming to relax a little. “Follow me.”

“Thanks,” I said and walked behind her, loving how her ass looked in the tight faded jeans. “She’s even sexier than I thought she would be,” I mumbled to myself, still uncertain what would happen.

In the office, she took the phone book out of a drawer, opened it and looked up the number of the motel. She wrote it down and handed me the slip of paper. “Here’s the number.”

“You’re very helpful,” I said, smiling at her. Our eyes met. “That’s really something that you know someone in Maine who lives in the woods and off the grid like I do.”

She nodded and smiled. Again our eyes met. “An amazing coincidence,” I added.

“It is,” she said, with a slightly perplexed expression, scrunching her eyebrows and squinting as she looked at me. I could tell she was thinking about the coincidence.

I dialed the number and got a busy signal. “Busy,” I said, putting the receiver down. “Don’t let me interrupt your work. I’ll call again in a few minutes.”

Again, I looked into her eyes, thinking she’s even more beautiful than I imagined. I looked at her blond hair, her fair skin, the dimples, the way her tits stretched the t-shirt, the way her tight jeans fit. Even with her shyness, I could feel her sweetness. I already knew that lurking just below the quiet, reserved surface was a passionate, wild woman who inspired me to make this long trip to find her.

“What’s your name,” I asked, our eyes meeting as I waited to dial the number of the motel again.

“Charlie, short for Charlotte,” she answered, looking away and opened the file cabinet to put the folders away.

“Hmmm, Charlie,” I repeated. “I like that name. It’s one of my favorite names” then added, “and you’re really pretty.”

Again, she blushed and looked away. I knew I was being bold, but I also knew she was someone who avoided being noticed and I wanted to break through that barrier she created.

“You’re blushing again,” I said, smiling.

“I’m not used to people talking to me like you are,” she said. “It’s hard for me.”

“I understand,” I said. “I just like the way you look. I hope you don’t think I’m just saying that to get into your pants.”

When I said that she looked a little shocked though surprisingly didn’t look away. I think I excited her.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that about getting into your pants,” I added, letting my eyes drift down her body. “But I think you’re pretty sexy,” I said, our eyes meeting and I saw she liked that I thought she was sexy.

“You do, do you?” she responded, looking around to see if anyone was listening She looked down at her desk again then back at me. “Thank you,” she said looking into my eyes.

“I bet you have lots of guys wanting you,” I said.

“Not really,” she said, swallowing, the blush returning to her cheeks.

“I think it’s amazing that you know someone in Maine who lives in the woods in a solar cabin and here I am a guy who lives in a cabin in Maine, also off the grid.”

“Why did you come to Oklahoma?” she asked, looking at me, “and why Jarvis of all places?”

“Well, I’m not sure exactly but I was looking for a woman who lives in this town.”

“Really,” a puzzled look crossed her face as she looked at me. “You know a woman who lives in this town?”

“Yes, someone I met on the internet,” I answered.

“Oh, you met a woman on the internet who lives around here?” she asked, the perplexed expression returning to her face as she looked at me.

“Yes, I took a chance to come to Jarvis and surprise her.”

“Interesting,” she said, smiling, looking intently at me, again, our eyes met. “Well, I hope you find her,” she added after an awkward silence. She looked around again to see if anyone was listening then back at me. “That’s pretty exciting that you would come all this way to surprise a woman you met on the internet.”

The way she looked at me I knew she was catching on and ready to play. “Yeah, I met this guy on the internet,” she said. “He’s older than me, about your age, I’d say, but I don’t think we will ever meet.”

“Interesting,” I said. “Well, it’s a small world. Maybe one day you’ll meet,” I added.

“You kind of remind me of him, but that’s impossible, he would never come all this way to Oklahoma.”

“Yeah, it’s quite a long ways to come,” I said, nodding. “He’d have to be pretty crazy to come all this way to meet his fuck angel,” I said, smiling, knowing I would hit a chord.

She didn’t say anything but I could tell she was stunned. I often called her my fuck angel. We were both silent, looking into each other’s eyes, but I could tell she was figuring out what was going on and just looked at me, squinting slightly.

“Yeah, it would be crazy to come all that distance,” she said. “He would never leave his cabin in the woods. He’s a writer and a real hermit.”

“Hmmmmmm, that’s interesting. I’m a writer and I hardly ever leave my cabin,” I said, shaking my head. “That’s some coincidence, how about that?” I smiled, shaking my head as if in disbelief.

“There’s no way he’d come to Jarvis,” she said, still puzzled but the look on her face told me she knew what was happening. “Anyway he said we would never meet,” she added.

I nodded and picked up the phone, our eyes on each other as I dialed the motel again. Suddenly, she picked up a few more files from the desk and walked over to the filing cabinet.

As I listened to the phone ringing, I looked at Charlie opening one of the drawers. She turned and looked at me, noticing I was looking up and down her body as I held the phone. Our eyes met and we smiled slightly, acknowledging the game we were playing. I was impressed with how cool she was when she realized what was happening, acting unsurprised to see me but fascinated. She closed the filing cabinet and came back to the desk while I spoke into the phone and then hung up.

“I don’t need a reservation,” I said.

“Didn’t think you would,” she said, nodding. “I’m not surprised. It’s a pretty seedy place but it’s the only one around.”

“I kind of like seedy places,” I said. “They have atmosphere and character instead of those sterile places I’ve stayed at and fifty bucks for the night sounds good to me, just as long as it has a bed and a shower, it will do.”

“Hmmmm, I like seedy motels too,” she said, smiling. “They can be fun.”

When she said that, she looked at me and bit her lower lip and smiled. I smiled back at her, our eyes locked on each other. We had talked about meeting in a seedy motel in one of our fantasies.

“What do you mean,” I asked, “What kind of fun? Tell me.”

“You know the kind of fun I mean,” she responded, looking into my eyes, that coy smile on her lips, “Hot fun.”

“Yeah hot motel fun,” I repeated, smiling at her. “Now how can I get there?” I asked. “I don’t have a car.”

“Well, I’m off this afternoon. I guess I could give you a ride if you don’t mind waiting fifteen minutes.”

“That’s very friendly of you,” I said. “I mean, I’m a stranger. Do you think you can trust me, I mean, taking a stranger to a seedy motel?”

“I don’t know if I can trust you but I will take my chances. Anyway, I can take care of myself if you try anything.” She paused, smiling, looking playfully into my eyes. “And why shouldn’t I trust you. What would you want to do to me?”

I walked around the desk and stood close to her, our bodies almost touching. “That’s a good question,” I said, moving a little closer, both of us feeling our rising lust. “I would like to do a lot of things,” I said, softly, our eyes locked on each others eyes, both of us enjoying the teasing, feeling the growing sexual tension. “A lot of hot fun things,” I added.

“Oh really,” she said. “What makes you think I would let you?” She smiled then pushed me away, gently. “Let me finish up here,” she said. “Then I’ll drive you to your motel. It’s on my way home, anyway.”

“Okay, I’ll just look around while I’m waiting,” I said and walked towards the door then turned back and looked at her clearing her desk, my cock already hard from the intensity of being so close to her. I could not believe this was actually happening and I was excited at how cool Charlie was when she realized who I was and what was happening. She immediately got into the game we were playing and I remembered how intuitive she was when we fucked online. We were always on the same wave length.

I walked around the center looking at some pictures and reading different notices on the bulletin board. Finally, I saw Charlie walking towards me with a small back pack hanging loosely from her shoulder. “She’s just as sexy as I thought she’d be,” I thought to myself again, loving how her tight faded jeans fit and how her tits looked in her tee shirt, her nipples now showing, certain she had taken off her bra.

“Ready, stranger,” she said, smiling, her dimples showing. “My truck is outside.”

I followed her to the black truck, again noticing the big tires on it. “Some truck,” I said.

“Yeah, gets me where I want to go.”

We both climbed in the truck and she made a u-turn, the tires squealing and started down the street towards the motel. As we passed the hardware store, the two guys were still sitting on the bench and I nodded at them as we drove past.

In the truck we were quiet at first but kept glancing at each other, wondering what to say as our minds tried to comprehend what was happening. I liked that she was pretending she didn’t know me and it was if we were picking up from one of our on line role playing games, our two realities merging. I noticed how her tits jiggled in her tight red t shirt when we went over a few bumps.

“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Did you take your bra off?” I asked boldly.

“Yeah, I hate bras,” she answered, smiling and looking in my eyes. When she said that I knew she was no longer the shy Charlie, but the Charlie who liked turning me on, who liked letting her secret sexy self loose instead of hiding behind her shy, good girl, protected manner. She was the Charlie no one knew but me.

“That’s interesting because the girl I know around here hates bras too,” I said.

“Oh really,” she responded. “Sounds like your friend and me are alike.”

“You are,” I said. “In fact, you remind me of her,” I added.

“Hmm, I do, now that’s interesting,” she said, looking into my eyes. “She must be some hot girl for you to come all this way.”

“She’s very hot,” I said, “but she hides it from people.”

“I bet she’s going to be surprised when you just show up,” she said looking straight ahead. I could see a slight smile on her lips.

“Well, I hope I find her. I don’t have any idea where she lives,” I said.

“I hope you find her, too. Coming all this distance for someone you met on the internet is pretty hot,” she said. “That would really turn me on if this guy in Maine I met on the internet showed up.”

“Really,” I said, our eyes meeting when she said that. “It sure is nice of you to drive me to the motel,” I said. “I mean, taking a chance with a stranger and taking him to a motel can be pretty risky.”

“Should I be worried?” she asked, looking over at me.

“Maybe,” I answered. “You got me pretty turned on in the office and you seemed pretty interested,” I added. “I think you took off your bra to tease me,” I said, looking at her.

“I said I hate bras, mister and I’m not a tease,” she said, smiling at me. “I happen to be a very good girl. I would never tease you. I’m not like that.”

“Well, here we are, Sunrise Motel,” she said, pulling into the parking lot, glancing over at me.

“Thanks for the ride, Charlie,” I said

“Well, I hope you find her,” she added, looking out at the motel. We were silent.

As I opened the door, I paused with my hand on the handle. “Hey, would you like to see my motel room?” I asked, looking into her eyes. “You said you like seedy motels.”

“Well, I don’t know,” she responded. “I don’t think I should go into a motel room with a perfect stranger like you,” she said. “You might get the wrong idea about me, like I said I’m a good girl. I don’t go into motel rooms with men I don’t know.”

“Oh come on,” I said. “Anyway you said you can take care of yourself.”

“I can,” she said. “I’m always in control.”

“And you said motels can be fun, especially seedy ones like this place,” I said. “I want you to see my room,” I said, “just to see what you think. Don’t you trust me?”

“Well, okay, but just for a minute,” she said. Again our eyes met and she smiled at me. “Yeah, I’d like to see your room, but don’t you get any funny ideas. I’m not that kind of girl, you know.”

“Cool,” I said, getting out of the truck. “Wait here, Charlie, I’ll be just a few minutes, “I said as I hopped out of the truck.

“Now remember I can only stay for a minute. I’ll just let you show me your room and then I have to take off.”

“No problem,” I said before closing the door.

I went to the office while Charlie waited in the truck. “I can’t believe this is happening,” I thought as I entered the office, loving how she was playing our little game, how cool she was being. I could tell she wasn’t disappointed seeing me in person or she would have slipped out of what was happening. I couldn’t wait to get her into the room to see how this would all unfold, but I knew she was just as turned on as I was. I could feel myself getting hard just thinking about it.

After I registered with the old frumpy woman at the desk and she handed me the key, I walked towards my room and waved for Charlie to follow me. She got out of the truck and looked around.

“Now don’t you try anything, mister,” she said, smiling at me.

I nodded and smiled back at her but didn’t say anything as we looked into each others eyes, knowing we were playing with each other. She walked slightly in front of me and I could not take my eyes off of her round luscious ass straining the tight jeans and felt my cock getting harder. “Damn I want her,” I thought to myself. She turned her head, glancing into my eyes, then down at the bulge in my jeans and smiled, looking back into my eyes.

She stood close to me as I unlocked the door. “I can only stay a minute,” she said again, pressing her tit against my arm, both of us getting hotter.

When the door opened, Charlie walked in ahead of me, my eyes on her delicious ass, my hard cock pressed tight against my jeans. I then closed the door and threw my backpack on the bed, a few feet away.

“Yep, pretty seedy,” I said as I looked around at the shabby bureau, the TV mounted on the wall, the gaudy red carpeting and the bathroom at the other end of the small room.

‘Yeah,” Charlie said, nodding, looking at me. “Pretty seedy,” she repeated and started walking towards the bathroom when I suddenly grabbed her arm. She gasped as I pulled her to me, turned her around and slammed her hard against the door and kissed her. She responded like I knew she would. She liked it rough and now at last all the pent up lust that had been building was unleashed as we attacked each other, our tongues swirling in each others mouths with loud moaning sounds.

As we kissed, I took her hands and held them over her head, pressing her against the door, our bodies grinding and humping each other as we devoured each others tongues, her soft tits crushed against my chest.

“Oh baby,” she cried as we both gasped for air. “Take me you crazy man!” she yelled. We looked into each others eyes as we fucked through our clothes, grinding and humping, her legs spread apart as my cock moved all over her tight jean covered pussy. I let her hands go and she grabbed my ass and pulled me into her, arching her back, spreading her legs wider apart as she pushed her pussy harder against the length of my hard cock, as we humped each other, fucking through our clothes.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. “I need you in me!”

I ignored her and put my thigh between her legs, pulling her forward and she began riding my leg, sliding her pussy up and down my thigh.

“Oh fuck! This is so hot,” she moaned between kisses, her hands still holding my ass as she moved herself up and down my thigh, pulling me harder against her pussy. “Oh baby, I like this,” she moaned. “Oh fuck! This is so hot!” she repeated, moving faster on my thigh.

I then lifted her off my thigh, holding her by her ass, as she spread her legs wider apart, arched her back, my cock grinding against her jean covered pussy as she rode it, moving up and down my pole, faster and harder, leaning back, holding on to my shoulders, humping me shouting, “Oh baby, baby, fuck me! I want your cock in me! I need your cock,” she gasped, both of us getting raunchier, hornier. This was the Charlie I loved.

Gripping her ass as we continued grinding and humping, her back arched, her arms wrapped around my neck, her tits pressed tight against her t-shirt, her hard nipples poking like mountain peaks. Moving my hands to her tits in my hands, kneading them roughly, loving how round and soft they were, a real handful, I then leaned forward and we kissed, making loud animal sounds, our tongues swirling wildly in our mouths as she slid her jean covered pussy up and down my bulging cock while I hungrily molested her tits with my hands, our mouths devouring each other.

“I want to fuck you,” I said, taking my mouth from hers as we both gasped for air. I pushed her harder against the door. “I want to fuck you hard!” I growled. Our mouths then smashed against each other, our tongues swirling as we kissed madly.

I quickly moved one hand to her pussy, grasping it in the palm of my hand, pressing it hard against her crotch. I moved my lips away from her lips, keeping my mouth just above hers. “This pussy is mine!” I growled as I grasped it

Suddenly, I grabbed her arms, turned her around and pushed her towards the bed. I threw her down hard, looking at her lying on her back looking up at me. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide apart, the seam of her tight jeans pressed against her pussy. I got down on my knees between her open legs, my hard cock throbbing in my jeans. I pounced on top of her, my cock pressed against her pussy. I kissed her hard, my tongue opening her mouth, our tongues deep in each others mouths, kissing fiercely. While we kissed, we continued grinding and humping against each other, picking up speed and intensity. She arched her back, grinding her pussy against my hard cock as we fucked each other through our clothes, humping and grinding harder and harder, our tongues moving wildly in our mouths, our desperate hungry moaning getting louder. I wanted this to be a long wild fuck, both of us consumed with lust, loving how connected we were in this reality, feeling our hungry bodies for the first time after over two years of cyber fucking almost every day.

Fuck me!” she screamed. “Please, I can’t stand this! I need you in me!”

“Oh yeah,” I said, looking into her hungry eyes. ‘What do you need?”

“Give me you fucking cock! I want your cock!” she shouted, the wanton wild woman I knew released from her good girl façade.

Though it was all I could do not to rip her clothes off of her, I kept humping and grinding against her pussy as she lifted her hips and arching her back, humping me. I loved driving her crazy, teasing her, getting her so out of control, wanting to get fucked hard.

“I thought you were a good girl,” I said, my mouth just above her mouth, our eyes locked on each others eyes. I smiled, “but you’re nothing but a cock tease. You’re not a good girl.”

“I am a good girl,” she said.

I laughed, knowing the game we were playing and kept humping her, grinding my cock harder. “You like this don’t you, you bad girl,” I growled, our eyes locked on each other’s eyes, remembering how she liked talking dirty, how hot it got her. “You like being bad. You like how my cock feels on your cunt, don’t you, you slut.”

‘Oh fuck,” she shouted. “I can’t stand it. I need you in me! Yeah, I’m your slut!”

I looked down at her, grinding my cock against her. “Tell me what you want.”

“Fuck me, you bastard! Don’t tease me!”

“Beg,” I yelled, humping and grinding, both of us getting more and more frustrated by our clothing.

“I need your cock! Please! I can’t stand this. Fuck me now. Now! Take me!”

I then got up on my knees and quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. She lifted her ass and squirmed out of them. I tossed them across the room and quickly took my jeans off as she wiggled out of her soaked panties. My cock, freed at last was sticking straight out above her dripping pussy. She looked at it and reached to grab it.

“Hey!” I shouted pushing her hand away and took my cock in my hand and started moving the tip up and down her wet pussy lips, coating my cock. Her eyes were closed, her mouth wide open as I teased her, letting her enjoy the sensation. I then pressed the tip of my cock against her clit, rubbing it, pushing my cock against it. She opened her eyes and looked into mine, arching her back, lifting her pussy, trying to suck my cock into her.

Please! Please! I want it now! I can’t stand it!”

I ignored her and leaned forward and lifted her tight t-shirt over her tits and grabbed them roughly with both hands, pushing them together and started sucking both of her nipples at the same time, the length of my hard cock now pressed against her dripping pussy. As I slid my cock up and down her slippery pussy, the tip of my cock grazing her clit, driving both of us insane. She shuddered each time my cock rubbed her clit,

“Oh fuck” she yelled, grabbing my ass and pulling me against her.

As I sucked her nipples, twisting them from side to side with my mouth, Charlie wrapped her strong legs around my waist, her arms around my shoulders, lifting herself, arching her back, screaming, “Fuck me! I need to cum! Don’t do this to me! Please! Please!”

I could not believe we were in this seedy motel room instead of fucking online. We knew each other so well that this reality and the cyber reality merged, but the fact is we were now on a real bed in a real seedy motel and not in our imaginations.

I continued sucking her nipples, squeezing her tits, biting and twisting them from side to side, my hard cock throbbing as she squirmed and lifted herself desperately wanting me inside her.

I loved teasing her and got up on my knees, took my cock in my hand and again started moving the tip up and down her wet pussy lips, then moving the head just inside her entrance, feeling how juicy and warm she was. I then moved the tip of my cock to her clit and rubbed it, teasing her, watching her writhing and thrashing under me, my cock swelling. I was losing control. Suddenly, I reared back and slammed my cock, deep and hard, opening her tight pussy with one thrust.

“Ohhhhh yes!” she screamed at my sudden ramming.

“Take my cock!” I screamed as I pulled out and rammed my cock into her pussy again and again, harder and harder. “Take it! Fuck me, Charlie! Fuck me!”

“Ohhhfuck,” she shouted as I opened her, pulled out and drove my cock into her again and again. “Yeah, fuck your slut!” she yelled. “Give it to me hard!”

This was the Charlie I loved, the wild, sexy woman who loved to fuck and felt safe letting go with me. She was no longer the shy, hidden woman but a fully alive, passionate, uninhibited lover, fully allowing her submerged insatiable lust free with me.

I got my hands under her, grabbed her ass, lifted her up as my cock thrust deep and hard driving her back to the bed, both of us grunting. I lifted her again her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, her body arched, her pussy completely open to me as I pounded her again and again.

“Oh fuckkkkk! I’m cummmming, don’t stop! Ohmygod! Here it comes,” she screamed, her head thrashing, her back arching, her body convulsing violently, exploding in a huge orgasm, her pussy gripping me, her cum flowing all over my driving cock. I wanted her to cum first so that we could keep going. I kept thrusting, pulling out and pounding her as hard and fast as I could, fucking her through her orgasm.

Ohhhhhh,god, I’m cumming!” she screamed and I could feel her orgasm sweep over her as she shuddered, trembled and exploded all over my cock as another tremendous orgasm swept over her like a tidal wave, her screaming filling the room with her wild shrieking.

I then surprised her by quickly rolling onto my back without removing my cock and pulled her on top of me, knowing she wanted more. I got her to straddle me.

“Ride me! I screamed, my cock still deep in her, as she sat up on me, not moving, my hard cock filling her dripping pussy.

“Oh baby you always know what I like,” she said, looking down at me. I smiled, looking up at her, my cock deep in her pussy as she started to move around slowly.

“Yes, I know what you like,” I said, laying still as she moved slowly on my cock, biting her tongue, looking into my eyes. My hands gripped her ass as she rocked back and forth then in little swirling circles.

Mmmmmmmmmm,” she moaned deep in her throat as she pleasured herself.

She then sat straight up. I watched the expressions on her face, her eyes closed, her teeth biting her lower lip as she moved slowly up and down and around, moaning softly, concentrating on her pleasure. She then placed two hands on her tits and rubbed them hard with her hands and continued rising and lowering herself slowly swiveling her hips in small circles, using my cock as a fuck toy.

“Oh baby, I could do this all day,” she murmured then lifted herself on her knees, just above my cock and took it in her hands and started moving it up and down her wet pussy lips then pressing the tip hard against her clit. “I love this. I love your cock. I love playing with myself, using you like this. It feels so good, so good, so good, mmmmmmmmmmm, baby, I love your cock. I love fucking you.”

I looked up at her closed eyes, loving her face as she bit her lower lip. “Use me!” I said. “Play with it. Fuck your self with my cock,” I said.

I loved watching her hand on my cock, moving it up and down her wet pussy, teasing her self, pressing it against her clit as she moved slowly on me, her legs straddling me, her pussy dripping on my cock.

“Ohhhhhhhhh this feels so good. So hot,” she said half to herself, her eyes closed. “Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned, her tits sticking straight out, her nipples enlarged and hard. I placed my hands on her tits, playing with them, loving how soft they felt.

“Yeah, baby, do that. Yeah, do that, mmmmmmmm yes, oh baby this is so hot. I love fucking you, oh fuck I love this.” Her eyes were closed and she was talking to herself and to me. I loved giving her this pleasure. It turned me on and got me so hot. Being older let me last longer and extended both of our pleasure.

I loved seeing my cock in her hand, watching her move it up and down her pussy, her thighs wide apart, her cunt dripping cum all over my cock, loved seeing her lift herself and then come down slowly on my pole, my cock going all the way in, disappearing then coming out, as she slid up and down, the sensation of her warm velvety pussy on my cock driving me crazy.

She then took my cock out of her pussy, her hand tight on my cock, moving it harder and harder against her clit, biting her lips as she concentrated, making soft guttural sounds and then she started speeding up as she got hotter, suddenly, lifting herself up and came down hard on my cock, forcing it deep into her tight pussy, “Oh fuck!” she gasped.

She then leaned forward, her hands on my chest as she bent over and started moving back and forth, slow at first and then faster, moving back and forth faster and faster, harder and harder, her clit rubbing against my cock as she rode me, leaning forward, like a jockey on a race horse galloping to her finish line.

As she leaned forward, I moved my hand to her round ass and put my finger in her ass hole and felt her shudder as I moved my finger in and out.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed, responding to my finger filling her ass and continued moving forward and back more aggressively. “Yeah, do that. Do that!”

She was riding me harder and faster, my finger moving in and out of her ass as she moved forward and back, riding faster, harder as my cock went deeper and deeper and suddenly she screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! Here it comes.

Suddenly, she sat straight up, lifted her self off my cock and came down harder, driving my cock deeper into her tight pussy.

I lifted myself off the bed thrusting my cock into her as she went up higher and came back down harder and harder forcing my cock as deep in her as it could go.

Her screaming got me so hot, I knew I would burst if I didn’t take control and fuck her. As she screamed and her second orgasm surged through her, cum pouring out of her pussy and all over my cock, I suddenly and roughly pushed her off of me, flipping her onto her back, grabbing her ankles, lifting her legs to my shoulder, our eyes locked on each other and she could see I was now out of my mind with lust and was going to fuck her savagely like I knew she loved.

“Take me!” she screamed.

Suddenly, I reared back then rammed my cock into her, opening her tight pussy. “Take my cock!, I shouted, driving into her as hard as I could.

“Give to me!” she screamed, her head thrashing from side to side. Suddenly she wrapped her legs around my waist, her arms wrapped around my shoulders. I then lifted her off the bed, almost pulling out of her pussy and then pounded her back to the bed, listening to bed squeak and the headboard banging against the wall as we fucked like wild savage animals.

I felt her pussy muscles tightening and gripping my cock as I thrust into her, pulling out and thrusting again and again as hard as I could. As I thrust, I felt her shudder and tremble and knew she was about to orgasm with me. Just then I felt my cock explode as I thrust deep and felt her pussy spasm on my cock as cum gushed out of my cock like hot lava and I screamed like a wild animal.

Charlie was screaming and sobbing, our loud sounds, filling the room. I kept thrusting, our orgasms coming at the same time.

Suddenly, I pulled out, grabbed my cock and squirted cum all over her stomach and tits before I collapsed on her. Charlie kept her legs wrapped tightly around me and we both lay there, breathing heavily, unable to move, the warm stickiness on her stomach and tits felt wonderful.

I somehow found the strength to lift my head and lick her cum covered tits as she moaned in my ear, “Oh, this is so good,” she murmured. I then moved my mouth to her lips and kissed her with my cum covered mouth and then laid my head back on her shoulder, panting and gasping for air, both of us still breathing heavily, her strong arms and legs embracing me.

After a few minutes, I lifted my head and smiled down at her, our eyes looking into each others eyes. “Surprise,” I said and laughed.

“You’re nuts,” she responded.

“I know,” I said smiling, “Very nuts!” I then lay my head back on her shoulder, both of us still gasping and panting.

After a few minutes of just laying on her, my head on her shoulder, I rolled off and got Charlie to turn on her side so that we were spooning, one of our favorite things to do on-line. I wrapped my arms around her and cuddled close to her.

“I love this,” she said, softly.

We were silent as we lay there trying to comprehend our situation. We were no longer cyber lovers. We had come down to earth and were now in the reality of each other’s arms, me, twenty years older and not entirely sure what that meant. How would my being here change our relationship, where could we go from here? Where did I want it to go? We lay there quietly, feeling incredibly close, both of us preparing to face the unknown.

She could tell I was off thinking and turned and knocked me gently on my head with her knuckles. “Stop thinking and be here with me,” she said, bringing me back to earth.

“I love you,” she said softly, touching my cheek.

“I love you, too,” I whispered, smiling.

She lay her head back down and I kissed the back of her hair, smelling the strawberry shampoo she always used. I pulled her closer, feeling my deflated cock pressed against her round ass. We both dozed off and slept like that for an hour. I woke first and let her sleep, enjoying the soft warmth of her body as I lay next to her.

I thought about Charlie’s secret life, the shy, quiet woman living her guarded, protected life, hiding her passionate, sexual needs. I knew she felt conflicted, wondering if something was wrong causing her highly sexual nature to rebel against the moralistic teachings she grew up with. This was not only her conflict but an age old conflict of living in a puritanical society. I thought how people fear wildness and want the safety of convention while at the same time longing to abandon their fears and inhibitions, to be renegades, outlaws, free of rules.

I loved how passionate we both were, how we threw all convention aside when we fucked like wild animals screaming “dirty talk” at each other as we fucked with wanton abandon, allowing our primal urges to take over. As I held her, I thought how lucky we were to have found each other, how we are able to let go, calling each other names as we fucked and then returned to our tender caring way with each other. We were like two sides of a coin.

As I lay there holding Charlie, thinking and loving having her in my arms, I felt her stir, felt my cock moving against her round luscious ass. I wanted to bring her out of sleep by slowly turning her on, only this time, we made sweet tender love, kissing, touching, my cock going slowly in and out of her warm wet pussy, moving as if in a slow dance until we started moving faster and harder, culminating in another overwhelming orgasm, both of us again coming at the same time. I lay on her, loving the feeling of her under me, listening to her breathing, loving that as raunchy we could get, we could also be tender and loving.

I rolled off of her and onto my back. She lay her head on my shoulder and I kissed the top of her hair, loving the smell of her shampoo and how she felt in my arms, still finding it difficult that we were there and not at our computers, miles apart.

“I’m kind of hungry,” I said.

“Me, too,” she responded, looking at me. “Let’s take a shower and then get something to eat.”

“Sounds like a plan,” I said, taking a deep breath.

Suddenly, she jumped out of bed and dashed toward the bathroom.

“Hey! Whatcha you waiting for?” she called, looking back at me sprawled out on the bed.

I jumped out of bed and went into the bathroom just as she was turning on the water in the shower. She looked at me as she got in under the water. “Come on in, the waters fine,” she laughed.

It was a tiny shower stall with a plastic curtain that had black umbrellas on it. I got in and grabbed the small bar of motel soap wrapped in paper and opened it as we both managed to get under the warm water. We faced each other, our wet hair falling over our faces as the water cascaded on us. I took the soap and a wash cloth and moved it over her shoulders and then down between her tits, getting her soapy as I washed her body. I moved the soapy cloth down her body, washing her thighs and her pussy, getting all the stickiness off. I turned her around and washed her back and then her ass, moving my soapy hands all over her ass.

“Mmmmmmmmm,” she moaned. “You take such good care of me.”

“I like taking care of you,” I said as I washed between her legs.

“I like taking care of you too,” she said and got down on her knees, grabbed the soap from my hand and started washing my thighs. She moved her hand between my legs, and started washing my balls, holding them in her soapy hand. I leaned back against the wall, water still falling over both of us as she ran her soapy hand over my deflated cock. I bit my lip, loving how her hand felt. I didn’t think I could get hard so soon but her hand felt so good, I felt it responding, getting harder as she wrapped her hand around it, moving her hand up and down my growing cock. I spread my legs wider as I leaned back against the wall looking down at her giving me a hand job with her soapy hand.

She then moved her mouth to my cock, the water washing away the soap and began licking the tip of my cock with her tongue.

I looked down at her placing the tip of my cock in her mouth, moving back and forth over the sensitive tip, each time getting my cock deeper in her mouth. I placed my hands on the back of her head as she sucked my cock.

“Oh, Charlie,” I half whispered, watching her move her mouth back and forth on my cock. I looked at the water beating down on her. She looked up at me as my cock went in and out of her mouth. Our eyes met.

Suddenly, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, reached down and pulled her up, turned her around and pushed her up against the shower wall, spreading her legs apart. She knew what I wanted and bent forward, opening her pussy to me.

“Fuck me!” she screamed, her voice echoing in the shower stall, the water pouring down on us. I placed one hand on her hip, holding my cock in the other hand. I was so hot from her mouth that I thrust my cock into her pussy with one hard thrust causing her to gasp. .

She bent over more as I pounded her pussy. Suddenly, I reached my hand forward and grabbed her wet hair and pulled it, forcing her to turn and face me. Our eyes met as the water came down on her back. I stood behind her and rammed my cock into her pussy as she pushed back, using her arms against the wall to get me deeper.

‘‘Harder! Harder!” she screamed, her voicing echoing in the shower stall.

I let go of her hair and grabbed her hips and rammed my cock as hard as I could. I felt her spasm and orgasm as she screamed, but I kept fucking her, wanting her to orgasm again. I kept fucking her and suddenly felt my whole body shudder, my cock swell and I erupted in a huge orgasm, the warm water pouring over both of us as we fell to the shower floor.

Feeling the water cooling down, l quickly got up, turned the water off and reached for the towels just out side the shower. I wrapped the towel around her. I got the other towel and started to dry myself. I then put my towel around Charlie and pulled her to me and dried her back with my towel.

We then got out of the shower and ran back to the bed and fell on it, holding each other with the towels wrapped around us. I was now on my back and she looked down at me.

“I’m starving!”

“Me too,” I said.

“We can get a pizza at the convenience store,” she said. “They make pretty good pizza.”


I watched Charlie squirm into her jeans and put her t shirt on while I got dressed. We walked quietly to her truck and drove back towards town. While we waited for the pizzas, I looked around the store, glancing at the magazine rack, posters for rental movies, a large refrigerator case with sodas and beer. The store was cluttered with groceries and over the counter medicines, candy, a long row of cigarettes.

When I paid for the pizzas and the two sodas, Charlie stood next to me and the old woman looked at both of us. She obviously knew Charlie but I could tell she was wondering who I was with my shaggy grey hair and beard.

“Thanks. Grace,” Charlie said as she took the pizza box.

“Yeah, thanks, Grace,” I said to her and smiled. “Nice place you have here,” I added.

When we got outside, Charlie told me, “You made her day. She’s the biggest gossip around here.”

“Really,” I said as we got into the truck, holding the pizza and sodas on my lap.

“Yeah, with Grace, Jarvis doesn’t need a newspaper.”

I nodded and laughed.

We were silent as we drove back to the motel, both of us wondering where my surprise visit would end. It was getting dark out. We had spent the entire afternoon in the motel room.

When we got back to the motel, we put the pizza down on the bed between us and ate. Charlie leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and then took a deep breath. “So, mister why did you decide to surprise me like this?”

“I’m not sure. I guess I just had to see you and see how real our relationship is. I was curious about the difference between a relationship in cyberspace and a relationship in this reality, you know, here in person. So I took a chance.”

“So what do you think?” she asked.

“I think we made the transition from out there to in here pretty well, that’s what I think.” I smiled, “What do you think?”

“I think I agree, but now what?”

“I don’t really know,” I answered. “I’d like to stay here for a day or two before heading back to Maine.”

Charlie and I continued eating our pizza. We were quiet, thinking about our situation.

“I’d like to have a night or two in your bed and see you in your white nightie,” I said, smiling at her.

“Good! I’d like that,” Charlie responded.

Two days later, Charlie drove me to the bus station in Tulsa. We were quiet most of the way. When we got to the bus station, she came in with me to wait for the bus. I hugged her, “You were everything I thought you would be.”

“You were too,” she said.

“I’m glad we didn’t even talk about the difference in our ages,” I said.

“It’s not an issue for me,” she said.

“Good,” I said. “Age is just a number,” I added, still not liking that phrase.

Charlie nodded.

Just then I saw it was time to board the bus. I picked up my little backpack and Charlie walked me to the bus. We hugged each other and kissed, holding each other close and tight.

It was hard to leave her, but I knew it was the right thing to do, go back to Maine and continue our on-line relationship, richer now because of this visit.

As I got on the bus, Charlie waved and smiled. “Hey, don’t be surprised if I just show up one day.”

Again, she waved and we both smiled at each other. As the bus pulled away taking me home, my mind saw her walking up the path to my cabin.

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