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Finding Him

“You’ve got sex written all over you baby”

It was the first thing he said to me, and I realised how sexy his voice was so deep and smooth. As I turned towards him, seeing his striking eyes so vivid I knew then that I wanted him. And usually what I want I get. So I made it my mission to be where he was, not for long but long enough to give him a glimpse, to maintain the mystery, and pretty soon it was him seeking me out.

It started with subtle glances across the bar, discreet touches as we passed each other. Within weeks things had progressed nicely. He’d come to join me at the bar, stand with his hand caressing the small of my back, his other hand resting softly on my knee. He was never assuming and this intrigued me, he was so different to the guys I was used to. But still I continued to maintain my distance, always leaving before the end of the night, never saying goodbye, and yet week after week he’d be there.

Until one night he wasn’t. I was devastated, and proceeded to drink far more than was sensible. I couldn’t understand why he wasn’t there, he was always there, nor was he in any of the other bars. Finally as the heavens opened and the rain poured down I stumbled home, feeling dejected and insecure. And there he was, standing in my doorway, waiting. He turned toward me as I walked toward him, and without speaking he pulled me to him, his lips finally finding mine as the rain soaked through to our skin. We stood like that for what felt like forever, exploring each other. As our lips parted we stood gazing at each other and finally he started to speak.

“I had to know baby, and this seemed like the only way to be sure. I’m so sorry please forgive me?”

I couldn’t speak; I was overwhelmed by the strength of my own feelings. My only response was to take his hand in mine as I led him into my home. Neither of us spoke a word as we climbed the stairs to my bedroom, both appreciating the magnitude of what we were admitting. When we reached the bedroom we stood at the edge of my bed our hands still clasped, and I knew. I reached out to him tracing my fingers down his cheek and across his lips, I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, heard his sharp intake of breath as I leaned into him my lips seeking his.

I ran my hand through his hair and down to his shoulders, his hand snaking around my waist to the small of my back pulling me into him. I tugged at his shirt, wanting to feel his broad masculine chest against me, he let me take control as I kissed his neck, tracing my tongue along his collarbone and slowly working my way down his chest. Dropping to my knees in-front of him, my hands are trembling as I unbutton his jeans, loving the sound his zipper makes as I pull it down. Hooking my fingers into his waistband I dragged his trousers down taking his boxers with them. As he kicked them from his ankles I looked up, drinking in the sight before me.

I run my fingers softly up his thighs as I kiss the soft skin of his belly, working my mouth slowly lower. I trace my tongue along his length, before taking his head into my mouth, flicking my tongue around, as my lips closed around him. Slowly I start to work his hard cock between my wet lips, taking more and more of him into my mouth, my tongue snaking around him as I suck. Pretty soon I’m taking him all, swallowing his hard cock completely, I moan onto him, feeling him throb from the vibrations as his hips start to instinctively thrust towards me. Loving the noises of encouragement he’s making I guide his hands to my hair, encouraging him to fuck my face. And he doesn’t disappoint, ramming his rock hard cock into my hot wet mouth, forcing me to take him all. And I do, loving the way he feels hitting the back of my throat as he makes me gag.

I push him back onto the bed, needing him desperately. I finish stripping my clothes off and climb onto the bed, leaning over to kiss him deeply, as I move over him. Slowly lowering my wet pussy to his hard cock, letting him feel every movement I make as I tease him. As he slides inside me I lift my hips a little more so he’s only just inside me, watching the frustration on his face. Until he grabs hold of my hips forcing me down hard onto him, I start to ride him roughly, grinding against him. I can see he’s getting close and I know I am as I tense my pussy muscles around his hardness, lifting myself almost all the way off him to slam back down hard, he’s loving my rhythm as he grips my hips, his hands moving me against him harder and faster. I can’t hold back any longer and start to cum, crying out and arching my back pushing myself harder against him as I tense around him cumming hard. I feel him tense as he pulls me down hard one last time holding me against him as he cums, filling me.

I lay across his chest feeling his heart pounding as I know mine is. Our bodies still joined in the aftermath. He kisses me softly as his arms work there way around my back holding me close as he whispers

“I knew you had sex written all over you baby”

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