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Finding my orgasmic focus

It isn't enought just to cum inside her

Denise's small breasts bounced up and down as I energetically slammed my erect penis in and out of her vagina. We were both nude. I was standing and she was laying on our kitchen table with her arms over her head gripping the far side. Her legs were draped over my shoulders so that she could comfortably hold up her legs with me moving inside her. As I listened to the slap of my groin into hers and watched the resulting jiggle of her breasts again and again—slap jiggle, slap jiggle, slap jiggle—my penis stiffened almost painfully and I begin to feel a burning sensation in my lower abdomen. I was going to cum very soon.

Looking up, I noticed that Denise's eyes were closed and that her long brown hair was splayed around the tabletop. Her vagina was so wet that I could feel a tickle as drops of her wetness dripped down my scrotum. I slowed, pulling my penis deliberately out until, looking down, I could see the edge of my glans emerge from between her labia. Slowly I moved my gaze up and down her shapely legs across her abdomen to her small breasts. I was finding a visual focus for my orgasm. What erotic image should I drink in with my eyes as my seed spilled into Denise?

Of course I could cum with my eyes closed, however, a truly great orgasm has a feeling, a smell, and a visual focus. As a visual person the image I focus on greatly enhances the experience for me.

My first choice would have been her ass, which sadly wasn't visible, because it was what had started this romp to begin with. Earlier, Denise and I had arrived home from work. It was a bright and brisk day outside as we walked into our kitchen.

"How was your day?" I asked.

"OK," she answered putting her purse onto the kitchen table. She moved to hang her keys on the key rack by the door but dropped them onto the floor. She bent over to pick them up.

The keys dropping had gotten my attention and it became more focused as she bent over. Denise had on a conservative skirt suit but I was given a beautiful view of her skirt-covered behind. In my pants my penis stirred. She stayed bending down and I stepped over and cupped her ass cheeks with both of my hands.

"I thought this might get your attention," she said looking up at me with a smile.

I slid my hands to her waist and started rubbing my groin against the back of her skirt. My penis grew uncomfortable in my pants.

"I'm feeling a bit constrained," I told her.

Denise shifted around dropping onto her knees facing my groin.

"Let me see what I can do about that," she said as she unzipped my pants and slid them down to the floor. She faced my bulging briefs. She cupped my balls through the fabric of my briefs and slowly rubbed them. Then she rubbed up and down my covered shaft.

"I see the problem," she said, "and I think I can help." She pulled down my briefs which caused my penis to pop forward toward her face. She grabbed my shaft with her hand and leaned in to take me into her mouth. It felt wonderful. I could feel her tongue begin to slowly circle my glans and my whole body tensed. She pulled her face back quickly still holding my penis in her hand.

"Hold on big boy, not so fast," she said standing up. Releasing my penis, she unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, then she pulled my undershirt over my head leaving me standing nude in front of her. She stepped back and looked me up and down, her gaze lingering briefly on my erect penis. She started to unbutton her blouse and then stopped. She stepped in and grabbed my hand and placed it on the shaft of my penis.

"I want to see you pleasure yourself as I undress, just don't cum," she said while watching my groin closely. I began to stroke myself slowly causing a smile to come to her lips as she stepped back and continued to unbutton her blouse. My gaze focused on her chest as she lifted her blouse off and a white demi bra came into view.

Denise has small breasts but the sight of them in a skimpy bra combined with the office skirt she was wearing was almost too much for me. I stopped stroking my penis and just held it. Denise, who had been focused on my groin, just smiled and turned around as she unzipped her skirt. Bending over slightly she slid it off to reveal, as I expected, a white thong. I knew this was coming because when she had bent over earlier, with her skirt on, there had been no visible panty lines. Denise let her skirt fall to the floor and turned around to face me.

The sight made me start stroking myself again and this caused her to smile. Denise had on matching bra and thong and thigh-high stockings. Her right hand moved to her crotch as she started to rub herself and her left hand moved to caress her bra-covered breasts. For a few long moments we stood apart, both watching the other masturbate. I could see her white panties begin to darken with moisture.

"I want you," I said. Denise quickly slid off her stockings and panties as she crawled up onto the kitchen table. As I moved in toward her, she unsnapped her bra and flung it onto the tabletop while lifting her legs into the air. I moved my penis in until it touched her labia. I pushed slowly and used my hand to enter her vagina. Its wetness felt wonderful as I began to thrust. I moved slowly at first but with more and more speed and urgency as I approached orgasm.

But what should be my visual focus if I couldn't see her ass?

I moved my gaze over Denise's nude body searching. I gazed at her trimmed pubic hair where I could see my wet shaft impaling her. I gazed at her belly button and abdomen. I gazed up to her breasts and their erect nipples. I noticed the white demi bra on the table to the right. The bra looked far to small to contain the breasts that had been freed when she removed it. I wondered if it was still warm from the heat of her breasts? I wondered what it smelled like? I convulsed.

My legs almost folded underneath me, and I shot a wad of my seed deep inside Denise. Through my penis I felt that fluid churning fluid feeling that is unique to ejaculating inside a vagina. Again and again I convulsed and shot a churning wad until the warmth in my groin only let me feel the pulsing of my penis deep within her.

I smiled. I had found my orgasmic focus.

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