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Fire And Air

A story about an electrician from Darwin making more than electricity
 I’ve always harboured a fantasy to be with a guy who does what you do, someone that has a certain occupation, it’s like rock star groupies who want more from the male lead singer than his voice. I admire men for how they earn their crust, I want the blue-yellow uniformed tradesman with monogrammed name, one particular class, electricians, are my preferred choice. You use your muscles to lay cables, fix wiring and circuit boards as a daytime activity and then you come home to me in the evening, in good physical condition, ready for my beneath-the-sheets demands drip fed to you in constantly changing instalments.

If you possess an aptitude in maths, science, electronics and mechanical drawing I am interested in you but the academic side is only half of it. I am drawn to your other job requirements. Your manual dexterity (fingering ability for clit activity), multi tasking (romantic chatting while screwing), physical fitness (your chest and shoulders will be multipurpose) and you must have an excellent sense of balance – no falling out of bed.

My name is Antoinette and parts of my online profile tell you that I am a sociable, passionate, fit and fun Leo, a brown eyed 5’ 6 college educated articulate brunette with a foreign accent, a ‘challenge’. You will be attracted to my smile, voice, size 14 DD cup full volume breasts, curvy body and outstanding oral ability (your words).

One autumn night in March on Pandenus Beach is where it all begins. A meet and greet. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Will my fantasy match the erotic Australian voice I had been daydreaming about? We had been enjoying a few phone conversations but it was an online connection and we haven’t met in the flesh yet.

Our mutual attraction has led us to see where a relationship might go. Now I am waiting near the wading pool with mixed feelings to see whether you will turn up. I glance up to the star filled sky and reflect on our predominantly sexual conversations so far.

Having confessed to meeting countless online women and indulging in the highly questionable sexual practices with those women that followed, you are the high risk guy I could never bring home to meet mum. Despite my head telling me not to go ahead and start something with you, I will do it anyway. From your photo you don’t look the player type but what would I know about that, I am a good girl at 46, divorced, with no experience of men rough around the edges and I come with a clean sexual resume of safe partners (I won’t mention I’m straight or tell you about my religious upbringing).

“Hi Antoinquette I’m Adam”, you say forcefully stepping into my personal space to embrace me and thereby interrupting my non-platonic thoughts of you. As an afterthought I notice your military-short blonde hair, what’s left, the haunting hazel eyes, Danish high cheek bones, square jaw line and signature tanned and smooth skin, a sun by-product of your Northern Territory upbringing, neatly packaged into a Gemini energy field, ‘pedigree Australian born and bred’ and featuring the classic muscular body no sexually active woman wants to overlook.

You are wearing ripped blue jeans encapsulating a fantastic well-shaped butt I would love to squeeze, a faded pink t-shirt (which later becomes my favourite) barely concealing a good looking chest I am dying to touch and stylish casual shoes. Your smile lights up your face and those hazel honey-pot eyes dig deep into my soul. There are no tattoos or visible piercings on your body, just the way I appreciate the opposite sex, however we won’t mention your marijuana past or current smoking habits will we. Wow you are drop-dead fantastic looking causing my female parts to tingle; I knew this could happen but the intensity shocks me. What would you say if I told you that your close physical presence has just knocked out all the male competition, the 2 other men in my life will soon disappear. You, Mr Mysterious, have just risen to gold medal ranking in sexual attractiveness in 30 seconds flat. I long to touch you and I want to know if you have a hard on yet. Do you feel the same way I do? If only I could ask.

“Hey Adam at long last we meet”, I say as we finally look into each other’s eyes. The undisguised magnetism becomes hard to ignore, the first time I have felt this way about meeting an online man and I have met a few. We casually stroll westwards along the well worn path from Wynnum to Manly. It becomes apparent that you have a quick wit, a polished and versatile mind and you possess a cursory knowledge of just about everything. You talk of all things logical and rational from your telescope to your admiration of Tesla the inventor and all scientific facts from physics to astronomy. It’s not long before my private parts bubble over in sexual hyperactivity; you are an expert at seducing women with your child-like charm and captivating X factor qualities. Mmmmm it’s quite disconcerting but hugely addictive.

Television viewers of the Big Bang Theory know all about the erotic drawing of an intelligent man. All that masculine logic appeals to my erotic insides. I warm to your wide vocabulary of words and I feel a strong desire to walk closer to you, keeping up with your step as you deliver a well rehearsed technically accurate icebreaker speech rivalling anything I’ve experienced at Toastmasters. I am your willing and private audience. I fall in love with your vocal chords and I will later orgasm three times with my fingers to secretly taped recordings of phone conversations we will have in the future that I NEVER tell you about.

I sum you up as a natural public speaker, a brilliant, skilled conversationalist with the ice cream layer of a beautiful body, a killer combination. After letting you dominate the conversation we part ways where our cars are coincidentally parked next to each other. It’s not hard to miss what you’re driving. You see my blood red lips smile as I admire your black Peugeot 407 sports car and sense your appreciation of the European car’s elegance, refinement and style but not as much as I admire your body’s elegance, refinement and style. While describing the car’s technical specifications (it’s no secret that technical talking men get me into bed faster) I feel your sexual energy attack my erogenous zones full force. We hug each other and I inhale your strong masculine scent putting me on a high for the rest of the evening. OOooooo wow what a turn on you are. Soon my eyes are wandering to your crotch and to how many times you may lead me to orgasm. I want to take your clothes off but I need to stop these naughty thoughts of you, there’s more to you than just the physical isn’t there?

After confirming our mutual interest in a follow up date I leave that magical spot and drive home with my mind racing and my body ignited. It’s been ages since any man has excited me this much on the first date. I have always played it safe with men and I don’t do dangerous ones, I am too conservative. This was all about to change.

For weeks afterwards I think about that electrical meeting. Images of your muscular body provide sexual food and I have wet dreams of you and fantasize about your size. The chemistry between us is very strong.

You don’t contact me for a while as you are ‘knee deep’ in study and working towards some higher career qualification and I learn that you are an award winning maintenance planner for a national food processing chain in Brisbane, having switched your electrician status “on the tools” to management over 10 years ago. I am disappointed we haven’t seen each other. Maybe I am not that important.

The next time I see you, you pick me up from my house bringing flowers and chocolates (always appreciated). As for what I am wearing, it’s as little as possible, which has incidentally nothing to do with the sub tropical Queensland weather. It’s an early evening dinner date at a Chinese restaurant and we aim to get to know each other, that’s what you tell me.

After doing the quintessential male thing, paying for dinner, you drive at breakneck speed (it fits your image) to a nearby nature reserve. After parking the pride-and-joy status symbol, your 6’0 frame climbs out and you walk from the driver’s side to the passenger side of the vehicle. Your bad boy eyes gaze passionately into mine. I return the look and watch your eyes look me over and I feel all queasy inside. I blush at the attention and my brown eyes look away to the side for a moment and then I look at you again. We have made it to the second date.

With one hand cupping my chin, your lips touch mine, a foreplay kiss but we go into repeat mode leaving no space for breathing. All in stony silence. After a few minutes pause, you suggest going for a walk. I agree and your hands take mine as we set off into the darkness making the black flying foxes and nocturnal bird calls a movie scene backdrop. You tell you have an acute sense of hearing, like your idol Tesla but you can’t hear how fast my heart is beating. Or can you.

I walk beside you only half appreciating how well your body moves due to the fading light, it’s the tradesman walk and I do enjoy perving at you from behind and I can see you revel in being a sex object. Your fashionably ripped denim 501’s show signs of arousal. On the dimly lit path I glance down at the growing bulge in your jeans and then turn my head away with a smile but I don’t touch you. You watch my body next to you and all we can hear are the flying foxes echo locating in the night time sky.

My short flared black skirt tantalises you allowing free flowing movements but you don’t see what is underneath. In the moon light you can see my breasts move freely under the white lace tank top and I know you can see my nipples. I come closer to you to give you a hug and feel your penis turn to stone. My throat goes dry and I clear it. I look up at you, whisper your name then glance down at your crotch.

I jiggle about in nervousness and let out a laugh and then another as I feel you wanting more. Now it is your turn to look down quickly and I sense you want to touch me but I don’t let you. You smile a small smile and then look at me as you reach out and take my hand for another walk. Our fingers hold each other tightly as we talk about our lives. You tell me you were born and raised in crocodile country, the N.T. and as a young boy of 18 you moved from Darwin to Brisbane to complete an electrical apprenticeship. Really amazing is that at age 42 you have never travelled overseas, something rare for our age group. I tell you a little bit about my early life in New Zealand and you listen with great interest. You have the uncanny ability to feel things while keeping a detached perspective and I like that.

We talk about my hobbies and interests and I laugh at a joke you make about wildlife. You are a charming flirt and I watch as you flirt with me. I tell you I am glad I have met you. You look at me and smile. You lead me along an isolated leaf littered track until we come to a park bench facing the Tingalpa creek and we stop walking.

We sit down and listen to the sounds of the night and I become aware that snakes may be lurking in the vicinity and I feel uncomfortable. I move closer to you, just in case. We continue holding hands as we sit. We laugh at your embarrassment as you adjust your rock hard cock. You look down my top and glance at my hard nipples before reaching over and try to touch what is tempting you but I push your hand away. We sit that way for some time not wanting to say anything and we devote the moment thinking about the other one.

My braless breasts move as I shift positioning and wait for what’s coming. Your hand reaches towards my face and you brush my hair slowly. You stroke my cheek and tell me how you really want this. I reach towards your face and run my fingers over your lips. You turn your head towards me and suck my manicured fingers into your mouth and I hear you sigh. My nipples have never been so hard. My pink-black satin feel knickers are becoming wet.

You lean in giving me a hard passionate kiss and our eyes close. We instinctively move closer together exchanging urgent kisses and I let out an inaudible moan of pleasure. Your cock needs release from its denim confines and I reach across to squeeze it excitedly. Your head tilts back as you let out a low groan. Without asking I start rubbing up and down on your engorged shaft. You place my hand inside your jeans. You reach for my sleeveless top and pull the spaghetti straps off my shoulders before leaning down to kiss my neck, shoulders and you go even lower. I start shaking.

You pull my top down until it sits on my waist and my breasts are exposed. I watch your face take inl the size of my breasts and your head lowers to softly kiss and blow on my hard nipples. You move from the left to the right breast sucking and licking each one with clear intentions. I feel really horny now.

I like your hardness and I keep stroking before deciding to open up your jeans. You stand so I can undress you and you pull a topless me to my feet before lowering my top to the ground and removing my skirt and soaking wet knickers. I stand before you naked and ready. With a need to check out some of your other physical features up close, I take off your shirt and look with great admiration at your 2 nd most valuable asset, your strong and well developed chest, confirming weeks of imagined images.

We take off our shoes and your exposed body comes closer and you kneel naked before me. I feel my hair move in the wind as you scan my body from top to toe and openly appreciate everything you see. You lean forward and both hands move my legs apart. You move in and kiss my glistening pussy and admire it for a moment. Your tongue starts licking the length of my slit and I open my legs more and thrust towards you.

You step back and your fingers work their way inside me. I let out a low sign and freeze frame this moment. My juices make sounds as you feel my desire for you intensify. You know what to do next. Your fingers are touching my wetness as you add one finger after another, moving in and out of me gently pleasuring my most intimate parts and I guide you to where I like it best. You take your fingers away to taste me. I watch you do this. After a few minutes the sensation has reached a peak and I come with overwhelming intensity as this first orgasm with you runs through my body. So fucking fantastic.

Once I have stopped shaking from my orgasm you stand and kiss my lips gently and then more urgently. Your arms come around me as you pull our naked bodies together and kiss my cheek. I feel your hard cock pressing up against my body and hear your demand to talk dirty which I obey. I take your cock into my hands and admire its size, bigger than I have ever had and lower myself down to the prize. My tongue reacts instantly by licking the head and I caress your manhood. With one hand touching and gently squeezing your balls I go down on you allowing your cock full passage down my throat. My mouth moves in and out slowly then fast as I feel your big cock reacting to my enthusiasm. OOooooooohhhhhhhh yeah this feels good.

You taste just like I always thought you would. You let me suck you with absolute abandon. How exciting to do this to you. I’m in heaven. I find myself getting carried away with the power. I want to make you cum right now. You say no.

Reluctantly, you pull away with a heavy sign. You take my arms and lead me to the back of the bench and bend me over. I feel your hands caress my back and hips as you line your body up with mine. Your hands move between my legs and I feel fingers entering me from behind first into my pussy then my arse. I am really wet. My almost hairless vagina beckons as first priority.

While bent over, my arms stretch behind me to your wet shaft and I rub it up and down and you groan. You enter me slowly and we both moan before you withdraw. You go back in again and push in a bit further. We are fucking at long last. With deep thrusts you grab my breasts ensuring our bodies rhythmic timing is perfectly matched to the slamming of your balls against my backside. You pull out and stop. Then you give in to your deepest feelings and begin pounding my sweet pussy with your hard shaft. Faster and faster you fuck your kiwi girl switching personality mode to your dark side . My body shivers.

This moment we have been looking forward to in months. My juices are receptive to your manhood as you continue making love to me in almost complete darkness. The sounds of the night continue as I spread my legs for you, my Darwin dream. You pause and rub your hands down my legs. Loud groans come from deep inside you as we continue our nocturnal adventure. You scream my name loudly as you climax.

Water falls from your body to mine. You fuck me faster and faster just before your cum fills my sweet pussy. You may be shooting blanks but I feel jet after jet rocketing out of your cock into my receptive pussy. Exhausting yourself, you withdraw and you turn me around. You hold me close, kiss my neck and stroke my hair. We are happy. I run my hands up and down your moist back giving you a back scratch. We kiss some more and smile at each other.

Now we are lovers. You stand beside me and reach for my hand while stifling a yawn. Standing opposite each other we both think, what now. Taking my hand you lead me to sit on the park bench where we talk a bit. It is so peaceful in this park. We talk a bit and enjoy the touch of the other’s body. We are alone in our own piece of paradise, at least this evening. We enjoy the sounds of the night all around. I rest my head on your shoulder as you stroke my hair. I hold your hand and you hold me next to you. Neither of us wants this to end. We kiss softly and talk quietly to each other. We finally stand up and I follow you. We hug naked once more before dressing for the outside world.

We begin small talk on our walk back to your car and mutually decide on another date. The Gemini man and Leo woman want to meet again.

Next weekend we will go to Coochiemudlo Island 'sightseeing'.

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