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Fire Vs. Police

Leah faces off against some of the cops she works with
Leah wasn't sure what was wrong with her these days. It had been months since the last time she had sex. It wasn't that there weren't any offers or attempts from the opposite sex, she just wasn't interested. In the previous week, she turned down offers from two very attractive guys from her past, not even thinking twice.

Nick had crawled so far into her head, that while she waited for him to return from Texas, she held out for him. She fell in love with him. But in the last month, he started to ignore her. All her phone calls and emails went unanswered, and only every-so-often he answered a text she sent him. Leah kept wondering what she was holding on to. It was obvious Nick had forgotten about her and moved on. Leah was heartbroken, even though she refused to acknowledge it in her own head.

Unable to push Nick from her mind, Leah felt frustrated. She laid on the couch in her living room, lit only by the glow of flames and listening to the fire crackling in the stone fireplace. Her mind shifted from one stress factor to the next. Nick, the Firehouse, Nick, unpaid bills, and back to Nick. She was driving herself crazy, and she knew it. Leah sat up and stared into the flames, watching them dance and felt like they were trying to tell her something.

"I've had it!" she shouted, the noise echoing through her empty house, startling her. Leah shook her head and decided she needed to get out.

She headed to her bedroom and to the closet. She pulled out her comfy pair of ripped up jeans, pulled on her steel-toe boots, and covered her self in a barely there black and white camouflage tank top. Once in the bathroom, she layered her eyes in a thick layer of black eye shadow and liner. She threw some hair wax into her already messy hair, making it look like she was going for the messy style. She put on a coat of shiny pink lip gloss and stared in the mirror for a few minutes. "Fuck it," she said to her reflection.

Fifteen minutes later she was flying through town in her topless Solar Yellow jeep, jerking the wheel and stopping the vehicle in the parking lot of the "DoubleDeuce", her little home away from home. Leah went in, saying hello to her fellow drinkers and grabbed a seat near the register, a sure place to get the bartender's attention when she needed a top up. Ralph, the bartender, noticed her walk in. He came out from behind the bar, hugging her and asking her where she had been.

"Oh you know. Here, there, everywhere," giving him the look that let him know she needed a strong drink.

"You all right, Leah?" he asked.

"Yeah. I'm fine. Just one of those years," she sighed, "I just need something strong."

After three hours of Effin Black cherry shots and Coors Lites, Leah was feeling a lot better. Nick had managed to disappear from her mind and she was ready to go home and pass out. Leah stood up, almost losing her balance. Ralph noticed, asking her if she was okay to drive. She nodded and headed towards the door. Leah climbed into her jeep and sped away.

Minutes later she found herself sitting on top of the hood of her jeep, outside her firehouse, staring at the four doors of the apparatus bay. She had a half pint of vodka in her hands, and twenty minutes later the bottle was half empty. Leah sat frozen in place, mostly drunk, listening to the crickets in the field that surrounded her out in the sticks fire station. She had forgotten about Nick, but with her drinking, the issues surrounding her fire station and whether she would have it in the next three months raced through her head. At the same time, the thought of getting caught drunk, in her vehicle, in the parking lot and the consequences just made her laugh and take another deep swig from the bottle. A tear spilled from her eye and started to trickle down her cheek.

Before Leah had time to wipe the lonely tear away, she was blinded by a set of headlights. She raised her free hand to her eyes in attempt to shield the light, and heard the sound of a car door open. She strained to focus her eyes, only to be re-blinded by a flashlight in her face.

"What the hell, asshole?" she responded with a slur.

"Leah, are you drunk?"

"Maybe, what is it to you?" she replied, the light being moved from her eyes.

Slowly, she realized one of the county cops was standing in front of her. Leah thought he was gorgeous the first time she saw him. They had responded to a domestic abuse call together and Leah found herself having a hard time focusing during the call. His name was James and he reminded her of Johnny Depp in 'Crybaby', but with shorter hair. He was 6'1" and probably weighed around 190 pounds. As far as Leah had ever seen, he didn't have any tattoos. His eyes were ice blue, his hair was jet black and he had nice legs. It was known that he rode his bike to and from the police station in nice weather.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Thinking, drinking.You mind buggering off?" Leah replied rudely.

"I would, but you re drunk and looks like you've been crying."

"Have not."

James finally clicked the flashlight off and walked to the front of the Jeep. He grabbed the grill guard and pulled himself onto the hood, sitting down next to her. Leah stared at him, her vision a bit doubled.

"I thought I told you to leave," she retorted.

"I guess I don't listen very well," James answered.

Another thirty minutes passed and the bottle was almost empty. James was doing his best to get Leah to talk, but it wasn't happening. Leah sat in silence, starting to regret her decision to leave the house.

"So, why don't you just spill it. I know something is wrong. You're a tough bitch. You don't cry. And I find you here, of all places, drunk and with tears in your eyes."

"Everything. There, are you happy?"

"Everything is a lot. Care to elaborate?"


James saw the look in Leah's eyes. They were glued to the doors of the garage, staring through the windows and locked on the ambulance. He put the pieces together.

"You know this shit with the station is going to blow over. It may take some time, but it will pass."

Leah whipped her head around and glared at him. She didn't know what to say, so instead she rolled her eyes and took another swig from her almost empty bottle. James reached over and grabbed the bottle from her lips. Leah tried to protest, but he had already swallowed the last gulps and tossed the glass bottle into the field behind them. She got mad and called him an 'asshole'.

She hopped off the front of the Jeep, almost landing on her ass, and headed towards the driver's side door. By the time she managed to pull it open, James was next to her grabbing her hard by the arm and pulling her away from the vehicle.

"What do you think you're doing?"

James' grasp and tug was so rough that she ended up falling into his chest instead of on the ground. Leah could smell his cologne and it was too much to resist. Instead of pulling away, she didn't move and her body relaxed as she inhaled his scent. James could feel it and his arms wrapped around her. He felt her heart pounding against his chest and felt her body start to shake. He gripped her tighter, waiting for the sobbing to subside. His hand moved from her back to her hair, gripping her short, brown locks, holding her face against his chest, allowing for Leah to gain a deeper breath of his smell.

James sat holding Leah in his arms and he felt her body start to calm. Finally Leah pulled her face from his dark blue uniform and could see the stains of her tears polka-dotted on his shirt. Leah raised her head and looked into his baby blues and saw the familiar look of pity in his eyes. That bothered Leah, and she attempted to pull away and climb into her Jeep. James grabbed her once again, spinning her around.

This time, James leaned down and put his hands on her shoulders. He planted his lips to hers, pushing his 190 pounds into her body. She stumbled back, his patrol car stopping the fall. His mouth was so warm. His tongue was soft and firm all at the same time. Leah felt his hands wrap around her wrists again and pull her into him.

For a moment Leah let him overtake her, pressing her lips to his mouth, his tongue prying her lips open. She pulled her wrists free from James' hands and her face from his. She looked up at him and brought her right hand up and slapped him across the face. Leah's eyes bulged. She couldn't believe what she had just done. She was sure she would be in cuffs at any moment now.

James looked shocked. Without thinking, Leah reached out and grabbed his belt and pulled him back to her, pushing her lips to his. She massaged his tongue with hers, placing a hand behind his head and scratching his neck. James' hands reached for her cheeks, holding her face softly. Leah pulled back and laid against the cool hood of the police car. James' lips followed hers, never parting.

Leah was laying on the police cruiser, and she felt James' weight on top of her. Her legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him into her. She could feel his cock bulging through the thin uniform pants. Her hands moved from his neck to his waist, holding him to her. She had forgotten how good it felt having someone pressed against her. Leah's hands drifted to his belt, having a bit of difficulty. She finally got it open and unzipped his pants. Then the tables turned.

As soon as James felt Leah's hand creeping towards his stiff cock, he pulled away from her. Leah didn't know how to react. She just stared up at him in drunken confusion. James quickly reached behind Leah's head, grabbing her hair and pulling her from the patrol car and pushed her to her knees between the headlights. Unsure of exactly what had just happened, Leah tried to yell. Her protests were stifled by a thick, hard cock being shoved between her lips. James wrapped his hands around the back of her head, refusing to allow Leah's lips to move.

Leah was too drunk, and way too horny to care. She started trying to take his cock down her throat before his long length started to choke her. Leah guess James had to be at least eight inches and she already knew he was pretty thick. Leah relaxed her throat, allowing James to push her face down onto his cock. James held Leah's head and slowly pulled himself in and out of her throat while she used her tongue to massage the underbelly of his cock. Saliva started dripping from the corners of Leah's painted pink mouth. James started picking up the pace of his thrusts, fucking her throat harder with each push. The speed of his thrusts were increasing, Leah felt like her throat was being punched by a boxer. Suddenly James stopped, his cock deep inside Leah's throat, his hands pulling her hair, his cock tensing.

Leah heard James moan and felt warm, salty liquid spewing down her throat. For the first time, James let go of Leah's head and pulled his cock from his mouth, stroking himself hard and milking the last few spurts of his cum all over her mouth. Leah's tongue poked out, an attempt to clean the mess from her face. Leah looked up at the officer that had her on her knees, watching him breathe heavily.

Leah started to stand up, her arms only to be grabbed by James. He pulled her from the ground with hands that were still rough, grabbing the button on Leah's jeans from behind and ripping it open, the zipper breaking. In seconds her pants were pulled from her hips, leaving them wrapped around her boots. He pulled her wrists behind her back and held them with one hand, pushing her against the hood of the car like he would a violent suspect. With her ass in the air, the next thing Leah felt was his wet, warm tongue bathing her asshole. Leah moaned as her body shuddered at the touch.

His tongue felt like a snake, slithering from her asshole to her pussy lips, flicking and teasing her clit. Leah would cum at any moment from the lack of sexual stimulation she had lately. Leah couldn't help it. Her body went limp and she laid against the cool hood of the cop car, eyes closed and moans escaping her lips.

Leah felt the hand move from her back, trailing down her side. She felt a hard slap on her right ass cheek, hard enough that it echoed off the firehouse and through the empty field. The hand rubbed the stunned spot of skin for a moment before repeating the act. Leah squealed. Before she realized the change, James' tongue was gone and she felt something large entering her wet pussy.

James stood up. His cock was hard again and at this point he just wanted to feel Leah's pussy swallowing his cock. He always thought she was attractive. He never meant to treat her this roughly, but something had come over him in the way that he had found her. He couldn't help himself.

James felt Leah's pussy suck him inside her. She was so tight he couldn't believe it, like she was a virgin. He heard the moans slipping through her lips and pushed himself inside her until he felt his hips on her ass. His hands settled on her sides, holding her in place on the hood of his patrol car. He looked down, not believing he had pushed his entire length inside her small body. She was moaning and moving her hips, trying to feel him deeper inside her. James could feel her muscles tightening around his dick, her body rocking forward and back to move around on his cock.

James tightened his grip on her hips and took a deep breath. His head fell back and he started fucking her with all the strength he could muster. Leah felt like she was being ripped apart. She hadn't felt anything this powerful inside her in months and it was a welcome change to the usual routine of her vibrator.

Her moans got louder, the warm flushed cheek of her face rubbing against the cool metal of the hood. James pulled his right hand from her hip, reaching around feeling for her clit. His fingers were met with her warm cum already starting to spill from her hot, tight cunt. He found her swollen cherry and started pressing and pushing it in circles with his rough fingers. Leah's moaning increased again, echoing off the metal doors of the apparatus bay. James' cum covered fingers slipped from her slit and moved to her mouth, hushing the noises escaping her lips.

Leah sucked James' fingers into her mouth, licking her juices from his digits. He pushed his fingers into her mouth, Leah's tongue massaging them. He lifted his left hand from her hip while she continued and pushed his fingers back to her clit. Leah jumped at the return of his touch on her clit, his cock still pumping her pussy vigorously. Leah was so turned on, she couldn't hold herself back even if she wanted to.

Leah felt waves of electricity wash over her body, every inch of her skin sprouting goosebumps. Her pussy tightened and she felt herself fall into her first orgasm. Trying to moan, she couldn't. James still had his fingers in her mouth. Leah closed her eyes, focusing on the rush of ecstasy overcoming her body. She felt her inner muscles spasm. Her ability to scream being muffled caused her more excitement than anticipated and she felt her juices stream down her legs.

James paused, pulling his cock from her dripping cunt. He bent down, his tongue trailing up her thighs licking the orgasm from her skin. He trailed from her knees up to her pussy lips, making sure he caught each drop. Leah was still in the midst of her orgasm. She felt James' lips touch her own lower set and she exploded. His mouth had engulfed her cunt and she let loose all she had left.

James felt his mouth fill with warm honey-flavored cum. He pushed two fingers into her pussy, feeling her swollen g-spot and pressed. Another gush of honey filled his mouth and he swallowed her juices down like someone trapped in the desert with out water. He felt Leah's body laying limp against on the hood of the car, her ass still in the air. She was breathing hard, her rib cage the only part of her body moving.

James didn't give Leah much time to catch her breath. He flipped her over onto her back, pulling her closer to the windshield for more leverage. He pulled her legs to the side of the car and threw them over his shoulders. James pushed his hard cock back into Leah's well-fucked pussy and she felt every inch force its way back inside her. James reached his hands down and pulled at her tank top, ripping it from the neck down, exposing her full B cup breasts. He never knew it, but seeing her tits he saw that they were pierced. He bent down and took a mouthful of her right nipple in his mouth, sucking and nibbling on the barbel protruding through the flesh. His other hand pinching and squeezing the left nipple.

Leah groaned, her hands reaching out and roughing up his gelled hair. James pulled his mouth away from her tits and stood up straight. He wrapped his arms around her legs, pulling her deeper onto his thick cock. Leah groaned in pleasure, her back arching against the cool metal.

"Fuck me hard till you cum!" she exclaimed through breaths.

That was an easy request for James. He felt like he could have blown his load while he was lapping the cum from her cunt when she orgasmed. His hands settled on her thighs, holding her in place again as he started thrusting his hips.

His legs slapped against hers, the noise enough to rouse the animals in the field and maybe even wake any of the firefighters sleeping inside the building. His cock hit her insides, feeling like he was stabbing her intestines as he fucked her. Leah felt the cum building inside her cunt once more,tightening and gripping James as hard as she could. She wanted to feel the jerking of his cock when he finally came. She hoped it would be inside her cum-deprived pussy.

James pounded away at Leah's cunt for another ten minutes, moving her legs in different positions on his shoulders and pushing them to her chest. At one point, he returned a set of fingers to her clit while he used his cock to make her continue to drip. James felt the urge to cum wash over him. Leah's pussy was so tight and so wet, he couldn't hold himself back any longer.

James felt his load building inside his tight, throbbing member. He knew he couldn't hold it back much longer. With Leah's calves still on his shoulders, he let go of her hips and grabbed her wrists and pinned her arms against the cop car, pushing his dick deeper inside her with his weight leaning over her.

Seconds later, James felt his cock swell and tighten. He couldn't hold it in any more. He didn't want to hold it in any more. He was going to give this little firefighter bitch what she wanted from him. James'grip around Leah's wrists tightened, his thrusts got harder, his grunts more severe, then he got quiet. James felt his cock twitch, letting loose ropes of his jizz, letting go into her tight, pink snatch.

Leah felt James' cum fill her cunt, and she loved it. She wanted it. All of it. She moaned loudly, the sound echoing off the apparatus doors and through the empty field behind them. This time James' hand didn't land on her mouth to stifle the sounds of her pleasure. Instead, his hips and cock thrusted themselves into her pussy until he felt like the last bit of his cum oozed from the tip of his cock.

James collapsed on top of Leah. They laid in a heap of bodies until their breathing returned to normal. James was the first to move. He lifted himself up and out of Leah's fucked cunt. She felt each of his soft eight inches pull out of her and she moaned with a hint of sadness. She knew she was spent, but in her still buzzed state, felt like she wanted and could take much more.

James grabbed the remnants of Leah's tank top and used it to wipe his cock clean of his cum and Leah's juices. He reached down and pulled his uniform pants back on,buckling the buckle and setting his outfit right. He looked down and saw Leah laying on the hood of the patrol car, still in a state mixed with pleasure and drunkenness, her body still writhing from the orgasm he just let off inside her.

James grabbed Leah, pulling her to her feet and halfway over her over his shoulder as he struggled to pull her jeans back onto the lower half of her body. She wiggled herself off of him and buttoned her pants. She set off towards the driver's side of her Jeep. James reached out, like before, and pulled her away.

This time, he opened the back door to his cruiser and pushed her into the back seat, slamming the car door. He walked around and got into the front seat.

"What the fuck?" Leah asked, confused.

"You're still to drunk to drive. I'm taking you home."

Leah didn't know this at the time, but James had plans to fuck her once more before his shift was over.

"Good thing tonight has been slow,"he thought to himself as the patrol car left the firehouse parking lot.

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