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First Date - Courtney

My first submission ran a little long so go easy on me. True story of a former lover.
I was still friends with John's ex-girlfriend (Portia) and Courtney was one of Portia's best friends. Courtney was thin, about 5'7", sexy blue eyes, set of B-cups, with a cute, tight ass. Oh, and how could I forget a set of luscious pouty lips.

She was recently divorced and had a one year-old son. Since her divorce she has been living in her parents basement which they had finished as an apartment and had been hoping to rent it out for some additional income. She was very experienced in the ways of pleasing a man. She was an exhibitionist who would do anything, anywhere, anytime. This is the story of our first date.

1 st Date My friend Greg and I were meeting my friend Portia and her friend Courtney, whom I hadn’t met, out for an evening of drinks, jokes and telling lies. Greg and I were both in our early 20’s and recent college graduates. Greg had just moved to town and I wanted to show him a night on the town and met the girls at tavern in our local bar district.

I noticed a very strong sexual connection with Courtney from the start. Something about how our eyes flirted with each others on first contact. I knew that she was into me and she knew that I was into her from the start. I found out through conversation that Courtney she was about a year younger than me had a son and was recently divorced. That didn’t seem to matter. I didn’t want to scare her away and get too intense too quickly with her so we just all continued to drink and catch up on what was going on with our lives.

Towards the end of the night, Greg decided to go to the bathroom and it was just Courtney, Portia and I at the table. I am typically a pretty calm and laid back guy who isn’t too forward but for some reason I felt the need to seal the deal and bluntly said to Courtney, “So, when are we going out?” right in front of my friend Portia.

What? Did that just come out of my mouth? Me? Portia, knowing me, knew that this was out of character for me and turned and watched Courtney intently for her response. I will have to admit that it was a pretty bold and cocky move but it was done with such precision and confidence while not breaking eye contact with her gorgeous ice blue eyes.

She said, “I don’t know, Ryan. How do I know that you’re a good guy and will know how to treat me right?

I said confidently, “You don’t. That’s the excitement of it. You can look at a roller coaster all you want but you won’t know how fun it is until you get on and ride it.”

That quickly sealed the deal and we set a date for the next week as we stood out in front of the bar before saying our goodbyes. We couldn’t seem to find a weekend that we were both available soon enough for our liking so we picked a Wednesday night to go out on our first date.

As we live at exact opposite ends of the city, she suggested that meet at a restaurant somewhere halfway and I suggested The Plaza which is a nice shopping district near downtown even though I offered to come pick her up. She said something about not wanting guys to come to her home on a first date. Understandable, there are all sorts of weird freaks out there in the world and she didn’t know me from Adam. Afterall, she did have a little boy to protect as well.

She was waiting at the restaurant bar with a drink when I arrived. She was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a v-neck sweater and looked casual but very sexy even though it didn’t appear that she had put much effort into it. Her mid-shoulder length dirty blonde hair contrasted nicely with her black sweater and her perfume would make its way to me as I hugged her.

I quickly got a drink and she said that the wait for a table was about 10-15 minutes. I said very confidently, “I’ll fix that.”

As I was walking towards the hostess stand towards the front of the restaurant not knowing how I was going to “fix” the table situation I was thinking to myself, “Wow! Had this been years of aggressiveness building up in me and finally needing to come out or am I just being a complete jackass?”

I was then interrupted by young lady walking towards me who looked like a waitress carrying a few menus who asked, “Frank – party of two?”

I said, “I most certainly am, let me get my date from the bar.” I walked back into the bar area like a triumphant war hero with a waitress unknowingly in tow saying, “Ma’am, this way to your table,” as she extended her arm to Courtney’s left.

Courtney looked very impressed and smiled up from her drink at me trying to figure me out with a coy smile. I walked proudly behind her not knowing how that all just happened but I wasn’t going to let Courtney know that I just lucked into getting us a table.

I played it off once we got to the table as I am naturally a very humble person and asked her to tell me about herself. After we ordered food and another round of drinks for us, we exchanged our life stories for more than an hour as we ate.

She was raised by a boarder-line cult farm family about 45 minutes outside of the city who she had to run away from at 17 in order to evade an arranged marriage by her parents and shortly thereafter joined the Army. She suffered a broken pelvis during “Hell Week” and was honorably discharged.

Even though we didn’t have hardly anything in common other than the fact that we both lived at home with our parents (me a recent college grad saving to buy a house and she had made amends with her parents once her son had been born) but there was a certain “spark” between us. Before there was a lull in the conversation I turned to her and said, “You ready to get the hell outta here?”

She smiled and said, “What do you have in mind?”

Having a plan in place prior to the date, I said, “Well, you ready for an adventure?” It was kind of an inside joke that she wasn’t privy to. She replied, “Always!” She grabbed her coat and we headed for the door.

See, I had dated multiple women who were from upper middle class families who expected to be wined and dined at extravagantly nice and expensive places. I wasn’t looking for that with Courtney and wanted to try something different. I was greatly surprised when she reached for my hand and snuggled up to my shoulder and arm as we exited the restaurant on a cold November night.

“This chick has got balls,” I think to myself while walking to the car. She is getting ready to get in a car with a guy with whom she barely knows and is heading to an unknown destination. Not sure if it was balls or stupidity. I guess I made her feel comfortable enough to trust me.

I drove to an older part of town about 10 minutes away called North Kansas City that is mainly a busy industrial area in the daylight hours and somewhat abandoned at night. What must have been going through the poor girls mind?

I then pulled into a parking spot on a street in front of this run down bar with 2 or three cars parked in front of the bar that was aptly called “The Dive.” Its name was exactly what it was. It was a place that I’ve heard about but had the chance to go to with my buddies yet. It’s definitely not a place that you’d want to take a girl on a first date.

We walked in and Courtney and I were clearly the only people who had a full set of teeth. “See what I mean by adventure,” I whispered to her as we walked in. She laughed and agreed.

The bar and barstools were to the right side of the room with four or five tables with chairs on the left. Various neon beer signs/posters and cigarette smoke hung throughout. In the center of the room was a narrow hallway that contained the doors to the bathrooms and through the hallway was a vacant room where there was a pool table and jukebox with a few bar stools and small hightop tables.

There were only a handful of people in the bar and they were all sitting at the bar with a crusty and heavily worn, older woman working behind the bar who was dangling a cigarette from her lips while she talked to the patrons. They all knew each other fairly well by their conversation and were surprised to see two young people who looked so out of place walk through their door.

Being a random Wednesday night past 8:30 pm, I didn’t expect too many more people walking in through the front door. It was just the kind of place that I was looking for.

See, this was a test for Courtney to see if she was capable of helping me break my stream of prissy girls who drank $9 martini’s (that was very expensive for a drink in the early 2000’s) who expected to be waiting on hand and foot.

I also thought this might impress her as I suddenly went from a guy who could get a table on demand at a ritzy restaurant to a guy who can roll up his sleeves and shoot some stick on the pool table in a dirty dive bar. And truthfully, I was and still am naturally comfortable in either environment.

I asked her if she wanted to play pool or have a drink at one of the tables. I was thrilled when she said that she wanted to play pool.

So I got us some beers and a few dollars in quarters for the pool table from the bartender and we headed through the hallway to the back room. It was kind of a perfect set up as we were secluded from the rest of the patrons and we had our own little private area to where no one was going to listening in on our conversation and we didn’t have to worry about other people watching us flirt.

I gave her a few quarters for the jukebox and she sexily walked over and picked a few songs and grabbed a pool cue. I took it easy on her in pool but she was actually pretty good in her own right.

I would casually miss a shot to where I knew that she would have to come over by where I was standing to shoot or perhaps to where she had to really stretch out to reach the cue ball across the table. Each time she would bend over, my cock would slightly stiffen for a few seconds leaving me in a constant state of arousal. As she was tall and slender, her ass was perfectly round and small and it popped out in just the right places.

As we drank more she would get more and more seductive. She was giving me seductive looks from across the table just before I would bend down to address the ball and as the night went on, she would purposefully choose to shoot a shot that caused her to have to wedge herself between myself and the pool table.

Eventually, it was clearly obvious that she was doing this on purpose because she would forego a shot on a ball that was sitting in front of a pocket and instead choosing a much more difficult shot just so that she could put that beautiful ass mere inches from my groin which contained a cock that was at half mast by this time.

As time went on, I don’t think that either one of us were hiding our sexual feelings for the other. As she would wedge herself between me and the table, I wouldn’t get out of her way quite as much and she would be forced to rub that fantastic ass on my stiffening cock.

As the games and beers progressed, she would linger just a little bit longer each time in front of me and I would slowly rub the length of my now hard shaft against her stunning ass.

I had missed my shot on the 8 ball and left a straight shot for her in the corner pocket. I purposefully stayed right where I was because it was exactly where she needed to be to shoot at the 8 ball. She again had to squeeze in between my body and the table and was slowly grinding her cute little ass against my completely raging hard-on as she gently slid the cue forward into the cue ball causing the cue ball to ever so gently hit the 8 ball.

As she was still bending over the table and as the 8 ball was creeping towards the pocket, she pushed back hard against my groin and slowly started grinding her gifted ass up and down against me as I put my hands on her hips to help guide her.

She started to rise and pushed her shoulders into my chest and then turned her head towards me and our lips met with such a raging passion as she slowly turned around without breaking our lip lock. We kissed passionately for several seconds, we both heard the 8 ball finally drop and we both smirked while in mid-kiss.

Before we got to a point of no return in the bar, I said that we need to get out of here. We can barely keep our hands off each other as we walk to the car. As we reach the car, I grab her by the small of her neck and kiss her passionately for what seemed like days. It would not have surprised me to see the sun rising by the time we broke the rousing kiss.

Finally we get in the car and take the 10 minute drive to my house. Those 10 minutes seemed like an eternity to the both of us and we are all over each other the second that the car is stopped in my driveway.

As my parents were in their retirement years, they had become gamblers and were down at one of the casino boats that we call “The Boats” here in town. This was the case tonight as I noticed that one of my parent’s cars was missing.

Courtney and I headed for my bedroom on the second floor shedding our coats on the way up the stairs. I turned on a lamp that was on my night stand which offered a very dim light once we got into the bedroom. As soon as I turned on the stereo, I turned to her and passionately forced her against the wall and our lips meet.

I ran my right hand behind her left ear and pulled her lips into mine. As our lips touched and our tongues brush against one another, I pull back slightly and to stare directly into her beautiful eyes and savored the moment. I then pressed my soft lips against her lips and as we fuck each other’s mouths with our tongues.

I moved my left hand to the right side of her stomach and rubbed her side just below her rib cage as I take her very full lower lip into my mouth and gently suck on it. Courtney reaches down with her right hand and rubs my cock through my jeans and just then sighs, “Oh fuuuuck” as her head tilts back and the her eyes roll into the back of her head.

I move down to her neck and kiss with wild abandon as she just keeps repeating, “Oh fuck, oh fuck me, oh fuck, oh God fuck me!” I kiss down her neck to her necklace and continue to peck her chest down to the top of her v-neck sweater as she is continuously rubbing and trying to grab my cock through my pants.

She reaches under my sweater and beings to pull it up my rib cage and easily slips it over my head as my left hand has made it to her right breast. I then start to pull her sweater and undershirt up over her head to reveal a small set of B cups in a black lace bra. Courtney pushes me backwards onto the bed as she reaches for the button on her jeans. She bends over and whispers gently in my ear, “Get your pants off because I am going to fuck your brains out.”

As she stands back up, and I fall onto my back, her jeans fall from her hips to the floor and I am transfixed by her beauty. After she steps out of her jeans she reveals a very tight and toned body and slowly turns around to show me that ass that has been teasing from the moment we first met while wearing sexy, black, cotton thong that frames her perfect ass wonderfully.

She says, “Is this what you’ve been looking at all night, dirty boy?”

As I nod yes, she turns back to me and realizes that I have yet to begin to take off my pants. She reaches for the button on my jeans and slowly unzips my pants.

As I lift my hips to allow her to slide my jeans off I notice her eyes grow wide and she is mesmerized by what is contained beneath the fabric of my underwear. She continues to remove my jeans and then removes her bra to show me two very cute tits. A little smaller than what I am accustomed to but I knew this prior as she obviously wasn’t built like Jenny McCarthy but sexy nonetheless.

She was very slender and toned with her perfect tight ass and I was very pleased by the beautiful young woman wearing nothing but a thong who was spellbound by my raging hard-on lurking in my boxer briefs.

She moves onto the bed straddling my groin with her thin but firm body. She gently lowers her black thong onto me coming into contact with my covered cock about mid shaft. Although we are both still in our under wear, it was as though we were one and didn’t have one stitch of clothing on.

She slides her pelvis forward while still on the shaft of my dick and as she reached the top of my cock and then slowly slides down until she is near the base of my cock. As she is sliding forward again she whispers, “Is this all for me?” I kiss her pouty lower lip and say, “Yes, you deserve a reward for being such a good girl tonight.”

“That looks like a fairly large trophy for just one night of being good,” she whispers.

“Just consider it a payment advance for future performance,” I hungrily say to her as her groin has already reached the tip of my cock and is about halfway back down my shaft. She then slides off of the bed in between my knees as I briefly close my eyes while laying back on my bed storing the past few moments into my memory banks.

As she reaches for the band at the top of my underwear, she runs her hands the length of my cock towards the head while closely studying its contents as I raise my head off the bed to watch and study her reaction.

Just as she pulls the band over the head of my dick she stops and says, “Holy fuck! You must have one thick cock!”

She then starts pulling the band down the shaft while being completely captivated by what she is unveiling from beneath my boxers. As she slips my underwear off of my ankles she reaches up with her left hand to gently cradle my almost 10” cock as it is furiously hard and the head is hovering just below my bellybutton.

She gently tugs my shaft up and down as far as the skin on my cock would allow without lube. As I was captivated by her touch and had been watching her left hand tug on my cock, I didn’t realize that her right hand was covering her mouth as if she was trying not to scream.

She then gasped, “WOW! How?…I don’t think I can?…No way! I can’t even get my hand all of the way around am I going to even fit it in my mouth?” I am slightly larger than average when it comes to that department from what I have been told. I am between 9.5 and 10” (depending on how hard I am) and almost as big around as a beer bottle. (almost but not quite)

Just then, she reaches down with her thin but strong right hand and cups my balls as she opens her mouth while taking half of my head in her mouth. She then look up at me and said, “I never would have guessed you would be packing so much.”

She then looked lustfully into my eyes as she moved her mouth back onto the head of my cock taking the entire head in her mouth before slowing sliding my cock back out. She the slid my cock back in her mouth taking the head and about an inch of my shaft before sliding back off of the cock and then moving forward taking the head and slightly more of the shaft.

At this point, I laid my head back down on the bed looking at the ceiling as I close my eyes moaning, “Ah fuck, Courtney.” (then a split second confirming that I got her name right). She continued to suck me for about 2 more minutes before standing up.

I raised my head up to see her dip her thumbs under the straps of her thong panties on her hips and begins to do a very sexy strip tease with her panties. Normally, I would be all about this and I did enjoy it but I was starting to get frustrated with how sexually charged this woman had me.

As she pulled her thong down her thigh, the crotch of her panties was still stuck to her pussy and seemed as thought it was vacuum locked and then they started to peal free revealing a thick white liquid on her black panties and a long “bridge” of thick liquid that was being stretched from her pussy to her underwear as she continued to lower her panties which finally reached it’s maximum point of elasticity and finally broke as just before her panties went past her knees.

By the look of the crotch of her black panties, the night of flirtation had apparently worked her into as much of a frenzy as it had me. She had an adorable pussy with a rather wide sandy blonde landing strip.

She said as she was stepping out of her panties and climbing onto the bed, “I usually would have you get a condom but I am going to fuck you bareback because I can’t wait any longer.” I said under my breath, “You and me both” as I slid further up the bed towards my headboard and onto a pillow.

She slid up the length my cock with her soaking wet pussy and leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “This is going to hurt so be gentle with me big boy” as her outer lips tickled the tip of my cock.

She reached down between our bodies and aligned my cock with her opening with her fingertips and slowly worked the head in between her outer lips. As she did this, I leaned my head forward to those very sexy lips that were just wrapped around the shaft of my cock moments ago and kissed her softly.

She continued to lower her body onto my cock very slowly until she had most of my head inside of her before pulling back to where the tip of the head of my cock was barely inside of her. She then lowered herself very sensually back onto my cock taking my entire head before slowly sliding back up much in the same way that she worked my cock into her mouth moments ago.

She continued for the next few minutes to gingerly lower herself until she had half of my shaft in her and briefly broke the our kiss to grimace slightly. I began to softly kiss her neck as she worked approximately three quarters of my shaft into her fire hot, tight pussy as pubic regions made contact as we began to kiss again.

She then broke our kiss again to tell me that she couldn’t believe that she had all of my cock in her. I then told her, “You still have a little further to go to get all of me in you.”

In disbelief, she looked down and saw a little light that was be emitted from the lamp in between our bodies and could clearly see a few inches of my shaft that was not buried inside of her. She said, “Holy fuck, I don’t think I can take anymore, I can feel you in my stomach! I…I….just can’t do it! I am just going to work with this part tonight if that’s ok with you?”

I said that I was fine with that and not to worry that I would work the rest of my shaft into her gently as we fuck because this wasn’t my first rodeo.

She gently begins to slide up and down on my cock and I can feel my cock stretching her with my girth on each slow thrust as she is breathing heavy trying to contain herself. After several minutes like this I ask, “Are you ok, we can switch up positions if you would want to?”

She said, “No, I am just getting accustomed to your huge cock in my pussy. I just want to take it slow until I am ready for more, ok?” “That’s fine with me, I am in no rush,” I reply.

She said, “That’s good because you are going where no man has ever gone before!” as she continued to slide up and down my thick shaft while looking down trying to study the area where our two bodies were intertwined. (Funny thing is, she lived a very sheltered childhood and I don’t think that she ever watched one episode of Star Trek and had no clue that this was James T. Kirk’s famous line)

Slowly but surly she started picking up the pace moving her hips up my pubic region and back down towards the base of my cock and I slowly worked more and more of my cock into her until her pussy lips were in contact with the base of my cock. She smiled from ear to ear while trying to breathe when I told her that I was completely impaled in her delicious pussy.

She obviously didn’t want to break her breathe to speak and she picked up the pace to about ¾ speed and her tight pussy that was wrapped around my cock was mind-blowing! I could almost feel the veins on the outside of my cock being compressed as she continued to slide up my shaft up to the ridge of the head of my cock only then to impale herself again and sliding down my thick shaft.

This gorgeous woman continued to slide up and down on my cock for several more minutes and was getting more and more use to the length and more importantly, the girth.

Courtney got a little braver and attempted to lean back and tried to sit up but it was too much pain, it seemed as though when she would try to sit up, my cock would go even further into her pussy and she couldn’t do it.

So I flipped her onto her back and started fucking her missionary. I started out slowly and as I picked up my pace fucking that tight and fit pussy, I reached back and grabbed the back of her knees and pushed them up so that her knees were pointed towards the ceiling and started gliding in and out of her with more and more force.

Courtney said that this felt “really good.” I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I was about to blow my load. I had to contain myself as she had not come yet but then just as I started to try to hold back, she spread her legs, leaned forward digging her hands into the sides of my waist pulling me into her even harder and deeper than I was going before and yelled, “You are a fucking stallion and I am going to cum all over that gorgeous cock!” as her breathing had picked up.

As I started to pound her harder and harder until I was banging her like a screen door in a spring storm I noticed she was getting closer to her climax because her breath was now broken and seemed as though she was only breathing in every few seconds and they were getting farther and farther apart when she couldn’t take it anymore and yelled, “You are a fucking stud and I am…..ccccuuumming! Oh fuck, I am cumming all over your huge cock! Pound me with that fucking gorgeous cock you mutherfucker! OHHHHH FUCK, I’M CUMMING!!!!!!!” As she is breathing very heavy and hitting her climax she starts to regain her breath repeating in almost a voice like she would whisper to a baby, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh fuck, I’m cumming” as she finally lets out one last big gush of air followed by several more shallow breaths.

I stop the ferocious pounding of her pussy as she comes down off of he climax and slow down to a gentle fuck to an eventual stop while being buried completely inside of her. I leaned forward and kissed her lips softly while her eyes are still closed but she doesn’t have much interest in kissing at this point and just offers up a basic kiss. I curiously ask, “How was that, Courtney?”

She cracks her eyelid open to barely see me and says, “You mean this orgasm that I am still experiencing? Holy shit, where did you learn to fuck like that?”

I just shrugged it off because, truly, I really didn’t do anything out of the norm. It just seemed that we worked the speed of the thrusts and the intensity at just the speed that she needed. But then again, she didn’t need much by the look of the crotch of her panties.

She then realized that I hadn’t cum yet but said that she couldn’t take anymore cock because she was extremely sore but offered to give me head. I slid off the bed and noticed that her puckered asshole was completely covered with her juices. She soon got off the bed and I saw a huge wet spot on my comforter (we didn’t have time to mess with sheets) about the size of a softball. Fuck...that was a huge turn on to me.

As she gets up, she exclaims, “Holy fuck, I have never been fucked like that in my life and I have never cum that hard! I have never had any man or toy go that fucking deep into me. God damn, I love your cock and how you know how to use it!”

I lead her over to the wall that is about 6 feet from the end of my bed in front of my bedroom window that over looks my front yard and the street light and stand sideways to the window so that you would my side profile from outside. The window is a large window that sits about 2 feet from the floor.

At this point in my life, this was my favorite place to cum as I am a slight exhibitionist and anyone outside on the street or sidewalk can clearly look up and watch me cum all over my girlfriends faces if they just happen to be walking by due to the fact of the dim light from the lamp provided the perfect amount of backlight.

Courtney follows me over to the window, looks outside briefly and gets down on her knees in front of me and says absolutely nothing about her being completely exposed to the world in front of the window with blinds that are clearly open. Granted, it is probably 11:00 or 11:30 on a cold November night but she acted as if this was nothing out of the norm to her.

As she gets on her knees she takes my cock in her hands and is seemingly studying my cock. As she lifts my cock towards my stomach she exclaims, “Jesus, you have the balls of a bull! No wonder! I was trying to figure out what was bouncing off my asshole as you were pounding the fuck out of me!”

I don’t really know what to say at this point (err…thanks?) and just kind of give her a look as if letting her know that I am very, very eager for her to get busy. She notices and goes to work.

As my shaft is completely covered in her cum, she wraps her left hand around the portion of my cock closest to the base and then wraps her right hand around the portion that is closest to the head of my cock and starts jointly stroking my cock and twisting her wrists. She says that she has never actually done this before as she has never fucked someone with a dick big enough to do this but has seen this done in porn movies that she use to watch with her old boyfriend.

I gotta say she was a very good student because she had me worked up and close to orgasm in no time at all. She then stopped stroking me with her left hand and started working her mouth onto my cock while continuing to stroke me with her right hand. This time she pretty much took the 2-3” that she took while giving me head earlier right away.

As she continued to suck and slide her mouth down my shaft, she would look up with those sexy bedroom eyes and we would lock eyes for several seconds until she looked back down to pay attention to what she was doing before looking up again. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw lights flicker on the trees across the street of an approaching car coming which was always a turn on to me and just then, she raised off of my cock and said, “Fuck, my cum tastes good!” Are fucking you kidding me? This chick is my wet dream saying that she loved the taste of her own cum while sucking my cock! That did it.

I told her to tilt her head back and open up wide because I was going to blow. I kindly replaced her right hand with my right hand and gave my rock hard cock two tugs and UUUUURRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Just as the car passed in front of my house, I started to blow my wad which felt like it was pulling my asshole into my intestines as I unleashed my infamous first load which was a huge, thick stream of cum as it bounced off the left side of her upper lip, up her cheek next to her nose and hit her left eyelid. She flinched slightly as it hit her eyelid and as my second tug was bringing up another thick and heavy wad hit that the back of her front upper teeth as it shot in the roof of her mouth and the third, fourth and fifth jets (lost count after that) of cum plastered the rest of her face and roof of her mouth as I yell, “HOLY FUUUUUCCCKKK!”

She said “God damn, is there anything that you can’t do?” while trying to talk with a load of my cum in her mouth before swallowing my load.

As I walked naked to my bathroom to get her a towel, she said that I nearly knocked her over with my first explosion of cum. She was expecting it but it just surprised her with the amount of cum and the force in which it hit her face and eye. I gave her the towel and due to the continuous mind fucking we had been doing to each other at the restaurant and bar seems to have had taken a toll on me as I had weak and weary legs, I laid down on my bed a closed my eyes for a second.

She climbed up next to me and said softly into my ear, “You are by far the greatest fuck of my life and I am not ashamed to admit it. Please don’t tell me this was a one time thing because I don’t know that I could go without your cock. I know that I shouldn’t say this after a first date but I am addicted to you and I can’t wait to fuck you again.” The feeling was mutual.

There was no away that this was a ‘one and done’ type of situation. I needed to fuck her again just as much, if not more, than she needed to fuck me but I wasn’t going to let her know that. I said, “Sweetie, I haven’t even eaten your tight pussy. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

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