First Day

By oneofakind

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A rainy day can always be a good day.
My first story, hope you enjoy it.

It was my first day of class and to be quite honest I wasn’t really looking forward to it either. I didn’t know any of the people in the room with me and that made me a little nervous. The desks were set in pairs of two at each. I got there early to watch the others file in after me. I watched as one by one all my peers walked through the door and avoided the seat next to me. As the last person filed in he had no option but to sit next to me.

We sat there in silence until the class began. We were assigned to create an interview and perform it on our partner, the person beside us. I wasn’t sure where to begin so I just took out a paper and labeled it “Interview”. He turned and looked at me and simply said, “Hey, my name is Derek.”. He was very polite and his voice was very confident. I never really looked at him until that moment. I smiled back and replied, “Hi, My name is Melissa; but my friends call me Mel.”. He smiled in return; his smile was so genuine and perfect. His teeth fit perfectly in his mouth and it really set off his green eyes. He was really breathtaking.

He was very attractive with short light brown hair that only covered some of his face. He had a dark skin tone as if he was Spanish or Greek. He was very tall too. I only reached his shoulder and we were sitting. His body was very firm, as he was wearing a tight shirt. He didn’t seem like the jock but not quite a nerd either. It was somewhere in between and I intended on finding out more.

We began talking about our families and how crazy they were. He seemed to be very family oriented which ruled out the rich and snobby guy. He also told me about his pet dog, Gunther who is a black lab. I told him about my pet cat, Georgia. We had an instant connection. We were exchanging all these stories until the professor interrupted the class to tell us that the interviews were due for next class and that we needed 20 questions each.

I looked at Derek and we both laughed at the fact we had written nothing down. We exchanged cell numbers to finish the interviews the next day. He said goodbye and walked out of the class with a smile.

I just sat there for a minute thinking about the time that had just passed. I was in utter amazement at how much of a gentleman Derek was. I have never talked to a guy my age and had him actually listen; Most of the time they talk for hours about their own lives. He actually was interested to hear about my family and stories.

I put it off saying that it was just another guy, he’ll turn out just like the rest of them. I thought to myself, “Don’t get your hopes up only to have them come crashing down again.” I went back to my dorm and started some of my other homework until I fell asleep.

I was awoken the next morning with my text message alert telling me one had been received. I looked at the clock and it read 8:30 AM. I walked over to where my phone was and saw that it was from Derek.

It read, “Hey Mel, I hope I didn’t wake you! I’m heading over to the library now and I’ll be there for awhile. Want to meet me?” I instantly hit reply and typed back, “I’ll be there in 20!”

I hurriedly started running around my room to find clothes and get my things together. I brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, packed my pen and paper with a bottle of water and headed out.

As I arrived I saw him instantly and he smiled and waved to me. He was sitting at a table for four all by himself. I walked over and said, “Hey, you’re an early riser!” He laughed and looked at me with those gorgeous eyes and said, “Sleep is just a waste of life” I smiled and took a seat next to him.

We started talking about the interview and started writing down random questions to ask each other. I was slowly learning more and more about him as we talked more. He was a very interesting guy and had many crazy stories to tell. We finally finished and we left the library. We realized we were there for about 4 hours total. He offered to walk me back to my dorm.

I looked at him with a smile and said, “I’m giving you a warning, it’s close to a mile away from here!” He just looked at me laughing and said that it was no problem. So we started walking and continued talking about what we wanted to do with our lives. We got about 5 minutes away from the library and it started raining. It quickly became a down pour too.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me to the Falcon dormitory building. Apparently that was where he lived, because he pulled out a keycard and swiped it. The door clicked open and he pulled me through it. I looked out the window and was trying to think of what to do. He looked at me and said, “You can hang out in my room for awhile until the rain goes away if you want?” I looked down at myself and I was drenched from head to toe and looked over to see that he was too. I just shook my head yes and he lead the way to his second floor dorm.

We walked in and the first thing I noticed were all the pictures he had around the room. He had pictures of his family and friends and his fellow athletes. Not one picture had a sprawled out naked girl or a juiced up sports car. It was pretty clean too with no odor to speak of. I went to sit on his bed, but instantly reconsidered it due to my being soaking wet and all.

He laughed as he watched my attempt and threw a towel to me and said that I could use that and sit on the bed. I folded the towel in half and laid it across a small section of the bed and sat. I watched him as he took off his shirt to replace it with a new one. He had an amazing body of muscle and I couldn’t help but stare. He caught after he turned around and I just turned beat red.

He laughed and looked over at me saying, “Like what you see?” I wasn’t sure how to reply so I just laughed and said, “Bet you’ve asked that before!” He just looked and said, “Actually, no I can’t say I have” I was shocked but I just shrugged it off. He was sitting on his desk chair facing me and I noticed he was looking below my face. I looked down to see that my white shirt was very transparent.

He laughed and asked if I wanted a dry shirt. I simply said yes. He handed me the shirt and I turned around to pull the wet one off. As I did I could feel hands along my sides helping me to pull it over my head. I turned to look over my shoulder and saw Derek looking back at me. He held my hips and turned me around slowly. He looked me in the eyes and said, “You look beautiful.”

I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but I quickly learned that I wasn’t. Before I knew it he had my lips on his. He put his hands around my back and was running his fingers over every crevice carefully. I put my hands around the back of his neck and kissed him back. We were like that for about a minute until he broke the kiss and looked at me. My face was red and I could feel it. Here I was standing in my bra and pants kissing a guy I just met yesterday. He laughed and looked back at me and looked like he was thinking the same thing. He kissed me again but this time with more passion than before. He ran his tongue along my bottom lip as he waited for the ok. I opened my mouth with his and our tongues danced together.

He was a very good kisser and I couldn’t help but wonder what else he was good at. I slowly ran my hands over his back and around to the front. I started to lift his shirt and he lifted his arms in agreement. We broke the kiss for a few seconds to take it off and returned to lip lock right after. He started slowly moving me backward toward the bed. He slowly laid me down on it as he lay down next to me, still kissing me.

I was beginning to realize the wetness between my thighs as his hands came around to my front. My whole body was vibrating with sensations I had never had before. Every touch from him sent a charge through my body and our passion started to grow even more. He had reached around and undid my bra skillfully and helped to pull it off me.

He slowly placed kissed were the bra had been from my neck down to my chest. I let out a soft moan as he engulfed my right nipple. They were already hard because of the rain but his warm mouth over them made them ever harder. He was very gentle with me and it was making me hotter. I could feel his hard on forming against my leg and I started to move my hand down toward it. I began to rub it through his jeans and he let out a moan of pleasure to tell me he wanted more.

We were caught up in the moment when he stopped and looked at me. He just asked, “Are you ok with this? I mean I’m not pushing you into this am I?” I just smiled and said, “No, you’re not pushing me into anything.” We kept kissing until he broke it to start kissing my neck. At the same time, his hand went up my thigh and brushed over my sweet spot unleashing a loud moan from me.

He took that as a good sign and began to stroke me through my pants. I was so turned on at the moment that I couldn’t keep still! My hips were rocking against his fingers and my mouth found his to hold him in a deep kiss. I was building my orgasm quickly and sweetly fell over the edge as I lay there motionless looking at him. He had a smile on his face and he leaned down to kiss me softly and then he worked his way down my chest.

He lingered on my breasts for awhile but continued further down until he got to the edge of my jeans. He looked up at me as if awaiting approval and I nodded with a smile. He began to undo my belt and jeans as he laid sweet kisses the whole time. He carefully pulled my jeans off and threw them to the floor.

He looked back up to see that I was wearing a sexy pair of bikini panties. He smiled and placed kisses along the edge of them and then began to suck my clit through them. Just the feel of his hot breath over my sweet spot threw me into frenzy. I couldn’t keep quite as he began to lick at the folds of my pussy. He started to pull of my panties and laid them on the floor along with my pants.

He continued licking my pussy until he knew I was about to cum again. He wanted to wait for that. He kissed his way back up to me and gave me a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever, I didn’t want it to end. He smiled at me and just said, “You taste as good as you look!”. He had a devilish grin on his face as he bent down to kiss me again.

I softly bit his lower lip and he looked at me in surprise. I looked back with a grin and pushed him on his back. I straddled him then and began to kiss his chiseled and hairless chest. I began working my way down until I reached his jeans. I looked up with the same grin and he seemed to be breathing heavier. I began to undo his pants and pulled them off along with his boxers. I laid them on the floor with my things. I was surprised at how big he was, about 7 in long and pretty thick too. He was already semi-hard so I began to stroke him. I laid a gentle kiss of the head of his penis and licked the precum off my lips.

I then pulled his whole head into my mouth and sucked on it while stroking the shaft. He moaned out loud as I felt his hand hold back my hair. I slowly started bobbing on him until I quickened my pace. I looked up every once in awhile to see his face. He had his eyes set on me and looked utterly happy at my actions. He was fully erect now so I started to slowly start to kiss my way back to his mouth. He grabbed my hips and flipped us so he was on top now.

He held himself up on his arms and made sure not to crush me with his weight. He looked at me with a smile and kissed me. I looked up and asked him, “Do you have a condom?” He smiled and pulled one out of the night stand. He leaned on his side to put it on. Once he had it on he got back on top of me and pulled my legs up beside him. I was waiting tenderly for him to enter me.

He placed his cock at the entrance of my pussy and looked me in the eyes. He slowly entered me and we watched each other’s faces as we gave in to the pleasure we were enduring. He started to slowly pump in and out of me as I met every thrust. He was breathing heavy and never left my eyes. He bent down to kiss me never once slowing his pace and we continued to kiss each other in a deep and passionate way. He started gaining speed and my moans grew much much louder.

I wanted to surprise him again so I hooked my foot around his leg and rolled him over so I was on top. His eyes lit up as he watched me work on his cock. I lifted myself up and down over his dick and watched his face the whole time. It increased my pleasure to see him like that, so vulnerable. I loved every minute of it. I bent over and kissed him as he began to thrust into me faster than before. I was on the edge of a major orgasm. He was close to I could feel his body tense underneath me.

All at once he looked me in the eyes and we both ran over the edge and came together. We held each other until we had caught our breathe again. He kissed me again and we lay like that a few more minutes. He looked up and saw out the window that it had stopped raining. He looked at me and smiled saying, “I guess you can go back to your dorm if you’d like.” I just looked back at him and smiled, “I think I’ll stay here for awhile.” We continued kissing as the night came over us.