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First Encounters of a Three Legged Man and Tequila

A woman becomes a huntress of the night with the desire to seduce a man.
I walk into the bar, and I know people see me. Tallest woman here, I know I'm seen. Seeing my friends waving, I waltz on over.

Greetings are exchanged, flaky as usual. I drop my coat and purse and head towards the bar. Ordering five tequilas and knocking them back flat, order a tumbler of bourbon, kiss the bartender in thanks, pay and head back to the girls. The music is playing. I start to relax as I feel the tequila works its magic.

Taking a look around the bar, I see who is going be my prey for the night. After all, I am Woman, it’s unladylike to roar…. So I won’t, but I will stake my claim as a sexual huntress, craving the anticipation, the toying, the flirting, the pretense that it means something more than just a physical act. The filling of my pussy with a hard thick cock, his hands upon my naked body….. I shiver at the thought. And tonight, I want to play with my food. I want a challenge.

He's dark, and tall. A straight nose, with tidy stubble. Stunning. He is with his friends, standing not with them but a little off from them. Watching him as he slowly smiles, fractions of a second after his friends he turns his head away from his group, hand to chin rubbing it. Watching him over the next hour, he looks at me once or twice and smiles.

Oh yes. This fine man will be my food for the night. And with legs like that? Maybe for at least the weekend! While he is watching me, I nod my head towards the dance floor.
He shakes his head, smiles.

I go on out to the dance floor for a while, swaying to the music, never dancing with anyone for longer than a few seconds before returning to my table. Glancing over at him, I know he’s watching me. I smile at him, that slow wide smile. As a reflex he returns that smile from across the bar. His brows crease as he realizes what he’s just done.

Raising his glass to mine from across the room, he mirrors my action. A head nod in my direction, thanks for the acknowledgment. I smile again, not taking my eyes from off of his. A friend leans over to say something in my ear. I wave her off in annoyance. Tonight I am on a mission, and nothing is going to stand in my way. Understanding that all my cards will have to be played, to win tonight I, am up for the challenge.

I do my best to bring him to me, but either, I swear, he is

(a) stupid, or (b) not sure how to respond to flirting.

I turn and walk away, reminding myself to be patient. Knowing he will be watching, I stand taller, and straighten my posture. Heading to the bartender, I try to visualize what everyone was drinking. "Six Molson's, half bottle of tequila, sliced limes and some salt, please, Toby."

Toby, getting everything on the counter, smiles as he shakes his head. "I heard from Jimmy about last week over at the Moon." Smiling, he looks me up and down. When I ignore him, he continues. "We gonna have a rendition from last week here at Abstract?"

With a huge smile, I reply, "Quite possibly, only if you let me work a tab and I'll pay Jim tomorrow?"

Mouth dropping, tongue hanging, he just sort of gurgles. ‘Stupid men, show them a little and you can drive them wherever you want to take ‘em,’ I think to myself.

Walking away, carrying the beers, tequila and fixings over to my prey of the night and his friends. He sees me approaching, my shirt dipping low, flesh for a moment flashes, and he turns to face me.

"Thought you and your friends might enjoy some Waterloo hospitality?"

Smiling, I start to pass around the drinks. There are seven of them and I am one short.

As he turns to me, brow arching, I smile and hand him the bottle of tequila. "You didn't look like you were having as much fun as you should have, so I thought I might help." Picking up two shot glasses, holding them for him to fill.

All the while, his friends are looking on at us, surprised. Stunned. They murmur their thanks for the beer, grin at their friend while coming up with lame excuses for leaving us alone. He looks a little worried. Meanwhile, I feel like a cat playing with her food. "Have you played with tequila before?"

"No. I prefer beer. What about you?" he says in a surprisingly clear voice with a slight hint of an accent. Something European. I dunno, but what I did know, was I wanted to hear him groan.

"I dabble… a little.” Smiling while my brow arches, slowly licking the back of my hand, and then salt it. I watch him as he swallows, hard. Holding my glass up, wink, throw it back, keeping my head back as I swallow. Bringing my head forward, in one long swipe, I lick the salt off my hand. Lime to mouth, I circle it over my lips. Opening my mouth, I flick the lime with my tongue, and bring it in. Sucking, hard. I swallow. Taking the lime peel, I toss it on the table without even looking. Slowly, my tongue licks my lips. "Well, aren't you going to drink your drink?

Almost like lightening, he shoots it back, presses his finger in the salt dish, sucks the lime. Squinting, he smiles at me.

I move in a little, reducing the gap between us. "So, stranger. What can I call you?"

Almost unknowingly, he shuffles closer, reducing the space between us in half. "You can call me Seduced. Or Adam. Or whatever you like!" He smiles for the first time since I saw him. Eyes, face, body just seem to relax. Then he blushes and that moment is gone. Shyly, he looks me in the eyes, and holds me there. "And, what do I call you?"

As I look into his dark eyes, smiling, I reply, "Trouble."

The space between us is almost gone. "Up for round two?"

"Oh yes. I think I might need the practice!" he says, laughing.

Bending over, refilling the shot glasses, lime slices at the ready. He goes to lick his hand when I catch it. "Let me." I slide up his sleeve, exposing his wrist. I run my fingers along the inner side of his arm, from elbow to wrist. I pick up a lime slice, juice his wrist. Salt. I hold the shot in my free hand, again, throwing my head back as I swallow, exposing my neck. My shirt strained. Nipples hard, graze his chest. Turning slightly, I bring his wrist to my mouth. Licking slowly. Cleaning all the salt from his forearm. Looking at him, I hold the lime in my fingers as I suck. Tossing the rinds to the table. "Sinful."

"Oh man!"

"How do you want yours?" looking at him.

"Just like that!"

As we both laugh, he repeats his performance of hammering that shot back. He licks his hand, I take the lime and bring it to his mouth. He opens his mouth, and slides it halfway in, leaning forward, unspoken, asking me to suck on the other end of the lime. As my lips touch his, he shakes. I step back, spit the lime on the table. "Dance with me?"

Adam turns and looks at his friends, as if asking what he should do. They are standing there motioning him to follow.

I don't wait for a reply, just turn and saunter to the dance floor. Knowing he will follow. I begin dancing, swaying to the music, hips, shoulders just moving. My arms starting high, and then coming down around me. I turn slowly to smile at Adam, when I realize he is not there. I see him still standing where I left him, just watching me. A quick wave of anger washes over me. It dissipates as I watch him. His eyes are on me and as I begin to move again to the music, so does he. Swaying to the music in my own little world, hands over my middle, I feel my hands through my shirt and send shivers down my spine. Ignoring all the men who come to dance with me, not even acknowledging their presence, I hear, "Fuckin' rude bitch!" as they turn to find new partners.

Adams friends come to him and try to push him to the dance floor; he, not budging, stays there. His eyes leave me and look at his wrist, then return to me. A slow grin spreads across his face as I point at him, extend my finger and bring him to me. He hesitates, unsure. Friends pushing him, he finally comes to me.

I grin, knowing that I've won and the chase is over.

As Adam approaches, I watch him from under my eyelashes and think about the night to come.

There is power, a simple confidence about him. A shyness that I find desperately attractive.

Standing in front of me, not close enough to touch, he starts to move with me. He moves forward, I move back. Our bodies flirting, without words. Looking into each other’s eyes. "Enough of this!" I think. I pretend to stumble, he catches me.

Looking up at him, smiling into his eyes. "Thank you, for catching me!" I breathe. Faces almost touching.

"Anytime...." his words trailing.

Still holding me, we start to move again to the beat of the music. Our hips meeting, but the rest of us, apart. I feel him start to harden. My hands on his chest, covering his nipples, slightly moving, I lean in and ask in a husky voice, "So, how do you like tequila now?" My hands press in, and I can feel even more of him through my skirt, pressing.

"It’s getting better." Smiles shyly. "Does this happen every night you drink tequila?"

"I wouldn't know, I've only had one other tequila night. And the way they both have gone? I'm more than willing to keep dabbling!" We both chuckle at the corny joke and continue dancing.

Being daring is not in my vocabulary, I just do. I lean back, my hips firmly pressed into his, rolling my upper body, grinding my hips into his. I feel him stop moving, I roll up. Hands on his arms, looking at him.

Grabbing me by my head, pulling me close. He kisses me deeply. Violently. Not giving up. Tongue thrusts into my mouth, brutal in its search. Hands reaching up into my hair, making fists, flat against my skull, fists full of hair. His breathing is deep, and I kiss him back just as forceful. When he finally lets up, I'm gasping for air. He's breathing deeply. My chest is heaving against his. His hands sliding down around my face. "Don't start, unless you are willing to finish," Adam tells me while looking into my eyes.

I look at him and hold his eyes. Nodding, I agree.

The music plays around us, and we continue dancing. Trapping his thigh between mine, I can move in closer. I can tell this is probably the first time he's danced with a girl like this, as his moves are eager. His hands on my back, sliding lower, just resting on my lower back. I let them rest for a few minutes as we dance to the music. My hands traveling over him. ‘Would he just get his hands on my ass already?’ I think.

Still, nothing happens.

Starting to get a little annoyed, I step up on my tiptoes to kiss him. His hands fall a little and finally they are where they should be. As I kiss Adam, his hands tighten on my bottom. Kneading gently, enjoying the feeling of my skirt rubbing against his hands and my ass. The kiss is not as hard as the previous ones, but it send shivers of possibilities down my spine. His kisses leave me feeling a little weak in the knees, and I lean forward more, circling my arms around him. Breasts hard up against him, mouth raised to him, eyes closed. My hands exploring his back as his hands come up off my ass and circling my neck. His thumbs tapping the beat of the song on my neck. I shiver.

Adam felt the shiver, and got harder. I lean into him, knees bending to get closer to his growing cock. His hands slide from my neck to my lower back pressing me into him harder. My hands glide up over my head, back and forth they sway, as his head finds the valley of flesh between my breasts. Enjoying the feel, I moan. While he leans into me, I lean back. And back. My back parallel with the floor. Adam's lips are still on me, his hands around my back. I start bringing my body up, he presses into my cleavage harder. Keeping my face up, I stand tall, his mouth not leaving my chest. Adam opens his mouth, touching me with just his tongue, in one long slow lick he licks me from my cleavage to chin. Kissing my chin, then a gentle bite. Bringing my face to his, I kiss him.

Arching my brow, I look at him and ask, "Ready for round three?"

"God yes!" A big grin spreads across his face.

I just turn, waiting for him to follow. Head held high, shoulders back, hips swinging, confidence of walking away victorious on this hunt oozing off me. I stop, slightly turn, to take Adam's hand. I see him, standing there, his hands massaging his cock through his pants. When he sees me staring he blushes. Smiling, I hold out my hand in invitation. He takes it and we walk back to his friends.

His friends are all smiles, playfully pounding him on the back. He meanwhile looks half-what surprised, and shocked at being treated as if he were a celebrity.

He stumbles over to me, introduces me to his friends quickly before turning back his attention full on me. Smiling up at him, saying, "Ready?" Nodding his head, smiling a little nervously. I kiss his chin, nibble. Nibbling I go lower. Down his throat. I press my nose into that little thatch of hair at the hollow of his neck. Inhale then lick. Feeling his shudder beneath my hot mouth. Lower I go until I find the first button, press my mouth above it and slowly undo it with my fingers. Once open, tracing my nails on his chest. I undo two more buttons in this fashion. Using my hands, I open his shirt a little exposing his chest. Admiring how strong it feels beneath my mouth. I lick quickly, and salt his chest. He shivers at the feel. I take the shot of tequila and quickly down it, and slowly lick the salt off his chest, tongue flat pressing against him. Inserting the lime halfway in my mouth, lips closing around it, I suck it in. With the lime in my mouth, I kiss him, sharing the juice.

Breaking the kiss, he spits the lime on the table. Smiling at me, he whispers, "Wow! Where did you learn to do that?"

Looking at him with a devilish grin, "Last week. I'm a quick study." Laughing, "How do you want yours?"

In a moment of boldness, he licks my chest. Right above the shirt line, licking the swell of my breast. He sprinkles salt on me. "Let's see how much you like it!" Grinning, he takes the shot and hammers it down. Tilting his head, he slides his tongue across my chest. I gasp, breathe deep, my chest heaves under his hot mouth.

He's not done.

He licks me again, thrusting his tongue below the top of my shirt. Down far into my cleavage. He sticks his tongue right down, touching the front of my bra. My head is back, my mouth open, eyes are closed, I moan. A deep throated moan. My hands rising up to his hair, I push him harder into me. Not caring about the people watching. His tongue, curling in the hollow of my chest, he grabs my arms, and pins them to my sides. Raising his head, he licks me in one swipe, from hollow to chin. Tracing my lips with his tongue, finally kissing me. My breathing is shallow, my heart racing, his arms around me crushing me to him. My chest rising and falling against him. My nipples hard and pressed into him.

Finally, breaking the kiss, still holding me, he looks at me. "I think I like tequila. I just never had anyone to teach me how to drink it."

"Oh... I see I am not the only quick study!"

His friends stare at us, I take his hand and lead him to the dance floor. Wrapping his arms around me, pressing me close, my thighs open, his thigh in between. We dance like this for a while, hands exploring each other’s backs, sides and bottoms. Adam no longer has any inhibitions of massaging my ass. His hands go there willingly, pressing in trying to get me closer. In his hands, my skirt raises inch by inch, the curves of my ass for all to see. 

Hips grinding to the music, rotating slowly, he brings my hands up over our heads. I feel his cock against my thigh. Kissing me, he lets go of my hands, and slowly slides them down to my arms. His hardness presses against me, his hands travel lower, over my breasts, squeezing them roughly as they pass down my sides to grasp my ass. Urging me closer. All the while kissing me. Tongues playing. Lower his hands travel, to the hem of my skirt, hand on my naked thigh, palms on my naked flesh. It rises higher. His had grazes slightly over my panties, and pauses. A finger slips underneath. I feel his cock twitch when his finger touches my inner lips, so wet. I forcefully remove his hand and bring his finger to my mouth, sucking my juices from his finger like an alcoholic falling hard from the wagon.

I spin in his arms, with my ass pressed hard against him. His thigh between mine, I rock my hips. Back. Forward. Gyrating against him. Adam grabs me and spins me to face him. Crushing me to him, his mouth on mine, his hands at the bottom of my shirt sliding under. Breaking the kiss, I say breathlessly, "Not yet. Soon, but not yet."

Looking around the bar, he realizes where he is, hands falling to his sides, murmuring, "Sorry, kinda forgot where we are." Running his hand through his hair. 

Leaning in close, I whisper in his ear, "I like your hands on me. Under my shirt. It’s not me that minds, it’s everyone else." I kiss him gently, and lead him back to his friends. "I have to go to the rest room, wait for me?" Once again, playing, not waiting for a response, I saunter to the bathroom, opening the door, then letting it close, finally deciding on propping it open just a little.

Going to the sink, I look at myself in the mirror, I laugh at my appearance. My hair, half up half down, bunches of hair falling all over the place. Reaching up, I take out the pen that is holding it up and pull it out. My hair is loose and feels fantastic! Shaking my head, running my hands through my hair, looking in the mirror. I notice my nipples and how they are sticking out. I run my hand over one, and sigh. Knowing what will come, but still questioning whither to take Adam sooner rather than later. I begin to massage the nipple, squeezing, pulling, rubbing between two fingers. With my other hand I reach down my side, my hand floating over my body. The hem of my skirt, I lift, tracing my thigh with my fingers to my panty line. Thinking of Adam's hand where mine is just five minutes ago. I slip a finger under the band, reach in, searching. Softly moaning, I find my slit then trace it to my clit. I massage gently, loving how wet I feel and how much more wet I will get by the night’s end, thinking, ‘Fuck! I love anticipation!’

Removing my hands, I groan, wanting to keep them there. But knowing that having a man willing is much more fun than just using my own hands. Pulling my hair up again, pen in. Washing my hands, I reach once more into my panties, having an idea. Looking into the mirror, I rub my finger coated with my juices over my lips, twice more I reached for more “gloss”. My lips shine as the light in the bathroom reflects off of them. 

Turning to leave, I see no one at the door. I was secretly hoping Adam would come to watch, or at least attempt something, but already knowing he is not that sort of a guy. Walking back to Adam, my friends wave, motioning me to them. Ignoring them, I am a cat who is going to play and tease with my food, and will get what I want. He spots me as I am a few meters away, a smile lights up his face. Returning the smile I press my body up against his, wrap my arms around his head, pulling his face to mine, kissing him forcefully his tongue going wild over mine. He tastes me on him, I feel his groan, his cock throbs against me, my hips grin against him. His hands firm on my ass, pull me harder into him.

My chest heaves, my knees go weak. This is one intense kiss!

He grabs my hand from around his head, breaking the kiss. His lips find my inner wrist, then my palm. His lips travel up my index finger; the same finger I used to apply my gloss. Adam’s lips clamp around my finger, his tongue flies, trying to find more to taste.

"That is something I prefer even over tequila. Whenever you are ready to leave, just let me know. My hotel is just around the corner."

"I've something other than a hotel for tonight." Grinning, wrapping my arms around him we start to dance right there.

"And what's that?" Lips pressed to my ear.

"Us K-W girls know how to keep our surprises."

"What would I have to do to convince you to tell me what that is? Mmmmmm?" Lips still against my ear, he raises his thigh higher into me, while grabbing my ass and pulling me harder into him.

"Patience," I tell him while thinking, ‘is something I have none of.’

Leading him to the sofa, I sit him down. Getting another tequila shot prepared, I kneel in front of him. Lifting up his shirt, making sure that my hands, my arms graze his hardening cock, slowly, I lick his exposed belly and salt it. Placing the lime slice just above his navel, I look up at him, my hands on his belt buckle, elbows on thighs, chin barely touching his cock. When I talk my chin bounces on it. "Are you ready for this one?"

His mouth opens, ready to talk but the words seem to fail him. So he nods.

I reach up and pull the pen out of my hair, and again my hair falls down my back. Throwing my head back as I let the tequila trickle down the back of my throat, I hear Adam gasp. The tequila down, I lean forward and lick the salt off his stomach. I hear him moan, "Oh god!" I hear his friends tell their girl friends, "You don't drink tequila like that!" And I can hear Toby screaming in the background, "Now THAT's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" Not caring, not listening, I finish, pick up the lime with just my lips and use them to bring it into my mouth.

Moving my body, I bring myself to his face. Slowly kissing him, sharing the juice. Our faces still close together, he smiles at me. "I can still taste the salt and tequila on you!"

Just smiling at him, when I say, "You take your last shot, then we'll go. Be creative!"

Adam's arms snap up, pushes me down onto the sofa, moves like lightening to his feet, spreads my knees wide all in what seems to me, one movement. Kneeling on the floor between my knees, taking a long look at my blue panties, he turns his head and licks my inner thigh. I shake, loving the feel of his mouth so close. He salts. Shot glass in one hand, lime in the other. He bangs the shot back, starts at the bottom and slowly licks his way up. With his mouth still on my thigh, he squeezes the lime under his lips. And sucks. When he is finally finished, I can see his mouth print on me.

Raising my eyebrow at him, "Boy, you sure had a good teacher! Ready to go?"

"I can't wait for my surprise!" He reaches down and helps me up. Like a little kid.

He grabs his jacket, starts dragging me to the door, when I say, "Stop, I'll be a minute, have to tell the girls I'm leaving."

He stands there waiting, as I pick up the bottle of tequila, walk off to my friends and to grab my coat and purse. I tell my friends I am leaving and thanking them for inviting me, grab my coat and walk over to Adam, passing the bar and Toby.

"Hey Toby, let Jim know I'll call him."

Toby nods and shakes his head as I walk to meet Adam, his mouth open, still catching flies I see.

Outside, the chilly wind on this hot, full moon night, makes my nipples feel even harder. Adam grabs me around my waist, pulls me into him telling me his hotel is that way.

"The surprise is this way." Not caring if he follows or not, I start to walk across the parking lot towards the park and the bushes behind it. As I walk, I reach for the hem of my shirt. Pull it up. Over my head it goes, hand holding it above my head, walking with it like for a few meters before letting it fall. I hear Adam behind me gasp. Hair bouncing down my back.

My bra follows suit. Unclasping the hooks, still walking, leaning forward a little, letting the straps fall down my arms and just letting it fall. Turning my body a little to one side, showing Adam my breasts. I see him as he just stops, bent over, reaching for my shirt and stares. Frozen. I smile at him turn and continue walking.

I see the bush, bending over to walk in. Continue walking in further. The clearing up ahead is just as it was described to me. Perfect, in the full moon light. I stop and stand still.

Raising my arms up high, face to the moon, I spin. Enjoying the freedom of my bra-less body.

"Holy shit! Are you sure you are not some wood nymph or something?" Adam asks me breathless.

Facing him, half nude, hands on my hips I smile. He reaches his hands lower to shift his cock in his pants. "You having a little, problem?" I ask coyly. "Is there anything I can do to help you with that?" I begin to walk closer to him.

His jaw drops as I approach.

Hands on his chest, I run my hands over his shirt, feeling the buttons I have yet to undo. Straining the buttons, hands on his chest, hands tracing higher over his shoulders. Fingers digging in. As he leans into kiss me, I lower my head to those buttons. I kiss each one. Hands undo the button. To the next one. Kiss, undo. His shirt is open, my fingers crawling around his sides as I step into him. Adam wraps his arms around me, crushing me to him. Mouth on my neck, kissing. ‘I hope to god he doesn't give me any hickies!’ is my only thought. Hands tracing down his back, over his ass, and squeeze tight over his pants.

Slowly I kneel.

Hands tracing down his body, my knees hit the ground, hands folded over his belt, fingers touching his body. All the while, looking at him. Without taking my eyes off of his, my hands slide together. I start to undo his belt, slowly.

"Oh my god!" he moans, "YES!"

Still, watching him, I slowly start to take his belt off. When it’s halfway off, I tug. Hard. Still watching him, I wrap the belt around my chest. My hard nipples hidden from sight. Locked behind the leather of his belt. Fastening it under my arm. I inhale deeply, as Adam watches, my chest heaves, flesh bulging over the tight leather, breasts pressed tightly together. Still looking up at him, I watch as his eyes get as large as saucers of milk, his jaw drops. I know he has to be thinking, ‘What the fuck!’ and smile at the thought, knowing of the surprise I have in store for him.
Leaning forward, my nose pressed against his hard on through his pants, opening my mouth over him, I bite him gently. Mouth to pant button, I slide my tongue over it and make contact with skin. I feel the quick spread of goose flesh cross his belly. Undoing the button, opening his pants, I see a pair of simple white cotton boxers, no patterns. Turned on even more than I already am, sitting back on my heels, just looking at him, trying to calm down and not just jump him right now. "Control, keep it!" I mutter. Breathing through my nose, I go back to the job at hand.

I grasp the zipper head in my teeth, eyes on his, and take the zipper down.

"Oh shittin' Jeebus!" Adam moans. His hips jerk forward, raising my hands, and placing them on his hips trying to hold him there.

I grab the waist of his pants and yank them down. Hard. Adam gasps as the chilly air rushes to his body and I feel him shiver. Pants and boxers around his ankles, I sit back and look at him. Thoughts flood my head of all the things I could do to him. Some evil. Some fun. Some more interesting than others. Remembering how he stood off from his friends when I first saw him, I know what I am going to do.

I undo his shoelaces. Remove his shoes. He is standing in only socks. Picking up a foot, I kiss his ankle and nibble at the top of his sock. Taking it in my teeth, I pull it down. My hand helping, I remove his sock. Gently biting the arch of his foot. Mouth leading, hands following, I work my way up to his shin. Biting and licking the hard flesh on his calf, I work my way slowly up to his knee. Tongue pressing in, my hands soon follow. Turning to his inner thigh, my hair in my hands, I wrap my hair around his leg. Kissing, gentle bites I work my way over the length of his thigh. All the while Adam groaning.

My mouth at the top of his thigh, ignoring his cock, my hands drape my silky hair over him. My mouth covering his balls. Nibbling my way across, opening wide, inserting them into my mouth. Hands reaching for his ass, kneading, hardening under my hands. Teeth wrapped in lips, gnawing on his balls. Adam moaning.

Letting him go, I reach for his still socked foot repeating the same motions and more, as on the previous foot, mouth to sock, teeth and hand helping it off. My teeth to his arch, a gentle bite. Pressing my tongue into his foot. To the tendon on the ankle. Lick it, nibble. Wrapping my hair in my hands, round his leg, sliding it up to his knee as I lick then kiss my way up. Inner thigh, hair around, sliding. Soft, like silk. Hiding my face from Adam in my hair. I kiss and nibble my way up his thigh. Up until I reach his balls again, and pay them a kiss. Opening, I bring them into my mouth, gently pulling down in a tug. Hair draped over his hard cock once again.

Ignoring Adam’s moans and groans all through out. Playing with him. Toying with him, teasing him. I enjoy. I relish in the control. Knowing what I will get in return from my prey. 

Pulling my hair back over my shoulder, positioning myself directly in front of him, I press my lips against his head. Pressing in firmly, spreading my lips, his head presses against my teeth. Shaking my head, massaging it. Opening my mouth, allowing just the head in. My tongue flies over his head, around his ridge. Knuckle finding that spot behind his sack and in front of his hole, wiggling. My tongue pressed, my teeth locked on, lips pressing I bring him in halfway, again, shake my head slowly, teeth pressing gently on his shaft. His head hitting my molars. Flattening my tongue, I slide him in. Tongue pressing up. In and out I take him. My head bobbing back and forth. Eyes looking up at him. Curling my lips around my teeth, pressing down and sliding them over his shaft.

"Harder! Harder! Oh Christ!!!" groans Adam.

Uncurling my lips from my teeth, I grate them over him. Every in, his head hits my throat. In and out he goes, pressing hard tucked in my throat, then gone. Teeth pressed. Grating. My hands on his balls, a knuckle to that lovely spot wiggling. I smack his ass. I feel Adam's knees shake. I look up at him, he moans, long and deep.

His reaches for my head and I smack him away.

I lean forward, slowly, teeth pressing down. I lean back, tongue pressing up. Forward and back I go. Teeth on, then tongue pressing up. In and out. I take him out of my mouth, see a glistening drop of pearl, and lick. On that lick, Adam groans, "Aw, fuck, I'm gonna cummmm!!!"

Taking his cock out of my mouth, I shuffle forward, position his cock directly underneath the belt around my large breasts. Adam looks down, dropping his hands to my shoulders supporting himself up, shudders, grunts, and cums exactly where he should, between my breasts. Surprised, his hands press into my shoulders, and is still hard. It doesn't take him long to figure it out. Grunting, thrusting forward and up with his hips, his still hard cock sliding under the belt and between my breasts, his cum lubing his shaft as he thrusts. The noises alone, the grunting, the sloshing sound his cock makes, the heat from the friction of his cock, him looking down with desire written so plainly on his face.

Adam, watches this spectacular sight of his cock being thrust up, hiding, then the head popping up, licked, then hiding again, and almost free when he thrusts again. My chin to my chest, mouth open, tongue out, I attempt to lick him on every thrust, taking what cum I can get. 

Reaching to my side I undo the belt, letting my breasts free. As Adam continues to pump, his hands on my shoulders, I massage the red line from the tight belt, while pressing them together, my fingers on my nipples, hands pushing my breasts together. And Adam almost loses himself again all over me. As I let go of my breasts, he is still hard, but panting.

I grab him and lick his cock. Starting with the head, lick his cum all off. Up the sides, from balls to head I lap it up. Slowly, getting onto my feet, I lick his cock from the head all the way down his shaft to the base, up his belly to navel. I kiss his navel, force my tongue in. Grabbing my arms and forcing me up, Adam crushes me into him, kissing me. Teeth to teeth. His tongue forcing itself into my mouth. I feel him moan. His hand finds its way to my hot breast, slides a finger over his cum. Bringing this finger to our mouths, I lick it. Suck it.

His cock, between my legs, touches my panties.

"Get those off," he growls. As I bend to take them off, but not moving fast enough. His arms tugging mine, as he takes me down with him. On our knees, he kisses me again. Hard. Pushing me back, landing on the ground, his hands firm on my breasts as he kneads. Lower he goes, grabs my panties and drags them off. Lifting my skirt around my waist. "Totally shaved! Holy fuck!" he cries.

Grabbing my legs, he drags my body towards his. Adam kneeling, knees spread, he lifts my hips off the ground pulling, my ass on his thighs, calves behind him. Shoulders on the ground. Using a finger, he slides it along me. "Ripe." His finger to his mouth, licks. Sucks. Positioning his cock at the mouth of my slit, grabbing my hips, he drags me onto him, his cock hard and throbbing inside me.

He starts to move. In and out he thrusts. I tighten my ass, forcing my pussy to clamp around his cock.

He thrusts, I tighten.

Hand on my breast, the other on my clit. I tap, I fly, I swirl. Moaning with every thrust. "Harder!" I beg. "Faster! Oh Adam, fuck me!!!"

It doesn't take him very long to complete the job. Shuddering and moaning, his muscles tightening. His breathing labored. One final thrust, one final grunt, he comes in me, and I feel his and my juices leak from me.

I fake it. I tighten my body. My breathing shallow, I scream.

I don't see my fireworks. I see the moon.

I don't feel god. I feel satisfied.

Adam falls forward, sweating, onto me. I wrap my arms around him, holding him, still joined. And I just know that I am going to play again. Soon.

"Honey," he pants into my breast, "who the hell are you? And all this from tequila?!?"

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