First love, first time - Part 2

By Scott69

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Our first time continues, from a different perspective.
This is a continuation of a great friend's story but from my own point of view. You can find hers (part 1) by searching for "First love, first time" by Rubz

As we lay there, I see that you have noticed movement, and you're eager for more. You slide down waiting impatiently for my cock to stiffen.

After all of the years you have been waiting for it, a few more seconds shouldn't be that bad, but you can't wait any longer, you want it now. Grabbing hold of my dick you put the whole thing into your mouth, sucking on my semi-erect cock, which only speeds up the hardening process. As my cock grows bigger and harder inside your mouth, you begin to realise that you won't be able to fit it all inside your mouth.

By now I am fully erect and you are forced to suck on just the tip of my cock. As you take it out, you have a huge grin on your face. You start to circle your tongue around the head, occasionally putting your mouth around it and slowly sliding it in and out, only to begin with your tongue again. After half a dozen times you slide your head right down, feeling my throbbing cock fill your mouth. I never realised how much I would enjoy watching you as your head slides up and down my long, hard cock.

It feels so good to have you finally sucking on my dick after all the fantasies, too good in fact. I slowly slide my hands onto your head running my fingers through your hair, gently pulling it. With my confidence at an all time high, I begin to press down on your head, pushing you further, making you take a little bit more of my dick with each push. But it's not enough; I want more, as I push down hard, I thrust my pelvis up. You gag as my dick slams against the back of your throat, so I pull myself out of your mouth a bit to let you catch your breath. It feels great to have as much of me inside your mouth as you can physically take, and before the tip of my dick leaves your mouth, I thrust up once more pushing you back down. You choke again as my dick forces its way back into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat.

I can see that you're not enjoying it as much as me, so I stop, sliding my hands down the side of your face and onto your shoulders. I pull gently on the backs of your arms to entice you back up to me. As you begin moving up, you run your tongue along my long hard shaft, kissing the tip once you reach it. You kiss your way up my chest, and as your lips find my neck, I brush your hair back off your face.

We look into each other's eyes before we kiss, we realise there’s no more shyness, no more awkwardness, it just feels so right. Kissing more passionately, you feel my hand slide down your arm, round it and onto your nice firm breast. Cupping it, I begin to gently caress it while stroking your hair with the other hand; I rub my thumb over your erect nipple.

Enough is enough, you've waited longer than you're willing to wait, you want to feel my cock in your tight wet pussy, and now! You break away from the kiss and start to sit upright onto my dick, but I keep a firm grip of your boobs, I'm not letting go yet. You grab hold of my penis and point it upright towards your pussy. There’s no time for a condom, besides, we're both far to distracted to even think of one.

You rub my bare cock over your lips a few times, remembering how great it felt inside you, it feels amazing for our bare skin to touch. Sliding it towards your hole, you open up; ready to feel me inside you. You're still wet from earlier, so I slide easily into you, I run my hands down to rest on your hips. As you slide down my long hard pole, I look down, watching my cock get engulfed by your pussy until you reach the base.

You slide slowly up and down my cock, resting your hands on my chest to stabilize yourself. As you find your rhythm and establish your technique, you begin to pick up speed. As you get faster, you slam down harder and harder, your breathing getting heavier, you moan at the pleasure you’re feeling. As you begin to moan louder, you suddenly throw your head back, eventually raising your arms and crossing them above your head.

With only my hands on your hips keeping you stable, you bounce hard and fast on my cock. I am mesmerised by your beautiful breasts, bouncing up and down, I stare at them wide-eyed with my mouth open. I remember how great they looked in the saucy pictures you had sent me of your self in nothing but a bra. I knew they were going to be perfect and they are. I can't believe your breasts are exposed, inches away from my face.

I can't handle it any more, I have to have them, feel them in my hands again. I grab them with both hands; they feel so good, so soft. In the excitement I begin losing control, I'm squeezing them harder, I get rougher and rougher. I sit up and begin biting at your nipples while squeezing them tighter. Your still bouncing on my dick, moaning loudly, you put your arms round my neck and pull me closer, my face firmly planted in your gorgeous cleavage. You’re screaming loudly, forgetting all about the world outside, about the neighbours that might be listening, you tell me your cumming.

Screaming louder, you finally cum while calling out my name. The pace begins to slow down and I lay back, you join me as your hands rest at the side of my head. You’re going slowly, sighing with relief, as my hands slide to your sides and onto your back. As I run my hands gently up and down your back, I begin kissing you softly on your chest. When your energy runs out I begin to take over, lifting my hips up to meet you. Once you stop, I push up more, sliding my hands on to the top of your bum to push you down onto me.

As I slowly get faster, I slide my right arm up, grabbing your shoulder, with the other rested on the base of your spine. You’re moaning in my ear as I kiss your neck, pushing my dick up and pulling you down to meet it. I get faster and harder. Pushing your ass down with more force, my cock slamming into your pussy. With every thrust, you moan louder and louder.

You scream you’re coming again, telling me to fuck you harder. Thrusting my cock deeper and harder, hearing you moan even more. I begin to moan loudly too, I know I can't keep this up for much longer. You eventually cum, screaming louder than ever before, I can feel my penis dripping from your soaked pussy. I know I won't be far behind you, so roll you over onto your back. Rolling with you so I'm on top, I give you a couple more hard thrusts and pull it out. I quickly slide up you to stick my hard cock in your mouth. But as soon as my dick touches your tongue, I explode, my cum flies out and hits the back of your mouth.

You suck the remaining cum out of my cock and swallow it whole. As it slides down your throat, you remember how you dreamed of this moment. But you can't believe it's real, is it? Or is it just another dream?

I lay down next to you, pulling you close. You know I will be going home tomorrow, far away from you once again. But you know without any doubt, neither of us could imagine a better way to experience our first time.

Lying naked together, sweat dripping off our bodies, I run my hand gently along your spine as you rest your head on my chest. We begin to imagine all the things we have yet to do...