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First love reclaimed

A chance encounter at the library rekindles an old flame
Tom was in a real hurry. He'd underestimated how long it would take to get across town at rush hour. He winched as the bus shuddered to a halt again, whilst ahead he could only see traffic. Inside his heart rate was rising. He looked at his watch, six minutes to go and then the library would be closed for the day. He could feel his panic rising. Taking a calculated risk, he jumped off the bus and ran. It felt good passing the queuing cars. He had to get there before closing time. He needed that book to finish his assignment.

There was the corner of the street. Just a little further. He groaned as he rounded the corner having forgotten about the long flight of steps to the door. Without hesitating he bounded upwards, taking several steps with each powerful bound. The door was still open! He glanced at his watch, it was 4:57pm. He'd made it!

Tom, walked briskly into the building and headed for the issue desk. He was out of breath and tried to regain control by deep breathing. The librarian had her back turned and was filing some forms in a binder. Tom felt impatience rising again in his chest, but he managed to hold back, polite as ever, even under pressure. Without thinking he let his eyes scan down her back across her neat waist to her cute ass. She must be about my age, he thought. He started as she turned and smiled. He was taken aback. The words prepared didn't come. He knew her face and perplexed he stopped. The girl's polite smile however turned to a broad grin.

"Tom! What are you doing here?" On hearing her voice Tom was now sure who she was.

"Sarah? Is it really you? My goodness! How long has it been...Six years?"

Sarah smiled, "At least. Wow. It's great to see you."

Tom's mind was in a spin and he quite forgot about the book, the object of his hurry. Sarah had been his girlfriend back in high school. They had been young and it had been their first relationship, short and charged with all the innocence and awkwardness a first relationship brings to shy young people. She'd changed quite a bit since then. She had always been pretty, but now she had really blossomed into a beautiful young woman. He smiled remembering how they had first held hands. Falteringly he blurted out, "So... You're back in town?"

"Yes," Sarah gushed, "I moved back for university. I'm just working here part time for the money."

Tom recovered his composure after his initial surprise. Looking at Sarah he said, "Wow, you really look great!" It wasn't a cheesy pick up line, he really meant it.

Sarah, smiled coyly. Suddenly, her colleague came out of the store, breaking the spell of the moment. "It's closing time, Sir!" She was an older woman who had an air of strict authority. Tom felt intimated, as she held him under a steely stare from her grey eyes.

Sarah turned. "Oh, Mary. This is an old friend, Tom. We haven't seen each other in years."

The older librarian's glare softened, and somehow she seemed less intimidating. "Nice to meet you, Tom," she smiled and walked on, busily preparing for closing.

Tom remembered why he'd come. "Oh Sarah, I've really got to get a book before you close. It's one I've ordered. I need it for an assignment I'm working on. I thought I wasn't going to make it before you shut!"

Sarah was about to answer when Mary spoke, "Sarah, I have to rush on, I've to meet my daughter for dinner," she called this from near the door, as she pulled her coat on. "Can you lock up?"

Sarah nodded, "No problem. Good night Mary. Enjoy your meal."

Mary waved and left noisily, the door swinging shut behind her with a loud thud. Sarah smiled at Tom. "Don't worry silly, I'll get your book. Just let me lock the door to stop anyone else coming in now that we're officially closed."

Tom relaxed, "No problem", he turned and watched as Sarah went and secured the door.

"So, what's the book you need?" Sarah asked, as she came back over.

Tom lent on the counter. "Well, I'm studying medicine and you'll never believe this," he chuckled, "It's a actually little embarrassing. It's a psychology book about, ummm, sexual attraction." He continued quickly to justify himself, "I need it for an essay I'm doing about the impulses that drive human behaviour."

Sarah raised her eyebrows in mock surprise and smiled that impish smile he remembered so well. "Interesting topic. Have you been doing much research on it?" She was being cheeky and a little bit flirty.

Tom laughed, "Well that's why I need the book. I've left the whole thing to the last minute and it needs to be in on Friday."

Sarah looked behind the counter, "Hmmm, I don't see it here. Mary probably left in the store. She's a bit of a prude and probably thought it was too racy a topic to be left in the main library." She stepped out from behind the counter and walked towards a door in the far wall.

Tom couldn't help but watch her as she walked away, her tight jeans and sexy gait really caught his attention. She paused, looked back and smiled, "You coming?"

Tom straightened up, "Oh yeah, sure." He followed her to the door. The store was surprisingly big. There was a desk and filing cabinets and some rows of shelves stacked with books.

"Ah! Here we go," Sarah said as she lifted out a book, "The Psychology of Sex. Catchy title!" She turned, leaning casually against the desk and began to flick through the pages.

Tom stood pensively in the doorway, watching her. "You don't have to read it," he said nervously.

"Well!" Sarah answered, "I'd never have thought someone would have written a book about this," she laughed.

Tom shrugged, "We're complex creatures. Sex is just one of the many impulses that drives our lives."

"Yeah, I guess so," Sarah replied, "sometimes more than others." She looked up eyes flashing, biting her lip.

Tom smiled remembering back to that first time they'd kissed and how he'd felt her breast close to his body as they pressed together. He'd dreamt about that moment a hundred times, and though it may of seemed tame to others, he still found it one of the most sexually arousing things that had ever happened to him. His eyes scanned over her body. He couldn't help but think to himself how her breasts had grown since then giving her a well rounded and mature figure.

Sarah hadn't really had a proper long term boyfriend since she moved away from town. She didn't like her new home town and didn't really fit into the new school. She was so glad to be back in familiar territory. Seeing Tom so unexpectedly like this gave her an excited yet nervous feeling of anticipation in her stomach. There was unfinished business between them.

They'd never really broken up, well except for the physical separation which had effectively ended things between them. She'd often daydreamed about what things might have been like if she hadn't off moved away. She really liked what she saw now. Tom had been working out, or something, and he looked hot. She tried hard not to overtly betray her excitement and look like a complete dork. She was still quite a shy and reserved, person, yet inwardly she seethed with all kinds of desires and fantasies. Now here she was, all alone in the library, with her one time boyfriend Tom and she was reading his book about "Sexual Attraction." It was all rather surreal.

She flicked through the pages and stopped at a one of the pictures. It was a picture of a topless model. The caption explaining that soft porn magazines for men abounded, as men are more easily turned on by visual stimuli than women. Sarah turned the book around and held it up. "According to the book you should really like this," she said cheekily.

Tom looked over, he couldn't see well enough so he came closer. "Oh, yeah," he blushed a little, "She's kinda cute I guess."

Sarah looked at the picture, "She's got nothing I don't have, maybe I'm in the wrong career!"

Tom laughed at her joke. "Could be a whole new thing. Shy librarians bare all! Sarah and Mary the babes of the library," he paused and winked, "Well maybe we'll excuse Mary."

Sarah smiled, "Who said anything about being shy?"

She said this even though she knew that she was shy and that at any moment her cheeks might go on fire! She set the book down and flicking her hair sat on the desk blowing a kiss. "How's this for a pose," she purred.

Tom grinned broadly, "Not bad, not bad at all!"

Sarah was enjoying a strange thrill from flirting like this. She smiled and sat upright again. As she did so, her leg knocked the book down the back of the desk. "Damn!" she exclaimed, "It's gone down the back."

Tom came over and peered down the gap between the wall and the back of the desk, "I can see it, but that's going to be awkward to get out," he said. "Do you have something long and thin we could use to push it out from there?"

Sarah jumped up. "Yes, yes, I have just the thing!" she said, as she fetched a long ruler from a shelf. She playfully tapped Tom's butt with it, pretending to spank him. Tom took hold of the ruler with his strong arm blocking her movements, "Easy now Tiger!" he laughed, and then let it go again.

Sarah leant over the desk and started trying to dislodge the book. Tom moved beside her, peering down he tried to direct her, "Just a little to the left, no the right, a little more." Tom let his thigh brush up against Sarah's. She didn't pull away and he quite liked the feeling of being so close to her. She continued to wriggle the ruler down the gap, bumping against him as she edged the book towards the side.

"It's stuck!" she exclaimed, "Stop staring and help me Tom." Tom put his hand on hers and tried to dislodge the book. They were right beside each other now. Arms and legs touching. Tom reached out to steady himself, putting his hand on Sarah's shoulder.

Sarah felt a thrill go through her body. Suddenly the book moved and dropped out onto the floor from the side of the desk. The sudden release and amount of force being applied saw Tom fall against Sarah. Sarah was also taken by surprise and fell right off the desk. Tom laughed, but stopped when Sarah looked up. She did not look amused.

"Oh, I am sorry!" said Tom, smiling apologetically. He reached out his hand to help her up. Sarah however had other ideas and pulled Tom down. She laughed as he fell beside her.

"Why should I be the only one on the floor?" she smirked.

Tom reached out and started to tickle her, "I'll teach you a lesson!" he said with mock bravado. He tickled her tummy and sides. Sarah squirmed and wriggled, laughing uncontrollably. Inside she felt a strange mixture of excitement and arousal. Tom eventually stopped and Sarah lay back gasping for air. Their eyes met. It was suddenly very quiet except for the sound of their breathing. In the quiet the atmosphere was changed, pregnant and charged.

They each held each other's gaze for longer than was polite. Sarah shifted her legs. Tom was on his hands and knees, like a tiger. He crawled over her, and then slowly and deliberately put one hand down on either side of her shoulders. "I'm not sure I need that book about sexual attraction after all," he said.

Sarah smiled, licking her lips with nervous excitement. "Ummm, Tom," she started to speak as he drew nearer, but he silenced her by putting a finger to her lips.

"Don't speak," he said, as his head moved closer to hers. He could hear Sarah's breath in the electric silence as he pressed his lips against hers. Sarah closed her eyes. Was this really happening? she thought.

They kissed there on the floor. It was a slow tender kiss. At first Sarah just let Tom kiss her, but soon she began to kiss him back. Their lips pressed close together, as their tongues explored each other's mouths longingly. Sarah stretched her arms around Tom's back, her hands and fingers caressing very gently with the rhythm of their kisses.

She closed her eyes and drank in the sensations that raced through her mind. Tom hadn't been so assertive in the past, but now he seemed more a man than the boy he had once been. Eventually they broke of their kissing with short pecks upon each other's lips. Sarah opened her eyes. "Oh, Tom!" she whispered, "That was incredible, just incredible."

Tom nodded. "I hope you don't mind, but I just had to do that. I couldn't help myself." He gazed into her lovely deep brown eyes.

"Tom, I don't mind at all," Sarah smiled. "It felt very good." She emphasized the word 'very' letting her tongue linger over its syllables. "I wouldn't object if you were to do it again either," she said.

"Oh is that so," Tom leaned in again and this time planted a soft kiss on her neck just below her ear. "What if I was to kiss you there?" he asked. Sarah didn't reply, but moaned appreciatively, closing her eyes again. "I'll take that as a yes," Tom whispered in her ear and kissed her neck again.

His lips very gently and slowly teased the skin on her neck, as he kissed and nibbled his way down towards her wishbone. He began to work his tongue against her skin enjoying the soft moans Sarah made as he did so. Sarah was wearing a v-neck top and Tom kissed across her throat. Sarah tipped her head back to allow Tom to continue. He paused on the centre of her throat and slithered his tongue down, pecking kisses to her chest.

"Oh God, Tom, please don't stop," Sarah whispered. She placed a hand on his head and stroked his hair, letting her fingers run across his scalp. Her eyes still closed, Sarah felt Tom place his hand across her breast. Even though it was through her clothes she still felt her nipple respond to his touch, hardening with excitement. He clasped his palm slightly, moulding his hand to her curve, before rubbing in a slow circle over the material of her top.

He nuzzled his nose against her as he worked his head down the centre line of her torso still rubbing her breast. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. Tom glanced up and smiled. She smiled back at him to reassure him and encourage him. She didn't speak, but her eyes said all he needed to know.

He pulled back her top a little. Rolling it back from her stomach and kissing her skin as it was revealed. Playfully he teased around her bellybutton, kissing and licking. Sarah giggled a little, his touch tickling her. She softly pushed him back with the palm of her hand on his shoulder.

Sitting up a little she crossed her arms and grasped her top at the bottom and slowly pulled it back up over her head. Tom took an intake of air as her bra came into view, then whistled appreciatively. He could tell she had full round breasts contained within the lacy cups. Sarah smiled winking, "Like what you see? I told you... I have everything that girl in the book has." She rolled over onto her front, "Unhook me please."

Tom ran his fingers down her back tracing the edge of her shoulder blades. He traced the bra strap with his fingers, feeling along it a couple of times, before gripping either side of the clasp and unhooking it as Sarah requested. Sarah felt it slacken it's grip. Tom slid the straps over her shoulders. Slowly she turned back to face him holding her arms up over her breasts.

Tom looked at her. Sarah couldn't believe she was doing this and for a moment paused as if unsure what to do next. Slowly she lowered her arms watching Tom's face. As her arms dropped, her bra fell away from her body and her breasts, full and firm came into view.

Tom's eyes were wide open, as he drank in the form of her beautiful breasts with their round perky nipples. He looked up into her eyes. Sarah smiled back, "Well, do you like what you see?"

Tom nodded dumbly, and then he seemed to come back to his senses. "Sarah they are so beautiful. Can I touch them?"

Sarah nodded, smiling, "Yes, I'd like that very much."

Tom leaned over to her again. Reaching out he gingerly touched the top of the her breast with his fingertips, and then slowly he let his fingers run down it's fleshy curve to her nipple. Sarah pulled his head closer for a kiss. Their lips met as his hand cupped her breast in his palm. She moaned lowly as they kissed. She had imagined this so many times whilst lying alone in her bed playing with herself, but now it felt better than she had ever could have dreamed.

They kissed again and Tom began to massage her breast, moving his hand in slow circles as his fingers pressed gently into her firm round fullness. Sarah's breathing deepened, her chest rising and falling became more pronounced. Tom nuzzled into her neck kissing there and working down to her other breast. Sarah gave out a moan, as he placed a soft kiss on her other hardened nipple. His hand continued to caress her other breast, as he began to press his lips on her tit and lick around the areola. His tongue worked in circles around her nipple. Sarah gasped, as she felt Tom's tongue licking over her now tingling nipple.

Tom took her tit into his mouth sucking it gently. Sarah stroked his hair and back, as he continued to explore and excite her breasts. She could feel herself getting wet between her legs, her nipples were already hard, responding to Tom's touch. "Oh God Tom," she moaned, "That feels so good, don't stop." Tom had no intention of stopping, he was loving her ample breasts. They more than filled his hand and mouth and they felt so firm, yet velvety smooth.

He could feel himself getting a real hard-on as he caressed her. He was turned on by her body, by her moans and the knowledge that he was giving as much pleasure as he was receiving from her. Sarah began to run her hand down Tom's chest. "Why should I be the only one not wearing a top?" she said. She began to tug Tom's shirt, pulling it out from his jeans. Tom sat back from her and helped unbuttoned at the neck and pulling the shirt upwards. Tom wasn't a hairy man and his chest was quite smooth. His muscles rippled as he moved his arms round pulling the shirt up over his head and then off his arms. The shirt dropped to the floor.

Sarah leaned forward and stroked his chest as she spoke, saying, "Hmmmm, I've always preferred a man with a smooth chest." She kissed Tom again, putting her arms around him. He felt her breasts spread against his bare skin, as they fell back onto the ground. Their kisses were more passionate now as both of them were getting very turned on. Tom's hand caressed her bare back, his strong fingers kneading into her skin, running down her spine and across her shoulder blades.

He slipped his fingers beneath her jeans and rubbed them along the tops of her ass cheeks. Her bottom felt very firm. Tom flipped Sarah over onto her back. Looking down at her he began to undo her belt. He paused to kiss her stomach and then continued. Sarah stoked his chest, as he opened up her jeans to reveal her panties. She lay back and let Tom undress her. It felt so good that she freely allowed it to happen. She felt a tingle as her tight jeans slid over her butt.

Tom gently took off her sandals and then pulled her jeans right off. The cool air kissed her legs as her jeans disappeared over her feet. Lying there nearly naked Sarah suddenly felt a little nervous. She was very excited and turned on, yet the reality of the situation hit her. Here she was nearly naked on the floor of the library storeroom! She pulled away sitting back and drew her legs close to her with her arms. "Tom, you know I'm still," she hesitated, "I'm still a virgin. I've never," she stopped and looked up. Her big brown eyes wide and innocent. "I've never even seen a man completely naked," she said.

Tom looked at her. His face was full of understanding. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Sarah paused and then nodded, "Yes Tom, I do. I want to so much. Its been so perfect you coming here like this and now we've come together again. I feel so turned on right now, but just promise me one thing."

Tom looked at her, "Yes, what is it?"

Sarah looked into his eyes and said, "Don't disappear on me."

Tom nodded. "I won't, I promise." He spoke sincerely and Sarah knew he meant it from his eyes. They stayed like that for a moment, before Tom spoke again, "Now that I've found you again Sarah, I won't be letting you go so easily." Sarah beamed her heart racing.

Tom grinned cheekily changing the mood, "So, you've never seen a man naked?" He began to whistle the stripper tune. Standing he spun around and started to undo his belt. Sarah laughed. Tom played at doing a striptease. He pulled his jeans open, teasingly and slowly began to work them down. Sarah clapped. The striptease had broken the tension and she was sitting backup now watching avidly. Down went his jeans until his boxer shorts were in full view. Was Sarah mistaken? When Tom turned to the side was there something bulging there? Tom stopped and kicked off his shoes and then he stepped out of his jeans.

His legs were lean and muscled. Sarah really liked what she saw. "Is that it?" she laughed cheekily, "I want to see more."

Tom grinned blushing a little. "More?" he said quizzically.

"Yes, more!" Sarah exclaimed.

Tom stopped whistling and turned away from Sarah. He started to wiggle down his boxers. Fingers at either side, he slide them down and let them drop silently to the floor. Sarah was thinking that he had a really cute butt with firm and chiseled cheeks. He turned with his hands covering his manhood. "So, you never saw a cock before?"

Sarah looked a little apprehensive, "Well I've seen a cock off course, but just never in real life," she said, staring at his hands. Tom let them drop to his sides. His manhood hung neatly between his legs. Sarah could see his balls behind and that his penis was already slightly erect. His pubic hair at the top of his penis was the colour of his hair but curlier.

Tom stepped closer to where she was sitting. "You can touch it if you like." He stood in front of her, legs spread a little with his hands on his hips.

Sarah blushed, "I don't know if I should!"

Tom laughed, "Don't worry it won't bite you!" He took it in his right hand and rubbed it between his fingers saying, "It's pretty harmless."

Sarah reached out her hand gingerly. Tom still held his cock, as she touched it's tip. He laughed, "See! It didn't bite you did it?"

Sarah shook her head, mesmerized. She stroked the length of it with her slender fingers. Tom smiled, "Hmm, that feels nice." He let go and Sarah took it between her own fingers. "You can rub it a little," said Tom, "If it likes you it might even get bigger." He winked cheekily.

Sarah slowly and very carefully started to rub his cock between her fingers. The outer skin moved over the hardening rod of his manhood. "I think I can feel it getting bigger!" she exclaimed smiling. She felt so excited, as she rubbed Tom's cock. Feeling more confident she took it into her palm wrapping the shaft with her fingers. She began to work back and forward along the full length her fingers wrapped round his width.

Tom exhaled letting out the breath he'd been holding. "Hmm, Sarah this feels awesome." Sarah looked up at him smiling. His cock was definitely responding to her touch. The shaft was thickening and lengthening. Tom stroked her hair. "Sarah, I want you to try something else now." Sarah looked up, stopping rubbing, but still holding his semi-erect cock. "Sarah I want you to kiss it." Tom continued.

Sarah looked at his manhood. She wasn't sure. She leaned in closer and pecked a kiss on the head of his cock. It felt funny on her lips, the smooth surface of his penis. Tom smiled, "That was good. Try it again." Sarah had heard stuff about oral sex in jokes and dirty talk between the students in school. She leaned in again and kissed the head of his penis letting her lips rest on it. She gently passed her tongue through her lips and began to lick him.

Tom moaned appreciatively. She didn't know what she was doing, but it seemed to be working. She opened her mouth and sucked a little on the head. His manhood was getting really big now. She could feel it hardening in her hand. "Do that again Sarah. It felt really nice." Sarah pecked a kiss on his shaft and then his head and opened her lips. She licked round with her tongue and then slide her lips onto him. The wetness of her saliva acted as a lubricant and she found she was able to slide her lips easily on his shaft.

Each time she took a little more of him in. Her nipples were tingling as she thought about what she was doing. She was actually giving head! She still had his cock in her grasp and she rubbed a little as she kissed and licked. Tom was really hard now. She reckoned it must be about eighteen cm long. She took him into her mouth again swirling her tongue round his shaft and then sucking as she pulled back. Tom placed both his hands on her head and guided her up and down on his shaft.

Sarah was really turned on by the fact that she had made his cock rock hard. Her pussy tingled a little and she knew she was already really wet. Tom gently stopped her. "Wow, Sarah, that was incredible. You are so good at that!" Sarah blushed, it felt good to be complimented, but at the same time she wasn't sure if it was a good thing to be complimented for doing something so naughty.

Tom helped her up to her feet. He kissed her again and they embraced together their bodies entwining. The feeling of skin on skin felt so good. They kissed eyes closed. Exploring each others mouths, hands and arms exploring each others body in their caresses. Tom pushed back gently towards the desk. Sarah stepped back and felt the back of her legs against the table top. They stopped kissing, Sarah sitting on the desk and spreading her legs. The desk top felt cool on her ass cheeks as they spread on the hard surface. She looked at Tom seriously, "I want you Tom. I want you so bad. Come and give it to me."

Tom smiled, "Well if you want it you'll have to take these off." He ran his hands up Sarah's thighs and snapped the sides of her panties against her skin.

Sarah sniggered. "Oh yes. I suppose I'd better! You have to remember, I've never done this before," she said smiling, as brought her legs together, "Help me take my panties off."

Tom slipped his hands up her thighs again and grasped the sides of her panties pulling them down over her long smooth legs. Sarah leaned back on the table, resting her weight on her arms. She slowly opened her legs again, spreading her thighs apart. She felt the air on her pussy, cool and exhilarating. She didn't know where it came from, but she found herself saying, "Tom, I want you. I need you. I want you to fuck me! Right here, right now." She suddenly felt so liberated saying that and she said it again with more confidence. "Tom!" she begged, "I want you to fuck me right now!"

Tom's passions were already more than aroused. His cock was still hard from Sarah's mouth. He stood in front of her between her legs. Sarah looking down smiled, "You have something for me?"

"Oh yea, Sarah, something big!" Tom replied. He helped Sarah to slide herself to the edge of the table. Holding his cock in his hand he rubbed it against her pussy. He let the head of his cock nuzzle against her dampness, just rubbing it over the surface, teasing her pussy lips. "Are you ready Sarah?" Tom asked, looking up at her. Sarah nodded, biting her lip in anticipation. "It's okay, don't worry, I'll be very gentle." Tom took hold of his cock and held the head against Sarah's pussy. He put his other hand on her hip, holding her lightly.

Very slowly and carefully, Tom pressed his cock against her. Her wet pussy lips parted easily, allowing him to slide inwards. Sarah gasped, she had never had anything inside her before, not even a finger. She felt her pussy stretching around his full hard manhood, as he slid it into her. Tom was very gentle using just enough pressure to ease himself into her without forcing. As he entered more deeply he felt a little resistance from her hymen. Sarah was a virgin. She winced a little as her cherry popped then took in a sharp breath, as Tom slide himself right inside her. The sensations were very intense.

She could feel him inside her, filling her, with her pussy stretched tight around him. Tom held the position letting Sarah get used to his cock inside her. It was a little uncomfortable, but she liked the feeling of his huge manhood inside her. "Are you okay?" Tom asked. Sarah nodded again, still not speaking. She squeezed her calves against him, keeping her legs spread wide. Tom placed his other hand on her other hip. Holding her, he slowly pulled back sliding his cock out of her. He stopped before the head came out and then smoothly went back into her.

Sarah moaned, "Oh! I do like that!" she whispered. Her pussy was really wet now, her juices lubricating Tom's cock as he moved in and out of her. Each time he filled her, the shaft of his solid cock rubbed a little on her clit stimulating her and sending a wave of excitement through her body.

At first Sarah let Tom do all the work as she got used to the feeling of his manhood inside her. As she became more comfortable and more into the sensations, she began to rock a little on her hips gyrating herself against Tom to the slow steady rhythm of his thrusts. The muscles in her buttocks tensed and relaxing as she accommodated Tom's cock inside her wet, welcoming pussy. Feelings of slight discomfort mingled with pleasure as he screwed into her. She was getting used to the feeling of being stretched and was moving more confidently now on his cock, pushing against him with each thrust.

Tom felt so good as he fucked her tight wet pussy. It fitted around his pulsating cock like a tight hot glove, yet her wetness meant he could slide easily in and out of her. His excitement mounted with each thrust. He had an urge to get deeper inside her and to pump into her harder, but he restrained himself knowing that this was her first time. Sarah felt her nipples tingling as her breasts hung freely in the tense air.

Sensations pulsed from her pussy as Tom's cock stimulated her. Her clit was throbbing as he drilled into her, filling her with each thrust, his thick long manhood inside her, dominating and taking control of her. She felt more relaxed as she began to enjoy the feelings. She wanted him more. She wanted him to fuck her deeper and faster. Sarah closed her eyes and let out an involuntary moan, as once again Tom slide into her. She smiled as she felt him place his hand on her breast. His big strong fingers gently caressing and rubbing as he pleasured her below.

Tom massaged her nipple which was already so hard and pert. His touch sent electrifying feelings through her body. She let out an another moan as the feelings thrilled her and engulfed her. Tom was feeling very turned on now. Each thrust into Sarah's tight wet pussy caused a pulse of sexual sensation to rocket through his rock hard cock. These sensations urged him on for more, driving him to fuck Sarah harder and faster.

With some effort he maintained a steady smooth rhythm, he wanted to make it last as long as possible. He was really loving how Sarah moved with him rocking her hips and pushing against him as he screwed into her. He loved how the muscles in her pussy pulsed and gripped his cock as he pumped it into her. He loved the feeling of her legs sliding against his sides and butt as he bobbed up and down on her. Tom knew Sarah was beginning to really enjoy him. He knew from how her body rocked against his meeting each carnal thrust. He knew from her moans of satisfaction, even from her nipples so pert and hard in his hand, as he caressed her full round breast.

Sarah opened her eyes and looked into Tom's, she spoke alluringly, "Mmmhh yeah. Tom this feels soooo good, uuuhhh, I want you so much, I want you deeper inside of me, oh yeah that's it. Fuck me Tom, fuck me harder, uuuuaaahhhh that's it."

Suddenly Tom slowed down and stopped pulling his cock out of Sarah's pussy.

"What are you doing?" Sarah's face was surprised, "Please don't stop now!" she begged.

Tom smiled. "I'm not stopping. I want you to turn around and bend over the desk, and then you'll feel me really deep inside you." Sarah looked confused, but obeyed quickly slipping down off the desk and turning to face it. "Put your hands on the desk", Tom commanded. Sarah bent over placing her hands apart on the desk in front of her, she felt Tom put his hands on her hips.

Tom nuzzled and rubbed his cock over her wet pussy. "Don't tease me, Tom," Sarah said, "Just fuck me!" Tom put his hand on her back and pushed her down a little more to get the angle right. Sarah felt her breasts touch the desk surface, the cold hard wood making her nipples tingle. Taking his cock in his hand Tom pressed it against Sarah's pussy. Once again Sarah felt her pussy lips parting and stretching around his cock as he penetrated her. She moaned as he slid back into her. It felt different in this position, but still very good.

Tom held her hips guiding himself into her, until he was deep inside with his groin pressed up against her ass and his thighs against the backs of her legs. He started to fuck her again. This time he gyrated more quickly, his body slapping against her butt, as he pounded into her pussy. Sarah at first was taken aback by his thrusting, but was soon pushing against him, trying to get his cock as deep into her as she could.

Her tits began to jiggle in rhythm with Tom's thrusts, bouncing, the nipples rubbing on the desk top. Her fingers tightened, as she clasped her hands closing her eyes and groaning. This felt so good. She couldn't believe that this was actually happening to her. She moaned loudly with each thrust. How could she the mild librarian be here bent over the desk with a huge cock in her pussy?

Her questioning thoughts were momentary as her mind was filled once again with the sensations of the moment. Nothing else mattered except Tom and his cock. Tom lent over her and grasped her tits with his hands, one on each side. He squeezed and rubbed them as his cock continued to penetrate her over and over again, 

moving smoothly like a well oiled piston, pounding relentlessly in and out.

Sarah felt so completely in his power more and she loved it. She was totally lost in the sensations and felt so bonded to Tom. She was moaning with each thrust now. Her whole body buzzed with excitement and anticipation of her orgasm. Her nipples were tingling and she felt really, really close.

Tom knew he was about to climax too. "Sarah are you close?" he spoke urgently.

"Oh yes, Tom. I feel so close," Sarah spoke breathlessly between moans.

Tom stopped. "Turn over again, I want to look into your eyes when I come." Sarah was very pleased at this thought and she turned and sat on the desk edge again spreading her thighs eagerly. Tom didn't waste any time in entering her again. Sarah felt a surge of sensation as his cock filled her again her pussy slipping around him easily now. Tom's thrusts were deep and deliberate now, each one made as he gazed into Sarah's face and eyes. Sarah held his gaze and felt so connected, as she gyrated against him rocking on her butt. Soon her pussy felt hot as it had moments before, when Tom was drilling her from behind.

He held her sides just above her hips as he fucked her. She was so wet now that he slid back and forth completely smoothly. Her pussy gripped his cock as she worked herself against him. He felt the walls pulsing on his shaft stimulating it with each carnal thrust. Tom's firm and deliberate thrusts made Sarah's full round breasts jiggle each time he pushed up into her. Sarah felt her build up of energy and sensation was nearing it's climax. "Oh god Tom, I think I'm about to cum!" Sarah pressed her thighs around Tom's sides her legs gripping round him and his butt pulling him into her.

Tom groaned as he pushed up into her. He pulled back one last time and slid into her again pushing right up as deeply as he could. He held his position inside, as he felt a surge running through his cock from his balls as he started to cum. Sarah cried out as she felt a wave of ecstasy sweep over her. Her clit was buzzing and her whole pussy felt live and electric. She felt Tom pressing up into her and the huge spurt of cum that ejaculated from his rock hard cock spewing into her.

Tom moaned, "Oh God, yes!" as he came inside her. A first spurt of cum exploding from his cock, he rocked back and into her again as a second spurt burst from him. Sarah's orgasm plateaued and slowly began to go down.

The intense waves of pleasure that swept through her were so much better than anything she had ever experienced from her own hand. Tom pulled gently out of her and hugged her, holding her tightly. She felt the cum begin to dribble from her pussy running down her leg.

They stayed together in that embrace, not speaking just holding one another, each knowing that something wonderful had just happened. They could feel each others heart beating, the silence of the library still around them, yet the whole atmosphere somehow buzzing with excitement.

Tom and Sarah started to go out again after their chance encounter in the library. They made love again many times, but always that first time in the library held a special place in their affections… it was the time and the place when they reclaimed their first love.

The end, or perhaps maybe just the beginning.

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