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First meeting after chatting

A first meeting of two members turns into a three way...
I have been chatting with Elena on lush stories and we have decided to meet for coffee.  I arrive at the coffee shop, order my caffeine fix -- a quad espresso, and I sit down at a table waiting for you to arrive.  A few people come in the door and order coffee, but nobody really give me eye contact.
Then I see a person come in and I know it is you. I can just feel it.  I hear you order a cafe mocha and look over your shoulder seductively at me.
I finish taking a large swig of my espresso and as you walk over toward me I look you in the eyes.  You sit at the table with me, smile, and touch my fingertips against yours with our hands on the table.  The feeling is electric, and I say, "It is nice to finally meet you.  Your very pretty and I like how you feel."

You stroke the tips of my fingers suggestively with yours.  I am taking in the view of you and delighting in your appearance:  You are very pretty.  Although you're not a model, there is something very earthy and down to earth erotic about you. The sexual energy is almost breath taking between us.  I can hardly wait to go somewhere more comfortable.  We finish our coffee, I grasp your hand, assist you out of your chair, and without a word we exit the coffee shop.

I lead you over to my car, open the door for you, and help seat you in my low sports car.  I lower the top of the convertible, put the car into reverse and back out of the parking space. I feel you place your hand on top of mine on the gear shifter. I really like this because it makes me feel so desired, wanted, and a little more secure about our meeting.   It also causes my cock to start tingling within the confines of my pants.

We exit the parking lot and I pull out onto the open road soaking in some rays and enjoying each others physical presence for the first time.  You run your fingers up and down my right arm and into my hair.   It give me such a warm feeling... the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and I tingle all over.   In addition the sensuality oozing from your every pore, it also allows me to feel more comfortable and safe with you.

You keep touching me and it is very distracting.  I have to pay attention to the driving, but you have other plans.  You lean over the console in my tiny Miata and start stroking my right leg working your way up to my cock which is tightly confined in my jeans.  You begin to stroke it lightly through my jeans driving me crazy.  You keep teasing me like this drawing an outline of my cock through my jeans thorough the entire 30 minute drive over to your house.  I tell you that there will be sweet pay back for this once we get out of this car... you're making me crazy with lust.

To further taunt me you unbutton your blouse and you show me your breasts while we are driving. I am practically drooling on myself when I look over at you and drink in the sight of your nipples atop your creamy white breasts.  You play with your breasts and nipples.. licking a finger and drawing little circles around each nipple.  It is torture to watch while I drive, but I love it too!

After telling me to make a couple of turns into a neighborhood, we finally arrive at you house.  Thank god because I am not sure how much longer I could take the teasing...  You lead me into your house and nobody else is there.  We walk into your living room and you offer me a drink.  I ask you for a seltzer because all of the anticipation has given me a very dry mouth.  You go into the kitchen, bring the drinks out, and I drink almost the entire glass of seltzer without breathing!

I set the glass down and you push me back into the couch bearing your breasts. You lean into my face so that I can suck on your nipples.  I have been longing to do this for months of chatting and after the drive I must have your nipples in my mouth.  You pull back and lean in kissing me on the mouth passionately.  You are pulling my zipper down and helping me to get rid of my pants and shirt. I have taken your blouse off and start removing your pants and panties.

I see that your pussy is completely shaven once I get your panties down and I contemplate pushing my tongue through your naked smooth labia.  As you pull my bikini briefs down, my cock swings up and hits my belly with a bead of pre cum slowly dripping from its head.  You kiss your way down my stomach to my nipples and suck each one briefly. You continue kissing down my belly while stroking my cock until your mouth envelops my cock and you slowly begging to take my entire length into your throat.  I have been throbbing because of your extended teasing from the drive. You take my cock out of your mouth and grab it hard until the throbbing subsides.  I had almost shot I am so excited.

You lead me into the bedroom. We're both naked except for our socks. I lay you down on your back and I lie on top of you gently but passionately kissing your mouth our tongues dancing with each other. I am gently touching the insides of your thighs with my fingertips and working my way up to your wetness.  I slowly start fondling the base of your clitoris drawing little circles around its base using your juices like a painter uses paint on a canvass.  I slowly increase the speed of my circles while our kissing continues.  You thrust your pelvis towards my hand. 

I move over you and slowly insert my cock into your quivering wetness.  I can feel the heat radiating from your hot pussy as my tip enters you and you move upwards and drive my cock all the way inside you until it bottoms with the tip of my cock  hitting your cervix. You let out little yelp of pleasure as my pubic bone massages your clitoris while my cock is fully enveloped in your vagina.

We begin to fuck in earnest each yearning for release.  I use my arms to pull your legs upwards so I can drive my pulsating rod even deeper into your hot pussy. I start ramming you in full strokes with you screaming... urging me to fuck you harder.  You glance at the door of the bedroom and you notice that your brother is standing quietly watching us screw our brains out.  He is naked and slowly stroking his hard cock.

He walks over startling me slightly, but that does not stop me. While I am fucking your brains out, you open your mouth and he starts feeding you his cock. I pull out of your vagina and I urge you to get on your hands and knees..... and I kneel behind you on the floor. I gently stroke your buttocks and spread them open.

I run my tongue from your clit up into your hot wet pussy. I gently stroke your buttocks and spread them open. I run my tongue from your clit up into your hot wet pussy.

You exclaim, "mmmm..."

I move my mouth down to your clit and gently nibble on it with my lips. My nose is in your pussy getting soaked by your wetness.  Your sexual scent is driving my cock into near spasms and precum is draining from its tip.   I purse my lips, suck on your clit, and move upwards towards your pussy maintaining the suction.  Then I dart my tongue into your pussy.   I start licking the juices inside your pussy and my nose is pressing against your anus gently.

You grunt and wiggle your ass pressing my nose slightly into your anus.  You moan, grunt and groan more.  I continue licking my way up to your anus and start rimming you with my tongue and lips.   I start fucking your anus with my tongue pushing it deep inside your anus licking round and round in small circles opening you up with my tongue.

Your brother meanwhile has slid underneath you and is sucking on your clit while you suck his hard cock.   We both continue to lick on you with your brother working on you from below and me working from behind.  I am working a vibrator in and out of your vagina while I fuck your anus with my tongue.  All of us are in an emotionally and sexually  frenzied state.

You moaning increases ever louder and you scream out loud, "Oh fuck me please, fuck me!!!!"

I feel your orgasm start to course through your body.  My cock need some attention now so I stand up, with my cock throbbing and dripping.  I take my cock in my hand, and I start to slap your pussy and anus with it... slap slap slap slap on your anus and your brother brings your off in another orgasm as I slap your anus with my tingling throbbing cock.  I keep slapping your anus over and over and it drives you even wilder.  The tip of my cock is bulging, throbbing,  deep red, and completely engorged.

I take the tip of my cock and rub it on your pussy.  I thrust it inside you in one quick motion, and my entire 8 inches is lodged inside your pussy the tip contacting your cervix.   I can feel your brothers breath on my balls as he continues licking your clitoris while I am pumping my cock in and out of your horny pussy that is itching for each thrust of my pulsating cock.

Meanwhile you are sucking your brothers cock and you are teasing his anus with your finger.  His cock is bulging inside your mouth his tasty pre cum being so delicious that it is further driving you into another frenzied orgasm.  Your making sounds like words but they have no meaning like you are speaking in tongues.

I feel your orgasm around my cock and I keep thrusting full length strokes taking you through yet another incredible mind-blowing orgasm.   I tell your brother, "turn around", and I pull my cock out of your steaming soaking cunt.  He gets the idea and he slides his cock into your hot orgasming pussy hole.

I start slapping your anus again with my raging hard on.  I am dripping a combination of your orgasmic juices and my pre cum... slap slap slap slap slap slap.   You flex your anus inviting me inside and I press the head of my juice slicked cock against it.  Your anus flexes open again and the head of my cock pops just inside.  Your sphincter is gripping my cock by the tip.    Your brother is holding still to allow me to gain full entry into your ass hole.

I slowly slide it inside until I can feel my balls touching the base of your brother's cock. We begin to alternately fuck both of your orifices.   First I plunge inside and then your brother pulls out.  The he plunges in as I pull out so that your anal sphincter grasps and milks the head of my cock.   We are plunging in and out of you like the pistons of an engine synchronized with each other pumping in and out, in and out, and so forth.

I can feel your brothers cock through the thin layer of tissues that separate your rectum from your vagina.   It feels awesome the feeling of us both plowing our cocks in and out of your body.  It is so wet, so warm, so horny, and so erotic!

Another orgasm begins to overtake you.  I feel your cum explode out of you and I covers your brothers balls as he continues to pummel your pussy with his boner.  I can feel your brother's cock swell up and begin pulsating deep inside of your hot steaming quivering cunt sending jet after jet of hot cream deep inside you.   Your anus clenches down on my cock finally and mercifully sending me over the edge.  I thrust it deep inside you, and I finally ejaculate sending my hot spunk deep into your rectum.  I feel your anus quivering around the base of my cock milking every last drop of my searing cream out of my cock.   You can feel both your brother's cock and my cock spamming deep inside your body.

We are all three wreckage, but we are satisfied.  Your brother and I slowly withdraw from your vagina and anus.   Hot seed is dripping from both of your holes.  We all get on the bed and fall asleep together fully satisfied and satiated.

I can only imagine how the next time will go....

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