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First Time Lucky

I'm a cocktease and he's just called my bluff.
I draped myself over Paul’s back, enjoying the play of his muscles as he lined up his next shot. His shoulder bunched, he let the cue slide, and the balls broke exactly as he'd called them.

“Mine again,” Paul crowed. I wrapped my arms around him, pulling him close for a celebration. He kissed me messily, his tongue pushing perfectly against mine.

“Good one, babe,” I whispered and bit at his bottom lip. He kissed me again, eager and wet, then his arm hooked me firmly against his side. I molded my curves to his body, breasts rubbing his chest. A glance down and I could see that he was hard, the fat length of his cock pressing against the fly of his jeans -- flushed with blood, excitement from his victory and the temptation of my cleavage.

“We gonna play again?” Paul asked.

I nuzzled his collarbone, hoping the answer was no. I was bored of this game, more than ready to leave so we could play our own. He smelled really good, looked hot tonight, with his button-down shirt loose over those battered jeans.

I wanted to go down on him, get him really hard and then ... mmm, ride his cock until I came. Unable to resist, I let my hand drift low, sneaking under his shirt so I could skate my fingertips over the warm muscles of his belly. It was all I could do not to let my hand move further so I could lay my fingers across that bulge. The bar was dark, the air was smoky -- who would notice if I started stroking him?

Jesse would. I looked up at him, waiting to hear whether he’d take up Paul's challenge. Jesse hadn’t answered yet; he was watching me, not Paul. I raised my eyebrow and smirked a little in a silent reply of my own. Then I slowly took my hand out from under Paul’s shirt and slid it into his pocket. Paul’s laugh turned into a long groan and he yanked me in even closer until I was fully plastered against him. His voice was low against my ear: “You’re a dirty little bitch tonight, aren’t you, Linds? You trying to kill me?”

“Not you,” I told him playfully, and nudged my chin in Jesse’s direction. Under my exploring fingers, I felt Paul's hard-on pulse. I gave him a little squeeze before pulling out.

Jesse just smiled. He was a tough one to figure out, Jesse. He and Paul had been good friends as kids, but they'd fallen out of touch until recently, when he'd started up at our college. Now he was a fixture on most of our nights out, which was cool because he was a lot of fun to hang out with. A bit of a practical joker, a bit of a player, the kind of guy who'd buy you drinks if you were out of money and never bug you for the change. I'd almost given up teasing him, though, because nothing I did ever got a reaction from him. There I was, practically jerking off my boyfriend in front of him, and all I got was that dark-eyed stare. Paul thought it was really funny. Mostly it just made me want to push him further.

"So, we playing or what?" Paul asked again.

Something I should tell you at this point: Paul never lost at pool on our nights out. Ever. He was that good, but also, it seemed that Jesse was that bad. Which didn't make sense, because I'd seen him move on the dance floor with some of the girls he picked up, and trust me, he could move. He was smart, too -- he always knew what angles to play to get what he wanted -- so why couldn't he figure out how to use this stick to get into these holes?

"I dunno," said Jesse, and he dragged the word out slowly, like he was really thinking about it. "Lindsay looks bored."

"Don't mind me," I said, and curled my lip at him. He smirked back, just for an instant, and I felt a jolt low in my belly at the silky expression on his face. I'd seen him look at other women like that, but never at me. This was new.

Paul's hand had been lightly caressing my neck. Now, he straightened, pushing me off him a little as he turned toward his friend. "That's a lame excuse," he said. "We'll just have to make it more interesting."

"Sure, but--" I gave Jesse a dismissive glance. "Don't know how, though. Watching Jesse lose all the time?" I paused for effect, "Tedious. I've always preferred winners." Very deliberately I brushed the heel of my hand against Paul's erection and then away.

"How about we play for stakes?" Paul suggested. "Beers?"

I yawned loudly. "Someone's gotta drive, babe."

"I dunno," Jesse said again. He sounded doubtful. I didn't buy it for a second, I'd seen the way he'd just looked at me.

"Maybe he needs a real incentive," I suggested slyly. "Something to bring out his best effort."

My eyes flickered down to Jesse's jeans and then back up again. The shadowed bulges in the denim were giving me a very good idea of just how talented he might be.

"A kiss," said Paul triumphantly, and I could have kissed him for coming up with the idea by himself.

"You're not my type, buddy," Jesse joked. His eyes were fixed on me, and I wasn't imagining how hungry he looked.

"A kiss?" I said. "He'd have to put up something good against a kiss from me."

"My car. For a month."

Paul whistled, impressed. He lusted after that car; his own was a piece of crap. "What do you think, babe?"

"Three months," said Jesse.

"For a kiss?"

He smiled at my question. "Nope. For a fuck."

Paul laughed. "She'll never do it."

No, really, that's what he said. I think we all stopped for a second while we took in the fact that I would be the only stumbling block here.

I pretended to think about it. "And you'll trade cars with Paul for four months?"

Jesse grinned at me, eyes bright. "Sure. Four."

"Done." We both looked at Paul. "He never wins," I said.

"There's always a first time," Jesse countered.

What can I say? Paul really liked that car.

"I'll get the beer," Jesse said and pushed past me, brushing so closely that it had to be deliberate. My nipples went into little hard peaks, catching on the lacy cups of my bra. I stared after him, taking in the confident swagger of his hips, emphasized by his low-slung jeans. I could see the waistband of the black Calvins he was wearing. The thought of how he'd look in nothing but them, his cock trying to push out of the tight cotton and into my pussy, made me clench.

"Don't worry, babe. I'll kick his ass."

I thought some more about that tight, firm ass. "Uh huh," I murmured. "I'm just going to pee." I stood on my tip-toes and kissed him, letting my tongue explore his mouth. He tried to follow as I pulled away, giving me a rueful grin as I shook my finger at him scoldingly. "I'll be right back."

Jesse was up at the bar, waiting to be served.

"So, what's that all about?" I asked, squeezing in beside him. He was taller than Paul, and being this close to him just emphasized the fact that soon I might find out other differences between their bodies.

"I was bored, you were too," he said. "Thought something different might be fun."

"And if you win?" I was curious as well as insanely turned on. Would he go through with it? Or was he all talk?

As if he'd heard me, he asked, "Will you do it?"

"Hell yes." I saw no point in lying.

"You ever cheated on Paul before?"

"I wouldn't. This is just ... something different."

"Is it your first time doing--" He traced a pattern in the spilt beer on the counter, "--something different?"

"Yeah." My voice went breathy.

His was low and strained. "You want me to fuck you, Linds?"

Okay, so I wouldn't lie, but I didn't want him to know how much I hoped it would happen. I answered as arrogantly as I could manage, given how painfully horny I was. "Only if you win," I told him, and sauntered back to where Paul waited. I could feel my hot juice drenching my pussy with every step.

Back at the table, I gave Paul my full attention, rubbing his shoulders and whispering encouragement in his ear as he racked the balls. That is, until Jesse hefted his cue and started to stroke chalk on the tip. He glanced at me, just once, but it was enough to make sure that I was watching what he was doing. He twisted his wrist with each rough movement, his fingers making a tight circle to push the wood through, and I knew, I just knew that when he jerked off he did it like that. Just. Like. That.

A little moan escaped my throat and both my boys turned to look at me. Jesse's face was utterly focussed, that hunger clearly written on his dark features. Paul looked surprised, and then his mouth went loose in that way it did when he realised I was going to blow him.

Fuck, I thought, and felt my knees go weak.

Game on. I don't care much about pool, and hell, you can't tell me it's the specifics of the match you're hanging around for. Let's just say that I'll never hear the click and thud of cue against ball again without my clit aching. There was no question from the break onward what the outcome was going to be.

"You hustled me!" Paul seemed more delighted that his friend could give him decent competition at the table than angry that he'd been taken for a ride. "You bastard! You've been holding out on me! How'd you do that?"

"Guile and trickery," Jesse told him and downed the rest of his beer. "You okay with that?

Paul shrugged. This might be the first time we'd done anything like this, but I knew him well enough to know that he was. Besides, I was fitted in front of him, his arms again holding me tightly to him. The heavy ridge of his erection prodded at my ass. Yeah, he was cool. "If Lindsay is."

Before I could reply, Jesse tossed Paul the keys. "You can drive."

I don't remember much about the ride home. Before we got into the car, Paul whispered into my ear, "You're gorgeous," and I melted from there:

Tumbled into the backseat with Jesse and let him tug my top down to get at my tits. Tipped my head back and watched the neon glow of the streetlights run into one constant stream of light as we sped off. Felt the rough denim of his jeans under my eager hands, felt the sharp bite of his zip at my thumb but registered no pain. Explored the silky length of him and knew that I wanted his cock in me as soon as possible and maybe even sooner.

"I'm going to fuck you, Linds," he told me, his breath humid against my skin.

I wanted him to do it now.

We ended up at our place, Paul's and mine. We'd left the light on when we'd gone out, and there were still a few beer cans on the coffee table from our pre-bar warmup. No one seemed to notice the mess. I'd had the fleeting thought -- one of my last before my brain went dead from lust -- that maybe things would get awkward when we were back to the reality of our apartment.

They didn't.

Jesse stripped off his black t-shirt as soon as he walked in the door, following me with Paul behind him. Fuck, he had a great body, his abs flexing as he balled up the shirt and threw it across the room. A nice bit of chest hair, light brown across his summer tan, turning darker at his belly button and trailing suggestively down to his waistband. His jeans flared open from where I'd fumbled the zip, it would be no trouble at all to tug them down and off.

Paul stood in the doorway, swinging the car keys back and forth. He looked pretty happy for a guy whose girl was going to get fucked by his best buddy, but there was a reason I was his girl in the first place, right? He caught my eye and winked. I wanted to cross back to him, wanted to lick that smile of his and hear him tell me how gorgeous I was again. But as I moved, Jesse grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him. His hands cupped my ass, squeezing, as he kissed me. It was our first kiss and I was instantly lost in the sensation of it. His jawline was scratchier than Paul's, but the soft rasp of his tongue more than made up for the stubble.

Jesse pulled back and tilted his head toward Paul. "Sit down, I'm planning on taking my time."

I choked out a moan as Paul made himself comfortable on the easy chair and spread his legs for easy access.

"And you," Jesse said, steering me around. "Sit here." He pushed me back onto the couch. My legs splayed as I fell, my short skirt riding up higher on my thighs. My mouth watered as he yanked down his jeans and stepped out of them. My fantasy hadn't done him justice. Nicely toned legs, sleekly muscled, and a jutting cock that strained at the front of his shorts. I licked my lips.

"Five months if she'll blow me first." He said it to Paul, but it was me they were both watching. By now, Paul had eased his own jeans open and his hands were casually resting on his lap. I knew he'd be pressing down on the shaft, just like he liked me to do.

"Six," I said. I licked my lips again.

"For six you'll swallow," Jesse said and there was an edge of urgency to his voice that made me smile slowly. Now it was his turn to moan.

I slid down off the couch, and onto my knees, feeling the crunch of the carpet. I thought he'd take my place, sit down, but he didn't. Instead he stood there in the middle of our living room, with Paul sprawled watching him on his chair and me sprawled at his feet.

"It's good to win," he said, grinning tightly.

"Guile and trickery," I muttered, but my heart wasn't in the insult. How could it be when all I could think about was sucking him off? I leaned in and mouthed him through the black cotton. The fabric was already damp, a big wet spot where pre-come had soaked through.

I know some girls don't like it, but I love to give head. It's not about the power of it, though that's a big part of the thrill; and it's not about the submission either. For me, it's always been about losing myself in the moment, the taste, the feel of the guy who wants me that badly. I'd been waiting all night and now I couldn't wait a second longer to get Jesse's cock in my mouth.

Hooking my thumbs into his shorts, I pulled them down. He sprang free, thick and fully erect, flushed with want. I wrapped my fingers around him and took him halfway, rubbing my tongue hard against the vein. Jesse made a quiet little noise as I let him into my mouth, closing around the plush head. As I sucked firmly I could taste bitter salt where he leaked onto my tongue.

I pulled back a little. Jesse's stomach muscles were tight where I rested my hand and I wanted this first and possibly only time to last, just like he'd said. Too heavy to balance, his cock lolled off my tongue, slicking my chin and making him jerk, his hands twitching on his thighs until I licked at him, curled my mouth back around him and took him down fast and deep.

"Yeah, that's right, let her suck you," Paul was saying in the background, and I knew without looking that he'd be stroking himself. He'd have his cock out of his jeans and he'd be pulling himself off to the rhythm of Jesse fucking into my willing mouth. My body trembled, and I swallowed convulsively, causing Jesse to curse loudly.

"Fuck, yes," he swore, his hand raking through my hair. He held my head while his hips stuttered forward. The full length of his cock flexed as I worked my mouth around him. "Just like -- there." His grip loosened; I traced my tongue up his shaft as I slid my mouth away, lingering at the slit on the crown of its fat head.

"Don't stop," he warned, and I leaned close again to nuzzle his balls. They were firm and tight against his body and the big muscles in his thighs trembled when I bathed them in my hot mouth.

I looked up at him through the messy fall of my hair. "Do you want to come before you fuck me?" It was a desperate question; I was so close to coming myself.

I heard Paul whine. In reply, Jesse grabbed my wrists, pushing me away from him. I went down onto the carpet and he was on me in a second, the heat coming off his naked body in waves, burning through my skimpy club clothes. He fit himself between my thighs and ground down, just once, but the iron-hard length of his cock rocking against my clit sent me wild.

"In me," I gasped, "Your cock."

Jesse grabbed his dick, squeezing hard at the base to stop himself from coming. His forearms were corded with effort, his face slack with lust. God, it was a good look on him. "Rubber?"

"Under the cushions," Paul told him. His voice cracked from strain.

I shook my head, the room spinning as I fought to form a sentence through the blinding need to be fucked. "No condom, don't come. Not done with you yet." I opened my mouth, tilting my throat back.

"Tease," he said roughly.

I was so ready that my thighs were sticky with it. Jesse didn't have to do anything but shove my panties to one side and push himself in; I felt the blunt pressure of his cockhead and then the smooth slide of his thick length inside me, and could have cried from relief.

My eyes were closed, but I still saw sparks. His cock had a delicious curve to it and it rubbed into me just right as he ground through the slippery wet. He braced himself over me, his strong arms trembling just slightly with the effort keeping his body in place. When I opened my eyes I could see the sweat slicking his chest and lower, the rhythmic glide of his dick into my pussy.

My hands found his ass, and as I touched him there, pulling him deeper into me, I heard Paul breathe, "This is so fucking hot."

That's when I lost it. I arched up, writhing against Jesse's body, but I was pinned to the carpet by his cock and he wouldn't let me move the way I needed to.

"Tease," I swore at him, and he laughed raggedly and then moved faster. I found friction and raced toward it, my pussy clenching excitedly, the little muscles milking at him as I came in hot waves. Jesse's rhythm stuttered as my body held him in place, eager for the splash of his come inside me. I don't know how he did it, but he managed to pull out in time.

I was sprawled on the floor still, barely conscious from the force of my climax. Jesse cradled the back of my skull with one of his big hands; with the other, he took hold of his cock. He tilted my mouth up to the glistening head of his cock, nudging at my lips until I let him push back inside. His hand rested heavily against my neck, the warmth of him spreading through me and prolonging my afterglow. He pressed when I pulled my mouth off his cock to take a deeper breath, but he didn't do more than that. For the moment he seemed happy to see his cock sliding steadily between my lips, glossy with my spit.

"Linds, fuck," he groaned, "You're--open your eyes--so--" He stroked my hair away from my face, holding me there as he slid forward, pushing his cock deeper into my mouth. I forced my eyes open, gazed dizzily up at him as I sucked. His own mouth was open, soft, his breath coming in quick little pants. I swallowed helplessly, willingly, around his cock and he groaned, jerking against me. "Keep doing--that, that--oh fuck, yes--"

I swallowed hard around him and pressed my head up into the pressure of Jesse's hands, but he was gone, wired, losing it as he poured his come into my mouth. He held me still for the tiny thrusts of his cock that tipped him over that edge, the length of him pulsing into my mouth as he came.

"Fuck," Jesse muttered, and crashed to his knees as his legs gave out.

I curled beside him, listening to the sounds of his breathing. I remembered Paul, and lifted my head. My boyfriend was leaning back in his chair, his legs spread, his hips canting up into his fist as he frantically worked himself off. I was watching when he came in spurting white stripes over his hands, the taste of his friend's come in my mouth.

Jesse's hands roamed over the crack of my ass, pushing up my skirt and removing my panties. When I was finally naked, he pushed two fingers into me, curling them. Sharp bursts of pleasure shot through me at the feel of his fingers in my still-sopping crease.

"I'm going to bend you over the couch," Jesse said into my ear. He twisted his fingers again, just right.

"Yes, do it," I hissed at him.

He bit my earlobe. "Paul won't mind."

"No," I gasped. "He'll love it, he'll want it."

"Line my cock up and push right in."

I was grinding blindly against him, hot and pounding around his fingers. "Yes, fuck--"

"We'll let Paul watch, maybe even touch--"


Jesse's fingers were gone all at once, and I moaned in frustration. He pulled me to my feet, then pushed me down on the couch. I jutted my ass back hungrily, my pussy tingling with anticipation. I felt the heat of Jesse behind me, the brush of his bare cock against my sticky thighs -- and then he was leaning over me, and fuck, Paul was passing him the rubber.

I looked up into Paul's face. His eyes were dreamily half-closed and there was a smile on his face. He sank down onto the couch next to me, and I wrapped a hand around his thigh. My fingers tightened as I heard the rustle of the condom wrapper, and then Jesse was pushing into me, a long slow burn.

"Oh fuck," I bit off, gripping Paul's thigh hard. Paul dragged his fingertips over the back of my hand, then stroked up his own thigh to the spread of his jeans and his cock. He was already half-hard again, and he gathered himself in his fist and aimed it towards me.

I parted my lips, then gasped as Jesse stuffed his cock deeply into me from behind. He shoved in and then stopped, grinding his hips, and leaned down over me to press his mouth roughly against my ear. "This is my first time doing something different too."

"Yeah?" I managed, thrumming with the shift of his cock inside me, the way it was setting me alight again. "How's it going for you?"

"Pretty good," he said, laughing through his moan, and he leaned back to get a firmer grip on my hips as Paul pulled me up across his lap. Paul held the head of his cock against my mouth, fat and hard again, still tasting sharply of his come.

"First time lucky," I managed, and Paul pushed his cock in as I spoke, sliding slickly into my mouth as Jesse started to fuck me, his hands rigid on my hips. That's when I stopped talking and started moaning.

Are you a tease like me? There's nothing wrong with it, being a tease, but you'll know what I mean when I say sometimes you've got to be willing to put his dick where your mouth is. You've got to trust your luck and just go with it that first time you realise you can have something different, if you've only got the balls, like we did.

... And if you're lucky, well, maybe I'll let you know if there was a second time.
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