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First time with Ice

This is a first person account of what happened that night ;)
Even though I'm 19, I still live at home. When I took my new girlfriend home her parents were acting like dicks, and we weren't able to have much sex at my house, so on Friday night we headed out for dinner in town and checked into a cheap hotel room.


First you put on a really sexy kinky outfit, and then I use the fluffy handcuffs to tie your arms and feet to the corners of the bed, then I slip the blindfold onto you and give you a quick snog, then I disappear and you hear the door shut behind me.

A few minutes later I come back in and you feel me sit down on the bed next to you. Slowly you feel your sexy outfit being peeled off your body, leaving you just in your half see-through knickers. Then you feel something really cold and hard and wet rub and against your nipple and you moan.

I rub an ice cube over your nipple, making it really hard so it sticks out and you moan in pleasure. Then I move the ice cube over to your other nipple and take the first one into my mouth. The sudden contrast from the cold ice to my hot mouth makes you gasp and moan with pleasure.

I pull at your nipple with my teeth and you gasp because it’s a little painful, but because you’re so horny you don’t care and you moan for me to do it again. I keep doing it, switching nipples until you’re really worked up and begging me to fuck you.

I put an ice cube between my lips and gently trace it down your body, over your stomach until I reach your panties, and then I rub it over your clit through your panties, which makes you gasp and you try to close your legs, but they’re still handcuffed to the bed frame. Slowly, I undo the ties of your soaking wet panties and pull them away, leaving your pussy glistening with your juices and melted ice.

I slowly push your pink pussy lips apart and rub my finger gently over your clit, then I take another ice cube and rub it over your clit, making you gasp and writhe, trying to close your legs but you can’t, and I keep rubbing your clit with the ice, then I slide it down your pussy and push it a little bit into your vagina making you moan and squeal with ecstasy.

I keep going for a couple of minutes, the whole time your begging me to stop teasing and fuck you, but I ignore you. Then I stop and get down between your legs and blow hot breath onto your sensitive pussy lips and clit making you moan. You’re begging me to make you cum by now, so I lower my head and start licking your pussy, sucking your clit into my mouth and sliding my tongue into your pussy as far as I can get it.

all of a sudden you hear a buzzing and feel me press something hard and buzzing against your clit, and you realize it’s a vibrator, you gasp and try to close your legs against the intense pleasure but you can’t and I don’t stop until you scream out in pleasure as you cum, squirting your juices into my face as I carry on licking you out.

As you come down from your first major orgasm you feel me stop and my weight shifts on the bed, and you feel the handcuffs come off your feet, but I leave your hands tied above your head, then you feel me straddle you and my hot cock presses against your lips and you open up and let me slide into your wet warm mouth.

You bob your head up and down on my cock sliding it further in with each downward stroke, until you’re almost taking my whole length, more than you've ever taken before. I’m moaning as you make me feel amazing, then you let my cock pop out of your mouth and you suck on my balls, making me gasp and suddenly I cum without warning, splashing my cum on your cheek and lips as you pull back and open your mouth letting me shoot the rest of my load into your mouth before you swallow.

after a couple of moments I pull my cock out of your mouth and get between your legs, rubbing my still hard cock up and down your pussy before I slide it in, making you moan and gasp and wrap your legs around my back as I slide in and out.

I lie down on you and kiss your neck as your breathing falls into rhythm with my pumping in and out of your pussy, and then I snog you, my tongue bumping against yours. As we snog and I fuck you, I finally I release the handcuffs tying your wrists to the bed. And you immediately wrap your arms around me, holding me to your body and sinking your nails into my back every time I sink my cock in deep. after a few minutes my back is red with scratch marks.

I pull out and grab your legs, pulling them up and resting them on my shoulders before sliding back into you from a new angle, making you gasp as my cock slides deeper in than you’re used to. you gasp as my breathing becomes ragged and I fuck you harder and harder until you cry out as another orgasm shoots through your body, but I don’t stop, I keep going until I moan a couple of minutes later and sink my hot huge cock as deep in as I can and you feel me cum shoot out harder than it ever has before and you feel it coat the walls of your pussy as I collapse on top of you.

Both of us lie there, catching our breath as you feel my cock go limp in your pussy and we both fall asleep, my cock still inside you.

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