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First Visit to an Adult Bookstore

A visit to the adult bookstore gives Traci more than she expected....

This is the true story of Traci's first visit to an adult bookstore, as she told it to me.

     When I was a freshman in college a girlfriend and I were messing around one night and we decided we wanted to watch an x-rated movie. Nothing was showing on cable, so we decided to go to a neighborhood "Adult" book store and video arcade. When we arrived, the parking lot was nearly deserted so we put on our sunglasses so we wouldn't be recognized if anyone came in.

     We then went in. There were 2 guys working there, one on the cash register, and the other appeared to be working stock. I think the guy at the register (he was a real sleaze ball) was the owner, he was telling the other guy what to do. The guy putting up stock was kinda cute, muscular, like he worked out and he had a nice smile. It was a big store, and Patti and I were looking at some of the videos, giggling and cutting up.
Patti was reading the back of some of the video boxes while I went over to look at some of the `toys'.

     The guy putting up stock came over to where I was with a case of product and started putting some
toys on the shelf.

     "See anything you like?" He asked me.

     I giggled and said "I'm not sure; I haven't had much experience with these things."

     He chuckled at my comments and smiled. He looked around to see where the boss was and said "We normally don't let people take test drives, but there's a video booth over here if you'd like to try one out."
     I was feeling pretty randy so I said "Why not… What would you recommend?"
     He handed me a box and took some batteries out of his pocket and gave them to me. "Think you can put the batteries in, or want me to do it for you?"

       I was starting to feel real nervous about this so I asked him to install them for me. He walked me back to the booth and put them in the vibrator. "What's to keep someone from walking in on me?"

     "People usually don't enter booths that are already occupied, but if it makes you feel better I'll guard the door." He then leaned over and kissed me! His tongue probed deep into my throat and I found myself returning his kiss. He pressed against me and I could feel his erect cock pressing against his jeans.
     We entered the booth and closed the door. Once the door was closed his hands were all over me, squeezing my breasts through my shirt, squeezing the cheeks of my ass… He removed my clothes and
pushed me down on the bench, then kneeled on the floor in front of me. Handing me some quarters he told me to put them in the slot so the movie would start. On the screen there was a couple in a kitchen, she was lying on the table and the guy was holding her ankles in the air while he fucked her.

     The attendant took the vibrator and began to run it across my stomach, then down to my bush. He found my clit and I yelped with pleasure! What a feeling, having a guy run a vibrator across me. He stuck the vibrator inside my wet pussy and I fell backward, moaning with pleasure. While I lay there, he bent down and began probing me with his tongue. I came, my juices flowing out of me. He lapped them up like a puppy. As he continued to eat me, I reached out and took his head in my hands and pulled him tighter into my pussy, grinding my pussy into his face. After I came a second time, he stood up and loosened his belt and removed his pants, his raging cock standing at attention. I grabbed his cock and pulled him closer, then took him in my mouth and began sucking. He was so ready that he came, shooting his load in my mouth. I had never given oral sex to anyone before, and his cum filled my mouth.

     I swallowed as fast as I could, savoring the salty taste.   Just then I heard Patti calling me, so we quickly got our clothes back on and I left the booth.

     "Where have you been?" She asked, almost frantically. "I've been looking for you."

     "I'll tell you later, did you find a movie you liked?"

     "Yes, it's already paid for, let's go." She replied.

     As we were walking out the door, the attendant stopped me and slipped something in my coat pocket. "This is used, can't sell it now" he said, grinning at me. "Hope your shopping was enjoyable, please come again."

     Patti and I went home that night, watched a movie and I shared my experience with her…. And my new vibrator. grin

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