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Five Alarm Fire

Leah Gets Taken By the Lieutenant
When Lockhart stepped off the fire engine, I couldn’t help but stare. His shirt stuck to his chest with a mixture of sweat and water, showing every inch of definition of his bulging chest. His arms jut through the sleeves of his shirt like two powerful tree trucks through rock; the tattoos reaching from his neckline and shoulders, stretching across every free inch of skin covering his arms. The color of his eyes matched the ash that was smeared across his face and down his thick neck.

Walking across the bay flor, he began to peel off the red suspenders holding his bunkers up, and set towards his locker. I watched as he expertly let his bunkers fall over the tops of his boots and step out of them, revealing a pair of boxer briefs plastered to his legs from sweat after a five alarm fire. He stood up, turning my direction, and I quickly diverted my stare, thinking to myself how glad I was that my clothes were already soaked from the hose, otherwise he would see how moist my panties were. I peeked another look his way, catching his eye for a mere second. I blushed and quickly turned away. “Shit” I thought to myself… As if being the only girl in a fire house full of guys, and good-looking ones at that, wasnt hard enough.

As I walked towards the girls (MY) locker room to finish undressing, I was forced to walk past him and the rest of the crew, stripping from water-logged, smoke-stained bunker gear and clothing. I was almost past them when Anderson shouted “Hey, Leah, how’d you like seeing a real man put the wet stuff on the red stuff?”

The guys guffed and gawed and slapped him on the back with manly praises. “Hey Anderson, are really sure you want to talk about your Chlamydia now?” I shot back in retaliation.

The laughter started again as I turned around and headed into the locker room. Standing in front of the mirror, I began removing my smeared make-up and the soot and ash from my face. I could hear all 5 faucets in the mens locker room turn on, signaling my crew to all be in the showers. I finished washing my face, and proceeded to brush my teeth. After rinsing my mouth, I moved to my hair and began to undo the braid I put in my hair. I ran my finger tips the tangled mess, and massaged my scalp. I removed my filthy uniform shirt and stared at myself in the mirror for a moment, reflecting on the fact that Lockhart just caught me with a girl-boner, and jumped when the pipes in the building shook as one the showers shut off.

Shaking my head and smiling, I pulled off my smokey tank top and bra, and unbuttoned my pants. I slid them onto the floor with my, at this point, cum soaked panties, and gazed in the mirror. My milky white skin was smudged head to toe in black soot and ash. The cool floor against my bare feet was sending chills up my legs, and through my spine. I closed my eyes as it hit my breasts, and let the wave of growing goosebumps wash over my nipples. It felt so good, I couldn’t help but reach up and grab a nipple in each hand, and pinch them as they hardened.

I jumped again when I heard the pipes shake as 3 more showers shut off within seconds of each other. With only one shower running in the mens locker room, I stepped into my own. Standing under the hot water felt so good. After a few moments of the letting the water work my tense muscles, I grabbed my body wash and started washing the fire from my snow-white skin. The lather feels good as it runs over my skin, running down my throat, over my clavicle . It tickles as it hits the tops of my breasts. I embrace the goosebumps that tear through my body in 100* temperature water. My hands have found their way back to my nipples, which already are standing erect. Fuck it I think to myself.

Leaning against the shower stall under the burning water, with hard nipples, and my pussy still wet from ravishing Lockhart with my eyes, I couldn’t take it anymore. My fingertips already had found their way to my nipples, and were pinching and tugging on them, I let myself go…

My nipples were hard rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. I began to pretend that my hands were Lockhart’s hands… I massage the lather into my breasts and let it slide down my toned body. My hands squeezing, I push one of my breasts to my mouth, inhaling my nipple. Rubbing my tongue over and around, in little circles. Quick nibble before I give some attention to the other breast. Swirling my tongue around my nipple, I reach with my free hand and run it down my belly. My fingers find their way between my legs, to the sticky honey pot that is already dripping its nectar. My fingers slip between my pussy lips and find my clit, already swollen. Rubbing my little cherry between my fingers, I can feel my legs shake, a cool breeze flows through the stall and sends a new wave of goosebumps over my skin.

Suddenly I’m aware of a new sensation on my left breast. I open my eyes and look down, and Lockhart’s mouth on my nipple is soon joined by his fingers plunging deep into my pussy. It’s too much to bear, and sends me over the edge. I open my mouth to moan…

Jerking me to reality is a hand covering my mouth, and a voice in my ear.

“Shh” it whispers.

I open my eyes and I’m not alone anymore. I jump in with a mixture of emotions ranging from fear, to confusion, to extremely turned on. Straining to clear my eyes and straighten my focus in underneath the running water and steam, I wipe the beads of water out of my eyes, and into focus… Lockhart’s face comes into view.

With out another word, his fingers slip from between my dripping pussy, and he pulls my wet body to his. He wraps his strong, snake-like arms around me, his hands falling to my ass, his finger tips gently brushing the top of my ass cheeks. I can feel his cock brushing against my stomach.

He jams his mouth into mine, prying my lips open with his forceful, yet gentile tongue. His lips are strong and firm, his tongue soft and delicate, moving in sync with mine. I open my eyes for a split second, to make sure he’s really there. As I close my eyes and feel his hand move to my neck, I enjoy knowing I’m in Lockhart’s arms.

Next thing I know, my hair is yanked back and two fingers are shoved into my dripping snatch. Leaning in, Lockhart whispers

“Dirty little girl… I caught you looking.”

He swirls his fingers around inside my tight box, pushing his fingers in and out a few times before he pulls them out and slips them to the rim of my puckered asshole, and starts easing them into my untouched hole. “I was waiting for you to give me an opening.” he whispered again.

I let out a small moan to show him my delight as pushed my asshole further onto his fingers. My asshole was virgin to anything but my own fingers or toys. I never let a man enter my asshole before, and I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised when Lockhart slipped his fingers inside. Suddenly, I found myself assfucking his fingers… Then three… and loving it.

Lockhart lifted me by my ass, forcing his fingers deeper inside the only virgin hole I had left, and pushed my mouth to his. The feel of his tongue dancing with mine, his fingers plowing into my no longer virgin asshole, I let a waterfall of cum rush from my pussy. It dripped down my asscrack and mixed with his fingers. Pulling his face away from mine, he looked at me a smiled. He knows he just made me cum. He returns me to my feet, and I feel his fingers slip from my asshole. I look up at him, and drop to my knees.

For the first time, I see Lockhart’s cock. It’s easily at least 10 inches, and standing straight at attention. I take it in my hands, and it feels like warm steel, hard and smooth. The head is purple and angry, and even with running water, I can see the pre-cum dripping off the tip. I suck the head into my mouth, and with my hand barely able to wrap around the shaft, I start jerking off the lower half of his cock, and with my mouth, I take it all the way down my throat, until I can’t breathe. Massaging the shaft with my tongue, and the head with my throat muscles, I can feel his cock harden and start to pulse after a few minutes. With a few thrusts, jamming into the back off my throat, Lockhart shoots a load of hot, sticky, salty, sweet cum.

My mouth is on his before his moan echos through the locker room. I still have a little less than half of his load in my mouth, so we share it. He plunges his tongue into my mouth, and kisses me with a fire that could match the one we just put out on the last call.

Grabbing my tits, Lockhart sucks my left nipple to his mouth , licking and biting. Gently he turns me around, I feel his cock already rehardened, bouncing against my asscheeks. Gently parting my legs, Lockhart reaches around with one hand and plunges his long thick fingers into my pussy. Swirling my girl cum around, I feel him grip his cock with his free hand and slightly tease the lips of my pussy, just lubing the tip , before without any warning, he blasts his hard rocket into my tight, virgin asshole. Before I can scream out in pain, his hand covers my mouth, muffling the sound. Biting his hand, I focus on the ten inches that he just plowed into my asshole. In and out like a jack hammer. He fucks my asshole deep, hard, and fast… And after a few minutes, the pain turns to pleasure.

Lockhart pounds my ass until I’m on the verge of another orgasm. Sensing the change in my breathing patterns, and feeling the tightening of my asshole, he pulls his cock from my ass and shoves it into my aching pussy for the first time… It’s too much.

Within seconds, I feel my pussy tighten around Lockhart’s rock hard ten inches, and it washes over my entire body like a wave. His cock is hitting me so deep, in a place no one has ever hit before… I’m not just cumming. I feel like I’m pissing all over the both of us, but it feels so good.

The girl cum squirts from my pussy like the water from our 2″ fire hoses. Lockhart has me squirting all over the shower stall, and he knows it. Seconds later, he busts his load inside me, and I can feel each pump of warm cum fill my pussy. He matches each thrust of his hips, to each spurt of cum. He steadies his rhythm until his breathing normalizes. He grabs my hair in his hand and forces my mouth to his once last time. He kisses me hard. I feel his cock slip from my pussy. I turn around to face him, and the alarm tones out.

“Back to work, you sit this one out and get cleaned up”

“Yes Lieutenant”

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