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Brian and I had a supposedly secret relationship early on in our lives. He treated me as if I was “the one”. He would occasionally bring me flowers just because and show up almost everywhere I was just to hang out with me. One afternoon he showed up at my door. The doorbell sounded as if it were in pleasure by the way he shoved his finger onto the smooth button. I walked to the door to see Brian standing there with his fresh cut as if he just had it done by steady-handed barbers on the plane. His hazel green eyes turned in my direction as he waited for me to open the door.

The moment I opened the door we stared at each other thinking the same thing. The stares we gave to each other only told of one mood and idea. Before I could blink out my stare into his hazel eyes, I was tackled into the wall. While closing the door, he put his hands around my waist and pushed his tongue was down my throat. His hands slipped through my pants at the same time that I got to his dick. His dick was as smooth as a Hershey milk chocolate bar and harder than the wall holding us up. He was working with a 9-inch cock. I “accidently” pulled out his dick. As soon as his dick was out my eyes were looking down at his “sextrument”. I looked at his dick like I was pleasurably worried. The way his dick was looking and the way he was handling me you could tell that the phrase “large and in charge” fits him.

He must have seen my expression because he said “You want it? Let me hear you say it, baby.” He understands me all too well because all he did was look at me to determine my answer. The tempo slowed down so he could whisper to me “Let me hear you say it, baby. Tell me.” With those words he knew exactly what he was getting us into or what he was getting into.

Still I obeyed his commands and whispered in his ear “I want it, baby. Please.”

My words set him on a pussy rampage. We went back to exchanging tongues again. His warm hands were now on my bare back, inside my shirt, right on top of the hooks of my lacy black bra. I was surprised to know he knew how to unhook my bra. He was like a cheetah on a hunt for its prey. Determined to get to my pussy in a series of lures, first he began kissing me. He took a break to tell me to tell him how I wanted it. I knew what was next after he unhooked my bra. He slowed down from kissing me and slowly lifted my shirt to admire every inch of my body, from navel to neck. Since my bra was already unhooked, my shirt and 36 double D bra lifted off my breasts and over my head with ease.

“Damn girl. Look at these nipples. You know you’re so beautiful.”

All of a sudden I saw him move forward to my chest. I felt a little slimy an object on my nipple. He was licking all over my breast. His exploration of my breast came to a stop. He began sucking on my nipple again. It was as if he was trying to get the milk out of my chest. The wetness of his tongue and the nibbles he gave sent jolts of pleasure through my mouth. He stopped once more, looked at my breasts, then began continue the ritual on the next breast. While he was sucking on my chest I felt his hand reach down into my damp panties. He was massaging my underside. At that moment he touched a spot that has never been touched in such a way before.

It sent tingles down my whole body. An electrifying jolt was sent thru my body. I had butterflies in my stomach that wanted to escape. These same butterflies in my stomach escaped from my stomach out of thru my mouth in the form of a noise. It must have been sexy because he told me it was a sexy moan. He watched me as sent a moan into the air. He smirked then continued to move over this spot. Flinching with unfamiliar pleasure, I tried to stop him before I released the urine I thought I felt in my pussy.

His fingers moved. I felt them move farther into my panties. Moving into an unfamiliar place. This place had never been touched before. More butterflies snuck their way out my mouth. After such an act of pleasure he stopped. Everything stopped. There was a strange feeling after that. I felt my pants drop to the floor. It felt as if he wanted more than this foreplay. I began to float in midair. Brian was lifting me. I was pinned between the wall and his caramel six-pack. My legs wrapped around him. Then an object, thicker than his fingers, hovered around that unfamiliar place down below. It shoved its way thru the only thing separating it from its designation-my pussy lips.

Not only did I let out a scream but my body temperature went up. It got hot for a few seconds. I could not handle this much pleasure. I was glad to know that didn’t need to remove my panties in order to fuck me. It seemed like my panties moved by themselves for his cock. I closed my eyes and continued moaning.

”That’s it, bay. Moan louder for me.”

His dick felt so good inside me. He adored my pussy to because he told me that my pussy was as tight as the light socket that holds the plug and that it was the warmest thing to a blanket. The deeper he got the louder and more pleasure filled I became. I could tell my moans gave him more stamina.

Being “up there” on the wall on his dick, I thought ‘what will happen when I get down?’ Brian watched me leave teeth marks on my bottom lip and watched as my eyes rolled into my eye sockets. “You like coming on my dick, huh? I watch you as you came three times in the thirty minutes on this big dick.” He laughed. After one last episode of trembling, he gently let me down. He noticed I was exhausted from his dick when I collapsed under pleasure. My pussy felt empty. As I sat there I noticed a blurry object in front of me. My mind had blocked out every sensory nerve in my upper body and turned on my nerves in my pussy to extreme mode. I was not able to think or see. As my eyes adjusted I saw that it was his dick.

The area round his dick look well-groomed, shaven. I wasn’t sure what he wanted and why he was looking down at me instead of helping me up. Then it clicked. I leaned forward to perform my head game on him. I wasn’t shy. I took his dick deep into the salvia filled tunnel. I used tongue to lick the tip of his dick and the crease where the shaft meets the head of his dick. His dick then took a deep scuba dive into the depths of my throat. I made sure that my throat hugged his dick. My mouth would fill with saliva the more I sucked. Then took the saliva coated dick in my hands and moved my hands up and down on the muscle of his dick, like I was using a Shakeweight.

It was as if he couldn’t get enough. I listened to what pleasure he was going thru. He let out sounds of what were like mine, except they were low and short-almost like grunts. I could feel his cum forming up in his shaft. So I sucked, jerked, and licked faster. A geyser of warm semen shot out on my 36 D breasts. I looked up with innocence at who had given me such a gift, and rubbed in the gift as if it were lotion.

He leaned in and said “Girl. That shit was amazing. You performed good as fuck. No bleeding. No complaining. No needing to tell you what to do with my nut. You got it down. You sure you’re..or were..a virgin? I need to keep this to myself.” I smiled and then he locked lips with me and slid his tongue into my mouth rather than down my throat. I could tell he had a sense of relief. His dick had was still on hard but he had nutted already. Oh no. What happened?

“Ready for round two?” he said. “Round two?!?!!” I said with confusion.

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