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Flattery Gets You Everywhere (Part 2)

A Flirt on Facebook turns into a fuck in a car park
"Holy Fuck, she wants to meet!" I blurt out loud. My cock starts to twitch as my filthy mind flicks into overdrive. I was amazed that she had gone so far on webcam, and was not expecting her to suggest that we meet up.

I tap away at my phones keyboard and simply type "YES!! Where and When? xx"

I'm eager to receive a message back from her, but need to get ready for work, so I throw my phone onto the bed and make my way towards the shower where I find I have an impressive hard on that is NOT morning glory, but sheer sexual excitement at the thought of meeting Louisa for real and knowing that I am going to fuck her. I quickly bring myself to a climax, and cum squirts from the tip of my cock and runs away with the shower water into the drain.

By the time I have got dried and dressed I still haven't had a reply from her, so I make my to work and put my phone on vibrate to keep my texting activities private.

A few hours later I get what I had been waiting for, that vibrating feeling in my trouser pocket which could only mean I had received a text message. I eagerly fished my phone from my pocket and unlocked it to discover it was from Louisa. She said that she was free on Friday as she would book it off work, but couldn't travel too far as she would need to drop off her youngest kid at school and pick him up again later on.

I did't give it a second thought and text back straight away to confirm that Friday would be fine and I would be happy to drive to her, but needed to know where she was able to meet me. Just as I hit send, I realised that I ought to speak to my boss about getting Friday off, so I make my way to his office while excuses race through my head about why I need Friday off at short notice. I found myself at his office door before I had planned my speech, and knocked nervously wondering how this would pan out. He called me in, and I walked in and greeted him. He asked what was wrong (normally I avoid his office, so my presence was out of character) and I explained that I had realised that I had a lot of leave left to take this year, and not much time to take it, so I was wondering if I could have a long weekend starting this Friday. He took a quick glance at his rota and confirmed that I wouldn't be needed, and granted me the long weekend I had asked for. I nearly 'High Fived' him, but stopped myself and left his office smiling on the outside, and cheering on the inside.

As I made my way back to my work area I received another text.

"We can't go to my place as my hubby could come home anytime, but I'd love to meet you somewhere public and fuck you in the woods xx" was her reply. Instant hard on!

"Fuck, you just got me hard again! I'll fuck you anywhere you want to be fucked, just give me a location and I'll be there xx" was my record breaking reply back to her.

Mins later she sent me a postcode (Zip code for US readers) and a winking smiley. I punched the postcode into google maps on my phone and realised that she was 3 hours away. The strange thing is, I wouldn't have cared if she was 10 hours away, I was still prepared to drive that far in order to get my hands on her sexy body.

"No problem, just give me a time and I'll be there xx" I replied.

We exchanged a few more messages in between doing a small amount of work, and eventually agreed on 9am at a car park near the woods.

The day carried on with flirty texts and naughty ideas being messaged to each other, and by the end of that day my cock was sore from being hard for most of the day and being restrained by my boxer shorts and uniform trousers.

Fast forward to Friday morning, and I had barely slept when my alarm clock went off at 5am. I was knackered, but horny as fuck for this woman I had only got chatting to a few days earlier on facebook, and today was the day I was going to meet her in a car park and fuck her.

I jumped in the shower, still hard and desperate for a wank, but I resisted as I wanted to remain horny all morning so that when we met, she was going to get it harder.

I brushed my teeth, threw on some jeans and a T-shirt, squirted on some aftershave and headed for the door, only stopping to grab a slice of toast to eat on the way. 

All the way down the motorway my sat nav was monitoring traffic and I was praying that I wouldn't be delayed, but everything was going to plan and I was making good time. About 30 mins away from the meeting point, I stopped at the services for a quick break and something more to eat. It occurred to me that I was going to need some more energy on board if I was going to make a good impression, so I grabbed some food and an energy drink and wolfed it down before sending her a quick message to let her know that I was 30 mins away and then I got into my car and started driving.

I arrived at the car park, and looked around. It was raining and had been all night, so the ground was soaking and very muddy. I was wondering if this was actually going to happen when I noticed a people carrier pull up alongside my car. I looked across and saw a familiar face smiling in my direction. My stomach flipped.

I got out of my car and opened her passenger door, truly gob smacked at how gorgeous she was. I knew she was slim from her profile photo's, but she was petit. No more than 5 foot tall, and had a gorgeous tight waistline with very ample breasts. She was wearing a tight fitting black top which showed off her figure nicely, and her trousers were also black and hugged her ass perfectly. 

I said an awkward hello, and she smiled and said that she was surprised that I had driven all this way.

"There was no way I was not going to come and meet you, you're sexy as fuck" I said, and instantly leaned in to kiss her. There was no point in messing around, we were here to fuck, and I wanted her right there and then.

She responded by kissing me back, and I slipped my tongue inside her mouth and she pulled me closer and placed her hand on my thigh.

I broke from the kiss only to check that she was still wanting to go out into the woods considering that it was raining and the ground was so muddy. She told me that she had swapped cars with her husband for the day as she knew the weather was bad, and the people carrier had more room and privacy windows in the back. She had planned ahead, and there was no denying that she was up for it by now.

I whispered in her ear "Get in the back, I want you right now" and she responded with a soft whimper and quickly opened her car door and moved towards the rear doors. I followed her out and fixed my eyes firmly on her cute ass as she climbed into the back and positioned herself on the rear seat. I moved in behind her and sat down, reaching back to shut the door behind us.

The second the door closed I moved towards her, kissing her on the lips and pushing my tongue into her mouth. She sucked my tongue as I let my hands wander up her legs, over her waist and under her top, forcing it to ruck up over my wrist as I moved my hand across her toned torso and up to her breasts.

She moaned and started to lean backwards on the seat, pulling me down with her and raising her leg up to my waist. I fondled her breast through her bra and slowly moved my waist between her legs to rub my tenting erection against her clothed pussy. She placed her leg around me and pulled me in close, wriggling her hips to increase the friction between us. I slowly lifted her top above her breasts and pulled the bra downwards to reveal her erect nipples, which I started to pull and twist gently between my finger and thumb. She moaned and arched her back forcing her nipple into my chest, and I broke away from our hot kiss and moved my head to her neck, whispering in her ear "I have wanted to do this for so long" before kissing her neck gently and moving my way down her body towards her breasts. I pull her back up into a sitting position and pulled her top over her head and dropped it onto the floor of her husbands car. I kissed her on the lips again and reached around for her bra, frantically fumbling with the clip that was doing a fine job of holding those amazing tits in place.

After what seemed like a life time of excited fumbling, I managed to release the strap and pulled the bra off her shoulders and discarded it on the floor next to her top. As my hands began to caress and squeeze her tits, her hands moved down to my waist and she blindly felt around for the base of my T-shirt, all the time kissing me passionately and responding to my touch with little moans. She eased my top up over my flat stomach, up to my firm pecs and then broke away from our kiss to lift the shirt above my head and above my arms, chucking it on to the growing pile of clothes on the car floor.

We both took a second to look at each others body. I adored how her breasts sat pert on her chest and her nipples poked out with excitement. She put her hand on my stomach and gently slit it up towards my pecs where she gave a firm grip on one before running her nails across to the other side and gently squeezing my nipple. We exchanged no words, just a look that said it all. 'Take me now'.

She pulled me back towards her and we locked lips again, wrestling our tongues together as I slid my hand under her ass, gave it a squeeze, and then lifted her off the seat and towards me, all the time leaning in further and forcing her onto her back with my waist resting against her still covered pussy.

Her hands ran down my back and she pulled me closer to her whilst bringing her hand down to my waist and around to my belt buckle. She started to tug at it, eager to undo it and remove it from my body and add it to the pile on the floor.

As she removed it from each belt loop in my jeans, I fumbled around with her trouser button and got it undone and the zip down in much more respectable time that it took with the bra. I tugged her trousers down a bit and I felt her lift her ass off the seat to make it easier to slide them down. As I gently tugged at them on one side with one hand, she placed both hands on the waist of my jeans and got my button and zip undone.

She had her hand inside my boxer shorts in no time, and my cock pulsed in response to her firm grip. I moved my hand from her trousers and up to her pussy and started to rub it through her thong. She moaned into my mouth and started to wank my cock as I rubbed her harder and slipped one finger into the side of the thong, gently tugged it to one side and exposed her pussy for me to play with properly. 

My thumb rested on the top of her lips and I gently ran it down across her damp opening and back up again, lubricating her lips and clit as I spread her now growing wetness along her pussy.

She let go of my cock and pushed her hand further into my boxer shorts and cupped my balls, gently caressing them and running her hand back up my shaft, and then back down again.

She had me horny as hell by now, and I had one thing on my mind. To lick that pussy and make her cum for me.

I pulled away from her and moved down the seat to her feet, quickly removing her shoes and socks and then grabbing her trouser legs firmly. I tugged them down over her feet and let them fall to the floor, all the time making eye contact with her as she grabbed her tits with both hands and squeezed them hard. I moved my hand slowly up her leg, starting a her ankle and stroking my way across her shin and around to her calf, creeping slowly past the back of her knee and around to her inner thigh, upwards until I met her thong. I tugged it downwards towards her knees, and she lifted both legs up and brought her knees to her chest to allow me to slip the damp thong over her feet and onto the floor with the rest of her clothes.

I sat for a brief second taking it all in. She was as stunning in clothes as she was naked. I knew what I wanted to do next, and without any warning I placed my hands on her knees and parted her legs whilst sliding down the seat and moving my face towards her freshly shaved and glistening pussy.

I turned my head to the left and licked my way up her inside leg, stopping only to blow gently across the area I had licked and feel her wriggle in pleasure. I gently moved along her thigh, licking and blowing in longer and slower licks. I finally made it to her now dripping pussy and gently blew across her lips. 

She arched her back high and moaned loudly as her hands gripped her tits hard. As her back slowly lowered to the seat I moved in grabbing one of her tits hard and licking my way along the length of her pussy, planting my tongue firmly on her hard wet clit.

I began to lick away at it as she pushed herself down onto my mouth, moaning loudly. I placed my mouth onto her pussy and started to suck at her clit, sliding my tongue across it and sucking even harder each time she moved. I had her in ecstasy and her breathing changed into short breaths as she moaned and groaned louder, pausing only to say "FUCK!" and "Oh my god".

I knew she was close and I was eager to taste her cum, so I slid my free hand down to her soaking hole and gently pushed my finger in, twisting as I teased it inside her and slowly pulled it back out, all the time licking at her clit and sucking on it when she pushed herself down into my hungry mouth. 

I increased the fucking movement with my finger, and worked it deeper inside her as I twisted it faster and moved it with more pace.

My tongue was now lapping away at her clit and sucking her soaking pussy lips, all the while her body was moving around on the seat and her moans and squeals getting louder and more frequent. Her pussy began to quiver around my finger, and her back arched up high as she gasped for air, squealing with delight as I forced a second finger into her and pushed it in deep.

She began to cum over my fingers and I pulled them out and grabbed her other tit with them, sliding my tongue down lower and pushing it into her tightening sticky hole, tasting the sweet cum that was flooding out of her and enjoying the sensation of her having an orgasm on my face. 

She groaned loudly and then pulled my sticky fingers off her hard nipple and into her mouth, sucking hard on the cum drenched digits and moaning loudly as she continued to cum on my tongue.

I gently licked her pussy clean as her orgasm slowly subsided, and she released my fingers from her mouth only to exclaim "Holy fuck that was amazing!". We both giggled as she regained her composure and I helped her sit upright as she moved closer to me and tenderly licked her juices off my mouth and tongue. Her hand moved down to my eager cock and she gripped it firmly, whispering in my ear "My turn" before placing a hand firmly on my chest and pushing me backwards into a lying position.

I lay backwards, my eyes taking in every inch of her glowing body, anticipating her next move.

She grabs the waist of my jeans and my boxers at the same time and yanks them down hard to my knees, the reaches back and pulls off my shoes and socks, dropping them to the floor and then removes my jeans and boxers completely, exposing my raging hard on and balls for any passer by to see.

She gasps in delight as she realises that I had shaved 'down there' and comments about how she has never seen them shaved before and it was a turn on for her. I joked about how nobody likes eating hair, and she nodded with a filthy smile before lowering her mouth down and licking the tip of my cock. 

Waves of pleasure took over me and I instinctively raised my hips to push my cock higher towards her mouth.

"You like that?" she asked, knowing full well that I did. "Fucking right I do, just watching you tease my hard cock is sending me crazy" I responded, waiting for her next move. 

She said nothing, she just locked eyes with me and slowly licked my cock again, gently teasing it around the side and back over the tip.

I moaned gently and she moved her head down lower and started to lick from the base of shaft, slowly and teasingly to the very tip again, pausing only to tease me in the same manner that I had teased her and blow softly over my freshly licked skin.

I was incredibly aroused by now, and I desperately wanted to watch my cock disappear into her mouth and enjoy the sensation of her hot breath and silky saliva engulf my manhood. 

She must have read my mind, as she opened her mouth, and in one slow movement she placed her lips around the head and gently captured most of my cock in her mouth, humming as she did to amplify the sensations running along my cock.

I groaned out loud, and pushed my hips upwards to try and force the last couple of inches in there, but she was unable to take them and slowly moved her head back up, her lips slowly revealing my slick wet shaft as she approached the head, where she lingered for a few seconds and teased her tongue around it sending waves of pleasure across my body.

She sensed that she had hit the spot, and proceeded to give me head, sucking and licking her way around the head of my cock before pushing her head down and taking more of my cock to the back of her throat.

I brushed her hair behind her ears so I could see her beautiful face fucking my cock, and her attentive eyes watching for my response to her movements. I was in heaven, and the only thing that could possibly make it better was to fuck her.

"Ride me" I forced out between heavy breaths with my cock still in her mouth. She nodded and slowly brought her tongue up to the tip for one last tease before releasing my cock and letting it fall onto my stomach with a gentle thud.

Standing with one leg on the floor of the car, and one knee on the car seat straddling my leg, she moved up the seat towards me and guided my cock towards her pussy lips. Lowering herself slowly, she gripped my cock at the base and gently rubbed the head against her wet lips and across her clit, sending electrical impulses across my body and obvious pleasure across hers. 

She teased her clit with my cock for a few more seconds before holding it steady and lowering her slick wet hole onto the head, easing it in slowly and moving her hand away allowing me an amazing view of my rock hard cock inside her. 

She grabbed both tits again as she made her way down my cock, slowly and deliberately taking it an inch at a time, engulfing my sticky shaft with the warmth and wetness I had longed to feel since we first started flirting on Facebook a few days earlier.

With a gasp she took my entire length deep inside her horny body, and came to rest with her clit on my pelvic bone.

I reached out to her breasts and gently stroked them as she slowly rocked back and forth, adjusting to the stiff wide cock that now filled her. 

She grinded her clit against me and rocked her hips back and forth, riding me gently and giving me enormous pleasure as she gradually increased her pace.

I gently raised my hips in time with her rocking motion and we slipped into a nice fucking rhythm.

I placed my hands on her slender waist and started to lift her up as she rocked forward, letting her slide back down as she rocked back and increasing with each movement.

My stroke increased as she began to bounce up and down on my stiff cock and I lifted her higher to the point where I almost slipped out of her before pulling her down hard and raising my hips up causing my balls to slap off her ass and the noise of our sex filled the car.

By now the car was rocking and our moans were easily heard outside, but we did not care. We were finally enjoying each others bodies and having great sex, regardless of the location or the risk of getting caught.

Louisa was getting increasingly wetter and riding me frantically with each stroke, and she began to pant and groan whilst trying to tell me that she was going to cum. 

Those are the magic words every man loves to hear, and I grabbed her waist harder and pulled her down with as much force as I could while thrusting my cock as deep as possible. Her head rolled around in ecstasy and she put her hands above her head and pushed up on the car ceiling, forcing herself down onto my cock as I pushed deep into her to give her maximum pleasure.

She let out a long moan and her body shook as her orgasm engulfed her.

Her pussy clamped hard around the base of my cock as her hot cum dribbled down and leaked out over my balls. The sensation of her orgasm was incredible and seeing her erect nipples and toned body shaking on top of mine was a huge turn on, and I knew I was going to have to make the most of our limited time together.

After a few long seconds her pussy began to relax around my shaft, and she moved her arms form the car ceiling and down to her tits, teasing her nipples as she did and slowly moved down her stomach to her pussy, where she gently rubbed her clit as she began to raise herself of me.

My head finally slipped free of her dripping slit, and I sat upright and kissed her before telling her to get on her knees. 

She said nothing, and moved to the far end of the seat, turned around with her back to me, and placed one knee on the seat and one foot on the floor to balance herself.

I moved closer and slowly moved my face towards her stretched pussy. 

I don't think she was expecting my mouth to be what touched her there next, and she let out a tiny yelp as my tongue pressed against her clit and looked back at me over her shoulder before lowering her head down to the seat and pushing her ass higher in the air, just how I like it.

I slowly licked my way along her lips and up to her cute little ass hole before teasing it with my tongue to see how she would respond. 

She loved it, moaning loudly and pushing against my tongue.

I obliged by slapping her on the ass firmly and gently parting her cheeks whilst sliding my tongue back down to her clit for a gentle suck, then slowly back up to her ass spreading her sticky sweet juice as I went along.

"Hmmm, I love it" she moaned into the car seat. 

I parted her ass cheeks further and licked away at her ass, rolling my tongue and pushing it inside a tiny bit. She writhed around in response and I knew I could get her to cum again if I kept it up, so I let go with one hand, moved it down to her pusys and pushed two fingers in as deep as I could get them whilst teasing her ass with my hot wet tongue. 

She bucked backwards and wriggled her ass in pleasure as I continued to tease and finger fuck her rigorously. Her hands gripped the car seat, and I could sense that I was about to make her cum again, so I reached up her back with my free hand and slowly but firmly dragged my nails down her back, forcing my fingers deeper and lapping away at her ass with my tongue. 

This sent her over the edge and she screamed out in pleasure, her pussy gripping my fingers firmly in place and her body twitching as I continued to lick her ass through her orgasm. 

My fingers were now drenched in her cum and she was still twitching as I slowly removed them and stopped licking her ass, only to playfully bite her ass cheek as I moved up closer behind her.

She was still fighting for breath when I slid up behind her and slipped my cock into her aching wet hole.

It felt amazing sliding into that hot pussy again, and she let out a moan as I pushed myself in balls deep. She raised her head from the seat and put her hands against the inside of the car, pushing backwards onto my rock hard dick and moaned "Fuck me, HARD".

I reached forward and got a grip of her long hair pulling her head backwards and pushing my waist forwards.

I was as deep as I could get and my balls were resting against her clit. 

I started to rock into her and she moaned as my balls started to slap into her sensitive wet clit.

I pulled her back onto me as I started to fuck her faster. It was my turn to cum now and I was going to make sure neither one of us forgot it for a long time.

My pace quickened and my strokes got longer as I pulled out further and thrust myself deeper with each forceful fuck.

I slipped my cock out intentionally and slid it along her clit 3 or 4 times before pulling back further and aiming it upwards back into her sticky hole.

My balls now slammed into her as I pulled her hair hard and drove my cock deep into her. She was dripping wet and my cock was well lubricated for the hard fucking I was now giving her. 

Her moans began to increase, and my balls began to tighten as I felt the pressure build.

Her orgasm was nearing and I knew I could get her to cum on my cock again if I kept going.

The feeling in my cock was now growing and I knew I was going to cum soon and that was when I felt her start to tense up.

Her back arched again as and I pulled her head further back, pushing my swollen cock deep inside her and feeling her pussy tighten around it. 

She began to groan and squeal again and I knew I was going to cum any second.

"I'm going to cum" I moaned as the sensation started to come over me in a wave of pleasure. 

"Oh yes, fuck me hard, cum inside me" she moaned back at me.

I didn't need telling twice, and I fucked her hard for two or three more strokes before my cock erupted inside her shooting streams of hot sticky cum deep into her. 

She could feel my cock throbbing inside her and splashing my hot spunk over her insides and she pushed back hard against me and let out a huge moan as her orgasm took over and she savoured the feeling of our cum mixing inside of her.

I came hard for about 2 mins, twitching and throbbing deep inside her, spurting spunk into her hungry pussy and feeling her own twitches after each sticky deposit. 

I had just had the orgasm of my life with a stranger in a car park. 

I let go of her hair and gently dragged my nails across her back again sending goosebumps up her sexy body and making her shiver with pleasure.

Slowly I let my satisfied cock slide from her pussy and as it fell free into a semi erect state a steady stream of our cum flowed out and landed on the seat of her husbands car.

I laughed as I watched it happen, and Louisa sat up and shuffled over to me and asked what I was laughing at. "Every time your husband has his car, you will know that I fucked you in it and our cum is now on the seat".

We both laughed about it and she said it would be a huge turn on knowing that he would never know what happened and she would always remember this when she saw the car on the drive.

We shared another kiss before noticing the time and realising that Louisa had to get going soon if she was going to get to school on time to pick up her son, so we rummaged through the pile of clothes and got dressed before saying our goodbyes and driving off in opposite directions.

Who would have thought a bit of flirting on Facbook would have had such an amazing ending?

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