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Fleeting Fantasy

Do you feel it too?
I caught your eye today. Today you stared right back at me. I always wonder if you just think I’m creepy. Do you see the lust in my eyes? Do you know that I am hungry for your touch? Do you want me in the same way I want you?

I return to my dorm room, tossing my keys onto my desk. I hear my next door neighbor moaning as she and her boyfriend kick off the night; a taunting reminder that I’m alone.

I look in the mirror. I’m 5’6” with short hair dyed ebony black, dark green eyes, decent skin for just emerging from my teen years, and pink lips like an Alberta rose in July. I love my curvy butt.

I sigh and flop down on my bed.

I think about you, wishing that one night you would knock on my door. When you came inside you would tenderly cup my face with both of your hands and kiss me. I imagine you pushing me up against the cold cinder block wall; both of us exploring each other’s bodies with our hands while we shared a passionate kiss. I break away and graze my lips down your jawline to your neck, feeling the short stubble on your jaw from not shaving for a couple of days. In all honesty, I love the texture of it.

With one hand I’m holding the back of your head while I kiss and suck my way down your neck, my other hand working at the belt buckle holding up your jeans. You press yourself against me, your hands on my ass, shoving me up against the wall. I manage to get your jeans undone and I slip my hand into them. You big thick cock is waiting for me.

You grasp my hand and pull it out pinning it against the wall, finding my mouth with your lips and kissing me again. I quickly try to unbutton your shirt. I pull it off single handedly and you pin my other hand. Your hands are so big that one is enough to hold both of my wrists above my head. Your other hand slips up underneath my skin tight red tank top, firmly but gently squeezing one of my B-cup sized breasts through my black bra.

My pussy is so wet and I squirm against you, wanting you. You take off my tank and my bra. You start sucking and pinching my soft nipples, making them harden. My hands go for your cock again. I can see it bulging from behind the fabric of your red boxers, pressing against your open zipper.

I fish it out. It pulses hot and hard in my hand. I pull your boxers and jeans down around your ankles. Now it’s my turn to be firm with you as I gently squeeze and fondle your balls. In contrast with your coarse pubes, it’s the softest skin on your body.

You moan. I tightly grip it at the base and begin to slowly pump it. Your breathing gets harder; you bury your face against my collar bone. My hand comes over the head and I rub your slit. You groan and bite my shoulder. You don’t draw blood but you leave bruises. Your hands find their way into my jeans, slipping into my soaked panties.

You whisper in my ear: “You’re so wet.”

I keep pumping your cock, veins pulsing along its length. You ease two fingers inside me and I gasp. I arch my back, my pussy clenching around your fingers. I’ll give you credit. You know what you’re doing. Your fingers slip out and you rub my swollen clit. It feels so good and I grip your cock harder. You bite my shoulder again, groaning and thrusting against my hand, your cock brushing up against my body and leaving droplets of pre-cum on my stomach. My need opens up into a yearning abyss of desire.

“I want…you…inside me!” I breathe the words into your ear.

You smile that crooked smile of yours and you reach up and switch off the lights. You pick me up and place me on the bed, quickly stripping me of my jeans and thoroughly soaked panties. I’m shaved bare. I lie there with my legs spread, waiting for your cock. Instead, you trail kisses on my inner-thighs. Your tongue runs up and downs my slit. You torment me like this for what seems like ages, occasionally sucking my clit, causing my hips to buck against you. My juices and my sweat drench the sheets.

You kiss your way up my torso, pausing to grab both of my breasts in your hands and pinch my nipples between your thumbs and index fingers. You lean forward and kiss my mouth making use of your tongue. I feel your cock rub up against my entrance. I press my forehead against yours, breaking away for a little bit and burying my fingers in your hair. You place your hands on either side of my body and you slowly lower your hips to mine.

You fill me. My pussy clamps down around you, I need this so badly. Both of our mouths are open, breathing hard; faces contorted in silent screams of pleasure. I grind against you. You bite my shoulder again and you thrust into me. My body is wracked with sheer ecstasy.

I can feel it building inside me; a tingling feeling that begins just a hand width below my navel and spreads to the rest of my body. Downward, it travels through my pelvis, my thighs, my knees, and my feet to the tips of my toes. The tingling moves upward, sending jolts of electrical ecstasy through my torso to my breasts, arms, hands and fingertips.

You pound me relentlessly; hard and fast, urgent for release. My pussy hungrily sucks you in and reluctantly lets you go. You slow your pace, your cock swelling; letting me feel every inch of it. You grunt with the last few thrusts and place your mouth on mine. Your body tenses up along with mine and you release your hot cum inside me. I let the waves of pleasure and satisfaction roll over me.

And as I lay there, my pussy juices drenching my sheets and thoroughly coating my fingers...... I wonder if you share the same fantasy as me?

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